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“So, are you sure you want me to meet your friends?” Allison asked nervously as they pulled up to the restaurant, “I mean… I know I look like kind of a freak, decked out in the gloves and everything…”

“Allison,” he said with a sigh, “trust me, even if you were just some weirdo Angie and Brick wouldn’t care, they’re some of my oldest friends…” he opened the door and stepped out intob the parking lot, “besides, Angie knows anyways.”

“I’m still curious as to exactly how that happened,” Allison said, the hint of a smile in the corner of her mouth.

“She caught me at five foot even,” he said, exasperated, “you can’t bullshit your way out of being almost a foot shorter than you usually are.”

“It’s fine,” she said with a shrug and a smile, “if they’re really your closest friends, they probably would find out one way or the other that I’m not like other girls…” He returned the smile and held her gloved hand as the two of them walked in together.

The four of them greeted each other, ordered drinks and appetizers, and rapidly fell into friendly conversation. Allison was shy at first, but after some prodding she was beginning to open up.

“So anyways, we kind of bumped into each other and… well, we both loved Star Trek,” Allison said with a blush, “and we kind of watched a few of the movies together at my place…” she left out that he’d been a few inches tall at the time.

“Yeah, that’s Clark,” Brick laughed, playfully punching him in the shoulder. The hulking man looked at Allison a minute, then stared into his drink, “You know Allison, Clark and Angie, they’ve got a hell of a sense of humor…”

“Oh?” Allison asked, taking a sip of her own cocktail.

“Get this,” Brick laughed, “these two?” he jerked a thumb at his sister and Clark, “they say you… shrink people.” The way he said it carried just a hint of genuine curiosity, as though he wanted to just flat out ask her about it, but had to hide it under a coat of jest.

“I do,” Allison said, smirking slightly.

Brick and Angie were silent a moment, shooting each other looks, “Clark wasn’t really specific about how it works,” Angie said cautiously, “are you a mad scientist or something? Is it magic?”

“I wish,” Allison laughed, “no, it’s just something my body makes, it’s in my sweat, my skin, my… well, you get the idea.”

“That explains the gloves,” Angie muttered, looking at the blue latex.

“Hey, no offense to everyone here, I trust you all and everything,” Brick said, “but… I need to see a demonstration or something if I’m gonna believe this…”

Allison glanced at Clark and smiled, “you up for it?”

“Just a little,” he warned as she took off her glove, “I don’t want to have to order off the kid’s menu again.”

Allison smirked at the memory, then licked the tip of her thumb, pressing it into Clark’s forehead. He saw the world slowly begin to expand as he dipped in his chair slightly, his clothes got looser, and the top of the table seemed to creep up towards him. She removed her thumb a moment later, leaving him reduced in height by maybe half a foot.

“Stand up,” Brick said, awed. Clark shrugged and did so, and Brick joined him, looking down, dumbstruck, at his now much shorter friend. “Holy shit,” Brick muttered, “it’s… it’s real!”

“Welcome to my life,” Clark laughed, sitting back down.

Clark and Allison left the restaurant, bidding the other two farewell as they headed home to the apartment complex. Allison was positively glowing, barely able to keep a smile off her face as Clark took a leisurely route home, the streetlights passing over their faces one after another in a hypnotic fashion.

“You okay?” Clark asked with a smile as he pulled in to their complex.

“We just had a normal dinner out with your friends,” Allison said dreamily, “I just… I just never thought I’d get to do something like that, you know?”

“Like I said, I trust the two of them to keep our little secret,” Clark said.

“Does this mean I can make you smaller on days before you have to work?” Allison said, a devious grin suddenly on her face.

“Nope, I’ve still got to be big enough to move boxes and stuff,” he said with a wink.

Sadie walked happily through the mall, freshly off her shift at the bank where she worked. She’d been eyeing up a few new scarves as the weather cooled, and had decided to just take a solo shopping trip to relax. She hummed to herself as she compared them, checking the prices.

