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"This is a huge conflict of interest. Needless to say, we'll be keeping these little sessions off the record," said Cara, adjusting her wire-framed spectacles. "Though I admit, I've been waiting to have you on my chaise for a while now." She removed her suit jacket and hung it on the back of a comfortable armchair. She was a tall, stern-looking woman with Shoulder-length hair, which was tightly pulled back into a simple ponytail. She wore a silky short-sleeved blouse and a short skirt over nylons. On her feet were a fancy pair of designer pumps. 

"Trust me; you weren't my first choice. No offense, we both know how poorly things turned out between us," replied Nathan. He sat up and gazed out the window, his tired eyes wandering without focus. He brushed at his short, nappy hair with his fingers and looked back at Cara. "Nonetheless, thank you for your time. I see you've really come up in the world since grad school," he said, gesturing around him.

The spacious office walls were lined with full bookshelves and luxurious abstract art paintings. Light fluttered into the large penthouse windows, playfully dancing across a large oak desk. On the desk's smooth and glossy surface were the typical amenities; a monitor and desktop computer, a small crystal bowl filled with individually wrapped mints, a few framed pictures and degrees, and a small exotic cactus in a ceramic pot. Lastly, a peppermint scent wafted up from the hardwood floors. The professional tone and artsy aesthetic gave the room a very calming air.

Nathan laid on an old leathery chaise, his long legs spanning the elaborate couch and hanging to the floor. Cara stood silently for a few moments, analyzing him. "Well, you know how it is. Not all of us can just drop out and fall back on family money," she replied coldly. "What happened to you, Nathan? You used to have it together. Now you look like you just don't care." She pulled her skirt down her waist and sat in the armchair behind her.

Nathan unzipped his baggy hoodie and laid back on the chaise. He gave a heavy sigh and closed his eyes. "Well, you know I've always been insecure about my height," he said sheepishly. 

"How could I forget? I used it as the basis for my senior thesis, you know," replied Cara in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Y-yeah, I know," Nathan said, rubbing his closed eyes. "I can't ever show my face on campus again, thanks to you."

Cara smirked and stifled a giggle. Nathan's eyes shot open, and he sat up. "You see! That's exactly why I left!" he shouted. The chaise began rumbling beneath him. However, he was much too excited to take notice. "This was a waste of time! I'm out of here!" he continued. He slid his dangling legs off the couch and rose to his feet. Then he stormed across the room to the door, reached up to grab the knob, and suddenly stopped. He stared blankly up at the door for a few moments,  seeming deeply confused. 

Cara's emotionless face stretched into a smirk. She stood up and crossed the room silently, coming to a stop right behind Nathan. "That's a priceless antique Hexican chaise you just had your feet on. It reacts to feelings of aggression. You've been getting smaller since you first sat on it." she said calmly. 

Nathan's eyes widened. He quickly turned around and gasped. Cara's waist was above his head. He looked her up and down, then did the same to himself. His face quickly melted into one of horror. Cara's eyes sparkled with malevolence as she stared him down. "You're welcome to leave. I won't stop you…" she said, pausing to nonchalantly stretch and accentuate her height. "But you'll stay like that until you have a breakthrough. Your choice, short stuff."

Nathan was devastated. He began to tremble as he stared back into Cara's cold eyes. "How could you do this to me, Cara? I called you and asked for help as a friend. Was this all just a ploy? Just some sadistic plot to get me here and torture me for the past?" he cried.

Cara knelt to Nathan's eye level and ruffled his nappy hair. "Calm down, Nathan. We used to trust each other. Right? Have a seat. You owe me this too." she said, stroking his cheek.

Nathan shivered at her familiar touch. The hand was twice the size he remembered, but it still had the same calming effect on his nerves. He looked deep into her eyes and reflected on the past. "Unfortunately, I can't trust you, Cara," he said. He waved his hand over his head and ran it down the length of his body. His eyes began to fill with tears. "I thought I could, but every time I'm vulnerable with you, you use it against me." he sobbed.

Cara suddenly reached her arms around him and softly pulled him into an embrace. She heard him snivel and gave him a quick, tight squeeze. "Listen, Nathan; I loved you. Remember those late nights? I'd stretch my legs out on my dorm bed, and you'd lay across them with your head in my lap." She took his face in her hands and gave him a warm smile. "Stroking your face and hearing you go on and on about your opinions and philosophies. I've always loved you, Nathan." she continued in a lower tone, winking at him and unbuttoning her blouse with one hand. 

With his face still grasped in her other hand, she stroked his cheek and smiled seductively. Underneath the blouse, she wore a lacy bra, which slowly came into view. Nathan's mouth went dry. From his new perspective, her breasts were even more fantastic than he remembered them. Then he frowned and pulled away from her grasp. "I remember, Cara. I also remember how abusive you can be after you get what you want. You'll be hearing from my lawyer." he snarled, turning and reaching for the doorknob. Cara put her hand on the knob over his smaller one. Nathan paused but did not look back at her. "Don't you walk away from me," said Cara coyly. "Especially not when the only thing holding your jeans up is your boner."

