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Story Notes:
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Author's Chapter Notes:

"…..The Huntresses of Olde believed a deeper sustenance could be derived from prey, which had been completely dominated into submission. They  greatly relished in stalking their targets, and took much pride in setting various snares for them with irresistible bait. These snares came in all different forms, but generally had the same function:  to entrap a victim and tighten as they struggle. Helplessness then settles in, as they realize they've been outwitte-"

"Th- Thank you Britney, that's quite enough!" said professor Shrew, blushing a bright scarlet. There was an immediate groan as the class of 2nd year university students, most of whom were male, turned to glare at their professor. He was seated on a desk in the back of the classroom. 

Britney feigned ignorance and spoke in a low tone meant for the bedroom. "But I wasn't done yet." She pouted and stomped her foot; giving her ample assets a bounce. 

"Yeah! She's not done yet man!" shot a nasally voice from within the crowd.This gave rise to an assenting murmur from the other students.  

Professor Shrew took a handkerchief from the breast pocket of his shirt and wiped some sweat from his forehead. With his other hand, he motioned to quiet his students. Though he did inwardly note that he could sympathize with their frustrations. The tattered canvas bikini that Britney had chosen to wear for Halloween this year wasn't leaving anything to the imagination. 

Standing 5'9" in what looked like handmade moccasins, Britney fit the part of an amazonian warrior-lady perfectly. Her auburn hair ran wildly down her back to a firm, heart-shaped butt. Her long nails were painted black and filed to sharp points. Holding an impressive looking script with several pages, she stood at the front of the classroom with her other hand resting on her lightly sculpted abs. Her feminine, tanned, and toned physique radiated both beauty and strength to the entire room.

"You've surprised us all today, Britney ,but we're all out of time." replied professor Shrew, regaining more of his composure.

"Oh c'mooon! I worked so hard on this, Lenny!" Britney whined. 

"Yeah, Lenny!" giggled the nasally voice. Once again the class broke into a ruckus.

The professor, who was once again flustered, rose from his desk and caught eyes with Britney. She was smirking deviously. Lenny decided to stay on task. He walked over to the door and blinked the lights to regain the class's attention. "That's 'Professor Shrew', Britney. If I have to remind you again I'm going to penalize your final grade." he said sternly. 

Britney gave a sarcastic bow and sauntered over back to her assigned seat. She was accompanied by many cheers and jeers as she did so; holding eye contact with Lenny. That smirk remained on her face. 

Lenny was beginning to sweat again.  "Al-Alright folks, this isn't high school. That concludes our presentations. Class is dismissed. Don't forget to study for Friday's quiz." he said, opening the door with relief.

The class began to chatter amongst themselves as they packed their belongings and filed out of the room. Lenny's work day was now over. He was finally able to do what he'd been thinking about all day. He walked over to his desk at the front of the room and retrieved his phone from inside of one of the drawers. He turned it on, rolled his chair back, and plopped into it with a soft thud. 

Lenny was a thin and pale man of 5'3", who never had much success with the ladies.  At 41 he had not started balding yet, but he'd worn thick glasses that obscured his facial features since elementary school. He also didn't have much of a fashion sense. He figured if his old clothes still fit, why throw them out? 

2 years ago he started frequenting online fetish forums. He was much too shy to approach most  women in person, but the distance and anonymity of the internet gave him the courage to be different. He could be open and vulnerable. He felt understood and with his current crush, he'd even felt confident enough to begin talking dirty. When his phone powered on, he unlocked it to see a message from the object of his desire. 

LadyL10ness: Hello my little mouse. Are you behaving today?

Lenny shivered a little and replied.

Mistermicro83: Not really. I'm being bad. Too bad there's no one here to punish me!

He was musing inwardly at his witty retort when a well-manicured hand with black, pointed nails, closed around his phone and slipped it out of his fingers. His eyes bulged in surprise as he then noticed the large shadow being cast over him. He swiveled his chair around and came face to abs with Britney. She was now sporting a much more sinister grin. Lenny froze and turned a deep red. His face was that of a deer in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle. "B-Britney!" he yelped as he reached for his phone. She pulled her hand out of his reach. Then she glanced up and began reading his conversation aloud.

LadyL10ness: I'm a fair queen. I'd go easy on you… at first.

"MISTER MICRO!" she cackled loudly. 

Lenny was horrified. He shot a wild glance at the door. Thank God it was closed, but the shade was drawn and the lock was bolted. He didn't remember doing any of that. His stomach did a backflip as he realized his predicament. "Did she plan this?" he thought. She was taking this joke entirely too far. "Brit-BRITNEY!" Lenny choked out horsley.

