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Allison woke up in Clark’s arms, he wasn’t quite his normal size, but he still had an inch or two on her as she shifted happily in his grasp. Being able to sleep in the same bed as her boyfriend without reducing him to bug sized was something she thought she’d never get to experience, but here she was… she looked at her hands, naked, the box of disposable gloves unopened on her nightstand.

“You should throw those out,” Clark groaned, squeezing her tight and not bothering to avoid skin contact.

“Sadie can still use them,” Allison said in a sleepy tone, “if her powers go the same way mine did, she’ll have to stay gloved up for a few years at least.”

“I can drop them by her place on my way back from work,” Clark said, pulling his pants on and grabbing the box off the nightstand.

“Good idea,” Allison said, stretching and debating whether she wanted to get out of bed yet, “it’s actually her birthday today, can you pick her up a cake too?”

Clark started, “wait, really? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Everything’s been so crazy lately,” Allison protested in a sleepy voice, “I’ll go grab her a present when I’m done with everything today.” With a resigned sigh she rolled herself up, giving one final stretch of her arms as she got out of bed. “I might have to work a little later than usual today,” she said, “could you maybe entertain her until I get there?”

Clark paused, “Entertain her?”

“Yeah,” Allison said with a smug grin, “entertain her.”

“Define entertain,” Clark asked uncertainly, “like should I rent a movie or-“ Allison held up a finger, silencing him while reaching for her phone.

She fired off a quick text message, “there, I just told Sadie you were coming to entertain her.” The phone began buzzing with text messages as Sadie reacted.

“Oh god,” Clark chuckled nervously, “you’re serving me up like a piece of meat!”

She smiled dreamily, “I’ve got prehistoric genetics that make me want to own you both, remember? As far as I’m concerned, I’m just rewarding one of my pets with a good time, now I expect Sadie to be positively beaming by the time I get there.”

“Yes ma’am,” he said with a sarcastic salute as he turned to leave. He paused, “am I getting a present like that on my birthday?”

“If you’re good,” Allison said with a wink, waving him off.

Clark walked through the living room, briefly glancing at the empty dollhouse in the corner. In the weeks following their final run in with Dr. Kendra, Sadie’s job transfer had been approved, and while she wasn’t in the same building as they were, she was living in the same complex a short walk away. It was nice having her around, and all of them had settled into something of a routine as the fear of The Lab’s revenge began to fade.

Clark’s phone buzzed, he’d set several news alerts, and he smirked when he saw the headline, “Members of The Lab come forward! Strange tests, exotic materials!” it read.

Kendra’s testimony had caused most of the other staff to try to protect themselves, and when the three of them had driven by The Lab’s location a few days after meeting her, it had been covered in police cruisers and government vans, men in black sunglasses and suits were carrying out filing cabinets and roping things off. The good doctor herself had even been on the news a few times, sullenly confessing to various acts, injecting chemicals in municipal water supplies, attempting to inject unsuspecting members of the public with untested treatments, it seemed there was no end to The Lab’s activities.

It made Clark a little sad to think that the woman who had apparently saved them all would likely spend the rest of her life in jail, but there was nothing any of them could do. As far as they could tell, she’d kept her promise to delete all mentions of Allison and the rest of them from the files, and there were plenty of things to keep the investigators busy for years to come without ever poking around for a girl with the power to shrink people.

All the same, he quickly scanned the article, and, not seeing anything alarming, grabbed his keys and headed out the door to work.

“So that’s it then?” Brick asked over lunch, “you guys beat a team of special forces dudes, then this lady in the news blew the lid on everything?”

“Yep,” Clark said with a grin, “Clark one, secretive conspiracies zero.”

“Sounds to me like you all got lucky Doctor Whatserface caught a conscience,” Angie said, walking towards them both with a clipboard. “Anyways, now that you beat the Majestic Twelve or whatever, you can help me sweep out locker forty, also the cameras in lot A need to be rewired or something, the night watch guys say the picture’s coming in fuzzy.”

