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Dr. Kendra glared angrily at the data on her computer screen, sipping her coffee in the silence of her office. She heard her door open and growled, looking up at Dr. Kimbers. The middle aged man with the slick black hair smirked, adjusting his glasses while he waited for her to greet him.

“Well?” She asked impatiently.

“I heard that the subject has reconnected with her friend?” he said neutrally, “this is unusual behavior, are you sure that the subject is stable?”

Allison is merely having a friend visit,” Dr. Kendra said with an edge to her voice, “there is no need to be concerned.”

“Kendra,” Kimbers said, grinning slightly as he sat down across from her, “you know that I have long believed the subject should be here, under direct quarantine and observation, but so long as she exhibited a certain… routine, stasis if you will, I was willing to let my concerns remain unsaid.” He pursed his lips, “with this new romantic partner, and now reaching out to old classmates?” he sighed, “we are increasing risk by the day, she could simply decide she no longer wants to cooperate, she could travel somewhere and break containment. The subject-“

Allison,” Kendra repeated.

“Allison,” Kimbers conceded with a shrug, “is it worth potentially losing out on the scientific breakthrough of a millennia just to let one girl have a fašade of normalcy?” Kendra was silent, and Kimbers smirked and continued, “we can table this for now… did we learn anything new from her blood samples?”

“Just more questions,” she growled, happy to have the subject changed, “the compound she produces that triggers the shrinking isn’t particularly complicated, as you know our synthetic version has failed to trigger any unusual properties. The new blood samples have had every imaginable test done to them and we haven’t found anything out of the ordinary…”

“We should be taking samples from her organs!” Kimbers complained, “you have to let us bring her in!”

“This meeting is over,” Kendra snapped, pointing to her door. The other scientist gave her a dark look, then got up and walked out the door without a word.

Allison, she thought with a sigh, slumping in her chair, we’ve got to figure you out soon… I’m worried what will happen if we don’t.

Clark walked up the stairs to Allison’s apartment, he’d gone home the night before as the girls were setting up their dollhouse, and having just completed his weekend shift he had the next few days off. He’d gone through a local fast food chain and brought Allison’s favorite breakfast sandwich, along with one for Sadie. He fumbled on his key ring for the one to Allison’s apartment, walking in with a smile.

“Girls!” he called, “I brought breakfast!”

He looked around for them, his eyes landing on Allison, in her pajamas, holding a doll-sized blonde in a pair of matching pink sleepwear in her gloved hand. The TV was on in the background, but neither of them were watching it, and Allison had a small brush and was running it through Allison’s hair.

“Good morning Clark!” she called happily, and Allison waved too, smiling in her friend’s grip.

“Hey,” he said with a smile, “has Sadie been small all night?”

“Yep!” the doll-woman beamed, “it was just like old times, I missed my dreamhouse bed so much…” she sighed happily, melting into Allison’s arms as the larger woman finished running the plastic pink brush through her blonde hair.

“So… are you going to regrow at all today?” Clark asked, sitting down on the couch across from them.

“Heck no,” Sadie said excitedly as Allison placed her on the coffee table, “I’m on vacation, I’m staying a doll! If we have to go out anywhere just dress me up and toss me in your purse.”

“I topped her off this morning,” Allison said with a smirk, patting her “doll” on the head.

“How do you shrink her?” Clark asked curiously as he handed Allison her sandwich.

“Oh, we make out,” Sadie said nonchalantly. Allison choked on a bit of her sandwich, her eyes bulging as she looked at Sadie and Clark. “Kidding!” the blonde doll giggled, “she usually just licks the tip of her thumb and presses it against my forehead, rinse and repeat until I’m this size!” She did a quick twirl for emphasis.

“She just gives me her a pair of her dirty socks and tells me what height I should be by the time she gets home,” Clark said with a wry grin.

“You really should give me a pair,” Sadie said, causing Allison to sigh and roll her eyes as she got up, “hey, don’t give me that look Allison! It’s just to shrink me, seriously!”

“Whatever weirdo,” Allison chuckled as she opened up a small box next to the dollhouse. She returned a moment later with a handful of dresses and other items. She sat across from Sadie and began laying out the clothing.

