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Dr. Kendra looked into the steaming cup of coffee a moment, then reached into her jacket pocket, withdrawing a small flask of bourbon. She added a dash, then swirled it slightly, taking a drink before lifting her head to stare at an expectant Allison and her shrunken friends.

“I suppose I should begin with how we found you,” she said.

“Spies?” Allison said, “rumors from people that saw me at Prom?”

“Nothing so dramatic,” she said, “your family doctor was reaching out, discreetly, to pharmaceutical companies, he was trying to find someone who could help you. Most people just ignored him, he sounded crazy after all, a girl shrinking people? I don’t know who put him in contact with The Lab, but we had enough experience in… unusual matters, to at least reach out to you.” The doctor stared into her cup and chuckled, “nothing I’ve worked with in a long career of top secret projects was ever so interesting as you though…”

“Good old Doc Patton,” Allison said with a sigh, “whatever happened to him?”

“He’s retired somewhere in the desert, last I heard,” Kendra said with a shrug, “he used to call about our progress with you, we never told him much, just that you were safe and we were working on things.”

“What is The Lab, exactly?” Clark cut in, “like, did the government set you up, or are you part of a company, or what?”

Kendra gave a small smile and sipped her coffee, “That’s complicated, we get plenty of money from the taxpayer, but for reasons of plausible deniability we’re not technically a government operation, but we have people in the government who will answer our calls and get us favors no private entity could…” She regarded Allison a moment, “in any official paperwork we’re a medical lab looking for treatments for various rare tropical diseases, it’s what we told Doc Patton and what we told your parents when we reached out to you, in reality we are, and always have been, bio-weapons researchers.”

“What about me?” Sadie asked, “why’d you pick me to make another… whatever Allison is?”

“From what I understand, the gland which produces the shrinking chemical develops over several years of consistent exposure, always in females, but remains dormant unless it is… activated somehow,” she sighed, “I didn’t know about this, my side of the research was always trying to decipher the mechanics of how it does what it does…” She was quiet a moment, “Kimbers is… I’m worried about him. He’s successfully replicated Allison’s condition, even if another subject would be years of work away… it presents an avenue for weaponizing it.”

“C-Can you… undo it?” Sadie asked, “is there a cure for all of this?”

“No,” Dr. Kendra said softly, “you have to believe me Allison, I wanted your power for myself, I wanted to weaponize it just like Kimbers is doing, I wanted to be rich and famous off of it… but I did want to help you too… and now I’m starting to realize, those are mutually exclusive.” She sighed, “If I had a cure, I’d have given it to you Allison, we have the pills which provide some resistance to the chemical, but that’s it, and with this new development… maybe that doesn’t matter either.”

“What do you mean?” Allison asked.

“The shrinking chemical,” Kendra said, running a hand through her hair as she collected her thoughts, “I’ve long suspected that it’s not really what’s shrinking people, it never was… we’ve replicated it in the lab and our synthetic version never does anything.” She licked her lips, “I’ve been thinking that it’s more like… a marker, think of the actual shrinking like… a plane, circling a runway, the chemical is just turning the runway lights on, a radar operator guiding the real missile in. Obviously it has a part to play but…” She chuckled, “it would seem Allison has learned to land the plane without it…”

“Do you know what made me like this?” Allison asked quietly.

“No, your condition is perplexing and seems to violate everything I know about how the world works,” Kendra muttered, “it’s… frightening really, it may simply be beyond the science of our lifetimes. All I have are theories.”

“Fire away on the theories then,” Clark said.

Allison nodded, and Kendra continued, “first, we suppose that this is a genetic trait, not some ancient curse or magical power, if it is the latter then I am so beyond the scope of my knowledge as to make it meaningless, but it seems that in that case it’s a defensive adaptation.”

“Defensive?” Sadie asked, “like, to keep predators away?”

“Dogs and cats won’t go near you Allison, even bugs won’t fly within a few yards of you,” Dr. Kendra explained, “this would be a double-edged sword in a more primitive environment, I’m sure a saber-toothed tiger would avoid you, a wolf pack certainly, but it would also make hunting nigh impossible, wouldn’t it?”

“I don’t understand,” Allison said with a frown.

