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Author's Chapter Notes:

Billie stepped out the door and into the school's backyard, where most students liked to hang out, chat and play games during recess - provided the weather was good. She looked around with the wariness of a cornered animal. No one was nearby. No one was looking at her. With a relieved sigh, she began to walk along the wall, making her way around the open space and toward where she might find a place to sit in peace, lost among the crowd, and watch the boys play whatever sport. Basketball, it looked like.

At first she'd been eager to start her high school life. It was like turning a new leaf. She couldn't wait to make new friends, not fake friends, but friends for life. This school actually had a good reputation in that regard; people were supposed to be *nice*.

But she'd been unlucky; she knew everything was weird this year, weirder than ever before. In over a week, she hadn't noticed *any* friendships forming among her peers. Everyone was subdued, nervous. Stressed. Afraid of the dominators.

They were everywhere, despite there being way fewer of them - way fewer *students* in general - than the school had capacity for. Billie had learned from a teacher that there were only two classes of sophomores, two of juniors and one of seniors this year. They had a full complement of freshmen, in comparison, but the dominators... they *took up space*. They swaggered and shouted. They cut into line. They fought and yelled at each other, though they didn't seem to hold grudges. They also played with each other's retinue of little slaves, or with their own, all the time. You couldn't take two steps without almost tripping on shrunken teenagers. Many of those were quiet, too, and they wore pet colars, ridiculous clothes, tatoos marking them as property. But *they* didn't look afraid. They looked... placid. Happy. Which she supposed make sense; you couldn't become an Extra unless you *wanted* to, at the time of registration at least.

Still, Billie avoided the dominators. They didn't bully people, not exactly - not that she'd seen - but they could be pushy, and it always made her uncomfortable. She didn't see herself living even a few years as someone else's little slave, no, thank you very much.

She sat on the bleachers by the sports court, where a few ridiculously tall boys were playing basketball. There were clusters of other people watching, and she went unnoticed... or so she thought.

Not a minute later, a long shadow fell upon her and someone sat right beside her. "Hey," a pleasant voice spoke. "Are you all alone?" She turned her head to the left and then craned her neck.

This boy was ridiculously tall, too. He had long, thin limbs and a smooth face framed by tousled black hair. His sleeved t-shirt and knee-length shorts looked baggy on him. To his other side two child-sized Extras had also sat on the bleacher; they both wore modest clothing, skirts and blouses, like girls from Billie's grandmother's generation. They almost looked like twins. The nearest one cuddled up to the boy's leg, hugging it with her arm. As the dominator's piercing blue eyes met Billie's brown ones, every instinct in her screamed danger. In a second she jumped to her feet and put three seats of distance between them.

"I'm sorry," the boy said, looking genuinely taken aback. "I didn't mean to scare you..."

"I'm- I'm not interested," Billie stammered.

"Alright, alright," he said, raising big, open hands. "It's just... You looked like... My type." He gave her a sheepish grin. He really had been thinking of her as a domination target! She'd gotten careless. She took another step back.

"Please, sit down," he hurried to say. "I won't do anything to you, I promise. Sammy to my friends, by the way. What's your name?"

Billie hesitated, poised to bolt. She didn't take her eyes off Sammy, watching him as if he was a predator. One of his girls gave Billie an amused look; the other ignored her entirely.

Then someone bumped on her from behind, half scaring her shitless. "What are you doing?" the new arrival asked.

Billie turned to regard the leather clad girl. The stranger was at least a head taller than her, and her eyes were drawn to the slaves neatly sleeved in her tight top.

"I was checking this girl, since she was alone and looked nice," Sammy explained. "And I think I scared her."

"You're right to be scared," the tall girl said. "Sammy's a lady killer. Don't be fooled by his looks." She draped an arm around Billie's shoulders and pulled her down, sitting beside her.

"Hey, that's not fair," Sammy complained, but there was a glimmer in his eyes.

"I'm Barbara," the girl said. "You don't have to be scared of *me*, I'm only interested in cocky young men."

"I- I see," Billie said, eyes still on Barbara's Extras.

"Are you a crusher? It's hard to tell sometimes."

"NO!" Billie said, louder than she'd intended. "I'm not that short! My name's Billie."

"Would you *like* to be a crusher? We have a friend who specializes in those."

"No," Billie said. "I don't think I would. I'm just..." She met Barbara's eyes, and suddenly she had the feeling Barbara didn't give a shit about her. She was completely indifferent. She had her own interests to occupy her mind, and Billie was definitely not one of them.

For some reason, that made Billie feel like she could trust her. "I'm having trouble making friends," she confessed. "Everyone's too highly strung."

"I'm not!" Sammy said.

"Shut up, you," Barbara said. "Would I do?"

