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“Oh wow, this guy sounds perfect for you!” Sadie laughed once Allison had finished recounting the evening. “He’s into all that space wars crap and he isn’t bolting for the door when he gets tiny? Is he hot otherwise?”

“Yeah, I think so,” Allison giggled, glancing back inside the apartment, Clark was stirring slightly on the couch. “He’s waking up, what do I do?”

“You make him breakfast doofus,” Sadie laughed, “or take him out or something… you’re not still scared of going to restaurants, are you?”

“No,” Allison said, thinking back to the dinner date the night before, “he’s not all the way back to full size yet though…”

“What!?” Sadie laughed, “you never let me get smaller than like six inches and that never took more than a single night to come back from, how small did you make this guy?”

“A couple inches,” Allison said, her face growing slightly heated.

There was silence on the other side of the phone, then a low giggle, “I’m guessing you didn’t provide him with some doll clothes like you used to for me? Was he naked the whole time Allison?”

“I-It all happened pretty fast,” she stammered.

“Wow, and you were always so careful with me,” Sadie teased, “shrinking me super slow, getting Barbie clothes all laid out-“

“Not careful enough,” she muttered bitterly.

There was quiet a moment, “you know I don’t blame you for that thing with my arm,” Sadie said, “I was fine, my parents still think I just fell down the stairs at your place.”

“I’m older now,” Allison assured herself more than anyone, “more responsible…” She glanced inside again, “he’s getting up, I’ve got to go!”

“Go get him girl!” Sadie called just before the *click* of the phone hanging up came over the speaker.

Biting her lip, Allison walked through the sliding glass door and back into her apartment’s living room. Clark was blinking sleep out of his eyes and sitting up with a smile.

“Hey,” he said, nodding at her. He looked down the couch, “I don’t think I’m all the way back yet…”

“Wait there,” Allison said, walking into the kitchen and sliding a junk drawer open. A moment later returned with an old tape measure, clicking the end near his toe and slowly tracing it up the couch as he tried his best to stay rigid. “How tall are you usually?” Allison asked, letting the tape measure slide back into it’s housing with a *click*.

“Five ten,” he said, “where am I at now?”

“Four foot one,” she said with a small smile. “Like I said, my friend Sadie used to let me try this out on her… up until well…”

“The stepping incident?” Clark asked.

“Yeah,” Allison said, biting her lip, “I… I never let her get small again after that.” She looked away a moment and cleared her throat, “anyways we found out that regrowing can be kind of random, sometimes it happens in spurts, sometimes it’s a sort of slow process that starts hours after your last contact with me.” She shrugged, “You look like you’ve stalled out, sometimes eating a little food seemed to help jump start it again.”

“Great, I’m famished,” he said, rolling off the couch and standing up. He looked down and realized too late that he was still naked as the blanket rolled off him, leaving him face to face with a smirking Allison who stood tall enough that his head wouldn’t quite reach her chin.

“I don’t think you’re going to fit into your clothes,” Allison giggled, letting her eyes trace down his body.

“Uh yeah…” he muttered, pulling the blanket back up in a makeshift toga.

“Give me a minute,” Allison said, quickly running back into her bedroom and throwing her closet open. She bit her lip, looking through her things, then pulling a large box of odds and ends out of the back. She unclicked the storage box’s lid, revealing a pile of old toys, school trophies and…

“Bingo,” she said with a grin, pulling her freshman year gym uniform out. It was a simple pair of black shorts and a yellow shirt in her school’s colors, more importantly it was clean, and she hadn’t worn it in years, so it probably wouldn’t still shrink Clark. Most importantly it was small enough that he might be able to wear it at his current size.

“What do you think?” she asked, presenting it to him.

“I’m not sure how I feel about wearing your old clothes,” he said with a wry grin.

She rolled her eyes, “look here macho man, it’s a unisex shirt and shorts, it’ll be a little big on you but it’s not like I’m give you a hand-me-down skirt,” she smirked at him, “if you want, I can get you some appropriate sized clothes at the store, but the selection might be a bit… juvenile.”

