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Story Notes:

My most-read story is almost 10 years old and has really needed some editing for a long time. Unfortunately, I posted it under an account to which I no longer have access-I lost the password a long time ago. Here's an updated edition of A Beginning by Jaime Hillborne (who, again, is me). There's another chapter in progress, too--but for now, I'm focusing on editing this old story and expanding on it and its world. I think there's some genuine potential here. Some tags apply to later chapters.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Tightened and focused, Chapter 1 is a little shorter, but it's all

1. Becca’s Dresser

It had been a very long day for Becca.  She had spent about ten hours at school that day, between class and lab, and felt that she’d earned a break, after that and all the other work she’d done in the past week.  And she knew exactly what she’d do for that break. 

                She walked into her bedroom, closed and locked the door.  She closed the windows and pulled down the shades.  She turned the lights on and stripped out of her clothes.  Her tank top was the first to go, and she threw it carelessly onto the floor, where it landed in a hamper with her other dirty clothes.  Her skirt came next, falling around her legs slowly, twirling as it came to rest on the ground.  She removed her bra and threw it onto her bed.  She took off her panties, finally, and threw them into the hamper as well.  When everything was off, she licked her finger and started to slowly rub her clitoris.

                She had a stunning figure.  Standing a few inches short of six feet, she had the tanned skin and dark hair of a goddess.  Her breasts were perfectly round, the D-cups that everyone around her always seemed to be dreaming of, given how much they stared at her.  Her ass was like two basketballs jutting out from the rest of her body, sometimes warped in shape by the gravity of her body’s physical perfection, but always perfect, in the way that only asses can be.  She was utterly beautiful. 

                She walked over to her dresser and opened the third drawer from the top slowly, looking down into it with a hunger in her eyes.  Contained within the drawer was a tiny city.  The metropolis stretched from one end of the drawer to the other.  Every few days, Becca devoured, demolished, and otherwise destroyed it; every few days, it reappeared, almost exactly as it had been before.  These cities were common in her world. None of them had names.  There were many people with strange sexual needs, and there were just as many people willing to cater to them, or find ways to ensure that they were catered to.  The cities were but one way that this was done.  There were transformation booths, shrink rays, all sorts of things on her world.  But Becca’s one vice was the tiny city she kept in her drawer, completely secret from her parents and most of her friends. 

                She pressed a button on the dresser and the city emerged from the drawer, propelled through the air on a propulsion field, moving over to her enormous bed.  When it was in place, Becca prepared to lie down on it…


                Hannah looked up in the sky, again seeing the face of the girl she and many millions of other souls stuck in the City had come to love, fear, and worship as a goddess.  Every day, it seemed, they were all killed in the Goddess’ strange rampage, and every day they woke up perfectly fine, just as they had before dying.  It was a very strange way to live, but Hannah had learned to live with it.  It wasn’t so bad, once you got used to it. There were only a few females left in the city who were not bisexual, or outright lesbians. Even they were sometimes caught staring at their Goddess’ curves, or lost in her eyes as she loomed over them. Her lumbering form was the most obvious sex symbol in their world. Men, of course, worshiped her fervently to a fault. The few among them who preferred the company of men tended to stay underground, in the deep shelters, to avoid “having to confront the Absolute Feminine in all its unholy terror,” as their leading intellectuals liked to say.

                As the goddess smiled down on the city, the enormous, implacable hunger visible on her face, Hannah stared back at her and crossed her hands over her body, taking her right breast in her left hand and her left in her right.  This was the sign of veneration in the presence of the Goddess, meant to please their enormous owner.  Her Goddess had no idea that any of the tiny people living in her city had these little ritualistic habits, and she wouldn’t have cared if she did.  They were sex toys and snacks to her; nothing more. The idea of their humanity was preposterous. Even the Diminished, those who had voluntarily been shrunk and put into these communities, were deprived of rights--at least, in Becca’s society.

                The city moved across the goddess’ room to the familiar bed, the site of so many holocausts over the past year or so.  Hannah was prepared for the worst.  She wondered what it would be today.  A journey up the Goddess’ vagina, or a trip down her throat and through the digestive system?  Perhaps a simple crushing today; occasionally the Goddess just sat on them or lay down on them until every single one of them had been crushed beneath her.  Those were swift deaths, and everyone in the city secretly prayed for them. 

                But evidently it was not to be that way today.  As soon as they were set down on the bed, the Goddess scooped up a handful of the city, the part Hannah was in.  She lay down on the floor next to her bed and dumped the handful into her mouth…

                Hannah’s world shook.  She had moved out onto the rof of her apartment and knew exactly what was about to happen.  They were about to be sent through the Goddess’ digestive system, a painful journey that would last them many hours.  It had happened before many times.  It was not something Hannah particularly enjoyed. 

                Staring down at the Goddess as the world steadied itself, she saw the enormous cavern of her mouth open wide.  She felt the world tumbling down toward that hole, the gateway to the hell of the Goddess’ body that lay hidden below the heaven of its surface.  She fell through the air, staring at the open mouth all the while, wondering if she would die in the mouth, chewed to a pulp, or in the stomach.  She was too small to be chewed, but she could always hope, and indeed, hope she always did. Becca closed her lips as the handful of city hit her tongue.  Some missed, rolling off her chin and onto the her breasts.  She rolled over, crushing all of this under the mountains on her chest and exposing her perfect rear to the city watching her from her bed.  She didn’t bother to chew this time; she just swallowed the mouthful of city whole, full of wriggling, writhing people who were about to get quite a ride through the enormous cavern of her stomach and the miles of tunnel that were her intestines.

                Hannah took one last look above before the mouth closed.  She saw the Goddess’ perfect white teeth and the red of the rest of her mouth, all covered in oceans of saliva.  She looked back and saw the opening of the Goddess’ throat, the uvula swinging back and forth like a meaty pendulum.  Then all was darkness, all was madness.  She felt the tongue beneath her moving around, sloshing her and the rest of the city along with the saliva around the Goddess’ mouth.  She screamed as she accepted her fate: she was once again to become a part of the Goddess, as she had many times before and certainly would many times again.  She screamed as she was pulled down the opening of the esophagas along with the other contents of the Goddess’ mouth, and she screamed as she was melted by the acids in the Goddess’ stomach.  This was her life, and she didn’t usually have any problems with it.  Except for when she was digested…

                Becca rolled onto her back again and let forth a small, ladylike belch.  She looked up at her bed and thought about what else to do with the city.  She scooped a portion of the city up on the tip of her finger and brought it to the lips of her vagina. Rachel was on the finger, a place she was very grateful to be.  It meant she was going to go inside her Goddess, her one true love and the most powerful thing in her universe.  There was no escape, and that was good. She looked out of her window at the beautiful sight of the place between the Goddess’ legs, the cleft which was the essence of all womanhood, at least in Rachel’s eyes.  The enormous cavern within could easily fit most of the city, if it came down to it, and the Goddess had put the city in there many times.  Many days had the Goddess played with the city, and in many ways had she finished it off. 

                The finger came to rest in front of the Goddess’ face.  Her enormous eyes stared at them, her lips open a crack, just enough to see the teeth within exposed in a small smile that was still large enough to allow the entire finger and its contents through.  Suddenly the finger was brought downward, across the Goddess’ body, moving toward the beautiful place between her enormous legs, when a knock issued from the door to Becca's bedroom.

Chapter End Notes:

To be continued!

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