Britney paid him no mind and continued to scroll through his message history. Things were getting out of hand. Lenny had to do something. He gathered all of his courage, rose to his full height, took his most stern tone, and said "Return my phone to me and stop this foolishness immediately young lady!" He didn't have any children, but he'd found that teaching for over a decade had given him a certain parental energy he could tap into with his students. Unfazed, Britney winced in mock shame. 

"Not a chance… Mister Micro!" she howled with laughter. "Dude, what the fuck was that?" said a nasally voice from off in the distance. "It sounds like Britney!"  Britney glanced back up at the phone screen. She bit her lip and gave him another sinister grin. The color in Lenny's face faded rapidly. 

"G-give it back now please. This really isn't funny anymore Britney!" he said as low as he could. He was now frantically jumping; reaching desperately for his phone. However his efforts were to no avail, those 6 inches Britney had on him simply made his task impossible. She glanced back up at the phone wickedly. Then she drew her head back, gave an exasperated inhale, and continued to read much louder.

MisterMicro83: I don't want your mercy. I want your stress. My tiny hands are perfect for massaging your troubles away…. Wherever you may feel them.

LadyL10ness: Oooooh you are a naughty boy. I think I may have to put you underfoot.

MisterMicro83: Yes! Yes please, my queen! The very thought makes my loins writhe with anticipation.

She threw her red mane back and laughed so hard that her eyes watered. Lenny's lower abdomen felt as though a black hole had ripped open inside of it. Several emotions were storming inside of him, but the one that won over was fury. He could feel his heart thumping madly from within his chest. Adrenaline shot through his veins as he began to see red. Finally at wits end, he mustered all of his strength and pushed her as hard as he could. 

Britney didn't even budge. Lenny stumbled pathetically into her, bumping her firm legs as he fell to his knees. Her laughter grew more harsh as she pulled her phone out and snapped a picture of him on the ground. "I HAVE to send this to the girls." she said through a trembling giggle as she wiped her eyes. Lenny's gut another did a backflip as he heard the handle on the door jiggle. "Dude, I think she's in here!" yelled the nasally voice.

Lenny rubbed his face where it had bumped Britney's thigh. He noted that her body was even more solid than it looked. He couldn't help feeling defeated as he looked up at her from the ground. She stood at her full height with her arms akimbo. Wearing only that makeshift bikini, she towered over him powerfully. He looked back down at her feet and realized that at some point she had removed her moccasins.

Even in this moment of absolute crisis, he couldn't help noticing her impeccable feet. Not a mark or a hint of calluses was on them; despite her obvious frequent physical activity. Britney's elegant toes were painted black as well; with the nails filed sharp. She also wore a golden toe-ring which gleamed beautifully with her smooth and glossy bronze skin. Lenny's eyes rose as he took in her toned calves; then her shapely thighs. Her wide hips, which curved very sleekly into those impressive abs, made him gasp a little. Small beams of sunlight were poking through the blinds of the window onto her, giving her an angelic glow. He had to crane his neck completely to meet eyes with her. She'd finally stopped laughing, but her face was still beaming with wicked delight.


At that moment Lenny realized that his adrenaline in this situation was blocking out another sensation. It was something he'd been feeling  ever since this encounter began. Unfortunately, the same realization had just dawned on Britney. She put her hand over her mouth in surprise and whispered "Oh my god, you're hard! Are you enjoying this little Lenny?". She eyed his swollen member through his khaki shorts and licked her lips playfully. She leaned her looming form closer to his field of view. "Don't make me take you underfoot" she teased with a sultry hum.

Lenny merely gasped again in shock. He could only manage to stare back; dumbfounded. The storm in his stomach was now a raging hurricane, but his mind was stunned. Still on his knees, he noticed something which snapped him back into reality. There was something strange about Britney's feet. Although they were completely stationary, they seemed to be moving; slowly creeping closer to him. He looked up at her face. It appeared to be further away. Shocked, he instinctively pulled at his clothes and they felt a little baggy. Was he somehow getting smaller? 

He heard a deep groan from above and glanced up to see Britney writhing with pleasure. She bit her lip as she reached into her bikini and teased herself. "Wait a minute, she's rising faster than the rest of the room." he realized in terror. Her head slowly ascended closer to the ceiling. A loud ripping noise rang out into the room as tears began to form in the already scarce bits of clothing covering her body. He nearly fainted as he watched her entire body expand; growing more voluptuous in every way. 

Still slowly rising upward, Britney gave a deep and low groan as she stroked herself more vigorously. Her wild passions would have normally been something he wouldn't have been able to look away from. Given the current situation, Lenny was absolutely humiliated. The shame hit his gut with a pang. As it did, Britney's still planted feet spurted closer to him. The feeling of falling while on ground that accompanied his shrinking became more intense. The last thing he remembered were Britney's orgasmic screams and another bang on the door as he fainted in shock.


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