“Hmm…” Sadie mused, walking along the coffee table and persuing the outfits, “the princess gown is a little heavy, oh! The sundress Allison!” She pointed to a blue doll-sized sundress and matching straw hat.

“Okay, let’s dress up Barbie,” Allison chuckled, reaching around the doll sized woman for the Velcro on the back of the dress.

“Oh, uh, do you want me to leave?” Clark asked uncertainly.

“She’s just dressing her doll Clark, gosh,” Sadie teased with a wink.

“Yeah Clark,” Allison joined with a smirk as she pulled the doll pajamas off her friend. Clark started again as he realized Sadie was now naked, her breasts bouncing free as the pink outfit was lifted off her. He blushed as he took in the doll sized woman’s body, she was toned, a little pale, and where the dark hair between Allison’s legs sometimes bordered on overgrown, Sadie’s nethers were as shaved bare as her legs were, the smooth skin inviting to the eye as the tiny woman shivered slightly on the table.

“Whew, it’s always a little colder at this size,” she muttered. She noticed Clark eyeing her, and she had an almost aggressive smile on her face as she lowered her hands, refusing to cover herself. The red shade of his face deepened as Sadie placed her hands on her hips, seemingly splaying her legs defiantly as Allison readied the dress.

“No underwear for dolls,” she explained, in a tone like she was telling him it was going to rain later, “like I said, you know how it is for us people who get tiny, no modesty.”

“R-Right,” Clark stammered, shooting a look at Allison. If she had a problem with her best friend naked in front of her boyfriend, she didn’t show it. He licked his lips nervously.

Allison noticed Clark’s discomfort, and smirked a little, “hey, relax, we’re all having fun here.”

His heartbeat slowed a little, and Sadie seemed a little smug as Allison pulled the doll-sized sundress over her head. She twirled again, letting the dress spin around her as Allison placed a tiny wide brimmed straw hat on her head. Finally, to complete the outfit, Allison took a blue silk ribbon, tying it around Sadie’s waist as a sash.

“Ta-da!” Allison said, showing off her dressed “doll,” “what do you think Clark?”

“She uh, she looks great,” he said, still a little nervous.

“Do you want to pick her up?” Allison said, gently pushing Sadie by her back across the coffee table towards him.

He looked at Sadie, who cocked an eyebrow as she waited for his answer, “Sure,” he said, deciding to embrace whatever weird game Allison was playing, “if it’s all right with her I guess.”

“Go for it big guy!” Sadie giggled, “I love being picked up…” She bit her lip, “I mean… only Allison’s ever done it, but still.”

With a shrug he reached out, closing his hands around the foot tall woman. It was an odd feeling, holding someone in his hand like that, and he brought her up to his face for a closer look. She was soft, surprisingly warm, and he was very aware of the curves of her body against his palm, he could feel the round globes of her backside well through the thin material of the doll’s dress.

Sadie’s calmness seemed to have disappeared, and she had a flushed look as she squirmed slightly in his grip, “Wow,” she muttered, biting her lip. The way she writhed slightly in his hand didn’t help his own embarrassment, and he gulped as she ground her ass slid against his palm.

“What?” Allison asked, amused.

“It’s uh, a little different being held by a guy,” Sadie admitted, blushing as she looked from Clark to Allison, “his hands are rougher, his grip is a little…” she gulped, “stronger…”

“What do you think Clark?” Allison asked, sidling up to him, making sure to avoid skin contact as she peered down at Sadie, trapped in his grip, “is it fun holding a tiny girl?”

“Yeah,” he breathed, watching Sadie’s breath pick up a little as her tiny arms came down on his fingers. She was clearly trying to keep a lustful expression off her face, which just made her that much cuter…

“I’m really glad you two are getting along so well,” Allison giggled, leering slightly at Sadie. She bit her lip and looked at the tiny woman, then back to her boyfriend, “I-It’s kind of messed up but… I kind of like watching you two together, flirting like this.”

“W-We aren’t flirting!” Clark said, accidentally jostling Sadie, who squealed in surprise as he shifted.

