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"Do you understand the plan, Medina?" asked Tina with a girlish purr.

"Yes I do, Christina. Yes I do." replied Dina dimly.

The identical girls stepped down the suburban sidewalk in unison. They stood the same height; a tad shorter than the average woman. Tina was thin with a flat stomach and modest bustline, but she had a smile bright enough to cure cancer. Conversely, Dina was more voluptuous in every way. Her swaying curves flared and tapered absurdly, when compared to Tina. Her deadpan stare was focused ahead of her, unwavering at the hungry stares the girls were receiving. They both wore sleeveless cotton shirts and denim mini-shorts, with leather strap sandals on their feet. The hot summer sun beamed down on their long blonde hair radiantly, drawing the attention of every passerby.

 The pair continued down the street obliviously. They were approaching a large building, labeled "public library", when a lanky boy of the same age stepped out. He was dressed in a drab polo and khaki shorts. Strapped to his bony shoulders, was an overstuffed knapsack. The boy struggled visibly under its weight; his knees buckling shakily as he went. Several beads of sweat were rolling down his forehead, causing his horn-rimmed glasses to become cloudy with steam. When he noticed the girls, the boy froze in place. His mouth fell open and he began to sweat more profusely. 

Tina smiled brightly at the boy. She extended her hand to her side at waist-level as she walked. 

"Are you ready, Medina?" she asked without looking away from their target. 

Dina nodded and joined hands with her. 

"I am ready, Christina." she responded in her blank tone. 

The boy continued to gawk at them as they approached him. He removed his foggy glasses and wiped them with a cloth from his shirt pocket. He was careful not to loosen the tape bandaged around their broken bridge. By the time he'd put them back onto his face, both girls were upon him.

 "T-tina?! Is that you?" he asked incredulously, looking in Dina's direction. Dina coldly narrowed her eyes.

 "Wrong twin, kid." she said gruffly. Tina playfully slapped Dina's shoulder. "Be nice, Medina." she chimed in. Dina's stone-faced exterior dissolved into a warm smile. 

"Jared, this is my sister; Dina. Dina, this is Jared. Two years ago, this stud took my breath away with 7 minutes in heaven at space camp." continued Tina, poking Jared in the ribs. 

"Y-you did most of the work. I just came along for the ride." Jared chuckled nervously.

"Don't be modest. My sister and I share all of our toys. Don't we, Medina." Tina countered, locking eyes with Jared and licking her lips.

"Yes. Yes we do, Christina." Dina responded huskily.  "Wanna play with us, Jared?"

She playfully jabbed at him with her finger as well. Jared was surprised to find that her pokes were much stronger. He took a step back, buckling again under the weight of his backpack. The girls responded by encircling him on either side. "Medina, give him a hand. Would ya?" said Tina, who stood in front of him. "Gladly." replied Dina monotonically. Then suddenly Jared felt his feet leave the ground. He turned around to see Dina lifting him by his backpack with one hand. Her face was relaxed and her arm showed no signs of fatigue. A smile slowly spread across her face as Jared met her gaze. He blushed and nervously looked away. 

Then he slipped his arms out of the straps and fell to his feet. Dina effortlessly slung the bag over her shoulder and gave him a light nudge into Tina's waiting embrace. He felt hands slip under his shirt from behind. Tina closed them on his hips and ran them up his bare torso, tickling his ribs lightly with her nails. "Don't mind Dina. She doesn't know her own strength." she whispered in his ear. "I hope that's not enough to intimidate a hunk like you." Dina reached out and squeezed Jared's narrow bicep tightly. She licked her lips and took another step forward, sandwiching the boy between herself and Tina. "Our house is just up the block. I can carry you, if you like." she hummed, seductively.

Jared was really sweating now. He could feel Dina's firm stomach, pressing against his crotch. Below her smugly grinning face, he had a clear view down her shirt and into her cleavage. He swallowed hard and shook his head fervently. "M-my mom said I cant-"

His sentence was cut short by Dina standing on her toes and forcefully kissing him. She jammed her tongue into his mouth, easily pushing his own tongue aside and rolling around it. Tina continued to stroke his sides and cooed in his ear from behind. Jared was caught off guard and struggled to free himself, but quickly gave up. His body went limp and he began to blush deeply. After a while, Dina broke the kiss. She took a step back and winked at him. 

"You're going to come play with us, right?" she whined. 

"L-lead the way." gasped Jared, catching his breath.

The trio set off in the direction that the girls had come from. The sisters remained on either side of Jared, holding his hands and continuing to tease him as they went. They poked and squeezed at him relentlessly. Jared was so flustered that he failed to notice that they had exited the suburban part of town and entered the marsh on the outskirts. By the time he had realized, they'd walked significantly deep into its swampy interior. "You guys live all the way out here?" he asked nervously. "Aren't you worried about the swamp witches?" Dina slid her hand out of his grasp and up his arm, gripping him more forcefully. Jared tried to stop walking, but the girls pulled him further as they stepped. 

