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Allison laced up her shoes, then took a deep breath, jogging in place for a moment. She’d never been jogging at the park before, having been too scared of accidentally shrinking passerby. Now though? She had her power under control, or under control enough anyways… Clark almost always woke up a few inches shorter than he should be, but that was manageable.

She took off, smiling as the sun warmed her pale skin, the slow rock and roll beat of her workout playlist filling her ears. It was… liberating, she’d been running on a treadmill for so long, she didn’t realize how great the cool wind could feel on a morning run like this. She smiled as she passed another jogger, who smiled and nodded at her briefly before continuing on his own way.

Sadie happily smiled to herself as she typed up a new series of customer outreach letters. The bank she worked for had been able to find her a position with relative ease, and while it had taken her some time to get used to typing in gloves, it was almost like it was her old office that had moved, rather than herself.

“I’m taking lunch,” she said, pulling a brown bag with a sandwich in it out of the fridge. She hummed happily to herself as she walked out of the bank, intent on eating outside at the park benches between her workplace and the florist next door.

“Hey,” a burly man in a trenchcoat said, sitting up and walking to her, “you Sadie?”

“Yeah!” she beamed, turning to face the stranger, her face fell as she saw his serious expression. She gulped, “I-If you’re from the lab, you know-“

“I know not to touch you,” the man growled, opening his coat and showing her a handgun tucked into his belt. “A van will pull up in a minute,” he said quietly, “we’re both going to get in, or just I am. Do you understand?”

Sadie felt her heart skip a beat, “y-yeah,” she whispered as she watched the vehicle in question pull up. She blinked, then steeled herself, “you know she’ll come for me.”

“I think that’s the plan,” the man said with a resigned sigh, “you obviously can’t do any of the crazy stuff yet, since you’d have shrunk me if you could…”

Sadie just glared at him, but her answer was obvious.

The man hesitated, “My name’s Drake,” he said quietly, “you met me before…”

“You were a germ in Allison’s shoe for a few days,” Sadie said with a smirk.

“And I don’t fancy going back,” he muttered, “these people… they’ve got me, stick close and I won’t let them hurt you… and when that fucking demon shows up, you tell her I wanted no part of this, then you keep her from hurting me, do we have a deal?”

Sadie eyed him a moment, “we could just run for the door,” she said softly.

He gave her a sad smile, “we do that, they’ll still own me, and the man behind this will still want you and your friend… Come with me to the van please? One way or another we end it today, then we either live our lives or… well, it’ll be over.”

Sadie looked at him a moment, then with a sigh tossed her bagged lunch into a nearby wastebin, “Let’s go,” she said angrily.

“I’m sorry,” Drake muttered bitterly, guiding her towards the van.

“Clark!” Angie shouted, walking into the storage offices with a tablet in hand, “we’ve got a new client rep coming in today, as far as units he’s promising the moon, like he wants all our open units and he wants a first right of refusal on any that open up!”

Clark’s heart leapt in excitement, “holy shit,” he breathed, “who is it? Is it UPS or Amazon or what!?”

“Group of scientists I think,” Angie said, “they’ll be here any minute-“

“Oh hell,” Clark muttered, his excitement turning to terror, “Where’s Brick!?”

“He’s right here,” Kimbers said with a grin, walking into their office, a pair of goons almost as big as Brick himself forcing the former football player in front of them at gunpoint. “Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Doctor Kimbers.”

“The Lab is fucking over!” Clark shouted, “why the hell are you here?”

“The Lab might be over, but I’m not!” Kimbers hissed, “that girl is going to give me my life back, once I have her I’ll be able to write my own ticket, I’ll-“

“GET FUCKED BASTARDS!” Angie shouted, producing an ancient double-barreled shotgun from under her desk.

“ANGIE!” Brick and Clark shouted at the same time as she leveled it at Kimbers.

“You never know who’s going to walk into a storage office!” she grinned wickedly, cocking the gun as Kimbers looked on impassively.

The goons for their part drew their own weapons, leveling them at Angie and Clark, the one who was forcing Brick forward jutted his gun into the big man’s ribs.

“I’d prefer a quick death by buckshot over the prison sentence waiting for me,” Kimbers chuckled, “lower the gun dear, I’ve no interest in you.”

“Angie,” Clark shouted, “he’s after Allison and Sadie…” he gulped, “you don’t need to get yourself involved in this.”

“I became involved when this asshole showed up at my workplace to kidnap my friend and his girlfriend,” she growled.