“T-This is your fault!” Sadie said, pointing at the giant holding her, “Allison was a quiet shy girl before dating you, you made her kinky!”

“Wait what?” Allison asked, backing away and crossing her arms a little defensively.

I made her kinky?” Clark said, placing the doll sized woman on the coffee table, “you’ve been playing dolly with her for years!”

“T-That was just fun and games!” Sadie said.

“What about Ken?” Clark asked, smirking slightly at her beet red face.

“Guys!” Allison snapped, interrupting their argument. She breathed out a moment, trying to collect herself, “Look,” she said finally, “you two have both really helped me come to terms with this part of myself, honestly? Ever since this shrinking thing started happening I’ve had wild fantasies, some of them-“

“Evil,” Clark said with a smirk.

She rolled her eyes, “I prefer the term mischievous, but sure. Now, did either of you two ever fantasize about being a giant girl’s plaything before you met me?”

“Nope,” Sadie said with a shrug.

“Can’t say it crossed my mind,” Clark admitted.

“Well, there you go,” Allison said triumphantly, “if anything, I fucked you two in the head, and now you’re stuck on this ride with me.”

“I…” Sadie glanced at Clark and gave a small smile, “I can’t really think of a good comeback for that one.”

“No, I think she’s got us,” Clark said with a sigh.

“You’re right, I do,” Allison giggled, “as far as I’m concerned, you’re both my little dollies now, and sometimes I’ll want play with you both, sometimes at the same time! Do either of you have a problem with the idea?”

Clark and Sadie’s eyes both went wide, and they glanced at each other again, waiting to see the other’s reaction. Finally, they turned back to her in unison.

“I uh…” Clark cleared his throat, “yeah, okay.”

“I’m game,” Sadie said nervously, “he’s hot enough.”

Allison clapped her gloved hands together excitedly, “Great! Now there’s something I really wanted to do today, and it’s going to be a lot easier with two little people.” She glanced at Clark, still full sized, and grinned, “it’s really more fun when you try to get away,” she said in a soft voice.

“Oh fu-“ he started, springing up as he recognized the predatory look in her eye.

“Get him girl!” Sadie cheered as Allison stripped her shirt and gloves off, standing topless save for a black bra as she advanced on the fleeing Clark.

How hard does she want me to try to escape? He wondered, fumbling with the dead bolt on the door, would she really chase me out-

The question became irrelevant as he felt a wet finger slip into his ear, “wet willy!” Allison laughed as he cringed, wincing away from the door a moment at the slimy feeling.

“Gross!” he exclaimed, backing away from her. He did his best to wipe the spit out of his ear using his shirt, but as she plodded after him around the dining table he realized he was already down to her height, a moment later they rounded it and she had him corralled, standing smugly between him and the apartment’s door.

“Looks like you didn’t wipe off all that spit in time,” she mused, looking down at him slightly. She lunged at him, and they began grappling, and with every passing second of contact with her skin he was growing smaller, weaker. She giggled again as he reached chest height, then hooked her arm around him, before he could force himself away, she lifted her arm, forcing his face directly into her armpit.

Clark grimaced, she was clean today of course, but she still had a slightly sweaty odor as she ground him in, covering his face in her salty musk. He tried to protest, to push away, but at this size her grip was like iron, he couldn’t even budge her as she taunted him.

“Oh, you like that Clark?” she laughed, “take a nice deep whiff, just let all that size slip away…”

“He must have really liked it!” Sadie called, practically bouncing up and down on the coffee table as she watched Allison shrink him, “look! He’s down to your waist already!”

It was true, and his clothes were already falling off of him as Allison expertly lifted his shirt off, tossing it like a blanket away from him. She lunged for him again, laughing as she easily knocked him to the carpet and pinned his wrists. He squirmed in her grip, powerless to stop her as she forced her chest into his face.

“That’s it,” she cooed, “just bury your face there and let yourself get tiny… you’re just a doll Clark, time to join my collection!”

“No!” he moaned one last time before her breasts, held together by the strap of her bra, smothered his face, silencing him. She didn’t even have to pin him, releasing his wrists as he shrank beneath her. His face became buried between the soft pillow flesh of her breasts as they seemed to draw his size out of him, becoming larger as he dwindled away.