"You're not getting cold feet on us. Are you?" whined Tina.

"N-no." said Jared, panicking. "It's just that I was reading about it at the library. The books say there's a sacred Hexican burial ground here. And that anyone who wanders too close gets snatched up and never heard from again. My mom will kill-"

He was interrupted again. This time it was Tina, letting go of his hand and cupping his crotch. "Hold that thought, big boy. We're here." she said with a grin. They entered a clearing with a small rundown shack. Its windows were broken and the walls were covered with moss. The battered door was ajar, hanging crookedly by one hinge. Jared could make out a few lit candles within the dark shack as they approached it.

"Here we are. Home sweet home!" said Tina brightly. She turned to Jared and laid a deep kiss on him. He closed his eyes and embraced her, but was left feeling unfulfilled as she pulled away.

"Medina, escort our guest inside while I prepare the toys." said Tina, smacking her lips.

"T-t-toys?!" asked Jared, dumbfounded.

"Of course, Christina. Of course." Dina responded blankly. She didn't look at Jared. She simply started walking, still holding his arm. With the enormous napsack still slung over her other shoulder, she pulled him along with her. He felt like a small animal being dragged into the lair of a predator. They stepped over the threshold and entered the shack. The interior was surprisingly clean. The floors were swept and the sink was empty with some wooden bowls stacked beside it. In the middle of the room was a large wooden table; with a few lit candles on it and some sort of weird insignia etched into the center. There was also a large bed in the corner of the room and a large black cauldron hanging above a flame in the fireplace.  

"Only one bed. They really do share everything." thought Jared, shivering at the implication. Suddenly Dina wrapped her arms around him and pulled him in for another kiss. She passionately writhed her tongue around his mouth, breathing deeper with each passing moment. Then she effortlessly lifted him and laid him down on the table. Jared was in a daze. His mouth went dry as Dina dropped his bag to the floor and removed her top, revealing her ample chest. He also noted that she had the faint outline of abs on her stomach. She didn't look nearly as strong as she was, but he could tell her curvy physique was definitely hiding powerful muscles.

She unbuttoned her shorts and peeled them off as well. Underneath she wore a pair of black thong panties. She tried to slide them down, but they got stuck on her wide hips. Then she began wiggling her hips, trying to loosen them. Jared's jaw dropped. She was unintentionally giving him quite the strip tease. He sat up and began to remove his shorts. 

"Stop!' Dina demanded. She pounced on the table, straddling him and pinning his wrists above his head with one hand. "I'll do it." she continued hungrily. Then she grabbed a loose handful of his khaki shorts and deftly tore them off of him. Jared's penis rose immediately. It saluted her with all it had, emboldened by her savage display of raw power. Still holding his wrists down, she crouched over him and pulled the triangle of her underwear aside. "Come to Mama!" she growled.

Then she lowered herself onto him, shivering with pleasure as he entered her. She was very tight and slippery inside, which immediately made Jared lose his composure. He began to moan and bucked his hips underneath her wildly. Her face quickly twisted into one of rage. "I said, I'll do it." she howled carnally. Jared felt her vagina clamp down on him hard. "Oooooh" he groaned in pain. Satisfied, Dina began slowly riding his penis. She squeezed tightly and slid up and down his shaft, making Jared gasp and spasm underneath her. Her grip was so firm that she was able to lift him off of the table.  

"Fuuuuck" he yelled as he came inside of her. She glared down at him, clearly irritated. However, this just made Jared spray harder into her waiting womanhood. Dina's eyes bulged with anger. She stood up and grabbed him by the throat. With one arm, she lifted him and pressed him against the wall. Jared squirmed and struggled against her grip, but she merely responded by tightening her hold on his neck.

"Now, now. Calm down, Medina. You'll eat soon. " came Tina's voice from the doorway. She was holding some kind've exotic potted plant. Dina turned to look at Tina, still effortlessly holding Jared against the wall. Tina approached the two of them calmly. "Did you get the binding agent?" she asked. Dina nodded and spread her legs apart. "Excellent" continued Tina. She took an empty flask from beside the sink and held it directly underneath Dina's dripping snatch. Jared's eyes bulged as it finally dawned on him that something was very wrong here.

"Essence of the victim" Tina said aloud to herself as she collected the fluid in the flask. "Perfect. Now for some saliva of the golem. Spit in this, Medina." Dina turned mechanically and quickly complied. The liquid began to glow a bright green as she her spit mixed into the concoction. "Perfect, perfect. Good girl. Okay, you can have your fun until it's ready." said Tina. She turned to Jared and giggled at his shocked expression. "Newsflash, big boy." she continued cruelly. "The rumors were true. We're marsh brujas; or at least I am. This loveable little lummox is my golem." she said, patting Dina's shoulder affectionately. "Excuse her temper, I wouldn't let her eat until I got what I needed."