“Very well,” Kimbers muttered, “Shoot her brother-“

“Wait!” Angie shouted, lowering the shotgun, “Fine, you’ve got us…”

Kimbers gestured for the men, who rushed forward and stripped the gun out of Angie’s hands, “your storage facility is perfect,” Kimbers mused, “fences, surveillance, why I couldn’t ask for a better place to capture dear Allison.”

Clark gulped, “She… she warned you people not to do this,” Clark said quietly.

“Worried for her?” Kimbers asked smugly.

“No,” Clark said with a resigned sigh, “I’m worried I won’t be able to talk her down this time.”

Allison returned from her jog, frowning as she saw something taped to her door. A takeout menu maybe? She panted, the tiredness from her workout lingering as the warmth of exertion ached in her muscles. A moment later her blood ran cold, and her hand started shaking as she read the letter.

“Allison, I have taken Clark and Sadie. They are, at this time, unharmed. My demands are simple, you will provide me with several samples of your blood, then I will release your friends and we will part ways. I am at your boyfriend’s commercial storage facility, do not bring police. Signed, Dr. Kimbers.”

She closed her eyes a moment, thinking, fine then, she growled to herself, if you won’t leave me alone… She thought about going inside to change out of her sweaty jogging outfit, but scowled and decided against it, a goddess appeared as she wished, did as she wished, and one did not antagonize a Goddess, a lesson these insects would soon learn.

Kimbers growled at the apes he had working as his muscle, he’d taken five with him and holed up in the main warehouse of the facility. Between Dr. Kendra, the two friends, and the two additional owners of the storage lockers, he’d ended up with more hostages than he really wanted, and he had a feeling if things got hairy, the men he’d found wouldn’t hesitate to shoot them, or him for that matter. Word had gone out in the places one could find such thugs, word that the shrinking girl was a much harder target than she appeared, accordingly save for Drake he’d been forced to settle for less than the level of professionalism he was used to. Vasquez had gotten pinched by feds while trying to catch a flight to Aruba, and it had only been through threatening to rat him out that he’d been able to keep the other former Lab field agent loyal.

“Hey boss,” one of them shouted, “which way does this bomb thingy face?”

“One side says this way towards enemy,” he growled. Shrinking or not, if she triggers a claymore, they’ll be scooping her off a wall…

That wasn’t today’s goal though, and he’d made sure the explosives were “hidden” in plain view. Allison’s new powers presented a problem, if she managed line of sight on him, she’d have him, but there were ways around that…

“We’ve got movement,” the man in the security room said over the radio, “she’s at the front gate.”

“Good,” he muttered, “one of you grab the blonde, we’ll use her as bait but for the love of god stay around the corner from her, do not let her see you!”

“I’m on it,” Drake said, shooting Sadie a knowing glance as he grabbed her by the arm. He forced her in front of him, heading out the warehouse’s front door and out into the rows of storage lockers.

Allison stared at the storage facility, the rows of individual units were placed around a central warehouse and a main office in rows, the large chain link gate was bared open, waiting for her. She glanced up at the rooftops, half expecting to see a sniper, but there wasn’t any movement…

With a sigh she stepped inside, the asphalt crunching slightly beneath her running shoes as she glanced around cautiously.

“Allison!” Sadie cried. Her head jolted to the left, and she saw her friend, seemingly standing between two rows of storage lockers.

A moment later Drake appeared, and Allison’s eyes lit up furiously, but Sadie jumped in front of him just as he threw his gun down and raised his hands.

“Allison, he’s on our side!”

“Fat fucking chance,” Drake growled as Allison approached, “my side’s the other side of the border.”

“Ah Drake,” Allison growled, “that was your name, right?” she giggled a little madly, making the man nervous, “you spent a few days living off my insole, I’ll bet you still remember how my feet taste…” She looked down at her running shoes, “I just got done with a jog too… Now I know I said I was going to eat you, but… wouldn’t it be better to just send you home? Forever this time.”

“Oh shit,” he rasped, mouth dry as he stepped back a moment.

“Allison!” Sadie snapped, “he’s giving up, just let him go!”

Allison’s mouth was a flat line, “very well,” she said, “I can spare you if you tell me everything else going on here…”

Drake sighed with relief, “Kimbers has Dr. Kendra, your boyfriend, and his coworkers in the main building, he’s got all the side doors wired with claymores, so you’ll have to go in the front. He’s keeping it pretty dark in there because he thinks you’ll have a harder time shrinking him and the rest if you can’t see.”

“How many are there?” Allison asked.