“Annnd… perfect,” Allison said approvingly, sitting up and releasing the dazed Clark. Looking up at her he could tell he’d been reduced to doll size, or close to it, “Wait there,” Allison said with a wink as she stood back up. He watched as his giant girlfriend threw her shirt back on, then replaced her gloves, allowing her to handle him without reducing him any further. With a hum she scooped him up, and then deposited him, still naked, on the coffee table next to Sadie.

“Hiya! Welcome to the toy chest!” Sadie joked, sizing him up. She strutted over to him, swaying her hips slightly as he involuntarily covered himself with his hands. She frowned, “hey, no covering up, you got to see mine!”

He sighed, and with a resigned smile forced his hands to his side, “happy?”

“Very,” Sadie giggled, taking him in.

“You two wait here while I go get something,” Allison said, turning towards her bedroom.

“Can I get some doll clothes too?” Clark called.

Allison paused, then shook her head, “Nah, you won’t be able to fit in them for very long anyways.”

I won’t be able to, he gulped nervously and looked to Sadie, who had a gleeful grin on her face.

“Ooooh someone’s getting smaller!” she teased. She clapped her hands suddenly, “oh god, do you think she wants to make you doll sized to me? That would be so much fun, a doll with her own doll!”

“You’re really into the whole doll thing, aren’t you?” he asked with an amused grin.

“Yeah?” Sadie said, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, “I fucking love this, I used to look forward to it all week, it’s the ultimate stress relief.”

“Stress relief?” Clark asked skeptically. “I really like doing this kind of thing with Allison, but I don’t know if I’d call it… relaxing exactly.”

Sadie just shrugged, “you guys play different games I guess, for me I don’t have to worry about anything in the world, I just get to be cute and have fun and hang out with my best friend!” She gestured to the dreamhouse, “plus, I own my own home!” She giggled, “I used to kind of beg Allison to just keep me this size, like we could just say I ran away or something.”

“Would you really want that?” Clark asked, raising an eyebrow, “I mean… sometimes she teases me that she’s going to do that, keep me small I mean, but I know she doesn’t mean it.”

“I don’t either,” Sadie laughed, “I’ve got a life outside the dollhouse unfortunately, still, it’s fun to dream…”

“Okay guys and dolls,” Allison said, walking back into the room, “today we’re playing with this!” she held up the microscope.

Clark’s eyes went wide and he gave an involuntary nervous start, oh shit, he thought nervously, does she really want to make me small enough that we’ll need… he gulped as Allison set the device on the table, it was a standard black metal and plastic one like he would have expected to see in any school science lab, standing a little taller off the table than he and Sadie did now. As he watched Allison set a pair of tweezers, an eye dropper, and a pair of petri dishes next to it, carefully arranging them with her gloved hands. Completing the illusion was a white labcoat she’d thrown on over some of her normal clothes.

“And today my lovely friend Sadie will be acting as my lab assistant!” Allison said, handing down a small doll sized labcoat to Sadie, who squealed excitedly and put it on over her blue dress, an almost comical fashion statement given the straw sunhat she left on. “It’s from Dr. Barbie,” Allison said with a smirk, “it seemed appropriate.”

“So Doctor Allison,” Sadie said, practically skipping over to Clark and hooking and arm around his, “what experiments are we conducting today?”

“Well, I’ve been curious for a while now about whether there’s a floor to how small I can shrink people,” Allison said, placing a notebook and pen down next, “I was thinking we could try to figure it out, especially while I have a tiny lab assistant here to keep an eye on things when you get too small for me to handle.”

“I’m guessing I’m the guinea pig for this?” Clark asked with a sigh.