I should visit Allison and Clark again over Thanksgiving, she decided, looking across the mall hallway. The toy store was having a sale on doll furniture.

“EEP!” Sadie jolted upright as something jabbed the back of her leg. She whirled around, half expecting to see a hornet or some other stinging bug, but there was just an unassuming man standing there, holding an umbrella and walking away. She blinked a moment, “fucking weirdo,” she muttered, going back to her shopping.

“Injection was a success,” Drake muttered into his phone, looking at the syringe needle hidden in the umbrella. He watched the blonde girl continue to shop, oblivious to the enzyme that was now flowing through her veins.

“Good work,” Kimbers said, “continue to observe, at a distance, and contact me immediately if she becomes symptomatic.”

“Understood,” Drake growled, watching the girl eye a set of doll furniture through the toy shop window.

Clark sighed, looking at the storage rental form, “Anyone know what the hell The Shop is?” he asked, glancing over at Angie and Brick, who were unlocking a storage unit that hadn’t paid it’s fees.

“Their payment card declined, and I couldn’t get ahold of them,” Angie said as Brick rolled up the storage locker door, “that’s all that really matters to me.”

“Looks like a bunch of old files,” Brick said, leafing through a box idly, “project Firestarter? More like project fire hazard, leaving all this paper packed in here like this…”

“Well, let’s clear it out,” Clark said with a shrug.

His phone buzzed suddenly, and he scowled as he checked it, texts from Allison? He frowned and kept reading. With a chuckle he began to text her back.

He sighed, fighting a laugh, “he guys, do you mind if I knock off like a half hour early today?”

“No,” Brick said, hefting one of the boxes, “why?”

“I’m pretty sure Allison is going to ambush me in the parking lot and try to make me tiny.”

“Then you should stay,” Angie said with a smirk, “I like the idea of you getting small.”

“Ugh,” Brick said with a shudder, “look Angie, Clark is a real nice guy, he lets his mutant girlfriend shrink him and all, but he doesn’t have to like it, right Clark?”

“I kind of do like it,” he said with a shrug.

Brick stared at him a moment, then chuckled himself, “hey, I find that fucking terrifying, but different strokes I guess. Come on, help me move these boxes while you’re still full sized.”

Allison watched the storage warehouse from her car, chuckling to herself. She’d long fantasized about just kidnapping and shrinking a hot guy, and today Clark was going to help her live that dream. She glanced at her car’s clock and frowned, in her fantasy the guys usually just appeared all scared and panicky right away…

“Come on!” she muttered, “are you really going to just finish the workday!?” She crossed her arms and fumed, sinking into the driver’s seat, You have your girlfriend in a sinister plot to shrink you, panic or something!”

Her heart leapt as she saw Clark open the door to the storage locker, glancing around for her. She fought a squeal as she stealthily opened her car door, slipping her gloves off and sticking them in the pockets of her jeans.

“Woah here she comes,” she sang under her breath, “watch out boy she’ll chew you up…”

“Oh shit!” Clark said, spotting her as she crossed the parking lot.

“She’s a maneater!” Allison sang at full volume as a smile stretched across her face. She sprinted at him as he fumbled with his car keys, and her grin of triumph turned to a growl of anger as he managed to open his car, sliding into the driver’s seat and locking the door behind him.

“OPEN IT!” she growled, her hands and face pressed against the window like a horror movie icon.

“Nope!” he laughed, turning the key. The engine roared to life, and in a defiant moment he lifted a middle finger salute to Allison, who gave him a glare that almost melted the glass between them.

I’m going to pay for that, he thought with a grin, and it’s going to be amazing…

Allison glared at him as he pulled away, and he gave her a taunting wave as he turned onto the street leading away from the storage unit parking lot.

Clark looked around the apartment complex common area, she probably hadn’t gotten back before him, but he wasn’t taking any chances. He walked into his apartment and quickly checked the bedroom and closet, she had a key to his place… he smiled as he found no trace of her.