“Four more, including Kimbers,” Drake said, “little bastard’s half mad, he’s got a bunch of tranq guns like from a zoo or something, his plan is to keep you two sedated until he gets out of the country, pretty sure he’s going to ice everyone else except maybe Kendra…”

“Is she helping him?” Allison asked quietly.

“Hell no,” Drake said, “he grabbed her first because he thought you might have some kind of affection for her.”

“One last thing before I let you go,” Allison said, “does this place have video surveillance?”

“Yeah, it’s in the corner of the main building,” Drake said, “we’ve got a guy in there.”

“Goodbye Drake,” she stopped and gave him one last truly wicked grin, “I know you’re about to go on the run from the law but… you can always come to me and I’ll hide you somewhere the police will never find you.”

“No thanks,” he muttered, shivering as he started towards the gate.

“At least one of them learned his lesson,” Sadie said, crossing her arms.

Jerry was a former hitman for the mob, or at least that’s what he’d said when the science-man had come to hire him. In truth he was more of a leg breaker for a few bookies, but that was practically the same thing, right? The pudgy man peeled a wrapper off a candy bar, occasionally glancing at the row of black and white CCTV monitors.

“Where is she? Did she get Drake?” Kimbers called over the radio.

Jerry glanced at the screens, then almost choked on his Snickers, “D-Drake’s gone!” he coughed. “T-The blonde-“

“You idiot!” Kimbers shouted, “if we don’t have eyes on her she could be-“

The door behind Jerry opened, and he whirled around in the office chair to see two women looking in angrily at him. He leapt for his gun, which he’d left on the desk when he’d started his “snack break,” but he shouted in surprise as his clothes billowed around him.

“Gotcha!” Sadie crowed excitedly, “I cannot fucking wait until I can do that!”

“Settle down Sade,” Allison chuckled, rooting around in the fat man’s clothing and coming up a moment later with him in her curled fist. “Now what to do with my little piggy here?” she giggled.

“Oh fuck, please don’t hurt me!” he pleaded.

“I don’t remember you,” she muttered, “I guess most of the last group were smart enough to stay away…” Allison sighed, “I really wanted an excuse to eat a tiny person…” she licked her lips, “you look good…” her stomach growled at that exact moment, no doubt in response to a morning spent jogging at the park and a skipped lunch.

The man in her hand’s eyes rolled back in his head, and he went limp, having passed out from fright.

“A-Allison you’re not really going to eat these guys, are you?” Sadie asked nervously.

Allison shrugged, taking her shoe off and placing the man in. Sadie watched as he quickly dwindled away, going down to a near microscopic size as Allison placed her foot back in the shoe, trapping the man in the forgotten world inside her shoe.

“The lead guy maybe,” she said, grinning, “the rest are going in the shoes.” In spite of the situation she fought a perverse wave of arousal, “These people want Evil Allison? They’re going to get her.”

“There isn’t an evil Allison,” Sadie said quietly, but she watched as Allison sat down at the monitors. A moment later the men on the screens began flailing in panic, shrinking away into their clothing. She almost casually looked from screen to screen, catching each man in sequence and reducing them to the size of insects with a glance.

“Okay, let’s go see Doctor Kimbers,” she said, standing up and walking out the security room. Sadie nervously followed.

Kimbers panicked, looking up in the rafters where his men had disappeared into their clothing. His own tranquilizer gun shook in his hand as he spun, looking for the girl.

“The cameras!” Clark laughed suddenly, “holy hell I didn’t even think about them!”

“S-She can get you through cameras?” Kimbers asked, wide eyed.

“Ask your goons,” Brick said with a grunt.

“It’s true, her abilities are far beyond anything we ever suspected,” Doctor Kendra said quietly.

“You’re too kind,” Allison said, walking into the warehouse with Sadie behind her.

The way she was framed against the outside light, and the confident way she swayed her hips as she walked in, it all made Clark think of some powerful avenging angel. The look on Allison’s face was… it was frightening. Clark sighed and wondered if there was anything he could say to save the doctor’s life.

“Drop it,” Allison said, eyeing the tranquilizer gun in Kimber’s hand. The scientist just shouted, and there was a hiss as a dart flew out of the barrel. Allison didn’t even blink as it flew wide over her shoulder, and a moment later Kimbers was fighting his way out of his own collapsing clothing.

“Is everyone okay?” Allison asked, walking over to the group and starting to untie them. Sadie joined her, and a moment later all of the hostages were on their feet, a sense of relief washing over them.

“Shit, how are we going to explain this one to the police?” Brick muttered, looking around.

“No police,” Allison growled, “just a few quick stomps and we can go home.”