Jared wanted to respond, but Dina's grip was greatly restricting his ability to breathe. She smiled menacingly at him. Then she turned and flung him back onto the table. He hit it with a thud and groaned in pain. His glasses hit the wall and broke apart, laying in two pieces on the floor. In an instant, Dina pounced on him again. She reached under the table and grabbed something. Jared couldn't see it, but he felt something hard close on his wrist and began to panic. Dina easily overpowered him and did the same with his other wrist. Then she turned around and shackled his ankles. Jared was now fully bound to the table with very little room to move.

Dina stared down at him hungrily and tore her panties off savagely. She rose to her feet on the table and stepped over his body, turning and coming to stop over her face. Her sweltering vagina broke their eye contact. It dripped with anticipation as she slowly bent her legs and lowered it closer. Jared shook his head fervently. 

"N-no. I don't wanna do that I just came in ther-"

"Ooooooooh" Dina she moaned as she sloppily slathered him with her lips. "Yes! Yes!" 

As she continued to ride his face; Tina walked around the room gathering various knickknacks from the jars and shelves. She added them to the concoction one by one. Its contents began to bubble and stir in the flask. Lastly, she ladled in some boiling swamp water from the cauldron and began to stir it with a spoon.

"Fuck. Oh fuck." Dina screamed, still in the throws of passion. She reached down and grabbed Jared's semi-erect penis. It responded to her touch and sprang to life in her hand. "Mmm, time to eat." she moaned, leaning over and engulfing it in her mouth. Jared shivered involuntarily underneath her. He could barely breathe and was revolted to be smothered in his own juices, but at that point he stopped caring. He lost himself on the moment quickly and came again, exploding into a stream of hot semen in Dina's mouth. She sucked it down greedily, slurping on him like a popsicle. Then she pulled him out of her mouth with a loud pop. She was still gyrating her hips on Jared's face; her motions growing more desperate. Then she went completely rigid and her entire body broke into short spasms. She let out an ear piercing howl; pressing down on Jared with significantly more force as she climaxed. His face was pinned to the table.

 "When a golem feeds, its magical energy increases." Tina chimed in casually from afar. 

Dina lost her balance and collapsed onto Jared. Suddenly her body began to expand on top of him. He could feel her skin rubbing against his in every direction as she grew. This mind-blowing phenomenon went on for fifteen horrifying seconds. Jared couldn't gauge how bigger she was now from underneath her, but she felt considerably heavier on top of him. He tried to push her off, but found the task impossible.

"Oh, my! A much more favorable result than when we did it, huh?" Tina said, walking over to the table and stroking Dina's cheek. "I told you we just needed someone weak enough to push around." 

Dina purred and rolled off of Jared. When she rose to her full height, Jared's heart stopped for a second. She was enormous. Nearly double her initial size and proportionally bigger in every way. She giggled huskily at Jared's reaction. His mouth hung wide open as he stared up at the giantess, terrified. "I want more!" Dina whined.

"Be quiet, Medina." Tina snapped. "I need to concentrate." She divided the thick concoction she'd been mixing into two cookie molds. Then she lifted the two filled molds and put them on a rack over the fire. She picked up a timer, wound its knob a few times, and turned back to address Jared. 

"She's a bit of a defect really. I think I added too much cayenne pepper….. or maybe it was the cinnamon. Fuck if I know. Whatever it was, her sexual desires seems to be taking priority over my commands." she said. "But…. she does have to eat. Sometimes I let her feed on me. But as you can see, the magical gains were severely lacking."

Dina's head was inches away from the ceiling. She casually reached up and ran her finger across it. "Now I can keep the whole shack spotless!" she squealed gleefully.  

"Dina, you could probably build a cabin ten times this size in less than ten minutes now." Tina retorted.

"You think?!" responded Dina excitedly.

Tina began to respond, but was interrupted by the buzzer of the timer she'd set.

"Ah, the sponge cakes are done." she said in a cheerful tone.

"Let me the fuck outta here, you crazy bitch!" Jared yelled, trying to break free. 

Suddenly, Dina pounced on him again. This time she sat on his chest, with her massive thighs on his shoulders. The weight nearly crushed him. He gasped for air as he stared into her steamy hot vagina. "Shut up and let us eat you!" she cried wickedly.

"Careful, Medina. You'll break him at that size. Then you'll have nothing to eat." said Tina, grabbing a pair of oven mitts.