He eyed the bathroom a moment, and with a chuckle and a shrug walked over to it and pushed the door open. As he stepped inside a dozen balled up garments fell around him, each with a ripe smell of stale earthy sweat, he cried out in surprise as he stumbled backwards, his clothes loosening as Allison’s dirty laundry shrank him on contact.

She booby trapped the place! He realized, looking around in a panic and wondering what else she’d set up. He ran to the kitchen, a difficult thing to do with his pantsleeves falling around him.

He started as there was a knock on the kitchen window, and he grimaced as he saw Allison, grinning at his shortened stature as she tapped the glass playfully.

“Let me in pipsqueak!” she demanded.

“Never!” he said playfully.

She just chuckled, backing away and walking around to his apartment door. He ran towards it, hoping he could get the deadbolt in place before she got there, but he froze, there was a sock hanging from the doorknob, and another taped to the deadbolt, he wouldn’t be able to touch either without touching those either, and from the looks of them they were her workout ones too. He cursed angrily as he ran back to the kitchen, looking for a pair of tongs or anything he could use to slide the soiled footwear off without touching it.

He finally found them, clacking them together in triumph as he raced back towards the door, but it was too late, the knob was already turning, and his smile turned to horror as Allison stepped inside, crossing her arms as she looked down at him.

“The apartment was such an obvious place to try to hide from me,” Allison said, “you lost the minute you went in here; I mean hello Clark? I have a key!” she reached into her pocket and dangled it in front of him playfully. She grinned as she looked behind him, seeing her laundry spread out in the hallway, “I see you found one of my little traps.”

“I’m still big enough to get away,” he said with a grin.

She just rolled her eyes and chuckled, “I’m already stronger than you, faster too, now be a good boy and kiss my feet until you can fit in this,” she held up a clear plastic carrying case, similar to what one would find at a pet store for rodents.

He turned to run, stumbling slightly as his too-long pants tripped him up, the bedroom window, he thought madly, I could get through it and get back out to the car-

He grunted as he was jolted to a stop, an iron grip on the back of his shirt collar ending his flight before it could even begin. He struggled as the shirt was lifted over his head and off him, Allison’s strong arms catching his wrist with a giggle as she finished disrobing him and tossing the garment into the corner.

“Pets don’t wear clothes,” Allison teased, “you will wear a collar though.”

“Fat chance!” he said, fighting a smile as he bolted again. This time her hand landed directly on his shoulder, and she wasn’t wearing gloves either. Her grip grew stronger as he struggled, shrinking as she pulled him closer to her again. His pants fell around his ankles, his belt giving a metallic clink as it hit the floor, leaving him naked before his pursuer.

“Give it up Clark, you’re going to be my pet this weekend, the only real choices you have left are what kind of pet you’re going to be.”

He paused, and she lifted her hand off his shoulder, pausing his shrinking when he was about waist-high to her, “I’m listening,” he said, crossing his arms.

She gave a devious grin, then slipped her shoes off one after the other. Next she gripped the top of her socks with each toe, peeling them off until she was barefoot in front of him. He noticed that the red nail polish from the pedicure was still in place, and a vanilla-lotion scent wafted up to him as she wiggled her toes, gripping his carpet.

“I want you to kiss my feet until you shrink to rodent size,” she explained, dangling the carrier again, “and…” she tapped her chin a moment, then snapped her fingers, “when you’re done, thank me for it!”

“And If I refuse?” Clark asked, looking down at her toes.

“Kissing them gets you a ticket to the hamster cage, but if you refuse? I also have an ant farm,” she said with a shrug, “personally I think we’ll have a lot more fun if you just decide to be a good little rodent for me, but I’m sure I can find ways to pass the time if I end up with a bug instead.”

He dropped to his knees, giving one last pleading look at her, she just smiled expectantly and tapped her foot, waiting. With a sigh his lips met the top of her foot, and as he kissed it she giggled overhead, watching him get smaller.