“A person with your condition, in a more natural state, would need to rely on the labor of others to survive, someone else to hunt and gather for you,” the doctor took a quick swig of her coffee, licking her lips at the bitter flavors, “the development of the second phase of your powers suggests a more… offensive use.”

“You’re saying that my ancestors, might have…” Allison trailed off.

“I imagine they enslaved whatever tribe they encountered and ruled it by force,” Kendra said with a shrug, “I don’t mean to pry Allison, but what kinds of thoughts run through your mind when you shrink your friends there? Do you feel a sense of… dominance perhaps?”

Allison’s stomach dropped, “y-yeah, like I really like being in charge, but that doesn’t mean anything!”

“You have a desire to be worshipped, to be a goddess which seems… instinctive,” Kendra said, smiling slightly at Allison’s discomfort. “Relax darling, it’s not a moral judgment, it simply could serve to explain some of your more… outlandish desires.” She shrugged, “and that presupposes the entire thing is genetic, which we don’t know.”

“So why aren’t there shrinkers running around now, why is Allison the only one in a million years or whatever that can do this?” Clark asked.

“I would imagine that baseline humanity did not appreciate being ruled over,” Kendra said, staring off into space, “so those with the ability to shrink others were violently selected against in early human communities...”

“Oh shit,” Sadie exclaimed, “Allison, I think she’s saying our ancestors killed your-“

“Yeah, I got it Sadie,” Allison said, rolling her eyes, “so what, I’m just predestined to be some evil bitch, shrinking and enslaving people?”

“Hardly,” Dr. Kendra laughed, “look around you Allison, whatever dark desires you might have spinning around in that skull of yours, you embraced them and explored them in a healthy, and it seems mutually enjoyable, way with people who love you.” She gestured to Sadie and Clark, still draped over her like shrunken trophies, “if you have any doubts, ask the two of them how they feel about it.”

“You’re not evil! That’s what I’ve been telling you for years!” Sadie piped up, “you always feel so bad about things Allison, lighten up a little!”

“Even when you had those guys in your hands… you were able to keep yourself in check,” Clark muttered quietly.

“Only because you stopped me,” Allison said with a sigh.

“If you were really some kind of human hating hyper-predator, would that have made a difference?” Clark asked with a small smile.

Allison didn’t reply, but she did return the smile.

“Is there anything else I can help you with?” Dr. Kendra asked quietly, “any other questions you may have?”

“What happens now?” Allison asked, “I don’t want anything to do with The Lab ever again, I don’t want any more of my blood or anything with you people.”

“I thought as much,” Kendra said, finishing her coffee, “I’ve already made my own decision on that front.”

“Which is?” Clark asked impatiently.

“The Lab has to go,” Kendra said quietly, “due to the deniable nature of our operations and the secrecy of our work, our data storage is very deliberately easy to destroy. I plan to do so, and then I’m sending a video testimony of everything we’ve done along with documentation to media outlets and congressmen.” She smirked, “as I said, we’re technically not part of the military or any three letter agencies, I doubt that Kimbers or anyone else involved will receive much lenience for the experiments we’ve conducted on unsuspecting members of the public.”

“But what about you?” Sadie asked.

She shrugged, “this is the end of a long career of evil, don’t give me your pity, I don’t deserve it. The only thing that saved you and your friends Allison, was the fact that you were the first of my victims I had to look in the eye while I worked, I guess that cracked whatever shell I’d put up and reminded me that I’m human.” She stood up, setting the coffee on the table and adjusting her glasses one final time and smile, “don’t forget that about yourself Allison, you’re human too. This is the last time you’ll see me, goodbye.”

With that, she started towards the door, pausing a moment to pick up Allison’s shoes, where the remnants of the retrieval team were no doubt wandering as if in a vast wasteland.

“W-What should I do now?” Allison asked suddenly.

Dr. Kendra paused, then smiled as she refused to turn around, “Whatever you want Allison.” The door closed behind her, leaving the three of them alone.

Silence loomed heavily over them, the finally Sadie spoke, “D-Did we win?”

“I think so,” Clark said, amazed.

“I guess we’ll know if there’s a big scandal in the press over the next few days,” Allison muttered, “but… if she’s telling the truth, and I think she was, then there’s nothing else for us to do from here.”

