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"Hey, Billie, Max. Totally hadn't seen you there," Sammy said, rolling his eyes.

"Alright, I get it, you're a smartass," Billie said. "Can you explain to us clueless people how you did that, though? Why did my mom just agree to do what you asked her to?"

Sammy leaned back on the bed, chuckling quietly. "It's not surprising you didn't notice yet. You're a new Dominator and Max... Had other priorities. I'm not sure *anyone* else noticed, really..."

"What are you talking about?" Max asked.

"You know what I've been doing every day for the last two and a half months?" Sammy asked. "Developing my brain. Mathematical problems. Puzzles. Crosswords. More and more difficult. Ever since you told us that we could grow smarter as well as stronger, I decided I'd be smart, as smart as I possibly could. That's why my plans are so fucking good."

"That's very impressive," Billie said. "But it still doesn't explain what you did to my mom."

"Once you're *smart enough*, it's obvious," he said. "We have another power, something that slipped past the radar of the woman who examined Max. Or maybe it didn't, maybe it was the power distracting her, protecting itself. We are..." He paused briefly, clearly savoring the suspense. "...addictive."

Billie frowned. "What... What do you mean, addictive?"

"We're not Dominators just in name. We have a powerful pheromone that makes people do what we tell them to. Or did you think it was so easy to get people to do what you want? It works in any situation if you know how to use it. We can literally command any human! *That's* why I'm so confident in our success."

"We can..." Billie paused, thinking back to when she'd caught Gerard. To how she'd expected him to fight harder, and how compliant he'd turned out to be. How he'd kept his mouth shut, how he'd worn the chastity belt until he'd become too small for it to fit. "Holy shit."

"Right? The stronger the virus is in you, the stronger the pheromone gets, so I'm pretty fucking strong right now! It helped that I *knew* enough to know just how powerful I am. It's exponential."

She didn't know what else to say. Addictive to humans... What an amazing power, as long as she was in control. As long as she didn't let herself be kidnapped and ground up for her body chemicals.

"There are lots of humans. You won't get a law passed with just one politician," Max said, voicing her worries.

"One? Dude, I have five under my thumb. From the government *and* opposition. And they'll do *anything* to convince the others." Sammy chuckled. "If they fail we'll try again with twenty."

"You thought of everything, didn't you?"

"I'm always thinking of everything. My brain's working a hundred times faster than yours." Sammy's smile turned mischievous. "I even know why you stopped growing. Figured it out ages ago, even before you made Jeff your Extra."

Max blushed. "Really?"



"What?" Billie asked. "What is it? Tell me, you huge bastards."

"Don't..." Max pleaded.

"Max has a crush on me!" Sammy blurted. "He's probably still the strongest Dominator after me. But he's *also* a crusher now, so it's canceling out! Isn't it hilarious?"

Billie turned the concept in her head, trying to understand. "Oh..." She smiled. "It *is* kind of funny."

"It's not funny at all!" Max said, still red as a beet. "And it's mean of you to know this whole time and not say a word..."

Sammy reclined further against the pillows. "It was convenient. I wanted to be in charge, what else? I'm a Dominator after all." He patted the bed beside him. "Come try out the bed. It's modern and very comfortable." He winked at Billie.

Max's hesitation was brief. He pulled his t-shirt, which was a few sizes too small, above his head, then dropped his shorts. "Where do you get your clothes, anyway?" he asked.

"Reina and Bea actually make them for me," Sammy said, nodding at the two girls. "They're amazing and I'm very lucky to have them! They're also the ones who typed out my new law for the humans to read." He turned to Billie. "Your mom might become one of mine as well. She qualifies. Would you mind?" he asked politely.

"I'll... have to think about it," Billie said. "Depends on what kind of world we make. She might be a human, but I still want her to be happy. Do you think you can make her happy?"

"You haven't been listening. We make *everyone* happy."

Max sat coyly on the side of the bed, naked. He proffered his hand to Sammy. Tyler was in it. "Wanna use him?"

Sammy laughed and took the little Extra. The pad of his huge thumb covered its whole body. "Little Tyler," he said. "The first Extra owned by a Dominator." He pulled Max down toward him. His larger, pale body wrapped Max's darker and more muscular one. Max closed his eyes and relaxed. "And Little Max," Sammy continued. "Always so tall, so sure of yourself. Our leader. But now you're *my* little crusher." Bea ran to hand him something. A bottle of lube. Reaching out, Sammy began to squirt it in Max's ass.