“Go on, good boy, keep kissing,” she said, making a mocking smooch noise, “every little peck gets you closer to where you need to be…” she tapped her foot expectantly, “down here.”

He kept going, placing kiss after kiss on her foot as it grew in front of him, soon he was forced to start kissing further down, his lips landing on her toes as each action shrank him a little more. The scent of that vanilla lotion filled his senses, mixed with the slightly earthy smell of her feet that, while clean enough, had still been in her shoes all day. Soon the foot was bigger than he was, and he looked up at her, wondering when he could stop, but she just smirked and playfully pointed her finger down, emphasizing where he was going.

"Stop,” she said finally, “you are about the size of a gerbil now… I’ve always wanted one, but…” she shrugged and smiled, “as I’ve said, my powers don’t really agree with animals, it would be cruel to the poor thing.” She reached into her pocket and withdrew her gloves, pulling one on with a rubbery snapping sound as it stretched over her fingers. She bent down slowly to pick him up, “You though?” she said, grinning as her latex clad fingers wrapped around him, “you’re just the perfect pet for me, and much cuter than anything I’ve ever seen at the pet store!”

“You can’t just keep people as your pets Allison!” he shouted, struggling in her grip. It was what she wanted to hear, and her smile broadened as she squeezed him tighter, causing him to groan.

“People aren’t tiny, people aren’t super cute, and people don’t get petted like this” She said as her other gloved finger came up to play with his hair, “You. Are. A. Pet!” she almost burst into giggles at the last line.

 Well, for this weekend anyway you’re a pet, she thought, admiring how cute he was as he tried to get his arms loose and push her finger away. His resistance was really starting to get to her, and she had no doubt if she stuck her hand down her panties right now, her fingers would come up moist. You are too fucking good to me Clark, she laughed internally as she plotted what to do with him next.

“Thank me,” she said, putting her thumb under his chin and forcing him to look up into her eyes, “thank me for shrinking you to pet size and taking care of you!”

“T-Thank you for letting me kiss your feet, and thank you for taking care of me now that I’m small!” he managed.

She loosed her grip slightly, feeling the rock hard erection poking into the side of her palm. She spread her hand open, letting him lay in it like a hammock as she idly played with his manhood with her thumb and forefinger.

“I’m going to stick my dirty workout socks in your cage,” she said, watching him writhe, “with those in there you’ll never regrow, you’ll have no hope of ever being anything more than my pet mouse!”

“Noo,” he groaned, responding and fighting feebly against the sides of her hands.

“I’m afraid so,” she said with a sad sigh, “look at you, my feet were just too addicting, you just kissed them until you made yourself this sad little thing… there’s no way for you to survive on your own now, you’re really lucky I’m going to keep you.”

“Fuck,” Clark hissed, spraying his cum across her gloved fingertips while her billboard sized face looked on in approval.

“Well, say goodbye to your apartment,” she said in a patronizing tone, “it’s best to get you into your new home so you can forget all of this nonsense about being a person.” She gently tossed him down into the plastic carrying case, snapping the lid closed over him. His world swayed slightly as she hummed happily to herself, taking her capture out the door and up the stairs to her own apartment.

As she carried him into the familiar living room of her apartment, he spotted a new feature, a large glass terrarium filled with hay and wood shavings, complete with a hamster wheel and a small plastic igloo. Allison practically skipped over to it, reaching into the carrying case and pulling him out eagerly. He didn’t have a chance to ask any questions before she dropped him in, letting him bounce on the loosely packed material as he rolled to a stop in front of the plastic igloo.

“Okay, so you’ve got your little exercise wheel,” Allison said playfully, “and here’s your little house, and… here’s your food!” She pushed a little dish full of pellets towards him.

“You’re not serious,” he said, looking up at her and raising an eyebrow.