“I guess we could take a look,” Clark said, getting up with a grunt. It was a little surreal to be back here at the storage units after everything that had happened, but life went on, he supposed.

Clark held the boxed cake under his arm as he knocked on Sadie’s door. Her apartment was in a slightly newer part of the complex, with a better view of the pool than the building where he and Allison had units. Luckily it was just a short walk away, and Sadie greeted him excitedly as she opened the door.

“Hiya Clark!” she beamed, “come on in!” She waved him inside, and he followed, walking to her counter and placing the cake on it.

In contrast to Allison’s rather spartan apartment Sadie’s was almost a stereotype of girly décor, with bright pink throw pillows, succulents in the windows, and even a “Live Laugh Love” sign hanging proudly in her kitchen over a wine rack.

“Is that cake for me!?” Sadie asked, “you shouldn’t have!” she opened the box, beaming at the Barbie design, “oh ha ha,” she laughed, glancing at him.

“It seemed fitting,” he said with a smile.

“So I guess you know that Allison gave you to me for the afternoon?” she said in a sultry voice, licking her lips as she stepped closer.

“She mentioned something about that, yeah,” he said, backing up slightly and feeling the countertop poke into his back.

“To start with, I’m going to shrink you,” Sadie said eagerly, “with my mind!” she stared at him, deep concentration etched on her face as she focused all of her willpower into making Clark smaller. “Come on,” she muttered under her breath, her eye twitching slightly, “come on!

“Oh no!” Clark said, his head dropping lower, until a moment later Sadie’s eyes widened in excitement as they were eye level with each other.

“YES!” Sadie crowed, “I did it-“ she stopped, then scowled angrily, “you’re bending your knees!”

Clark burst into laughter, “you’ll get me for real one of these days, I’m sure.”

She just growled and muttered something under her breath, then leapt up, surprising him with a kiss on the lips. By the time she broke it, stepping away, he was a head shorter than her, looking up at the smug blonde with his clothes starting to hang loosely on him.

“I can’t do the mind trick like Allison can… yet,” Sadie said with a smirk, “but the old ways work just as good.”

“So how can I serve you today, birthday girl?” he asked, looking up at the Amazonian blonde.

“Pedicure,” Sadie said with a grin as she sauntered over to the couch. She stretched out on it, “there’s a basket with nail polish, files, clippers, and lotion in the bathroom, go grab a towel and you can get to work!”

He blinked, “Uh, sure.”

Sadie gave a mocking clap, “chop chop slave boy!”

I’m going to have to remember this on MY birthday, he thought with a grin as he went into her bathroom to retrieve her supplies. Her bathroom was covered in the same type of obnoxious pink and flowery signage as the rest of her apartment, and he struggled to keep his much looser pants up as he lay the towel beneath her feet, gathering his “tools.”

He’d painted Allison’s toenails plenty of times of course, usually at a far smaller size than this, and Sadie relaxed, surfing her phone as he worked, the occasional contact with the soft skin of her feet causing his height to dip little by little as he clipped, sanded, or painted each toenail as needed.

“Beautiful!” Sadie giggled, flexing her toes and pinching his nose between them as he dwindled a little further. He guessed he was maybe halfway between three and four feet now, and Sadie was a towering giant, lounging on the couch as she checked the job he’d done on her toes.

“Now rub the lotion on them,” Sadie said, letting her foot leave his face, “and… lose the clothes,” she smirked at his reaction, “you’re so small they’re practically a loose robe on you anyways.” She giggled as he slowly slipped out of the clothes, she’d seen him naked plenty of times before, but there was always something so delicious about making him strip, particularly while she lounged, fully clothed and full size, on the couch.

