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The star cruiser Icarus made its way through Earth’s solar system, heading in the direction of a planetary system that had recently been colonized by humans. Captain Maybriar and his co-pilot, commander Peterson, were piloting the star cruiser to Theta Scorpius 7.

A stewardess approached the captain. “Captain Maybriar, a passenger is concerned about the time it will take to reach our destination. What should I tell him?”

“Tell him that once the destination is set into the navigation computer, a temporal bubble will sheathe the star cruiser as it enters a parallel continuum. The trip to a planet orbiting another star will take many centuries, but because of time manipulation, the passengers and crew will perceive that they had arrived in the other planetary system instantly. The clocks on the star cruiser and the clocks back on Earth will be synchronized perfectly when we arrive in orbit above Theta Scorpius 7.”

The stewardess returned to the passenger section to relay the captain’s message, and within seconds, they arrived in orbit above Theta Scorpius 7. Before they could celebrate, a whole fleet of space pirates surrounded their star cruiser. Before they could hail the space port on the surface of the planet, their communications system was disintegrated by the pirates!

“They were waiting for us to emerge from temporal space!” Captain Maybriar shouted to commander Peterson. Before they could react, the hull of the Icarus was ripped open by the weapons of the space pirates.

“Captain Maybriar, the cargo containers have been breached! All of the contents are shooting off into space!”

Six of the space pirate vessels used tractor beams to pull all of the cargo containers from the Icarus, while the remaining pirate vessels concentrated on the weapons array, utterly destroying any chance the crew of the Icarus had to fight back. To add insult to injury, one of the space pirates fired a neutrino dissimilator that reduced the size of the Icarus to a tiny fraction of its former size, which incapacitated all of the onboard electronics.

“We have no choice, we have to try to land!” the Captain shouted. “I have to use manual over ride, and we’ll have to deploy the parachutes by hand, now that we’ve been miniaturized all of the onboard electronics are non-functioning.”

“There is a settlement right below our current coordinates, captain!”

“I’ll try to land on the outskirts, their sensors won’t be able to pick us up because we’ve been miniaturized.”

The Icarus entered the planet’s atmosphere, but descended at too sharp of an angle to make a safe landing. The captain and commander worked their way around the vessel and deployed the parachutes, one by one. They had to manually turn a steering wheel that deployed each parachute, and there were two dozen of them. Once they were deployed, the duo returned to the bridge.

“We’re coming in too steep!” Captain Maybriar shouted.

The Icarus skidded into a forced landing about a kilometer from the nearby settlement. Once it came to a halt, the Captain checked the passenger area to ensure everyone was safe. Once he had done that, he returned to the bridge of the star cruiser with Commander Peterson.

“You’re the engineer,” Captain Maybriar asked, “what options do we have?”

“We need to re-configure the matter and energy converter to function at shrunken size. Then we need to use it to manifest a neutrino dissimilator, using atoms in the air around us. Then we can restore everyone to normal size, one person at a time.”

“What do we need to do to get the matter and energy converter to function at our current size? What are we, about a couple of centimeters tall?”

“Yes, we’re about two centimeters tall. We’re going to have to manually adjust the matter energy converter, and at our size, it won’t be easy.”

“How is our emergency food and water supply?” Captain Maybriar asked.

“We’ve got a year’s worth of food and water, so no problems there.” Commander Peterson replied.

Meanwhile, a thirteen year old girl in the distance had seen the miniaturized star cruiser descending to the surface. The parachutes stood out and caught her eyes. She headed in the direction the Icarus was falling, and got their mere minutes after they crash landed. She was the only one who was aware of their location.

Before long, the thundering thirteen year old was towering over the miniaturized star cruiser. The crew looked up to see a girl with thick arms and brown shoulder length hair standing over them with her arms akimbo.

“I want to talk to whoever is in charge!” the girl commanded.

Captain Maybriar opened a hatch in the roof of the bridge and climbed out. From the girl’s perspective, the captain stood around an inch in height.

“I’m Captain Maybriar of the star cruiser Icarus, are you here to help us?”

“I’m Heidi Colusa, but you are to call me Mighty Heidi! I want all of you to surrender to me, because now you’re going to be my toys!”