She giggled at his reaction, “I’ll give you real food,” she said in a low voice, “but the pellets came with the cage and I couldn’t resist.” She pointed to a water bottle hanging from the glass wall of his prison, “that should work, right?”

He shrugged, “I guess?”

“Good!” Allison said, a moment later there were two soft thumps as her balled socks were tossed in the far corner of his cage. “Like I said, those should give the air a nice fresh smell that will keep you small.”

He wrinkled his nose, the stale sweaty smell emanating from the socks filling the confines of the hamster cage. It wasn’t enough to shrink him outright, unless he got close enough to touch them, but he had a feeling Allison was right, the presence of her sweaty footwear would keep him from gaining even an inch back.

“And the coup de grace,” Allison said, reaching for something next to the cage and dropping it in.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me,” Clark said, a grin stretching across his face as he saw the tiny pink collar land in front of him.

“Put it on!” Allison ordered, “do it or I take another inch!”

He quickly rached for the small pink leather collar, smirking at the cursive lettering reading “Clarky” across the front. With a sigh he clicked it around his neck, lifting his head and letting Allison examine it, practically drooling with excitement.

“Enjoying yourself?” he asked, crossing his arms and looking up at the goddess looming beyond the glass walls.

“You have no idea,” she growled, reaching a hand into her pants, “I just fucking took you, I turned you into a pet Clark, you’re mine!” She moaned, fingering herself slightly, “yeah, it’s super fucked up, but this really gets me off… so you’re going to live in that cage all weekend, be a good little mousy, and wear that stupid little collar,” she groaned loudly, pulling her hand out of her pants, glancing at the glistening sheen of moisture on the fingertips of her blue gloves. She sighed happily, shooting him one last glance before casually walking into her bedroom to change into loungewear.

Sadie wasn’t sure what was happening, out of nowhere she’d started to feel feverish at the mall, and she decided to head home to lay down. Things had only gotten worse on the drive home, and she blinked sweat out of her eyes as she struggled to reach her apartment’s door, fumbling with the key as she forced her way inside. She shivered, looking around the dark interior as her shaky hands flipped the light switch on. She wanted to go to her bedroom, but didn’t even make it as far as the couch before collapsing to the carpet.

She blinked herself awake, ignoring the pain all over her body and the ache in her head as she sat up, what the fuck? Sadie thought irritably. For one wild moment she thought she was waking up to a particularly grueling hangover, then as the pain subsided the memories started to return. The last thing she’d remembered was coming home from the mall, feeling sick, and then…

“What the fuck?” she repeated out loud.

She heard her stomach growl, and looked outside. It was night, and she was famished, judging by the clock on the wall she’d slept on the floor for at least six hours… With a sigh and a shrug she forced herself to her feet, grimacing at the stench of cold sweat that covered her.

I’ll make a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, she decided, looking out her apartment window to the gas station across the street, right now I need to eat something…

She shook herself, pleased to feel some of the fatigue leaving her, if not the hunger, and by the time she made it to the crosswalk she almost felt better. She licked her lips, normally she avoided gas station food, but tonight something that was mostly salt and grease sounded perfect.

The door beeped as she walked inside, and she smiled at the clerk and the other two customers as she walked towards the hot dog rack. She loaded up one of the franks with ketchup, onions, relish, and mustard, her stomach practically roaring every few seconds as she took her selection to the counter.

There was a bang as the door was kicked open, a man in a ski mask burst into the store, a pistol in hand. Sadie screamed, dropping her hot dog as the man advanced on the counter.

“Everyone empty your fucking pockets!” the man screamed, waving the gun in a wide arc. He tossed a cloth bag at the cashier, “fill that up!”

The clerk gulped, reaching for the bag and popping the register open. Sadie’s heart was pounding as the man scanned the room, bloodshot eyes glaring at them all beneath the black fabric of the mask. His eyes landed on Sadie, and she felt her stomach drop.