Clark squirted the cool lotion into his hand, where Allison always liked a vanilla scented type Sadie preferred something more floral, and a lavender scent filled his nostrils as he began to apply pressure. The contact with her feet was shrinking him slowly, and her soft foot grew in his hand as he rubbed the lotion into it.

“This is nice,” Sadie said with a sigh, she glanced down between his legs and smirked, “seems like you’re enjoying yourself too?”

His face went a little red, he wasn’t quite sure why he was embarrassed given everything that Allison and Sadie had put him through already, but Sadie noticed. She crossed her legs, flicking her feet at him and causing the red nail polish he’d just applied to shine slightly. She bit her lip, smugly enjoying his slowly reducing size, then her foot, now almost the length of his torso, began to trace down his chest, stopping between his legs.

“So worked up just from giving a little foot massage,” Sadie said, “we better get rid of that little stiffy.” He tensed as her toe traced down his body, teasingly circling his erection, then sighed.

“What?” he asked.

“You’re already like three feet tall,” Sadie muttered, “almost everything I want to do to you is going to send you down to micro size. I don’t know how Allison dealt with this for years, the only thing that makes it slightly bearable is knowing I can learn how to control it someday, poor girl must have gone absolutely nuts.”

“We uh, we found ways,” Clark said sheepishly.

“I’ve heard,” Sadie giggled, “seen too… now put a glob of that lotion on your hand and start jerking off.”

He frowned at her, but slowly obeyed, feeling the slick cool lotion on his skin as he wrapped his hand around his member and began to stroke himself.

“Good boy,” she said, “now press your face into the sole of my foot, don’t be afraid to give it a nice kiss…”

He leaned forward, nuzzling the soft wrinkled skin of her sole as he masturbated for her, each moment of contact with the bottom of her foot causing him to dwindle before her.

“Keep going, just let it all out,” Sadie giggled, “just press your face in there and let yourself get teensy tiny…”

He breathed in, the flowery smell of the lotion he’d just covered her feet with filling his senses as her foot grew against him. He blinked, realizing her foot was no longer being held up to him but was sitting on the floor, his own height and now starting to overshadow him as he shrank further.

“Shoot your little load on the bottom of it, go on I won’t even feel it,” Sadie said, dipping her hand into her pants and beginning to play with herself as she watched him.

He grunted as orgasm hit, and Sadie laughed gleefully as she felt the tiniest drops of his cum splash across her sole, “Good job!” she said, lowering her foot back to the towel again, “unfortunately it looks like you got a little… small.”

“Yeah, it tends to happen,” he panted, blinking a minute and looking up at the blonde giantess. “So, what now?”

He was answered by a gloved hand wrapping around him, hefting his body as she examined him, “You should be just about the right size…” she muttered.

“For what-“

He was cut off as she shoved him forcefully down the front of her pants, grunting slightly as she forced his shrinking body below the hem of her panties and down to a wet and waiting womanhood, which the pink panties pressed him against.

“Oh fuck yeah,” she groaned, pressing him in from the outside of her panties, “just get in there!

He didn’t have much of a choice, with Sadie’s juices rapidly shrinking him he had no chance of resisting her efforts to slip his squirming form inside. For Sadie his actions were rapidly becoming irrelevant as she fingered herself, biting her lip as Clark fell ever deeper inside the slick tunnel between her legs, but the knowledge that he was there was doing it for her.

“Goodbye Clark,” she breathed, cumming as she felt the her pussy quake around the wriggling ant sized man, who disappeared from her altogether a second later. She collapsed against the back of the couch, giggling at the thought of a microscopic man trapped inside her. The thought made her wet again, and she wondered if his world was flooding, at the size he was, there wasn’t any way to tell.

Clark hadn’t actually ended up inside her, he’d been washed out with the tide of her orgasm, her thick cum sticking him in the netted maze of her panties fibers. He didn’t bother shouting in the dark confines of that humid jungle, she’d never hear him, and as her cum dried, sealing him in place like cement, he resigned himself to his captivity, at least until Allison could come and regrow him.

