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“Don’t take her out for wings,” Angie said, typing something on her computer.

Clark rolled his eyes; his dating life had been the only thing he and his two coworkers had talked about all day. Brick seemed excited for him, Angie was just telling him things not to do.

“What if we go somewhere and she orders wings?” Clark asked, leaning back in his chair.

“She won’t,” Angie growled, “women are smart enough not to do that.”

“What’s wrong with wings anyway?” Brick asked, cocking an eyebrow at his sister, “you sure eat enough of them every year during the super bowl party.”

“I’m not on a date though,” Angie said, “it’s impossible to look attractive while eating wings, it’s primitive… chewing on bones,” she scowled and pointed at Clark, “NO. WINGS. That’s something you don’t want a girl to see you eating until at least six months in!”

“Got it, I’ll remember the six-month wing rule,” he said with a somewhat amused smile.

Allison’s heart pounded as she heard the knock at the door, and she fought the urge to sprint to let him in as she walked across her apartment. She’d chosen a nice dark red sweater to wear on the date, it complimented the pair of black leather gloves she’d donned for the occasion.

“Hi!” she said eagerly as she opened the door.

“Hey,” Clark said with a smile, “you look great!”

“Thanks,” she said, gushing, “I… I haven’t been out to a restaurant in years!”

“Worried you’ll shrink the busboys on accident?” he asked, gesturing for her to follow him to his car.

“Not really,” she admitted, “I just didn’t have anyone to go with!”

Clark had picked a local casual dining place Angie, Brick, and he had done business lunches at, the kind of place with good food but without too much of a posh air. He and Allison had settled in with a signature cocktail each from the bar, and began discussing shockingly normal date topics.

For Allison’s part it was like something out of a dream, here she was with a guy, on a date, a guy who knew all about her condition, and at the same time… he wanted to hear about her job, her family, her hobbies… well, such that she had any.

“So, me, my old buddy Brick, and his sister, we all run these storage units,” Clark explained, looking over the menu.

“Good for you guys,” Allison said, impressed, “investing your winnings like that instead of blowing it all…”

He shrugged, “well, we all kind of agreed we wanted to go into business together, and the previous owner wanted to cash out and move to Florida.” He stirred his drink idly with the cocktail straw, trailing off rather than continue with the ins and outs of the storage industry, a topic he found boring even working in it.

No, he had some other questions, but he wasn’t sure quite how to bring them up…

“You want to ask about the shrinking, don’t you?” Allison said with a knowing smile.

“Er… well,” he smiled uncomfortably, “yeah, I’m curious about it, but I didn’t want to press too much…”

“You were the size of a doll the other day,” she said, wiping her lipstick mark off her glass with a napkin, “I think you have a right to be a little curious.” She seemed satisfied that none of her saliva was left on the rim of the glass, and she set her napkin back in her lap as she tried to think of what to say.

“I guess you can say this whole shrinking thing has kind of ruled my life since it started back in high school,” she said finally, sighing.

“I kind of figured,” he said, “that’s why I was a little hesitant to bring it up…”

“Hey, it’s only fair you know what you’re getting into,” she said with a sad smile, “again, you don’t have to date me, there are plenty of girls out there who won’t make you tiny when they give you a peck on the cheek.”

“That might be true, but there aren’t a lot of girls who will watch three Star Trek movies in one night,” he said with a smirk, “like I said the other day, it’s worth a shrinking…”

She was quiet a moment, a warm bubbly feeling in her chest welling up that had nothing to do with the cocktail. She blinked a moment, then met his gaze and smiled.

“It can be kind of dangerous,” she warned, “I… I’ve only made a few people as small as you were the other day, and if you’re not careful you could end up smaller.”

“I trust you,” he said mildly, “I mean… you don’t seem like you’d use your… power? For evil.”

She snorted, “I broke my best friend Sadie’s arm because she wanted to try being tiny, she was scurrying around on the floor and I… I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

Clark gulped, “you… stepped on her?”

“Yeah,” Allison said quietly, shuddering at the memory. “Luckily she was on the carpet… the crazy thing is she’d have probably been safer if I’d made her smaller… you get a little tougher when you guys get tiny, not enough to keep you totally safe but…” She groaned, running her hand through her hair a moment, “if… when you get to be that size again? Stay off hard floors, okay?”

“Will do,” he said quietly, thinking over what she’d said.

“That wasn’t the only incident either,” she muttered, “I got a cold one time and sneezed on my dad while he was driving, he went straight to four feet tall and almost lost control of the car, there’s just a lot of stuff that can happen around someone like me.”