“Faster!” he shouted, grabbing her by the wrist, “or this girl eats it!”

Sadie winced as she felt his hand on her wrist squeeze tighter… then… looser?

Sadie’s eyes widened, and her jaw dropped as she watched the robber begin to dwindle in height, no, she thought madly, t-this is impossible, I’m not like Allison, I’m not-

“What the fuck!?” the robber screamed, spinning around and looking up madly at Sadie, he’d gone down below five feet in the few seconds he’d been gripping her wrist, and without thinking Sadie reached out and grabbed his hand, twisting it and causing he smaller, much weaker, man to drop his weapon. He started shrinking again, and as his struggles grew weaker Sadie watched, stunned as he dropped below her chest in height. With a gasp she released him, stepping back.

“What the hell did you do to him?” the clerk asked, looking at her fearfully.

“I uh…” Sadie blinked, “I…”

One of the other people in the store moved to block the door, “Look, the cops are on the way, they’ll sort this out,” he muttered, looking at the diminutive robber, shocked into silence, his clothing hanging off him as he stuttered incoherently.

Cops!? Sadie gulped, “move!” she said forcefully, but the man just narrowed his eyes, refusing to budge. With a growl Sadie leapt at him, planting a kiss on his cheek and causing him to start in surprise as he shrank before her.

“S-Stop!” The man protested, backing away from the now Amazonian blonde.

“I’m sorry,” she muttered, running out the door and sprinting back across the street towards her apartment.

I’m… I’m shrinking people, she thought numbly as she ran.

Drake watched the police cruisers with their sirens spinning from his car in a nearby lot. With a grin he picked up his phone and dialed Kimbers.

“Talk to me,” the scientist said, eager for his report.

“We’ve got a complete success,” Drake said. Kimbers listened as he recounted the incident he’d just witnessed, and he heard Kimbers nearly shout in triumph as he described how the robbery had been stopped after the assailant had been shrunk by Sadie’s touch.

“Continue to trail her,” Kimbers ordered, “I’m going to see about preparing a capture team, it could be a day or two.”

“Understood,” Drake said with a nod, hanging up the phone.

Clark ran in his exercise wheel, a solid plastic piece fixed to the side of the glass cage. Allison watched him smugly, relaxing on her couch as she popped a piece of popcorn into her mouth. She’d moved his cage onto her coffee table, allowing him to watch TV with her… or that had been how it started, a few minutes in she’d tapped the glass and ordered him to start running on the wheel, judging by the smirk she was giving him, she was pleased with what she saw.

Her phone buzzed, and she tore herself away from watching her pet run for her amusement with a sigh. She answered the call, holding the phone up to her hear with an annoyed grimace.

A moment later she frowned, then sat up. Clark stopped running, watching Allison’s expression grow grim and serious.

“Just stay inside,” Allison said, “take as much time off work as you can, and only get food from delivery apps until we get there, we’ll be on the next flight out.” Clark made out some panicked sobbing on the other end, but Allison’s face remained stonelike, “Sadie, listen to me, it’s going to be okay,” Allison promised one last time before hanging up the phone.

“What’s going on?” Clark asked as his giant girlfriend stood up.

“Sadie she’s… she’s like me now,” Allison muttered, scooping her dirty socks out of Clark’s cage, “she has no idea how it happened, but she’s really freaking out. We need to go help her.” She gave a sad smile, “guess you escaped the pet life…”

“I have a feeling I haven’t seen the last of this cage,” Clark said with a smirk.

“That’s the spirit,” Allison said, “but I’m letting you regrow overnight, I’m not sure what’s going on but… I don’t want to go into it without you.”

“I’m always here,” Clark said, arms wide, “big or small.”

Allison gave a small smile, turning to go to her room and pack her things.

Chapter End Notes:

And The Lab snaps into action, activating shrinking powers in Sadie too. Also did the whole text message thing work for you guys? I thought it would be more immersive than just typing out a whole text conversation in the narrative.

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