“Well,” Clark said, “I’m kind of hungry, could the full-size girl order us tinies some food?”

“Oh, you’re not even that small,” Allison said with a grin, sliding Clark off her lap, “yet…”

None of them were really sure what to do, and with all of them exhausted, emotionally and physically, the evening ended with a pizza and a rerun on the television that filled the silence, but which none of them really watched. Clark wasn’t sure when he fell asleep, only that he awoke on the couch the next morning, full size and with a blanket draped over him and a pillow beneath his head. The warm smell of bacon entered his nostrils, and he sat up with a grin.

“Morning!” Sadie said, waving at him from the table, surprisingly at full size and wearing one of Allison’s borrowed outfits. Seeing his expression she shrugged, “in all the chaos I only packed doll clothes, luckily Allison and I wear the same size.”

“Morning,” Allison echoed, turning around and giving him a smile.

“That smells great,” Clark said, his stomach growling as he got up. He realized with a start he was naked, having ditched his clothes the night before when Allison had started making him too small to wear them. He’d hadn’t quite gotten down to a size where he’d be able to wear doll clothes before the night had ended, and he had a sneaking suspicion that Allison and Sadie would make up an excuse to deny them anyways, where Sadie always seemed to have a Barbie outfit ready and waiting for her on shrinking, he noticed that clothing for him at small size was rarely offered.

“It’s the morning!” Sadie laughed, pointing at his erection as he rolled his eyes and tried to cover himself with the blanket again.

“Don’t bother Clark, we’ve all seen it,” Allison said with a laugh as she set out a plate, “your suitcase is in my bedroom, go get dressed!”

Breakfast was decent, Allison wasn’t a great cook, but bacon and eggs weren’t a difficult meal to prepare. Clark couldn’t help but chuckle a bit at how quickly they’d all fallen back into something that almost felt like normalcy.

“Well, I should probably call Angie and Brick and tell them I’ll be back in tomorrow,” Clark said, snatching a piece of bacon for himself. “Do you guys want to do anything today?”

“Maybe we could see a movie?” Allison suggested, “it’s the middle of the week, there’s probably a discount.”

Sadie was quiet a moment, then giggled as she got up, placing her plate by the sink and wandering off for a moment. Clark watched her go with a suspicious frown.

What was that about? He wondered. He turned back to Allison, who was looking up movie times on her phone.

“What do you think of this one here, with the robots?” Allison asked, looking up.

“Robots?” he asked, “not sure I know which one you’re talking about,” he reached for the smartphone to see the movie listing.

“Well it’s based on a comic book from France that I think you’d really like-“

“Hey guys,” Sadie said, walking up behind Allison’s chair, “did you pick a movie?”

“Yeah, the one with the robots they’ve been advertising everywhere,” Allison replied, not looking up from her phone.

“That’s great,” Sadie said. Something about her smile put Clark on edge, and a moment later Allison squealed as Sadie’s hand came around, her panties hanging over her hand like a washrag as she forced them up under Allison’s nose.


“Shhh…” Sadie giggled, looking to Clark’s astonished eyes like a kidnapping chloroforming a victim… with her underwear. “Just breathe it in Allison, let yourself get small…

Allison struggled feebly, but she was already dwindling into her chair and out of her clothes, no doubt a novel experience for a girl who was so used to shrinking others. Sadie kept pressing with the underwear, a pink frilly pair with bunnies on it, and she laughed as Allison disappeared into her tenting clothing.

Sadie snapped on a glove, grinning broadly as she slowly picked Allison up out through the collar of her own shirt. Allison was a mix of angry and stunned, looking around the world as she was held, doll sized, in her friend’s hand.

“H-Holy shit,” Allison breathed, “is it like this all the time? It’s all so…”

“Overwhelming?” Clark laughed, “try being on a microscope slide.”

“Today Allison is the doll,” Sadie said, placing a naked Allison on the table and presenting her with a small blue doll’s dress.

Allison stared daggers at her, but raised her hands as Sadie slipped the dress over her, “I’m going to get you for this Sadie!” she shifted in the garment as Sadie pinched the Velcro back together, “how do you wear this stuff all the time?”