“Yeah,” Allison admitted with a smile. She bit her lip and looked away a minute, “if you really don’t want to do it, we can find something else to do today-“

“No,” he said with a halfhearted chuckle, “I get that this is something you really want to do, and I’ve got enough time off this week to wait to regrow from just about any size, so…” he steeled himself, “let’s do it.” He had a sudden thought and looked up at her in a panic, “hey, this is… safe right? As safe as any other shrinking? Will a germ try to eat me if I go down there-“

“Probably not,” Allison said with a shrug, “bugs, animals, whatever, they fucking hate whatever is in me that makes you guys shrink, dogs go crazy when I try to pet them, and I haven’t even seen a bug in years.” She tapped her chin in thought, “I’m guessing you probably won’t need to worry about anything bothering you, no matter how small you get.”

“Ugh that’s true,” Sadie muttered, “I used to have her shrink me just by a few inches when our families went camping, it was enough to keep the ticks and mosquitos away.”

“Still, a little security would be nice,” Clark said uncertainly.

“I’ll trail him down!” Sadie volunteered, “not quite as small as him obviously, but I could stay maybe like a hundred or so times his size, that way if anything did bother him, I could step on it!”

“That’ll work!” Allison beamed, “okay, ready to get started?”

“As I’ll ever be,” Clark muttered.

“Let’s start with a kiss,” Allison said, picking him up and bringing him to her lips. The soft pink pillows enveloped his head, and he winced as her tongue darted out, tasting him slightly and causing the rate of his shrinking to pick up. She kept pressing against him, lifting her hand as he got smaller, until he was struggling with his entire body against her mouth, the gentle kisses having become overwhelming blows against his body, soft as they were.

“Okay, let’s take a look!” Allison said, pulling him away. He looked up in awe at her immense face, she’d quickly kissed him down to half an inch, maybe smaller, and where he’d been picked up in her hand like a doll, he was now pinched between her gloved fingers like an errant bug.

“He’s so cute!” Sadie gushed as Clark was slowly lowered down to her. He grunted as Sadie took him, the doll sized woman prying him from between the colossus’s fingers and gripping him herself. “This is crazy!” Sadie said, grinning gleefully down at him, “I’m a doll, and you’re… well, you’re not even a doll to me Clark, you’re like, a… a mouse maybe? I don’t know!”

“Just be careful with me!” Clark said, looking around the titanic world and trying to keep himself from panicking.

“Hey, I gotcha!” Sadie said, giggling as he turned him upside down. He shouted in panic as she dangled him by one leg, looking in awe at his tiny form as she slowly rotated it, “wow,” she breathed.

“Hey! Sadie!” Allison snapped, her booming voice bringing the doll-woman’s attention back up to the looming giantess overhead, “you always complained about how much it hurts to get dangled by your leg, cut it out!”

“Oh, sorry,” she said, biting her lip as she righted Clark.

“It’s okay,” he said, shaking his head to get rid of the residual dizziness.

“Sadie, put him on this!” Allison called down, sliding a microscope slide at the doll woman’s feet.

Sadie nodded, bending down and carefully placing Clark in the center of the small glass slide. He swallowed nervously as he looked around, Sadie towered over him, her one foot height making her the size of an office building as she loomed overhead, giving him a grin as she put her hands on her hips and regarded him. Beyond her Allison stood like a faraway mountain. He watched as her arm moved through the air, seeming impossibly large for something moving that fast.

“Okay, this next part is a little gross,” Allison laughed, picking up the petri dish. She slowly held it under her mouth and pursed her lips, letting a long trail of spit drop into it. She repeated the gesture, then wiped her mouth, satisfied she’d provided enough to work with. Next, she placed it down next to Sadie, picking up a small eyedropper and dipping into the pool of her saliva. “I thought about collecting some sweat,” she said, “but… well, this just seemed like the best option.”

Clark’s heart pounded as the eyedropper the size of a bus hovered over him, the nozzle big enough to slip his head into if she lowered it down a bit more. With a squeeze of the end, Allison sent a, to her, miniscule drop of her spit down onto him. He cried out in surprise when it burst over him, soaking his half inch form in the sticky fluid.

“Down you go!” Sadie said, giving him a mocking wave as she knelt over the slide.

Down is right, he thought, watching the world grow around him again. He did his best to wipe her spit off him, but at this size, and with nothing but his naked body and the glass slide beneath him to work with, it was difficult.