“Ah hell,” he muttered, “okay, let me try it on.”

As it turned out Allison’s old gym uniform, billowy though it was, did manage to cover him adequately. It was an odd feeling, feeling so small in one of Allison’s old outfits, and she smiled down at him sweetly as she led him to her car.

“Let me know if it feels like that shirt is suddenly getting too tight,” she warned, “the last thing you want is to suddenly shoot back up to full size in the middle of the restaurant.”

“And if I did start regrowing that fast, what would we do?” he asked curiously. He didn’t relish the thought of splitting his erstwhile outfit in two and ending up naked.

“A quick peck on the cheek should keep you fun sized until breakfast is over,” she mused, running a gloved hand through his brown hair for a moment before starting the car.

Allison led Clark into the pancake house, and he couldn’t help but hug her a little closer than he normally would. It was odd being out in public at just a hair over four feet tall, the world seemed more imposing, and he decided he’d let Allison do the talking. She looked back and gave him a quick smile before opening the door to let him in.

Despite her confident appearance Allison was feeling her out heart pound like a drum in her chest. While isolating herself she’d managed to get into a regular routine, and while she was having the best time she had in years, this was all new for her, even something as simple as going out to breakfast with her...

Boyfriend? She wondered, is he my boyfriend yet?

“Table for two?” The waitress, a plump woman in her late forties, asked pleasantly.

“Uh, yeah,” Allison said, blinking as she was pulled back to reality.

The waitress led them to a small booth in the corner of the restaurant, it was maybe a little late for breakfast, and this section was mostly empty, which suited Allison fine. Clark slid up and into the booth, looking a little uncomfortable at how high the table was on his chest. The waitress slid menus in front of each of them and left to get them coffee.

“I’ve never been here before,” Allison admitted, “I’ve never been to most of the restaurants in town actually.” She bit her lip nervously, “I hope maybe I can try them all… with you.”

He blinked, realizing the implication, and smiled, “well… I’m not exactly a food critic, but sure, I’m looking forward to it, now let’s see what this place-“ he frowned, then looked up at a confused Allison, “she gave me a kids menu!”

She glanced down at the coloring page filled with cutsey sounding dishes, and snorted, her face going red as she fought to keep herself from laughing. He just scowled and crossed his arms, the fabric of the oversized gym uniform swishing against him and reminding him of his diminished height.

“Oh my god!” Allison giggled, “do you think she thinks you’re my…” she clapped her gloved hands, fighting a giggle. “O-Order the kid’s pancakes when she gets back!”

He raised an eyebrow, fighting a laugh, “What!? No way! I’m asking for an adult’s menu and-“

“Did you two decide what you wanted?” the waitress asked, pouring a cup of coffee for Allison, who took it eagerly.

“Yes, I’ll have the omelet with ham,” Allison said.

“Actually, could I get-“ Clark began, but Allison cut him off.

“He’ll have the kid’s smiley face pancakes with rainbow sprinkles,” Allison said, fighting once again to stop herself from bursting into laughter.

Clark glared at her a moment, “actually could I have the adult’s pancake platter-“

“Clark, you’ll never finish it!” Allison teased.

“She’s right you know,” the waitress said in a patronizing tone, “it’s a lot of food!”

Clark just rolled his eyes and slumped back against the seat, the waitress seemed to take that as a sign of defeat and nodded, leaving to go put their orders in. Allison was giggling into her gloved hands, and he found a small smile curling at the corner of his own mouth.

“I’m going to get you back for that,” he said with a grin.

“Be a good boy or I’ll spank you,” Allison teased.

Clark found himself suddenly rock hard at the thought, and as he looked at Allison’s five-foot four frame, one that towered over him, he couldn’t help but imagine her doing just that.