“We’re human beings, Heidi! Not toys!”

“You are what I say you are! You’re the tiny people, not me! If you don’t surrender to my every command, I’ll stomp on your shrunken star cruiser! Is that understood?” Heidi raised her foot above the captain’s head to drive home her point. He could see the rubber treads on the bottom of her pink boot, which extended just over her ankle.

“Okay, okay! I get the point! Are you planning on hurting anyone?”

“Not as long as you surrender to my every command! You’ll be the best toys I’ve ever owned!”

“We’re in danger of being attacked by wild animals, can you assure our safety?”

“I’ll protect you, but you need to worship me as your goddess! I’m your owner now!”

The captain looked through the door hatch and made eye contact with the commander. “It looks like the girl is a tyrant!”

Heidi could hear what he said, and spoke to him: “I’m not just a tyrant, I’m a thunder tyrant!”

“Do you want us to address you as thunder tyrant?”

“I commanded you to call me mighty Heidi!”

“I apologize, mighty Heidi! If it will ensure the safety of my passengers and crew, we will surrender to your every command!”

A sinister smile formed on the girl’s face, and it sent a chill through the captain’s heart. Heidi knelt down and lifted the Captain up on her left palm, until he was at her shoulder level.

“Come up with some fun games we can play!”

“You’re the giantess, shouldn’t you be the one with ideas?” Captain Maybriar asked.

“That’s your job, you’re the slave, try to think of some things we can do together.”

“You can pretend we’re Lilliputians and command the armies of Lilliput!”

“That’s a great idea, I’ll set you down, and you get your people to form a line at my boots, so I can command you!”

The captain got his officers and the passengers to climb out of the space cruiser, and line up in front of the towering teenager, at her feet. They could see the stitching in her pink boots, and her tanned legs stretching upwards and disappearing into her purple mini skirt. She wore a pink short sleeved blouse and a purple vest that matched her skirt. Her arms were akimbo.

“Now then, I command the armies of Lilliput to march around my boots! You shall surrender to the commandments of your goddess!”

The officers and passengers marched to the commands of mighty Heidi. The girl was authoritative, but didn’t seem unreasonable. She simply thought of them as toys, and couldn’t comprehend that she was committing a serious crime. If they were ever restored to normal size, this girl would be charged with crimes that could have her incarcerated for a long time.

From Heidi’s perspective, they seemed like living toys, harmless slaves who could do nothing to stop her from overpowering them. After they marched around her boots several times, Captain Maybriar shouted up to her: “If it is ever discovered that you did this to us, you will be charged with several serious crimes. If you release us and re-enlarge us, I can see that you don’t get charged with anything.”

“You must speak when spoken to!” the young giantess shouted. “For your insolence, you shall be punished!”

Mighty Heidi knelt down and grabbed the captain gently, and lifted him to her mouth.

“To my belly with you!” Heidi tossed the captain into her mouth, and swallowed him.

Several of the female passengers gasped, unaware that the giantess would resort to cannibalism.

“Let that be a lesson to the rest of you! If you dare to defy me, you’ll find yourselves struggling within the depths of my teenage belly!”

A woman in the distance approached the girl. She was normal sized.

“Heidi? What are you up to?” the woman was apparently the girl’s mother.

When the woman saw what her daughter had done, she pulled out her neutrino dissimilator, set it on assimilate, and re-enlarged all of the crew and passengers one by one.

Commander Peterson approached the woman after being re-enlarged. “Mighty Heidi has swallowed our captain! None of our equipment is functioning because we were miniaturized, do you have a neural stimulator to induce vomiting?”

The woman reached into her purse and pulled out a neural stimulator, and aimed it at her daughter. Heidi knelt down and began to vomit, and the captain was regurgitated. The woman used her neutrino dissimilator to re-enlarge him.

Several weeks later, in a court room, Captain Maybriar recommended probation and no jail time for Heidi Colusa. The judge agreed, and Heidi was given five years of probation in lieu of jail or prison time. The girl and her mother hugged each other, knowing things would’ve been a lot worse without the captain’s recommendation.

The End
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