“It’s not about comfort, it’s about looking cute,” Sadie said, producing the tiny plastic pink hairbrush, “and you sure do!” Allison scowled, then winced as Sadie began to run it through her brown hair, “lot of knots here Allison…” Sadie giggled.

“Clark, save me!” Allison asked in mock exasperation.

“No way, if I go over there, she’ll just get me too!” Clark laughed.

“All in due time Ken,” Sadie said with a wink as she continued to torment her shrunken friend, “now finish your breakfast.”

“I can’t believe she’s carrying us in her purse,” Allison muttered, staring across the darkened chamber of Sadie’s bag, where Clark sat, dressed in Ken doll clothes. “It’s like we’re just-“

“Toys?” Clark chuckled, “come on, it won’t kill you to see how the other half lives, I’m sure by tomorrow Sadie will be practically begging to be the doll again.” He thought a moment, “you know, you could have just blasted her with the mind powers or whatever.”

“She snuck up on me,” Allison snapped, “and…” she sighed, “by the time I realized that, she’d already shrunk you, and I didn’t want to make her small too because someone’s got to drive us to the movie and carry us in.”

“So even the great shrinking goddess isn’t infallible,” he said with a smirk.

“Oh don’t you worry, I’m going to get barbie back where she belongs, and then I’ll get mine,” Allison said with a wicked grin.

“Yeah, uh…” Sadie giggled mischievously at the ticket taker, “One ticket, yeah just one…” she gave her purse a quick pat, unseen by the oblivious movie theater clerk.

“Smooth,” Clark chuckled from inside the purse, hearing the exchange through the unzipped top.

“One large popcorn,” They heard her order, and they felt the purse shift and rock as she walked towards her seat.

She leaned over to her purse as she sat down, glancing around the theater, “looks like we’ve got it to ourselves!” she said in a conspiratorial whisper. It wasn’t totally surprising, the movie had been out for weeks and it was the middle of a weekday. With a grin she reached her gloved hands in, withdrawing her two dolls.

“We should never pay for tickets for anything ever again,” Sadie said gleefully, “we just pick a designated big person-“

ME,” Allison said firmly, crossing her arms.

“OH MY GOD!” Sadie squealed happily, “you are just beyond cute when you’re small and mad!”

Allison fumed, but Clark couldn’t hold in a laugh, “so where should we sit?” he called up to her. “Cupholders?”

“In the popcorn, duh,” Sadie said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

She slid the two of them in at opposite ends, the warm butter quickly soiling the doll clothes she’d provided and sticking to his skin. It was almost like being in a ball pit, a warm one anyway, and if he draped his arms over the side of the large popcorn tub he wouldn’t slip any lower. Glancing across the hill of popcorn he saw Allison doing the same, scowling as Sadie’s massive hand reached between them, grabbing up a handful for herself.

In spite of her grumpiness at spending a day as Sadie’s doll, rather than the other way around, Allison grew quiet as the movie started, her eyes going wide as the opening monologue began. For his part Clark grabbed a piece of popcorn the size of his face, and took a bite, savoring the buttery flavor.

“That was great!” Sadie said excitedly as she carried the two of them back into Allison’s apartment, “I can see why you guys like these space type movies, I’ll have to check out some more.” She set them on the table, giggling at the popcorn butter that still stuck to the both of them.

“We’re covered in butter,” Allison said, her annoyance coming back, “this is why I should be the big person, I always keep you guys clean-“

Clark snorted, and Sadie laughed too, “that’s a lie and you know it, now both of you strip out of those doll clothes so I can lick that butter off of you.”

Allison took a deep breath, closing her eyes and clenching her fists for a moment. Clark looked over at her curiously, and Sadie frowned.

“Hey Allison, what are you-“

There was a banging sound, and the table shifted, almost tipping over as Allison grew to full size, ripping through the doll clothes with an angry ripping sound and knocking Clark backwards.

She released a breath she’d been holding and opened her eyes, “Guess what I just figured out how to do?” Allison said with an evil smile.

Sadie paled, “Oh shit,” she turned to run, but didn’t take even a single step before she was stumbling over herself as her clothing grew around her.