Dina was devastated. She pouted like a child and rose to her feet. Then she squatted over Jared at the edge of the table and lowered herself onto his face. His body squirmed and writhed behind her, but his face was smothered. "Ooooooooh" Dina moaned greedily. She dragged her slippery lips up and down Jared's entire face. His head was fully engulfed in her lap. He had to fight with all of his might just to move his mouth away so he could breathe. Medina grew more desperate. She pressed her palm on Jared's forehead, forcing his mouth open. Then she jammed her swollen clitoris into his mouth. 

The giantess immediately let out a guttural howl and shivered powerfully. She squeezed Jared's head with her thighs and said "Lick!", in a commanding tone. Jared fearfully began to stimulate her with his tongue. He endured this torture for eight grooling minutes. He was able to breathe through nose, but she would squeeze him painfully everytime he stopped. Eventually she was brought to orgasm again, oozing clear and slimy juices onto his chin. She quivered lazily as she rubbed herself on his face again. Then she released him and stood up.

Jared spit over the side table and gasped for air. He groaned weakly, lying motionless on the table. His face and chest were a bright angry crimson. In his blurred vision, he saw Tina by the table at his waist. She was holding something in her hand. "Now it's my turn for some fun." she said wickedly. Then Jared felt her slender finger brush against his flaccid penis. An unpleasant tingle surged through his body. He reflexively widened his eyes and jerked his pelvis away. As his vision cleared he could see that she held a spongy looking cookie, which was masterfully shaped in his own naked likeness. It was identical to him in every way, just proportionally small enough to fit in her palm. It even had a phallic appendage extending from its pelvis.

"Not in the mood, huh? I figured." said Tina nonchalantly. She dipped the cookie's penis into a glass of milk on the table. It's spongy material began to soak up the milk and expand. Mark immediately felt his dick become fully erect again. However, it continued to swell bigger than it ever had. It pulsed and leaked, desperate for release. Jared was flabbergasted. He merely looked on in amazement as it swelled into a thick club. 

Tina licked her lips and took the cookie out of the glass. She brought its engorged member to her lips and licked a drop of milk from it. Jared moaned loudly and convulsed on the table. Massive amounts of stimulation coursed through him. Tina gave a very satisfied grin and licked the cookie from its thighs to its nipples. Jared again spasmed hard in response. "Perfect!" she hummed intently. She turned and walked back over to the sink, casually licking the cookie and delighting in Jared's desperate cries. She grabbed the other cookie from the counter and walked back. When she came into view again Jared could see that the other cookie was shaped like herself. 

"Wow! Look how big you are now." she said, allowing him a moment to breathe. "Just how am I gonna handle that monster." Her face stretched into a triumphant grin so wide that it was unsettling. She dropped her entire cookie into the milk and gave a little shiver. Then she slowly started to grow. Jared swallowed hard as he watched her head rising by a millimeter per second. She quickly pulled her clothes off and climbed onto the table, standing over Jared's massive erection. With her feet expanding either side of his waist, she stared down at him as looming higher with each passing moment. Then she squatted down onto him, whining as she struggled to fit the huge head of his penis into her.

Jared was frozen with fear, terrified that she might get frustrated and use too much force. Eventually she decided to change tactics. She raised her hand above her face and dropped his cookie into her open mouth. It fell onto her tongue and she began to suck on it. Jared felt a wet clammy pressure press down on his entire body. The sensation was overwhelming. It was like his soul was being pulled from his body. Then he felt the shackles loosen. He looked down and realized with horror that he had begun shrinking. 

He started to panic, but then moaned again as his member slipped into Tina's vagina. She moaned too and pulled the shriveled cookie from her tongue. Then she mounted his mountainous cock, shivering as half of his girth entered her . She was almost Dina's size now, but she was still having trouble fitting it inside of her. However as she grew, she found it more manageable. Finally she began to move her hips and down. Jared bucked underneath her, desperate for release. She gripped him tightly in her snatch and proceed to fuck the life out of him. Several passionate minutes later, they both erupted into a mutual climax.  They jerked and screamed as streams of their mixed fluids rolled out of Tina and onto Jared's pelvis, collecting in a pool around him.

"That- that was th-the best-" Tina gasped breathlessly. "That was the best fuck I've ever had." She was now so big that she would have to bend significantly if she stood. She gazed into Jared's eyes affectionately. "We're gonna have so much fun together." she continued with a breathy purr. Then squeaked in surprise and shivered on top of him.

"Correction! I'm going to have fun with both of you." said Dina from below, startling them. She had taken Tina's cookie from the milk and was licking its crotch.

"Medina, how dare y-"

Tina's voice was instantly silenced as Dina covered the cookies mouth with her finger. 

"Medina, do this. Medina, do that." said Dina condescendingly. "I'm done taking orders from you, 'sister'. Now we're gonna have some real fun."

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