Nathan looked down. His pants had indeed become baggier on his waist. They tented into a bulge at his crotch. He felt Cara's hand lightly rest on his shoulder, encompassing it from behind. Then she softly dragged it down his chest and into his underwear. Nathan's knees wobbled at her touch. In one swift motion, she pulled the waistband of his boxers over his erection and yanked them off along with his faded blue jeans. Then she grasped his swollen member and pulled him back into her embrace. He felt her bra press against his back, which made him shiver.

"Y'know. There's one thing I've always wondered about," Cara whispered. "Why would a guy with a Napoleon complex be so interested in the girl who always got picked first for basketball in gym class? Then one day after you left, it all made sense. You get off on it, don't you?" Nathan's face flushed a bright red. He felt his penis swell in response to her words and cursed under his breath. Cara lightly blew air on the back of his neck, making the hairs stand rigidly. She pulled him in closer and lifted him into a cradling position. Then she walked back over to the chaise and laid down on it, resting him face-up with his head in her cleavage. Encircling his shrunken form in her long arms, she began playfully running her fingers up and down the shaft of his penis. "You're aching for this. I can tell. Open your heart to me again, sweetie. I'll treat you soo good."

Nathan groaned loudly. It had taken all of his willpower to get this far. He sat up a little and gazed into Cara's eyes again submissively. That sinister coldness had been replaced with a warm smile. "Yeah?" she whispered girlishly. Nathan nodded. Her hand closed around his shaft and started to stroke him. Nathan gasped and shivered with pleasure.

"You like that I can push you around, don't you?" she whispered.

 "Uh-uh huh," Nathan stuttered between moans.

"I think I like it too," she replied, pinching his nipple.

Nathan's body gave a hard jerk in response, but Cara effortlessly held him in place and decreased her stroking pace. She continued to pinch and tease his nipple, holding him tightly as he squirmed in her embrace.

"One thing I'll give you, Nate, you've always had a really nice cock." She continued lustfully. "I could sit here all day like this."

Nathan whimpered and began thrusting his hips. He turned around and looked up at her, wide-eyed. His expression was one of deep longing. Cara merely bit her lip and tightened her grip. Nathan grew frustrated and began thrusting harder. Then the chaise started to rumble again, and the entire world grew around him. Cara let out a cruel, mirthful laugh underneath him. He could feel the vibrations growing deeper; as he shrunk smaller in her arms.

"I already told you, sweetie. The chaise is bewitched to respond to aggression," said Cara. "But obviously, I don't do this with any of my other clients. Could you imagine….. I'd be rich!" She laughed again and began slowly increasing her stroking pace. 

"Now then, let's try an exercise!" she chirped. "Close your eyes."

Nathan turned and looked at her. "Now?" he asked incredulously. 

Cara stopped stroking and silently tilted her head. Nathan laid back down and closed his eyes. Cara grinned triumphantly and began pumping him again. "I want you to imagine that you are a rigid board," she said calmly, picking up her pace again. Nathan gave another jerk in response. His breaths were becoming short and shallower. "Stiff, like a board. Stiff like a board," she repeated, speeding up again. Nathan's entire body tensed up in anticipation. "When I snap my fingers, you will freeze like petrified wood. You will not move unless I tell you to. Understand?" she said, stopping again. 

Nathan squeezed his eyes tighter and nodded vigorously. "Good," humming Cara in a sexy tone. She started up again at the same place. Nathan inhaled sharply and immediately came, spraying streams of hot semen in every direction. He bucked around in her tight hold as Cara continued to stroke his gushing shaft. Then she suddenly snapped her fingers, and Nathan instantly froze in place. His wide eyes darted around the room in every direction. Semen still leaked from his rigid dick, which was now deflating in Cara's hand.

"Ah, isn't that much better?" she said and grabbed him around the waist. She lifted him and sat up, holding him in front of her. "How do you feel?" she asked with a wide smirk. Nathan's eyes bulged, and he gave a few faint groans, but he remained motionless. Then the chaise began rumbling again, and Cara felt him dwindle smaller in her grasp. Her smirk widened, even more, revealing gleaming sharp teeth. "Sorry," she said saccharinely. "I forgot to command you. Tell me how you're feeling."

Nathan's head unfroze and became animated again. "I'm completely horrified by you," he responded mechanically.

"And….?" Cara countered quickly.

"And this is the hottest sexual experience I've ever had," Nathan responded.

Cara winked at him and stood up. Nathan was the size of a doll now. His weight was negligible, and she easily held him as she crossed the room. "I'm just getting started, my pet," she said, buttoning her blouse. "I have another appointment in 5 minutes with a high-profile client. She's a very influential woman, and I want her to make sure she comes back. So you're going to do everything you can to keep her happy. Nod, if you understand?" Nathan nodded vigorously.

"Good. Hey, you never know. You may like her. She's really tall, just like you like 'em." Cara teased. "She's also a comedian. You may have heard of her. Her name is Gina Scott."

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