Allison slid off the table with a smirk, standing over Clark as a giantess, the slight grease of the movie theater’s popcorn still covering her skin as she strutted past the squirming ball of clothing. Reaching the counter, she snapped on a pair of blue gloves, then returned to Clark.

“You can regrow people now?” Clark asked excitedly.

She shrugged, “I guess it took being small myself to figure that one out.” She hovered a hand over him, and he saw the world briefly start to shrink, then stop after he’d regrown a few inches, stretching the doll clothing.

“Uh, are you going to finish?” he asked.

“No,” she said with a devious smirk, “I just wanted to make sure I could do it to you too…” he felt himself shrinking again, until the doll clothes were loose on him. He stopped at about four inches in height, his stiff doll clothing tumbling around in a mirror of what had happened when Sadie had shrank him to Ken doll size earlier in the day. A gloved hand reached down for him, knocking the shirt and pants away like errant candy wrappers as she plucked up her naked prize between thumb and forefinger.

“Now let’s go see how Sadie’s doing,” Allison said, sauntering over to the pile of clothing where her friend had been a minute ago. She idly kicked the shirt and bra away with her foot, revealing the tiny Sadie, perched in the same panties she’d used to shrink Allison earlier, almost like they were a hammock.

“Oh, h-hey Allison!” Sadie said with a sheepish grin on her face, “did you have fun being the small one?”

“You know, I actually did,” Allison chuckled, “but I’m definitely feeling like I need to put you back in your place…”

Sadie gulped as Allison picked her up, squeezing her playfully, “Okay, well you’ve got your dolly back!” Sadie said, giving the plastic looking barbie smile, “super loyal and-“

“Oh no you don’t,” Allison laughed, letting Sadie shrink further with a quick squeal until she was two inches tall. Allison pinched the tiny girl between gloved fingers and regarded her with a cocky grin, “I want to practice not shrinking people… on contact I mean, I feel like I could do it.”

“Uh, sure, just slide those gloves off and-“

“Oh no no no,” Allison laughed, lowering the girl down, past her breasts, her bellybutton, her waistline, and finally stopping when Sadie was level with her crotch, the warm smell of her arousal billowing out over the shrunken woman from behind that wiry brown forest.

“Oh come on!” Sadie squirmed, “Allison! It’s so hairy!”

Allison started, “h-hey it’s not that-“

“It looks great Allison!” Clark shouted with a smile, waving from the table.

“Yeah, it looks great!” she said, her grin returning.

Sadie cried out in surprise as Allison forced her towards the glistening pink folds of her womanhood, the wetness washing over the tiny woman as Allison’s finger forced her inside, causing the giant girl to grunt in pleasure as the movement began stimulating her.

“H-hang in there Sadie,” Allison giggled, going weak in the knees as her toy squirmed inside her. She breathed out, focusing on keeping Sadie at two inches, a more difficult mental task than she’d anticipated under the circumstances. She stumbled backwards, gripping the table as a splitting headache started, then stopped as she tried to keep what she’d increasingly come to think of as her “shrinking sense” in check.

“Are you okay?” Clark asked, a hint of concern in his voice.

“Peachy,” she said with a flushed face, smiling as she righted herself. She grinned and grabbed him, “I-I think I’m doing it, oh fuck,” she gripped the table again, “Sadie’s… she’s definitely not getting any smaller!” Sadie squirmed inside her again, sending jolts of pleasure up her spine, for a moment she lost focus, and she “felt” Sadie’s size decrease maybe a quarter of an inch.

Oh no you don’t! she thought wickedly, mentally forcing Sadie back up to two inches, not until I’m done!

“D-Don’t’ lose her in there!” Clark protested.

“I won’t,” Allison growled, “in fact…” she grinned as she reached for him, pulling him towards her, “I think I need to add a new distraction!”

Clark tensed as he was moved up to her mouth, diminishing as he went until he was maybe three inches tall. Allison grinned, then opened her mouth fully, letting him slide by her lips. Clark panicked slightly, her mouth was a… complicated place for him. He’d been inside it a few times, never for very long as her spit had a tendency to shrink him quickly, and while he never outright told her this he was a little scared she might accidentally swallow.