“Hold on, you’re going to-“ Angie began, but Allison was already moving over to Kimber’s pile of clothing. Her dirt tracked running shoe pawed at the shirt for a moment, casually lifting it up via the toe and revealing a shaking naked scientist underneath.

“Allison,” Clark said slowly as her foot raised over the cowering man.

“He’s never going to stop,” Allison said bitterly.

“I will, I swear!” he shouted, “please don’t kill me, not like this!” the tiny man started to sob, and Allison’s face only grew darker.

“How should I do it then?” she asked, stepping back, “maybe with a flyswatter? A heavy book?”

“You’re a fucking demon!” Kimbers shouted with a sneer, “all of you people, you think you can be friends with this… with this thing?” He sniffed, “things like her used to rule over humanity, you think she’s going to stay your nice little friend forever? She wants power, she wants-“

Allison glared at him, and the room grew silent save for the tiny man’s pleading as the group held their breath, wondering what she would do.

Allison sighed, then smiled, stepping back, “Fuck it, we’ll take him to jail.” Almost everyone in the room started, and Allison laughed, not a mad laugh, but a normal one, “I do like being called a goddess, and I do like ordering you little people around, but at the end of the day? I’m not a goddess, or the devil, I’m just Allison, and no matter how much you deserve it, I don’t think I’m going to stomp you.” She took her shoe off, and as she had a moment ago, dropped the screaming and pleading Kimbers into it, watching coolly as he shrank away to nothing, another microscopic man struggling for existence across the plain of her insole… She smirked, allowing herself some satisfaction from the act, she wasn’t evil enough to kill him but… well, there was enough in her that she had to admit she really did enjoy sending those microbes to their fate, even if it was only temporary.

“Holy shit, that was tense,” Brick muttered, “is it like this every time you guys hang out?”

“No, this is a sort of special occasion,” Allison said with a smirk as Clark ran and embraced her.

“I would have been okay with you stepping on him,” Angie said with a shrug, “but you do you girl.”

“Right,” Sadie said with a sigh, looking up at the rafters, “I say we gather these guys up, leave them in a police station lobby, then grow them back to full size, they’re all wanted, right?”

“Kimbers most certainly is,” Dr. Kendra said, adjusting her glasses, “once he’s in a cell he’ll likely never leave one again… nor will I unfortunately.”

“You already gave all your testimony, right?” Allison asked, “I’ve been following it as best as I can on the news.”

“Er, yes mostly,” Dr. Kendra said, “I need to call the police and tell them I didn’t try to escape, I had an ankle monitor you see and-“ She was cut off by a squeal of panic as she shrank into her clothes. Dr. Kendra found herself naked, scrambling across her own shirt as she tried to figure out what was happening.

“Gotcha!” Allison said with a smirk as her fingers closed around the four-inch scientist. She pulled her out, hefting the shocked doctor in her hands.

“Allison, what are you-“

“You said you’re spending life in prison anyway?” Allison said with a smile, “your jail cell is going to be a hamster cage on my dresser, the cops will never look for you there. You might say your sentence just got commuted to a lifetime as my pet.”

“I uh…” Dr. Kendra gulped, “are you sure-“

“I’ll make you big on your birthday and maybe on holidays, or honestly any time you feel like you need to stretch your legs,” Allison said with a shrug, sliding the shrunken doctor into her pocket, “I don’t like the idea of you rotting in some dank cell the rest of your life, not after what you did for me, so I’m doing this favor for you.”

“Turning her into your pet is a favor?” Clark asked with a smirk.

“Hey, you seem to like it,” Allison said, giving him a quick peck on the cheek.

“I uh…” Kendra smiled sheepishly, feeling her cheeks flush as Allison’s fingers coiled around her naked body, “it beats federal prison…” She was well aware of what being Allison’s “pet” had entailed for Clark, Allison hadn’t held much back in their chats… did that mean that Allison would… with her? A part of her was scared, another part of her was… intrigued.

“Hey,” Brick called, having wandered over to the side door, “do you guys think disarming a claymore is something we need to hire a guy to do, or is that the sort of thing you can just youtube and learn as you go?”

“Oh, for the love of,” Angie began, stalking towards her brother as the rest of the group laughed behind her.

Allison watched the popcorn bag inflate slowly in the microwave, rotating to the steady hum while she watched, beaming excitedly. The beep echoed through the apartment as the opening credits of the movie began.

“Hurry up with that popcorn!” Sadie shouted, dressed in an elaborate princess gown as she lounged on a doll sized couch set on the coffee table.