Goddamn, he thought, his mouth suddenly dry, that’s an idea to revisit…

Allison seemed to guess his thoughts, and her face was turning red as the waitress returned with their food.

Clark looked at the childish smiley face design of his pancakes, then at the waitress. A wicked idea suddenly struck him, and he gave a dramatic sigh.

The waitress frowned, “what’s wrong dear?”

“This is okay I guess,” he said, doing a high and childish voice to try to complete the illusion, “but… mommy said this was all I get for my birthday this year because she lost all of her money at the casino again.”

Allison spat out some of her coffee, looking in shock at the waitress who glared daggers at her, “some parents…” the waitress muttered, walking angrily past a shocked Allison.

“You little shit!” Allison said, fighting a giggle as she turned back to look at him.

“I warned you I’d get you back,” he said, crossing his arms and giving her a smug grin.

Getting some food in his belly seemed to do the trick, and by the time the two of them were back at their apartment complex Allison’s old gym uniform was feeling a little tight around the shoulders. When they got back to her apartment, he was able to peel it off and start putting his own clothes back on, all of them a little baggy, but wearable. Allison no longer towered over him, but looked him in the eye as he slowly regained his height advantage over her.

“Thanks for breakfast,” he said with a smile.

“It’s the least I owe you after gambling away all your birthday money,” she teased, leaning against the doorframe.

“So…” he said, “I’m not doing anything today or tomorrow… do you want to hang out some more?”

“I’ve got to go down to The Lab today,” she said with a sigh, “the messaged me overnight about how I should come in to see Dr. Kendra, she’s the head of things over there I think…” She shrugged, “they hardly ever ask me to meet with them, so I think I probably should.”

“Bummer,” Clark said, a little disappointed.

She gave him a small smile, “Want to meet up downstairs at your place later tonight? I can bring pizza.”

“Sounds great!” he said excitedly, maybe a little too excitedly, he tried to dial it back and cleared his throat, “I uh… I’ll see about getting a bottle of wine and maybe finding us a movie!”

“You said you’re off work tomorrow too, right?” she asked suddenly.

“Yeah,” Clark said, “so I’m okay if I ended up… small again,” he said with a weak grin.

“Wait here a second,” Allison said, shooting him a wink. She closed the door, hiding herself from his view, behind it he heard the sound of sliding fabric, then a moment later she opened the door again, handing him a fresh pair of disposable gloves.

“Why do I need these?” he asked curiously, sliding them on anyways.

“So you can hold these!” she said, handing him a cloth bundle with a grin. With a start Clark realized it was her balled up panties, the same ones she’d been wearing the night before. “I’ll be back around six or so tonight,” she said with a mischievous grin, “you can use those to make yourself… fun size,” she giggled.

“So you want me to-“

“Sniff my panties, yes,” Allison said excitedly, “and whatever size you are when I get back later… well, make it a surprise for me, okay?”

Clark had another intrusive image of the amazon sized Allison spanking him over her knee, and he grinned, “surprise you… got it.”

She turned to go back into her apartment then paused, “be careful with those!” she warned with a wink.

Dr. Kendra Maxwell read through the field agent reports again. Allison had been dating… this was an interesting development. Normally when a third party discovered Allison’s ability The Lab would spring into action with lawyers, NDAs, and payoffs. The girl herself was almost always careful, so it was rare that it was necessary, most of those who figured it out wanted nothing more to do with Allison, or being small. This Clark boy though… he seemed different. It had been Dr. Kendra’s decision not to attempt to scare him off.

It had long been Dr. Kendra’s belief that a “free range” approach to Allison was best. Some of her colleagues questioned her decision, some wanted her in the Lab’s basement holding cells, or under 24/7 surveillance, some of the other researchers even felt she’d become too… emotionally involved to make decisions regarding the girl…

She scowled, I’m not going to lose my humanity in this, she thought bitterly. Allison was a scientific anomaly, and she was also a scared young woman looking for help, and beneath the years of black site research and questionable research ethics, Dr. Kendra had gotten into medicine to help people…

Her intercom buzzed, “she’s here,” one of the front desk guards said.