Max's eyes opened, showed a hint of alarm. "I-"

"Shhh," Sammy said, and now he was squirting lube on his own erect cock. "This time I'm the one giving you a special present." He sat up and pulled one of Max's legs across his body, rotating Max's head to the foot of the bed. Max lay between Sammy's legs, now, face up. Sammy placed his throbbing cock against Max's anus and took hold of Max's thighs.

"I'm a little worried," Max said. "I've never-"

"You don't need to fear your *master*," Sammy said, pulling the other boy's thighs toward him, slowly but inexorably.

Max grunted as Sammy's massive cock went into him. Pain and pleasure in equal measures. He tried to relax, tried to make himself as malleable as he could. Nothing nearly as big had ever gone into him before. It wasn't going to work. It seemed impossible. But Sammy continued to push, push as he opened Max up, his hot, throbbing rod skewering him. From his position he could see Sammy's larger body, looming above him. So pretty and fit. When had he become so sexy? Sammy's expression was smug, as if he could guess what Max was thinking. Once Sammy was fully inside, he grabbed Max's arms and pulled him upright. His cock rubbed against Max's prostate, and Max's dick jumped wildly, but Sammy didn't touch it and Max couldn't.

They sat like that for a moment, their bodies almost touching, their faces very close, Sammy holding Max's shoulders. Max placed his hands on Sammy's sides, never meeting his eye.

But then Sammy pushed Max to arm's length with one hand and held up the other between them. In it was Tyler. From where she stood Billie couldn't see the expression on his minuscle face.

"Thanks for everything, Little Tyler," Sammy said, "but... Max doesn't need any worshippers anymore." And he tossed Tyler into his mouth.

For a moment the world held its breath. None of them moved, none of them said anything. Then Sammy swallowed, a big, obvious gulp. He grinned at Max, an eager, excited grin. "Now you'll be the one doing the worshipping." He took Max's thighs again and began to move him, in and out. Max groaned and begged and called out Sammy's name.

"Hey, Billie, I think you can go back to your party now," Sammy said, turning his head to look at her. "Tell Barb that I ordered her to turn this into the usual type of party, OK? But Victoria is off limits. She is *mine*."

"Al- Alright..." Billie said, shaken. "As you wish."


Linda was in hell.

Fred had called her and ordered her to be here, but he hadn't said what was going to happen. She didn't know she was coming right into the middle of the vipers' nest - most of her problematic students were here, the superhuman ones. At 82cm, she had stabilized on a size that at least would allow her to live a relatively normal life. Compared to them, though, she was an ant. They were loud, boisterous, as much as three times her height. They ate more than a human possibly could. They swaggered and shouted. They fought and yelled at each other, though they didn't seem to be holding any grudges. They also played with each other's retinue of little students, or with their own, all the time.

"Cheer up, Linda," Fred said. "It's Billie's birthday! Do you want some OJ?"

"No, thanks..."

"So that was your secret," Barbara said, approaching, and Linda cringed. "You managed to nab the *principal*! You evil genius."

"I'm not evil," Fred said, offended. "You know I like thick women. I truly find her beautiful and would have taken her regardless."

"That's... true, actually. Whatever happened to Zelda?"

"Too old to become one of us. I'm so much bigger than she is now, it wouldn't be sporting anymore. It's too bad."

Barbara placed a sympathetic hand on his shoulder. "I'm sorry."

Billie came down the stairs then and made straight for them. "Barb," she said. "Sammy says to... turn this into the usual type of party."

Barbara smiled. "Ah. A lot of these kids are new. I wonder how they'll react." But she began to undress, tossing her clothes into a corner. Tinies fell out of her, 15cm to 20cm tall. Linda counted one, two, three... Oh, four, including the one in her crotch. Fred and Billie undressed, too.

Barbara squatted by Linda. "Remember how much crap you gave me for the way I dress, Mrs. Boyd?" she asked sweetly. Linda turned to run, but Barbara grabbed her immediately. "During these it's OK to do anything to the others' Extras. Lucky me, right?"

"I'm... I'm not an Extra," Linda stammered, darting Fred a mute plea for help.