“Is there anything… fun about it?” Clark asked hesitantly.

“Fun?” she asked, raising an eyebrow, “I’m not sure how to respond to that…”

“Come on,” Clark chuckled, “you’re telling me you’ve never enjoyed shrinking someone?”

“I haven’t intentionally shrank a lot of people,” she said, biting her lip in thought, “but…” a blush came into her cheeks, “I’ve had thoughts.”

“Thoughts?” he questioned.

Allison pursed her lips, fighting a giggle as she looked around briefly. The waiter was at another table, and they didn’t have anyone at the tables next to theirs. She idly picked up her fork, twirling it in her gloved hand as she considered her next statement.

“Yeah, I’ve had thoughts,” she repeated, smirking as she made eye contact with him, “like… it would be fun to shrink down a cute guy just to play with him.”

Clark felt his own cheeks getting red, and the expression she was giving him was setting him on fire. He felt himself stir below the belt, and he fought to keep his face neutral as he thought of the way she’d looked when he’d been small… She’d been huge, overpowering, she could do anything to him she wanted and…

I want her to make me her toy, he realized with a start. He cleared his throat uncomfortably, and Allison pursed her lips, fighting a giggle. The two of them were silent a moment, staring at each other and half guessing what the other was thinking.

“Are you two ready to order?” the waiter said, walking over with refills.

Clark blinked, it was like a spell over the two of them had been broken, and both had embarrassed expressions as they mumbled their respective orders.

After dinner the two of them returned to the apartment complex, and despite an evening full of conversation, an awkward silence hung over them as they reached the apartment staircase.

Does she want me to come up? He wondered, glancing at her apartment door on the second floor.

How do I get him to come up… Allison thought to herself. She steeled herself with a nervous swallow, then looked him in the eyes and smiled.

“D-Do you want to come upstairs and hang out?”

He blinked and paused a moment, “yeah but… we don’t have to uh… do anything, if you don’t want to-“

Allison bit her lip, then slowly, gently, reached out a gloved hand to press him against the wall behind him, “Clark, I really appreciate you trying to be a gentleman,” she said in a husky voice, “but… I’ve never had a boyfriend, and I’ve never gotten to do more than kiss a guy, so…” she gave him an almost predatory grin, “if you’re really not scared… I’d like you to come up.

“Y-Yeah,” he said, his heart pounding, “okay.”

She giggled, giving him a wink as she started up the stairs. He took a nervous breath, then started up the stairs after her, each creak echoing as he ascended towards her apartment. She stood in the doorway, watching him, the smug grin heading the nervousness she was feeling herself. With a note of finality, the door closed behind him as he stepped inside, and he heard a click as she slid the bolt into the lock. An expression lit her face like a predator that had just trapped its preferred prey.

“Okay,” she said, breathing out slowly and fighting to keep a giddy grin off her face, “y-you’re mine,” she stuttered, fighting a squeak of a laugh.

He raised an eyebrow, “I’m… yours?”

“Yes!” she said, bounding up to him and all but pinning him against the door. He grunted as her gloved hands pressed him against the wood, and he gave an amused look at the petite woman who had apparently trapped him. “Kiss me!” she growled, “I’m tired of looking up at you!”

He didn’t need any further urging, and he eagerly reached for her, locking his lips against hers as they shared a passionate embrace. He felt her tongue force it’s way between her lips, and she squealed happily as the two of them stumbled together towards her bedroom. By the time they were at the threshold they were at an even height, and when they separated for breath she stood slightly over him, her five feet four inches giving her just a small advantage over him.

“Running out of time to escape,” she breathed, running her gloved hand through his hair, “you’re still big enough that you have a shot of getting away if you run now…”

“I’m not going anywhere!” he laughed, “I trust you! Go wild!”

She squealed and spun him, pushing him eagerly onto her bed. He grunted, surprised at how quickly she’d become stronger than him. Clark watched, spellbound, as she tore her clothing off, throwing her shirt and pants haphazardly into a corner of the room, leaving her in just a bra and panties, and those gloves… She looked at them a moment, then at him, then with a grin slowly peeled them off, adding to the pile.

She climbed onto the bed, slowly moving towards Clark, who was suddenly very aware of the disparity in their size, however small it was, and with a gulp he realized it was likely about to get much larger. She was on him before the thought had time to fully register, and their lips locked again, the shrinking effect growing stronger as she grabbed his wrists, forcing them up as she kissed him with a lustful growl.