With a sigh Kendra got up and opened her storage closet, pulling out a white biohazard suit.

“Hi Dr. Kendra!” Allison said happily, sitting down across the table from the suited researcher.

“Good morning, Allison,” Kendra said warmly, her brown bangs dangling frustratingly in her face behind the plastic visor of her protective suit. “Did you give your blood samples to the front desk?”

“Yeah, I packaged them up like you instructed,” she said, “the receptionist seemed a little scared when she realized who I was…” Allison frowned at the biohazard suit, “you don’t need to wear that every time you know… I always shower before coming here and even if I didn’t, I’d have to be filthy to shrink you just by being across the table…”

“It’s just a precaution,” Dr. Kendra said neutrally, “I thought we should just do a quick check in, since it’s been some time since we last… talked.” She tried to think about how she’d word the next part, she didn’t want to let Allison know that the lab knew about her new paramour… “Are there any changes in your life lately?” she asked with a smile, holding up a tablet as though she was taking notes, “new diets, maybe hobbies…”

“Well,” Allison said, biting her lip and fighting a smile, “I’ve been seeing this guy.”

“Oh really?” Dr. Kendra said, feigning surprise, “tell me about him.”

What followed was a brief recap of things Dr. Kendra mostly already knew, Allison had begun a relationship with one Clark Butler, her downstairs neighbor, after accidentally shrinking him. The young man apparently had no problems with Allison’s condition, and from the way she told it might even find it as a positive…

“And you’ve had sexual contact with him?” Kendra asked, causing Allison to start suddenly.

“Well, yeah,” she admitted with an embarrassed smile, “I know it’s soon but… I’ve been waiting for a guy like this for a long time, you know?”

“I’m sure,” she said, fighting a smile herself, “I know it might not be the most romantic thing in the world but… please be sure to let us know about anything out of the ordinary that occurs, I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that the shrinking effect can vary wildly depending on your emotional state and the person coming into contact with you.”

“Yeah, but I think it’ll be okay,” Allison reasoned, “he’s the first person I’ve deliberately made small since Sadie, and…” her face went red, “obviously the stuff we used to do together was uh… less dirty, but I’ve kind of missed it, playing with someone tiny I mean.”

“It’s understandable,” Dr. Kendra said with a smile, “if you feel comfortable, please reach out and let me know of any… extreme reactions or incidents you two have.”

“Oh, I’m not too worried,” Allison laughed, “we’re both smart people and we’ll be careful, well, more careful than Sadie and I used to be anyways…”

Clark stared at the white panties in his gloved hand. He’d taken the day to do some errands, gone for a quick jog, and now he was back here, at five o’clock, debating on when he should start following Allison’s instructions. Not sure where else to put them, he’d laid the panties on his coffee table, waiting for him all day like a venomous snake before he’d gloved up to handle them again.

“Well, no guts no glory,” he said to himself with a smirk as he brought her underwear to his face. He took a deep breath, the scent of her sweat mixed with the tangy aroma of her womanhood filling his nostrils. He felt his clothing sliding against his skin as he instantly started getting smaller, he realized with a start that the panties were growing in his hands as well, and the gloves seemed looser. He finally forced himself to pull them away, then blinked as he looked around the room.

He was maybe eye level with his kitchen counter, somewhere in the range of three feet, and his clothing hung off him like a child playing dress up. He glanced around his apartment, awed at how it had grown, then back down at the pair of Allison’s underwear in his hands.

Almost half my size gone for sniffing these for a minute, he thought wryly. He looked at the apartment door, making sure it was unlocked, the last thing he wanted was to get too small to reach it and accidentally leave her locked out when she came to… collect him.