“Let me help you out there bug,” Sadie said, snatching him up between her fingers. She quickly wiped him off on her dress, causing the shrinking to come to a halt when he was the size of an ant in the doll-woman’s pinched fingertips.

“Thanks!” he shouted as loud as he could.

Sadie leaned in, angling her ear to him, “sorry, you’re getting hard to hear,” she laughed.

“Did he say something?” Allison boomed overhead.

“I think so, but I’m not sure what it was,” Sadie said back.

“God, he’s so… insignificant!” Allison laughed, leaning down as close as she could to Sadie and squinting, “I can just barely see something in your hand,” she muttered. She grinned broadly, a gesture that stretched across the sky, her glimmering white teeth a constellation above him, “you’re officially not a bug anymore Clark, I think you’re… you’re more of a germ!”

Allison shivered at the thought, I did this to him, I made him a speck… what kind of life would that be? He could spend his whole life in a few inches of my carpet, just trying to live off whatever crumbs I occasionally dropped… even those would be like mountains to him, he’d trek for days just trying to get to a place where I had a snack- She forced herself to breath out, there are those evil fantasies again Allison.

“Okay, put him down,” she ordered Sadie, “we’re ready for the next dose!”

Sadie slowly lowered him down to the slide again, and a moment later the eye dropper, now a massive skyscraper sized itself, loomed over him again, preparing to send him into realms beyond sight. He stared up at it, his heart fluttering as he watched those massive fingers, fingers that wouldn’t even notice him crawling on them, begin to squeeze another ocean sized glob of spit down onto him.

He involuntarily took a breath as the massive sphere of saliva fell towards him, and his world seemed to explode as it made contact, knocking him away from the impact zone like a meteor strike as the fluid washed over him like a flood, blurring the world and causing his size to begin dwindling away again.

For a moment he panicked, then he realized… he didn’t feel like he needed to breath. It felt like he would sometime, but not for a while.

At least that’s one benefit of being… shit, am I microscopic yet? The droplet of spit washed him along the surface of the slide, a passenger raced away on a tide as he contemplated the question, all the while shrinking away.

“Do you see him?” Allison asked, a little nervous.

“Uh, no,” Sadie said, biting her lip as she knelt over the slide, scanning it for any sign of movement.

“Well, you’re going to have to get closer to his scale then,” Allison said with a sigh. Without warning, she held the eye dropper over Sadie, squeezing it and sending a glob of the saliva into the back of her head.

“Hey, what the-“ Sadie began, bolting upright as her hair was instantly soaked. Her eyes went wide as she began shrinking down out of her doll’s dress.

“Get on the slide!” Allison said, gesturing quickly, “Clark’s going to be a lot smaller than you, when you find him, get as close to the middle as you can!”

“Uh, okay got it!” Sadie said. She felt herself slide out of the oversized tent of her dress, and quickly scurried over to the slide, standing over it as her height diminished. Her eyes raced across the growing world of glass at her feet, looking for any sign of Clark.

Clark wasn’t sure how long the wave had lasted, but the current had finally slowed, letting him force himself to his feet in the vast knee high sea of Allison’s spit, and he looked around at the vast glass plane and took in the scale of the world she’d sent him to.

God I’m small, he thought, looking at the edge of the slide, miles away. Allison leaned over him still, but she was so far away it was hard to make her out as a person, she was more like… a planet, a vast astronomical body in the sky far away. He looked up at her, utterly beyond her perception, and couldn’t help but feel aroused at the thought. Her breath, faraway and soft though it was, rushed by him like a warm wind, blowing his hair as he tried to keep his focus on the beautiful brunette dominating the skyline.

“Hey! Clark!” a voice called.

He spun around and started, Sadie was looming over him, grinning excitedly as she stomped through the remaining puddle of spit towards him. She was naked, having long ago shrunk out of a doll sized dress that loomed behind her like a mountain range.

“I think you stopped shrinking!” she exclaimed.

He looked around and nodded, “yeah,” he said with a grin, “I think you’re right!”

“Shit, I think I’m coming down there too,” Sadie muttered, watching herself shrink as she stood in the sea of Allison’s spit that still coated the center of the slide. She continued to dwindle, becoming a giant, then an amazon, and finally stopping just a little shorter than him as the two of them stood together in the vast and endless spit-covered glass landscape.