He groaned as her tongue ground him against the roof of her mouth, the soft palette coating his erection in her grimy saliva as her tongue toyed with him. He wasn’t getting smaller, he was pretty sure, and as she flipped him with her tongue and began to grind him against the side of her cheek, he started to let himself relax, gripping her tongue with both arms as Allison continued to easily swish his small body around her mouth, treating him like a piece of hard candy. A wild moan echoed up from her throat, startling him as the other shrunken toy down below brought more pleasure to her.

Allison squealed, stumbling onto the couch, melting into a puddle as she struggled to keep both of her toys full size. Her orgasm hit her like a train, rocking Sadie’s world as her most intimate places spasmed and quaked, the motion shaking the shrunken girl like a rattle as Allison’s cum filled her mouth, silencing whatever scream she might have managed.

For Clark the dark cavern of her mouth filled with saliva, and he heard another growl from that long tunnel behind him as she came. Clark shouted in surprise as he was rocketed backwards, muscles squeezing him from all sizes as he disappeared down her throat, the motion causing him to cum and swirling his seed down with him as rapidly as it spurted into her mouth.

He felt like he was in a sleeping bag of pure muscle as she gulped him down, pressed tightly and every opening around him filled with her powerful flesh and slick saliva. He felt his feet reach an opening, and a moment later he dropped into the open air of her stomach, flailing as he fell into a warm pool with a splash. He choked and swam for the surface, darkness all around him as he heard the churning of her stomach. With a start he realized he was gripping a piece of toast she’d had for breakfast.

“ALLISON!” he shouted as loud as he could.

“Oh wow,” Allison smiled, basking in the post orgasm bliss, “I… I fucking did it!” she reached inside herself, withdrawing a limp and cum-soaked Sadie, “I did it! I didn’t shrink either of you guys!”

“Ug,” Sadie managed, coughing up a wad of Allison’s lubricant, “t-that’s cool,” she gave a weak grin and a thumbs up, “that was a wild ride… where’s Clark?”

“Oh he’s-“ Allison stopped, her face going pale as she realized that he was no longer in her mouth. With a squeal of fright, she tossed Sadie to the couch cushion and bolted for the bathroom.

Clark and Sadie lay next to each other on paper towel, the various fluids covering them soaking into it and hopefully preventing any staining to the table it was on. Allison nervously hovered over her two inch tall friends, her face red.

“O-Okay,” she muttered, “on the plus side, I’ve figured out how to not shrink you guys!”

“Allison, when my powers start to develop in a few years or whatever, you’re going straight up my ass,” Sadie muttered with a stupid grin.

“I uhh…” Allison bit her lip, “okay, I guess that’s fair, sorry I got a little carried away. I blame the evil genetics.” She turned to Clark, and with a frown she reached down with her thumb and brushed a bit of soggy half-digested bread out of his hair.

“Evil genetics?” Clark asked, cocking an eyebrow, “you’re just going to blame the evil genetics for eating me?” He tried to keep a smile off his face, he wasn’t really angry with her, the whole experience had been oddly… thrilling. Still, it was fun to tease Allison, and he smirked slightly, “somehow, I doubt your evil humanity enslaving ancestors were eating people regularly.”

“I don’t know,” Allison said, matching his smirk as she realized he wasn’t nearly as traumatized as she’d imagined, “you tasted pretty good, could be some ancient inborn urge, really show everyone who’s boss by eating the old chieftain, you know?”

“Honestly, the journey back up was way worse than the journey down… You can make it up to us by growing us back to full size,” Clark said, grunting as he unstuck himself from the paper towel.

“I’m uh…” Allison looked away a moment, “please believe me on this one I really am too tired to do it, can you guys just wait a few hours?”

“Fine,” Sadie said, joining Clark as she sat up, “but stop me around doll size, your couch is lumpy and the dreamhouse bed is comfy.”

“Done!” Allison said with a laugh.

Doctor Kendra hummed a tune from The Doors under her breath as she brought about the end, “my only friend,” she whispered, clicking the “yes” button under the “are you sure you want to delete these files?” window, “The end…”

Hopefully it is, she thought miserably, thinking of the long stretch in prison that almost assuredly awaited them all.

Chapter End Notes:

Allison's powers continue to expand! Obviously The Lab won't go down without a fight, no matter what Kendra believes.

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