He felt his erection throbbing, the intoxicating smell of Allison had brought him to full mast almost instantly, and he yearned to bury his face in the white fabric again. He glanced at the clock, Allison wasn’t due for another forty five minutes…

Fuck it, he brought them to his nose and took another whiff, feeling his pants fall completely down around his ankles as his shirt became a robe, barely clinging to him.

He lowered them again, looking around at an apartment that now looked like a massive indoor landscape, more like a high-ceilinged big box store or indoor stadium than his humble one-bedroom unit. He was down to a foot and a half at most, and as he lowered his arms the gloves slipped off him, and his shirt slipped down his waist too, leaving him naked in a puddle of his clothing as the panties flopped to the floor in front him.

“Strong stuff,” he muttered.

He heard his doorknob turning, and his head shot up in surprise as it opened. Allison, dressed in a simple T-shirt and lounge pants, along with her signature gloves, stepped inside. She glanced around a moment, then spotted him in the middle of the floor, tiny, naked, and sporting an erection as her panties lay in front of him.

“I got back a little earlier than I expected,” she giggled, “I went and changed into something more comfortable… I see you’ve been getting comfortable too?”

“I uh…” he gulped as the giant plodded towards him, swaying her hips and with a smug smirk on her face.

“You know, when I left you those panties, I didn’t know if you’d really shrink yourself for me,” she said, bending over to take in his naked body, “but here you are… sniffing away like a dirty little boy after a panty raid…”

“You said to surprise you?” he said with a weak grin. He grunted as her gloved hand closed around his waist, and she lifted him up to examine him eagerly.

“This is a pleasant surprise,” she giggled, “I figured you’d maybe make yourself like… five foot or something, just one little whiff to humor me… god you’re practically a Ken doll!” She gave him a small smile and was quiet a moment, “Clark,” she said finally, “do you like getting shrunk?”

“Uhh…” he gulped, not sure how to answer the question.

“I mean, I know you obviously have to be okay with it, since it’s just part of being with me, but do you like it?” she questioned, her grin widening as she guessed the answer.

“Yeah, I think so,” he admitted weakly, giving her a grin as he struggled slightly in her grip.

She gave a nervous laugh that ended in something like a squeal, “that’s good,” she said, biting her lip, “I… well, I’ve had a lot of fantasies about shrinking guys over the years… some of them are kind of… well, they’re out there.

Clark gulped, what could be more out there than what we’re already doing!? he wondered. Nervous as he was, a part of him desperately wanted to find out.

“I-I’m down to try them!” he stuttered.

She squeaked happily again, shaking his world as she bounced in excitement, “Well, first things first,” she said with a devious grin as she sat him back on the carpet, “I’ve got to punish you for being a perv with my underwear!”

“Punish?” he protested, fighting a laugh, “you told me to do it!”

“I don’t remember that,” she lied, walking up and picking up her underwear again. She sniffed them once herself, wrinkling her nose and then giggling as she sauntered back to him. “I’ll have to be careful with you,” she teased, “these panties aren’t even that dirty, what if I had given you a pair right after I finished working out on my treadmill?” She hovered over him menacingly, dangling the pair of panties over him like some faraway banner as she regarded both the tiny man at her feet and the underwear that had reduced him so quickly. “I think…” she giggled, “I think next time I’m downgrading you to a sock, would you like that?”

“Hell yeah,” he breathed, she was enrapturing him, the teasing attitude, the cocky grin, the smug smile that seemed to make him feel even smaller than he already was… as he looked up at the towering goddess in his living room, he realized he’d probably do just about anything she asked.

Allison’s head tipped back, laughing, “It’s settled then, next time you’re getting a sock, you can sniff it and touch yourself and hopefully by the time you finish you’ll still be big enough to play with…” She glanced at the panties again, “for now though, panties are definitely way too strong for you to play with without supervision.” With that she dropped them, the fabric collapsing down on him like a tarp in the wind.