Allison stepped into Sadie’s apartment, a little later than she’d have liked, but work had been a real pain that day. She smiled as she saw her smug friend laying on the couch, a slice of cake on a small plate in front of her as she surfed the internet on her phone.

“Happy birthday,” Allison said, setting a wrapped package on the counter next to the cake, “where’s Clark?”

Sadie just smirked and patted the crotch of her jeans, “Somewhere down there,” she said nonchalantly.

Allison stared a moment, then laughed, “you bitch! I’ve never sent him in there at microscopic size!”

“You said in your text I could do whatever I wanted with him!” Sadie halfheartedly protested.

“I didn’t think you’d stick him up your snatch!” Allison said, smirking as she walked around to the couch.

“You put me in yours,” Sadie protested.

“Yeah, but I can control my powers, so you didn’t go microscopic,” Allison said as she sat down. She glanced between Sadie’s legs and bit her lip, “Then again… maybe I should do that with him one of these days.”

“It’s kind of thrilling, but after a bit you just forget he’s there,” Sadie said with a shrug.

“Hm… I’ll have to ask him about it,” Allison said, regarding her friend, “for now though, a certain dolly has been very naughty by losing a toy I loaned her!” she snapped her fingers, and Sadie sqealed in shock as she shot down to one foot tall, her clothes billowing and collapsing around her. Damn I’m getting good at this, Allison thought with a smug grin as she reached into the pile of clothes for the doll-woman.

“Huh,” Allison muttered, looking at Sadie’s pink panties, laying the pooled clothes with her jeans, “Clark’s not in you Sadie, he’s down there in your underwear somewhere.

“Oh, oops,” Sadie said, shrugging in Allison’s grip.

Allison gently picked the panties up, smiling as she imagined how she must look to the tiny man trapped down there, lost in a maze of musk and fibers as thick as buildings.

“Hi Clark,” she boomed, “I’ll regrow you when I’m done playing with the doll, until then just enjoy the landscape.” She giggled as she balled the underwear up in her fist, dropping it back to the couch and leaving her microscopic boyfriend to his fate.

Next, she placed the naked blonde on the table, “Go on, open your presents,” Allison said, pointing to a wrapped package she’d placed next to her.

Sadie frowned, pulling at the wrapping paper and struggling with it slightly at this size. With a grunt she managed to force a swathe of it free, the tearing sound echoing through the apartment as she took in what Allison had brought her.

“A birthday dress!” Sadie said eagerly, looking at the doll’s outfit in the plastic case, “YES YES YES Allison put it on me!” she practically jumped around the coffee table as Allison chuckled, opening the plastic packaging and freeing the bright yellow princess gown. Like most doll clothing the fabric wasn’t of the highest quality, and it relied on Velcro to keep it up, but as she slipped it on her friend she had to admit that Sadie looked every inch a princess as she strutted around the table, twirling and doing faux bows.

“You are so fucking cute,” Allison murmured, picking up her doll sized friend.

“I know right,” Sadie said, “those Disney park actors have nothing on me!”

“No they do not,” Allison said, smiling as Sadie gushed over the new clothing, “I’ve got a few other new outfits and accessories for my favorite doll, but I can already tell this one’s my favorite.”

Her finger traced up Sadie’s leg, causing the doll-girl to start as the massive finger went underneath her dress and made contact with the moist spot between her legs. Allison ground slowly, causing Sadie to spasm slightly in her grip.

“A-Allison?” she squeaked.

“You make such a good doll Sadie,” Allison growled, “always have…” she pressed a little harder, causing Sadie to moan, “do you like it when I play with you like this?”

“Y-YES!” Sadie shouted, cumming on Allison’s finger with a low pant, falling limp as the larger woman idly continued to play with her for a few more seconds.

“I thought so,” Allison chuckled, looking at the wet spot on the tip of her finger. She sighed, looking at the balled up panties, “you relax Barbie, I’ve got to go find my germ-sized boyfriend.”