“Wow,” Sadie murmured, looking up at Allison’s colossal form, “we are…”

“Tiny,” Clark said with a smile, “yeah…”

“Okay, I hope you guys found each other,” Allison said nervously, “umm… just hold on!”

Their world shifted, and the two of them struggled to stay upright as Allison picked up the microscope slide. They both fell, splashing into the remaining gunk as it ran off the edge, even though Allison did her best to keep the slide level, to the two germ sized passengers it was an intense earthquake as she set their world in place below the microscope.

There was a thunderous click overhead as Allison selected a lense, and their sky was dominated by a black column, descending like some alien mothership as Allison shifted their world again, slowly searching the slide for them.

Come on, come on… Allison thought, her heart pounding as she scanned the microscopic world, this was too dangerous, I shouldn’t have done this, oh god what if they’re hurt down there, what if-

Her heart leapt as she saw two specks, she stopped, focusing in on them. Clark and Sadie heard another roaring *click* as she changed to a more intense magnification.

“I see you!” she squealed gleefully. She winced as she saw Sadie and Clark cover their ears. “Oh, she whispered, “sorry.” She cleared her throat, “are you guys okay?”

The two of them gave exaggerated nods, and Clark shot her a thumbs up and a grin she could just barely make out. Allison let herself fall back from the microscope, sighing with relief. She checked again, satisfied that the shrinking had well and truly stopped.

“It looks like we’ve discovered the endpoint of my shrinking powers,” Allison said quietly, smiling as she stared down at her friends. She began jotting down figures in the notebook, excitedly checking the magnification level on the microscope and fighting the urge to jump in excitement.

“And you guys can breathe okay?” the voice of the goddess echoed across the glass plain.

“YES!” Sadie shouted, giving her a thumbs up and nodding excitedly.

“I don’t think we even need to breathe at this size,” Clark muttered, rubbing his chin, “I got a C in biology, but… some weird stuff is going on with us right now.”

“Ah, let the egghead up there worry about it,” Sadie said with a smile, “come on! We’re bacteria! This is… we’re like astronauts, but for being small! One small step for Sadie and Clark! What should we do?”

Clark looked to his left, seeing endless glass into the horizon, then to his right, seeing the same, “Uh… I don’t know, if we do this again we should turn on the radio or something, the microscopic world doesn’t really have a lot to-“ he was cut off as Sadie tackled him, locking him into a kiss.

Allison giggled as she watched the two of them tumble, naked in each other’s embrace at a microscopic size, “Hey you two, we have more scientific inquiries to-“ she scowled as she saw Sadie shoot her a middle fingered salute. She rolled her eyes, “I guess I did tell them they were both my dolls…” She looked down through the microscope, biting her lip as she saw what they were doing. “Fuck it,” she muttered, her hand dipping into her pants. “Hey, specks! Flip over! I want to see Clark on top!”

The two of them paused, looking up at the enormous microscope lense above them, “We better do what she says,” Clark said with a smirk, “she could stick this entire slide in her old sock or something if we don’t.”

“I can’t believe she’s still pushing us around at this size,” Sadie growled, rolling onto her back, “it’s so…”

“Hot?” Clark asked with a grin, pinning Sadie’s wrist.

“Yeah!” Sadie beamed.

Allison continued to touch herself as she watched her two tiny prisoners explore one another in the microscopic world she’d sent them to. She came with a grunt, giggling as she held her glistening fingers up to her face. She took another look down at the other two, they weren’t quite done yet, and casually she reached down and wiped her wet finger on the edge of the slide, far away from them, but at that size they’d be able to smell it for hours until they started to get bigger.

She sighed as she leaned back in her chair, grabbing her notebook and jotting down a few other observations, Dr. Kendra and those guys at the lab are going to go nuts for this stuff, she thought with a smile. She noticed her still wet finger and smirked, maybe not everything needs to go in the report though…


Chapter End Notes:

had to re-add chapter because the formatting kept getting messed up, let's see if this fixes it

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