It made contact with him with a *thump* almost sending him to his knees as he struggled beneath the fabric that was making him smaller with every passing second. The familiar smell of Allison wafted around him as he struggled to find his way out. He felt sudden pressure around him as the fabric was squeezed against his body.

Outside Allison had knelt down, giggling as she gripped the panties around him, grinding them against him and pressing him against the carpet as he shrank.

“Come on!” she said, feeling her arousal spike, “you’ve got to find the way out or you’re going to disappear into my dirty underwear forever!

He struggled, but between the playful motions of her immense hand outside and the silky fabric being twisted and ground around him, his senses were simply overloaded. He groaned as the material raced against his erection, his size decreasing and the distance to the edge of her underwear increasing as his arousal built.

“Where’s Clark? They’ll ask,” Allison teased, “oh, he got too horny and couldn’t escape his girlfriend’s panties in time,” she gave a mock wistful sigh as her own free hand dipped inside the panties she was wearing then, “fuck,” she whispered, touching herself slightly, “that’s what’s going to happen,” she said, letting the fantasy get away from her, “you couldn’t control yourself, and now you’re going to spend the rest of your life microscopic, wandering around lost in my dirty laundry!”

She came with a scream, grinding the panties against the rapidly disappearing ball that was Clark’s squirming form, pressed between the panties and the carpet. Allison almost collapsed on the floor, panting as she smiled and looked at her handiwork. Clark wasn’t even visible now, and she lifted the panties up, half expecting to see her bug sized boyfriend looking up at her in a daze.

“Clark?” she asked with a frown, not spotting him. She glanced at the underwear, then at the spot on the floor, and a pit formed in her stomach. “Oh… oh shit,” she gulped, “uh, if you’re down there, just stay where you are!”

Clark looked up through the forested canopy of his own floor’s carpet fibers. The light had returned after she’d pulled the enormous pair of underwear, now the size of a shopping mall, off of him. He was laying on the ground, panting, he’d cum himself at some point during the hurricane of movement as she’d used that silky landscape to grind his size away, inch by inch until he was here, more a dust bunny than a bug.

“Stay where you are!” he heard the colossal woman say as she stood back up. He chuckled and rolled his eyes.

“Where the hell would I even go?” he wondered, looking at the coiled carpeting around him. Each tuft of synthetic fiber stood maybe twice as tall as he did, he was an ant, lost in a forested maze on the floor beneath most people’s senses. He sighed, and in spite of Allison’s warning he decided he’d try to climb one of those “trees,” if only to hopefully get her attention easier.

He took another minute to look around, letting himself take in the sheer scale of the world at this size, this is… amazing, there’s a whole world down here, he thought, a whole unexplored world right in my own living room… With a grin he began the climb, the tufted carpet fibers making his ascent easy.

The world began to shake as Allison’s mountains form returned, her shadow falling over his spot like an eclipse as the gigantic form of her face, a faraway feature that would dwarf skyscrapers, came into position overhead like some planetary body.

“I’m really sorry,” Allison said, looking through the carpet with a magnifying glass, “I… I kind of overdid it.” she gently parted the carpet fibers with a pair of tweezers she’d bought, bending over and searching between them for any sign of movement.

He’s probably terrified, she thought miserably, you just HAD to get weird with him, didn’t you? She scolded herself, trapped forever in your underwear… oh god he probably thinks you were serious! She forced herself to calm down, breathing out slowly, okay, worst case scenario, you make sure not to step anywhere near this spot, and by tomorrow he’s big enough to see at least, then-

Her heart lit up as she spotted something moving on the end of one of the tufted carpet fibers. Her eyes went wide as she saw something waving to her, a form maybe half the size of a kitchen ant, gripping the edge of the synthetic fibers like a tree.

“I see you!” she said eagerly, hovering the magnifying glass over him to get a better look.

To Clark it was a surreal experience, her warped and distorted eye filled the sky above him as she focused in on his position, and although he shouted with all his might, she gave no indication that she could hear him.