“You’re lucky I don’t feed you using an easy-bake oven Barbie,” Allison said, pouring the popcorn into a large bowl as she strutted back over to the couch. She set the bowl next to Sadie, who squealed excitedly and grabbed a piece of popcorn the size of her head, digging in.

Glancing across the coffee table she smiled, then opened the plastic top of the clear hamster cage, dropping a few pieces of popcorn in for the miniaturized and naked doctor, who scurried over and grabbed one up, nibbling it just like the adorable little mouse she was now.

“Is there uh, any way I could get some of that clothing?” Kendra asked, eyeing Sadie’s doll dress with a bit of envy.

“Dolls wear clothes, pets don’t,” Allison said with a smirk and a shrug. Dr. Kendra blinked, then with a sigh continued to eat her popcorn, glancing at the theater sized screen beyond her cage.

Allison felt a wave of satisfaction and not a small amount of arousal, it wasn’t that she really wanted to be cruel to the doctor exactly, but… well, she’d fantasized about making someone her pet for years, now here she was. The doctor for her part seemed… receptive.

There was a knock on the door, and Clark stumbled through as Allison opened it, a large pizza, a bag of sour patch kids, and a case of sodas balanced precariously in his hands. Allison took the items, helping guide him over to the counter as the first scene of the Star Trek remake began on the TV behind them.

“You’re late,” Allison said with a giggle, “and… you’re too tall.” She bit her lip, “didn’t I leave you my jogging sock and order you to present yourself to me at four feet?”

“Well yeah,” Clark feebly protested, “but it would’ve been too hard to carry all of this stuff upstairs-“

He was cut off by a kiss as Allison’s tongue parted his lips, exploring his mouth and growing as she shrank him with her contact, parting with a smirk when he got too short for her to do so without bending over.

“Okay, that’s four feet so-“

“You fucking wish,” Allison giggled, “you’re getting a penalty shrink.”

“A penalty shri-“

“Late, too big and you forgot to bring me Milk Duds.”

Clark was about to protest, but then realized he had, looking at the assembled movie snacks he’d brought. He felt his clothes falling off his body as Allison seemed to rise above him, crossing her arms smugly and watching him dwindle away before her. A moment later her hand plucked him up, his four-inch form squirming in her hands.

“Good news Doc,” Allison called, walking back to the other women, “I caught another mouse!” she opened the clear plastic top and deposited Clark in with Kendra, where he bounced slightly on the wood shavings.

Kendra started, looking over to see the naked young man sigh as he reached for the popcorn. Her face burned with embarrassment and… something else, being naked with an attractive younger man wasn’t exactly how she’d thought her “imprisonment” was going to go.

“She really doesn’t allow any modesty does she,” the doctor asked with a weak smile.

“Nope, tinies don’t get clothes, except for Sadie over there apparently,” he jerked his thumb at the doll woman, a good three times their size and with her own couch to boot. She waved them smugly, blowing Clark a quick kiss. Clark shifted uncomfortably, “I’ll tell her to cut this out if you want-“

“No!” Dr. Kendra said a little too quickly, “I umm…” she cleared her throat, “I’ll admit I’ve been a little envious, hearing of some of Allison’s erm… escapades. I was wondering if she was going to maybe…” The doctor almost fainted from embarrassment as she squeaked out the next words, “play with me soon?

Now it was Clark’s turn to be shocked, and he looked up out of the cage at the enormous form of his girlfriend, laughing at a joke on the screen as she shoveled popcorn bits the size of his torso into her mouth.

“I’ll put in a good word for you,” Clark said, still a little stunned, and Allison adds another toy to her collection, he laughed to himself. He grabbed himself a piece of the popcorn, then found a good vantage point in the cage to sit and watch the movie, a moment later the good doctor did the same, and the four of them were engrossed in the space opera adventures of the Starship Enterprise.

Allison sighed happily, looking down at them. Clark, Sadie, even Doctor Kendra in her own way, they’d all given her life meaning again, the world had opened up, and instead of the prison of her room, opportunity and exploration waited for her.

She smiled, bathed in the soft glow of the TV as the sun set outside, the sounds of the city at night echoing far away as she settled to spend an evening with the people who had helped her find herself.  

Chapter End Notes:

And so we come to the end of another one. I'm mulling a sequel for this one one of these days if there's interest, but for now Allison's tale comes to a happy end. My next story will probably be out pretty soon and it'll be a Halloween tale of a vampire that drains size and her hapless familiar/boyfriend. Hope to see you all there!

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