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Chapter 2: Vorena Lives Up To Her Name!

Once Vorena and her mother were home, the sturdily built thirteen-year-old girl took her two captives to her bedroom and shut her door. She took them out of their container and placed them on her desk. She was sitting far enough back in her chair that the captives had a good view of her face.

“Both of you are now my helpless slave toys,” said Vorena. “I want to swallow one of you! That would make me feel powerful!”

Neil and Curtis looked at each other, then Neil addressed his mighty mistress.

“That wouldn’t be right,” said Neil.

“Why not?” Vorena asked.

“Because we could get digested,” Neil replied. “If we stay too long inside your gut, we could die.”

“What’s wrong with that?” Vorena asked.

“He’s saying it’s murder,” said Curtis. 

“Why is that so bad?” Vorena asked. “You’re my property now, I can dispose of you as I please! You’re just a couple of criminals, your lives don’t matter!”

Vorena reached down and grabbed Neil, and lifted him above her open mouth. Her teeth were immaculate, with no fillings or cavities. Her tongue was clean, because she had brushed her teeth before heading off on the trip her mother had planned earlier.

Vorena let go of her tiny captive’s legs, and gravity forced him to drop into the mouth of the beautiful behemoth. Vorena closed her lips and forced the tiny man to the back of her mouth, and swallowed him. 

Neil slid down Vorena’s esophagus and dropped into her stomach. There was a pocket of air, but he tried to hold his breath as long as possible to conserve oxygen. He was covered in chyme, and he could smell the ingredients of the pizza his conqueror had consumed earlier that afternoon. Neil knew that neutrino dissimilators rendered the victim immortal, but wondered how much that applied to him if he was inside of someone’s belly. If her stomach acid was too intense, would his immortality be useless?

Several seconds after swallowing her captive, Vorena lifted her shirt slightly and looked at her abdominal region.

“I can’t believe it! I finally have a captive in my belly!” Vorena rubbed her tummy, then covered her stomach back up with her shirt and put Curtis back in the container. She went to the living room and told her mother she had swallowed one of the captives.

“We don’t own a neural stimulator, doesn’t your friend Bristol have one?” Mrs. Ardent asked.

“Yes, Bristol and Brianna both have one!” said Vorena.

“Head over there and ask if you can borrow one to vomit up your captive.”

“Mom, you don’t seem too concerned about my slave toy!” said Vorena, noticing her mother had a casual disregard for the swallowed captive’s safety.

“They’re virtually immortal, Vorena. They can probably survive in your stomach for a long time. Now head over to Bristol’s and have them let you use their neural stimulator to vomit up your captive. I can’t afford to get more captives for you. If you kill one of them, that would be a waste.”

“Yes, mama,” Vorena replied, and she headed out the door and went to her friend’s house.

She came to the intercom and Bristol beeped her in. Once inside the living room, Vorena lifted her shirt slightly, revealing her abdominal region.

“Two burglars broke into our house, and they got shrunk. We registered them as my property, then I swallowed one of my captives!” said Vorena. “My mom sent me over here to borrow your neural stimulator to vomit my slave toy back up.”

Bristol thought this was funny, and laughed as she went and retrieved the first aid kit, and pulled out the neural stimulator.

“It’s fully charged, just make sure you plug up our bathroom sink so he doesn’t go down the drain.”

As Vorena entered the bathroom, Bristol continued: “Somehow, it doesn’t even surprise me that the first thing you did was swallow one of them.”

“Why not?” Vorena asked.

“With a name like Vorena, it comes with a territory!”

Within a minute, Vorena had used the neural stimulator to vomit up her captive, and she rinsed him off in the sink.

“Do you want to introduce him to my captive?” Bristol asked.

“Sure,” Vorena replied. She followed Bristol into the bedroom and watched as her friend got a container identical to the one Vorena had just purchased, and dumped out her shrunken man. Vorena set her drenched captive down next to him.

“Slave!” Bristol said in a firm tone of voice as she slammed her fist down on the table where she had dumped her captive. “Introduce yourself to my friend’s slave toy!”

“I’m Seth, I was sold at an auction and now Bristol is my owner,” said Bristol’s captive. The two shrunken men shook hands.

“I’m Neil, I broke into Vorena’s home recently and got miniaturized. She’s my owner now.”

“So you’re new to this?” Seth asked. “You’d better get used to being treated like a commodity. People treat their pets better than most people treat shrunken captives. 

“Is it really that bad?” Neil asked.

“It’s worse,” said Seth, “but you’ll get used to it.”

“I think they’ve socialized enough,” said Vorena. “I’m taking my captive home to dry him off.”

Vorena grabbed Neil and exited Bristol’s bedroom and home, and returned to her own home. Neil wondered what the towering teen had in store for him when they got home.

To Be Continued!
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