“Hold very still!” she said, clicking the tweezers together once as she zeroed them in on the bit of carpet fiber he’d gripped.

“Wait, Allison!” he protested as the metal instruments the size of freight trains came down for him. He grunted as the ends of the tweezers squeezed him, and for a fearful moment he worried he’d be crushed between them, but his body seemed to hold against the pressure as he was lifted the immense distance through the air. He glanced down, gulping nervously as he realized just how high up he was, his floor was like the view from an airplane window, but the truly unnerving part was Allison herself.

Being pinched here, between the tweezers like an errant bug, held before a face the size of a cliff, while cinema screen sized eyes focused in on him… This was insignificance, he was truly at her mercy, helpless, naked, squirming before a goddess.

“Are you okay?” she asked quietly, “I… I can’t really hear you, but give me a thumbs up or something?”

He sighed, grunting as he twisted his arm around and did his best to comply with her instructions.

Her face lit up eagerly, “Oh, good… I’m sooooo sorry, I meant to stop when you were a few inches tall again abut…” she bit her lip as her colossal cheeks went red, “I got kind of lost in the moment.”

His world blurred again as she slowly, to her anyway, lowered him down to his coffee table. The tweezers released him, and he fell what seemed like twenty feet, but was probably an almost imperceptible drop between the tweezers and the table for her. He landed with a grunt, but was surprisingly unharmed.

He stood up curiously, I guess you do get a little more durable at this size, he reasoned, still he thought suddenly of Allison’s warning of what had happened to her friend Sadie, and decided not to press his luck, even if he didn’t have to worry about falling there were probably plenty of ways to get hurt or worse at this size.

“Okay,” the enormous woman said, glancing down more at the coffee table than at him specifically, “we’re going to relax, watch some TV, and in a few hours when you’re big enough to hear, we can talk.” With that she flopped backwards onto his couch, flipping his television set on and trying to think of a good apology for when his regrowth started.

“So, you’re really not mad?” Allison asked nervously, peering down at Clark’s four inch form, still naked and sitting on the edge of the coffee table. It had taken almost four hours before he’d gone from ant sized back to this still diminished height, and the growth had petered out again, and she’d decided to talk to him while they waited for it to restart.

“I’m not,” he laughed, trying to reassure her, “I’m fine, really! You got carried away and shrank me a little too much, but it’s not like I was begging you to stop.”

“I’m glad you’re taking it so well,” she said, sighing with relief. She gave a halfhearted smile, “sorry if I got a little scary… a lot… well, too many of my fantasies involve being kind of…”

“Evil?” Clark joked. Allison’s face went red, and she desperately wanted to sink into the couch before her doll sized boyfriend’s gaze. He sighed and rolled his eyes, “I didn’t mean that in a bad way, I know you’re a wonderful person Allison.”

“Thanks,” she said with a small smile, she felt a sense of warmness in her chest that she couldn’t quite place, he’s really not afraid of you, she realized. Part of her had been worried that he’d snap to his senses at some point, but… here they were, with him going smaller than anyone had probably ever been, and he was… he was smiling and telling her everything was fine.

“C-Can I stay the night?” she asked suddenly. “You know, just to make sure you grow back okay…”

“Sure,” he said with a grin, “I can’t exactly navigate my apartment at this size anyway…” he cleared his throat, “but uh… who knows, I might end up getting smaller again.”

She cocked an eyebrow and smirked, “don’t tempt me Clark.”

“Why don’t you tell me about some of those other evil fantasies you had?” the tiny man said, giving her a smug grin.

She just chuckled, reaching to the side of the coffee table and pulling on one of her gloves. She reached over to grip him, holding the four-inch man above her like a snack she was trying to decide if she wanted or not.

“I can’t decide whether you just really like me, or if you’re just crazy,” she said softly.

“Both?” he said, fighting against her latex clad fingers as he squirmed in her grip.

She laughed, and a moment later he joined in with her, going limp as her gloved fingers explored his tiny body.

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