"I don't care." Barbara said. She pulled Linda over her knee. "I just always really wanted to do *this*." And she spanked her a few times while Fred watched, looking amused.

"Say," he said, grabbing Barbara by the arm. "You've always been a good challenge. Fierce. I want you to get down on that couch."

The girl scoffed and dropped Linda. "Make me, you tiny fucking musclehead."

Fred made a face he'd never made at *Linda*. She blushed as he lifted Barbara in his arms and threw her bodily into the couch.

Billie picked up her phone, made a call. Linda couldn't hear what she was saying; it was too noisy. On the couch, Fred began to copulate with Barbara, laughing and shrugging off the beating Barbara was giving him at the same time. He wasn't paying Linda any attention at all. She slipped away, looked for a place to hide.

But the others had noticed by then, and were converging. "You guys just having *sex*?" Stan asked. Billie gave him a thumbs up.

"How about you and me?" Nelson asked Vera.

"Get the fuck down," Vera said, shoving and tripping him. She went down on him and they began to wrestle and tussle, trying to get each other's clothes off.

"I'll take your Extra," Billie said to Vera. The well dressed tiny boy was standing by the couple, looking unsure of what to do. "Hey, you," Billie said. "It's my birthday, so lick me. And you'd better do a good job." She dragged him towards her and squatted on him until he got the hint and began to lick her.

A hand grabbed Linda's shoulder. "Look what I found," said a voice behind her. She turned to find one of the new students there - Andrew. "A school principal!" he said. "Suck me off, Mrs. Boyd. It's the dream I never knew I had."

And she did it. She gave this huge boy she barely knew a blowjob. His own Extra, another first year called Hillary, attempted to pleasure him at the same time. Linda noticed they had similar body types. She fought Linda for his cock, slapping and shoving her. But if Linda stopped, if she tried to yield and step away, Andrew pulled her back and yelled at her. He had given her an order and he demanded that she see it through. He would not be denied.

Andrew's orgasm wasn't the end. Stan was already waiting for his turn to fuck her from behind, and *he* was immediately followed by Aubrey. Over three times her size, the girl stood above Linda for a moment before lowering herself on her. Her vulva pressed against her skull and then slid around her, taking her in, eating her up. Her head went fully inside the Dominator, who giggled with pleasure. A head burrowed into Linda's own genitals. It was Aubrey's Extra, a young woman who had once been tall, but was no taller than 30cm now. She pleasured Linda while Linda choked and gasped, smothered by Aubrey's slimy flesh, and while Aubrey masturbated. The giantess's weight was heavier and heavier on Linda, until Linda's knees buckled and Aubrey's landed heavily on the floor. Linda was left there, hanging from the girl like a rag, until she orgasmed.

She barely had time to breathe. Another girl commanded her - Tracy - followed by another boy. They all wanted her, all these giants and giantesses, and none doubted their right to her. They were confident in their superiority, and she... She was just as sure of her inferiority. She lost count as towering body replaced towering body. It didn't matter. They were Dominators. She had no choice, and if she did, perish the thought, she wouldn't choose otherwise. This is what she wanted, to obey her masters.

At one point she looked to the side and found Gerard there. Bigger than her still, but not big enough. He knelt on a chair, naked except for a little chastity belt. The front was a flat plate that left no room for his cock. Juices flowed from around it. The rear had an open ring. Billie stood behind him, twice his size, wearing a strap-on with a huge dildo, fucking his ass, making him scream. Her hands held his wrists, but he wasn't struggling, wasn't trying to run. Their eyes met. Of course he wasn't. They were both doing this of their own free will. They both wanted to please their masters. Across from the chair, Representative Rowles watched them with a hypnotized expression.

Linda was exhausted, ready to fall asleep, covered in sweat, sperm and blood when Fred took her. He picked her up like a child, hugged her against his ridiculously toned abs. He didn't want to cuddle her, though. He found a sofa and dropped heavily on it, crushing her beneath him. His cock found her, pushing her legs apart, and her dream became reality. He penetrated her, fucked her with relish. No condom. His torso pressed on her. He couldn't see her and she couldn't see him. They could only feel each other. He, her squirming little body. She, the perfectly sculpted mountain that was him. She wasn't his lover. She was just his conquest. His slave. "Master!" she screamed. "Master! Yes!"

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