“Okay,” Sadie said dreamily as Allison placed her gently on a throw pillow, the pink fabric beneath her acting as a bed in her shrunken state.

A few hours later, after cake and opening more presents, the three of them lounged around Sadie’s apartment, Clark had been returned to full size, and one shower later he was wearing his clothes again and relaxing in an easy chair across from the couch where Allison brushed the hair of a still doll sized Sadie. The sun was beginning to go down, and the streetlights popped on outside as the city’s nightlife began to slowly stir, like a sleeping cat waking as the daylight dimmed.

“You know I usually throw a huge birthday party,” Sadie laughed, looking outside the window, “but even with just you two… I think this has been my favorite one.”

“Glad we could make it special,” Clark said with a smile.

“I’m sorry I missed so many others,” Allison said, smiling as she looked at the twilight sky outside, “I’m really glad you stuck with me all those years, even when I tried to run away…”

“Best friends forever,” Sadie said with a wink. “I’m just glad that mug over there pried you out of your room.”

“She was too pretty to leave alone,” Clark chuckled.

“I love you guys,” Allison said softly as the sounds of the city night outside echoed beneath the warm glow of the streetlamps.

Dr. Kendra swirled her drink in the tumbler, rereading the same sentence in a book over and over. She had an ankle monitor on, and there was a police cruiser out front as well. Her testimony and press appearances had well and fully burned The Lab, and she’d finished telling her attorney that morning that she intended to throw herself at the court’s mercy. Even with everything about Allison scrubbed from their records, she knew well she deserved life in prison, though there was talk of “only” a ten to fifteen year sentence. She snorted, she didn’t really care anymore, she’d enjoy the comforts of home for a few more months, then go to her penance.

She started as her door banged open, the sound of splintering wood reaching her ears. She heard footsteps, and a trio of burly men in ski masks barged into her study, guns raised. Another followed behind them, and even with the mask on she recognized him immediately.

“KImbers,” she hissed, “what the hell are you doing? It’s over!”

“The hell it is!” he rasped, pulling the mask off and revealing a sneering face, “you’re just forcing our work underground.”

“Our?” she asked with a scowl, “I’m never working with you again Kimbers, have your thugs shoot me now if-“

“In due time,” he muttered, “for now you need to come with me, alive…”

“There are police out front,” she said, gripping her glass tightly and forcing her hand not to shake.

“There were,” he said darkly. He gestured at her, and one of the men produced a knife, slicing through the ankle monitor and letting it clatter to the floor.

“Everything’s gone,” Kendra said in a slight panic as the men began to tie her hands behind her back, “Kimbers, just give it up, you can’t-“

“The girl, girls I should say, are still out there,” Kimbers said angrily, “once I have them I can go anywhyere and people will be lining up to find my work, who knows? I could find the mob, cartels, maybe a foreign interest, they say it’s nice in Moscow this time of year?”

“Have you gone mad?” Dr. Kendra asked, her eyes going wide.

“Or maybe Beijing, Pyongyang even,” Kimbers said with a toothy grin, “I’m sure that after a demonstration of what a little of the subject’s blood can do we’ll have a little bidding war on our hands. No Kendra, I’m far from done.”

“Why come for me then?” She asked angrily, “you know I won’t help you.”

“Maybe not,” he said, taking her glass of bourbon and downing it himself in one gulp, he winced as it burned, but quickly blinked it away, “but… I have a feeling that someone might be willing to come help you, let’s see if little miss Allison is willing to return the favor for the woman who saved her?”

“I’m nothing to her,” Kendra protested, “less than nothing, she won’t-“

“We’ll see,” he chuckled, stretching a piece of duct tape and placing it over her mouth.

Chapter End Notes:

Allison's got one last hurdle to jump before she can get that normal life she's always wanted, well "normal" lol.

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