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A girl has a city, and she shares it with her best friend and her boyfriend. What happens next will change their relationships--to each other, to the city, and to their world.

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Shrink: Doll (12 in. to 6 in.)
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Published: September 23 2022 Updated: September 28 2022
Story Notes:

My most-read story is almost 10 years old and has really needed some editing for a long time. Unfortunately, I posted it under an account to which I no longer have access-I lost the password a long time ago. Here's an updated edition of A Beginning by Jaime Hillborne (who, again, is me). There's another chapter in progress, too--but for now, I'm focusing on editing this old story and expanding on it and its world. I think there's some genuine potential here. Some tags apply to later chapters.

1. Becca's Dresser by subasubaski [Reviews - 0] (1591 words)

Tightened and focused, Chapter 1 is a little shorter, but it's all

2. Jealousy Kills by subasubaski [Reviews - 0] (747 words)

Reworked dialogue and characterization for the two giantesses.

3. The City Never Gets To Sleep by subasubaski [Reviews - 0] (1205 words)

Lesbians having sex on top of a shrunken city. This time, with more anatomically correct cunnilingus.

4. Cara's Closet by subasubaski [Reviews - 0] (2474 words)

Some forced transformation, insertion, and vore here.

5. Rachel's Wild Ride by subasubaski [Reviews - 0] (1535 words)

Some FF/f and FFF/many action here.

6. Square Peg in a Round Hole by subasubaski [Reviews - 0] (919 words)

Worldbuilding chapter. Not much action.

7. John Do(e)ll by subasubaski [Reviews - 0] (1223 words)

A little giant male content. Some sexual content.

8. Johnny's Big Break by subasubaski [Reviews - 0] (1068 words)
As far as I'm concerned, the story is now up to date with the original version.

9. Land of Exactly One (1) Giant by subasubaski [Reviews - 0] (841 words)

Some Giant Male here, some more in the next chapter, and then we'll see what happens after that.

10. Covenant by subasubaski [Reviews - 0] (825 words)

Exposition and connective tissue chapter

11. Chapter 11 by subasubaski [Reviews - 0] (1946 words)

All giant male here. Some cock vore and absorption at the end.