Clark felt his heart pounding as she broke the kiss, he was more turned on than he’d ever been as she looked up at her towering form, he probably would come up to her chest at most now if they stood up, and the formerly petite woman was now an amazon to him, easily manhandling him as the contact with her bare skin shrank him further.

“Let’s get rid of these,” she muttered, pulling his oversized shirt off him and tossing it to the floor with her own things. He started as she gripped his pants next, whipping them and his underwear off him in one fluid motion, leaving him naked before her.

“S-So what do you think?” he managed.

“Very nice,” she said with a hungry smile. She traced a finger down his diminished form, savoring the skin-to-skin contact as she traced over his pecs, then down the faint abs he’d managed, “moving all that heavy stuff day in and day out seems to have done you good…” Her hand made contact with his erection, and her face practically lit up as she gripped it, slowly stroking up and down, an awed expression on her face as she licked her lips.

He gasped in pleasure as she stroked him, involuntarily bucking her hips upwards at her soft touch. She noticed and she looked at him with a mixture of satisfaction and curiosity. She paused her motions, causing him to look at her pleadingly.

“Uhh…” she cleared her throat, “eat me out!” she barked, taking him aback slightly. Her face went red, and she quietly added a, “please…” He nodded weakly, and she fought another squeal as she tumbled over, hurrying to get her panties off. Clark watched, anticipation building as she unclasped her bra next, throwing the white set of underwear off with the rest of their things, finally leaving her as naked as he was.

Clark glanced between her legs, seeing the curled brown pubic hair and the glistening opening beneath it. For a moment he and Allison just stared at each other, then she grinned, climbing on top of him and forcing her way up his body, finally planting herself on his face. He grunted at the weight on him as she ground herself against his mouth and nose, the strong smell of her arousal filling his world and choking out any other sensation. He stuck his tongue out and began to lick her, savoring the taste of her womanhood as it took hold, shrinking his body with every second he was forced against it.

Allison moaned, her eyes almost rolling back in her head as she grabbed his tiny and still shrinking head, forcing him against her as he worked her to orgasm. She kept up the grinding motion of her hips, each thrust coating him in her arousal, shrinking him in turn as it sent electric jolts of pleasure up her spine.

“Yes!” she called, “this is… god, this is amazing!” she squealed. His face, and his tongue, were getting smaller, and she fought a laugh as she kept forcing herself against him, too late to back out now! She thought gleefully as she rode his face, washing his size away in a torrent of her arousal, her juices covering his face and shrinking him with each lick of her button.

“Come on,” she growled, “keep going!”

Clark had nothing left in his field of vision but Allison, and his sense of taste and smell had forgotten the rest of the world as her strong musky scent had blocked out anything else. With each pass her opening was getting larger, and he fought to keep licking at her clit as her lubricant shrank him further.

Her legs sealed him in like massive milky white columns, closing the word out as he was diminished, going from her lover to her toy as she continued thrusting her hips down, grinding into his whole body as he fought to keep pleasuring a woman who had gone from an amazon to a true titan in a matter of moments.

“Oh god,” she muttered, her eyes going wide as she bit her lip, “I’m going to…” she quivered, falling over and bracing herself against the bed as a final small rush of fluid coated Clarks doll sized body. With a shudder she tumbled over, flopping on the bed next to him, the bliss of orgasm clouding her mind for a moment.

“A-Allison?” a tiny voice called.

She blinked, then sat up, her eyes racing over the bed, “Clark!” she called, spotting his shivering body, glistening with her fluids. “Oh… oh shit,” she muttered, realizing he was still shrinking at a steady clip. By the time she stood up, racing around the bed and scooping up his tiny form, he’d already gone from six inches to something closer to four.

“Sorry sorry sorry!” she shouted, racing him towards the bathroom. She glanced down in panic, he was maybe the size of a double A battery now, and without another word she spun the faucet lever, causing a rush of water as she plunged Clark’s still shrinking body under the stream.

Clark started, sputtering and coughing as the cold tap water soaked him, washing away her juices and stopping the shrinking. A moment later he felt powerful fingers longer than he was begin to rub soap into him, and he blinked the warming tap water out of his eyes as Allison looked at him in a panic.

“Okay,” she breathed, relieved, “you’re not getting any smaller…” She sighed, “sorry, I got carried away.”

“I’m fine,” he said, “did you… did you finish?”

“Yeah,” she said with a dreamy smile, “I should have warned you, my um… my pussy shrinks people a lot faster than anything else does… at least that’s what the lab people said, I never really uh… tried it until now.”

“Well, now we know,” he said, still a little dazed. He gave her a smile, “for next time.”

“N-Next time?” she asked eagerly, “you’d do that again?”

“I’m fine!” he insisted, “I’m just… really small I guess?”

I need this man, she decided, a smile crossing her face.

“I’m sorry you got small before I had a chance to finish what I was doing,” she purred, pumping the hand soap dispenser and rubbing her wet hands, sudsing them up, “I really need to return the favor.”

“Oh, you don’t have to-“ he started, but he was cut off with a gasp, his back arcing as her soap covered finger began gently toying with his erection.

“Shh…” Allison said with a grin, “I’ve never made someone this small before… it’s kind of a thrill.”

“Yeah,” he moaned, closing his eyes and letting the warm water cascade around him. Between the tap and the soap it seemed like contact with her wasn’t shrinking him any further, for now, and he was powerless to resist her anyway, a thought that turned him on in a way he didn’t think was possible.

“Just the tip of my finger is enough to send you over the edge, isn’t it?” she asked, a little amazed. “I’ve been waiting so long to really play with a guy like this… but doing it in person…” she shivered slightly, “it’s really better than I ever could have imagined.” Her face lit up, “try to push me away!”

His eyes shot open, “what!?” he asked incredulously.

“Come on!” Allison begged, a tinge of red in her cheeks, “fight it, see if you can stop me from making you cum!”

He stared at her a moment, then grinned. He grunted as he grabbed the soap coated fingertip that was as large as his torso, pushing back against it with all of his might. It forced itself into his crotch again, circling the suds covered pad around his erection and leaving his struggle meaningless.

“It’s like fighting a train!” he shouted, groaning with pleasure as he failed to move her finger even a little. He tried to squirm up her palm, but she just angled her hand slightly, pressing harder with the finger that played with him until he was forced back into a position where she could keep up her game with his cock.

“I can’t even tell you’re fighting it,” she giggled, “you’re…. you’re not even the size of a mouse.” She bit her lip, “come on, the evil giant girl is going to make you blow your load! Fight it!

“I…” he took a breath, fighting down the waves of pleasure her ministrations were causing, and with a roar he hooked his hands under her manhole sized fingernail, pulling up with all of his might. It shook a moment, and he gritted his teeth as his arms ached, but with a playful smirk she just gently lifted her finger up, tapping into his chest and causing him to fall back again.

“Bad boy,” she scolded, “I think my finger wins this one…”

He hissed in pleasure as she rubbed the soapy digit up and down his manhood, her finger… I’m not even strong enough to resist her finger… it was intoxicating, he’d truly given her every ounce of strength he had, and it wasn’t enough to budge her for more than a second.

“Imagine if I made you smaller!” Allison said with a grin, “I mean… I have no idea what the minimum is here Clark.” It was true, besides Clark the only person she’d willingly shrank was her friend Sadie, and she’d chickened out around six inches, understandable given the stepping incident… but Clark was different. Does he… like this? She wondered.

Clark’s body was going rigid, the warm flow of the tapwater and soap electrifying his body as she brought him closer to orgasm. The helplessness of his situation was truly setting in, and his veins popped as he did all he could to move her finger. This time she didn’t even bother to acknowledge his efforts, and he collapsed back into her palm, resigned to defeat as the warm feeling of his rising orgasm muted any other resistance he might have mounted.

A final mewl of pleasure excaped his lips as the slow motion of her fingertip brought him over the edge, and Allison chuckled softly as she watched the tiny man writhe in her grip. She kept going for a minute or so, making sure he was well and truly done, then without warning she stuck him under the cascading wall of warm tap water a final time. He collapsed into her hand, sighing as the flowing sink washed away his cum and the floral soap she’d covered him in.

“That looked like it felt good,” Allison said quietly, slowly lowering him down into the sink basin. Her hand reached over him, her arm a column of flesh stretching above him like a highway overpass as she turned the water off. He shivered, the warmth of the faucet disappearing rapidly as he stood in the porcelain canyon, naked and wet.

“Just a minute!” Allison insisted, hurrying out the door. She returned a moment later, still naked, save for the pair of blue gloves she had on. Timidly, she scooped him up, grabbing a tissue from a nearby Kleenex box and dabbing at him slightly, drying him off after the impromptu bath.

“I might be too small for the tissue toga this time,” he said, glancing at the kleenex box.

“It’ll make a good blanket,” she said, crumpling up the one she’d used as a towel and pulling him a fresh one. He felt the soft fabric wrap around him, and she gave him a smug smirk as she wrapped the tissue around his torso, binding his arms to his side and mummifying him into a snug cocoon. “My little inchworm,” she giggled, seeing him squirm slightly in his bindings.

“So… do you know exactly how long your shrinking lasts?” he shouted up at her, at this size he had to raise his voice to be heard properly, not as much as he’d expected, but normal conversation would have been difficult with his current volume.

“Not really,” she admitted, flopping on the bed and gripping his wrapped form between her thumb and forefinger, “most of the time it just takes a few hours before people go back to normal, but for the times people get really small… well, overnight usually did it.” She bit her lip a minute, “you’re pretty small though, you might not be full size by morning.”’

“Tomorrow’s Saturday,” Clark deadpanned, “if I’m not full size yet I’ll just hang out here and you can make me breakfast.”

“Deal!” Allison laughed.

With a wink she placed him on the soft bed, leaving him bound and mummified in the tissue as she slowly dressed herself again. When she was finished she returned for him, scooping up his wriggling form in one palm and starting towards the living room.

“You look like an inchworm,” she teased. “Don’t wiggle too much, you’ll tear through that Kleenex.”

“You could give me doll clothes or something,” he protested as she sat him on the couch armrest.

“You’re way too small for any doll I’ve ever had,” she said with a smirk, “forget Barbie, you woulnd’t come up to Polly Pocket’s waist.”

“Fine,” he sighed, making himself comfortable in the makeshift binding, “there’s not much more for me to do but watch some TV until I get big again, what do you say we pick up where left off last time?”

“We were on the Star Trek with the whales, right?” Allison asked.

In the darkness of the night, in the garden between apartment buildings, a pair of figures in dark suits watched Allison and Clark’s apartment complex.

“Holy shit,” Vasquez laughed, “that horny bastard actually spent the night with her!” The muscular Hispanic woman dabbed her cigarette out on a nearby brick wall, making sure not to let the smoke near the body of her jet-black suit.

“She seems… stable,” Drake muttered, glancing up at the apartment building where the subject had led her… was he her boyfriend? “The dossier said this particular subject posed little direct threat, obviously the civilian made the same judgment.”

“Little threat,” Vasquez laughed, gesturing for Drake to follow her towards their car. “Little threat, do you have any idea of what kind of fucked up shit that girl could do to you if she really wanted to?” She smirked, “why do you think The Lab hasn’t dragged her in Drake?”

“They think she’s more cooperative free range?” he guessed.

“Yeah,” Vasquez breathed, sparing a glance back up at the apartment, “she certainly is cooperative, she doesn’t even ask questions she really should… still, they’re scared Drake, they’re not sure they could contain her if they tried it.”

“Shoot her then,” he muttered.

Vasquez snorted, “you might as well shoot the last white rhino while he’s trying to deliver you the cure for cancer and a basket full of next year’s stock market predictions.” She pointed up at the apartment, the window now long having gone dark, “that girl in there? She completely fucks the laws of physics, biology, and everything else, and right now there isn’t another one!” She gave him a toothy grin, “we’re the first people to discover the next gunpowder Drake, don’t fuck it up!”

“Don’t fuck it up,” he muttered, taking one last glance at the girl’s apartment, “got it.”

“Oh, I can’t wait to tell Dr. Kendra about this,” Vasquez laughed, “this guy, he’s going to give us so much new data…”

Allison giggled as she took in the sight of the four-foot Clark, asleep on her couch. She’d traced a blanket over him sometime during the night, he hadn’t awoken when he’d grown out of the tissue-cocoon, so she’d thrown one of her spares over him to keep him warm. He snoozed softly, his chest rising and falling as he slowly regained his size.

Fighting the urge to hyperventilate, Allison took her phone, and slowly walked out onto the wooden balcony attached to her living room, sliding the door behind her so her conversation wouldn’t disturb her sleeping guest. With fingers shaking she dialed Sadie, the dial tone echoing ominously as she waited.

“Hello?” Sadie muttered in a tired voice, “a little early for Saturday, isn’t it?”

“I had a guy over last night!” Allison squealed.

There was a tumbling sound as Sadie struggled to recover a phone she’d dropped, “W-What!?” her friend stuttered, “SPILL!”

Allison giggled as she started telling her best friend the details of her newest relationship, and the conquest of the night before.

Chapter End Notes:
Allison and Clark's first date is a success! And our shadowy "friends" at The Lab are always watching... hope you're enjoying this so far! Love the reviews and love seeing lots of views!
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