"You want to be my friend?" Billie said, suspicious. Barbara looked *way* too cool. She radiated danger and indifference. She was the farthest from Billie had envioned her new friends would be like.

"No, don't be stupid. But hang out with me and I'll protect you. Maybe you'll be able to make some friends then, how's that?"

Billie nodded. "Okay," she said. Whether she planned on hanging out or not, she had nothing to lose by agreeing.

"Good. Enough chit chat," Barbara said. "How's Max doing?"

"Great, how else? You know he lives and breathes this shit," Sammy said, pointing out their friend among the players.

"Probably helps he's the tallest guy in this place."

"I'm catching up," Sammy muttered, smiling a little.

"But you're a freak. And where's Jeff? Left his soulmate on his own?"

"Down there, front row," Sammy said. "He didn't want to stop watching while I came up to say hi to Billie."

They kept up the banter as down on the field Max dunked goal after goal, to his opponents' dismay. As lunch break wore out Billie found herself relaxing somewhat. These two seemed *nice*. They weren't making any further moves on her or making her uncomfortable in any way. At least not until Barbara slid her hand into the crotch of her leather shorts and pulled out a *third* little Extra.

It was the size of the others, but this one was fully naked, and had a very clear hard-on. His eyes were unfocused, his mind clearly confused.

"Out here, Barb?" Sammy said. "You're begging to be expelled."

"He needs air sometimes and no one's watching," she said to him. "Better than having to go all the way to the restroom." As she straightened she caught Billie staring. Smirking, she shoved the little guy *into Billie's hands*. "Curious? His name's Bruce."

"I..." Billie said, looking down at Bruce, afraid to even move her hands, lest he get damaged somehow. He looked pale and unhealthy, but felt very warm on her skin. His body was covered in vestigial muscles. He was in decent shape, though, didn't look too fat or too thin. Bruce looked back up at her, breathing hard. "I'd never seen a naked... boy...." She stiffened as Bruce turned around, showing her his ass, and began to grind against the palm of her hand. She felt something hot, hard and slimy sliding back and forth.

"Little pervert," Barbara said. "Wanna see him come? Just grab his cock with two fingers, like *this*, and pump on it."

Billie barely hesitated. Fascinated, she hoisted Bruce with one hand, grabbed his stiff penis between the other hand's thumb and index finger and stroked it. It didn't take the little Extra long to moan, go stiff and squirt a tiny amount of sperm. She quickly extended her arm to the side so none of it would land on her - almost too late - and then regarded him, his limp body, unfocused eyes, disgusting dirty cock.

"I... Learned a lot," she said after a moment, finally handing him over to Barbara. "Thanks."

"No problem," Barbara said, sliding him back into her underwear. Billie realized at that moment that Bruce *lived* there, like an object or a piece of clothing. He was her cunt slave. And she had *three* of them. The thought made her a little excited.

She sat by the older dominators and the two Extra girls until the end of the basketball match. The boy they had pointed out to her, Max, made straight toward them immediately afterward, still drenched in sweat, hair matted to his scalp. He joined another guy in the front row. "Come on," Barbara said, gripping Billie's wrist and dragging her along as they joined him.

Max had sat by the other boy - Jeff, she assumed - and was busy getting what first looked like a young child out of a diaper. She watched in confusion as the others bantered with Max. What was the kid even doing there? The pieces only fell into place when the kid's stiff cock was exposed - not a kid, then; another Extra. The Extra had clearly pissed and soiled himself, and was staring at Max with the wary, uncertain look of a traumatized puppy. Max returned it with an intense gaze on his own, his mouth slightly open as he breathed hard. His hand stopped briefly on the Extra's head, resting possessively on it, as if to say *you're entirely in my hands*.

"My little brother Joe," Max explained, noticing Billie. "Who are you?"

"This is Billie... She just rejected Sammy earlier," Barbara said, smirking.

"Really? You'd have been a good match," Max said, closing a fresh diaper around Joe's nethers. "Would you rather have a girl owner?"

"No! I don't want any owner!" Billie said, hiding her fear the best she could. "Why do you all assume that? Has everyone gone crazy at this school? I just want some normal friends!" But she sounded unconvinced even to herself.

Max smiled. "We're just true to ourselves. We're lucky to live in a time when we can own shrunken little people. One generation ago we might have ended up some regular losers, but right now we're dominators. We're bigger and better than these tinies, we're in charge of their lives, and we *love* it. It's what we were born for!" He sat Joe beside him and turned fully toward her. His uniform adhered to his body. He glowed with joy from his victory and with self-confidence. He's hot, Billie thought idly.

"Hands off, boss," Barbara said, suddenly yanking Billie away from Max. "I promised I'd protect her."

"Sure," Max said with a shrug. "Well, nice to meet you, Billie. Feel free to hang out with us."


That evening, Billie made it home confused and not a little dizzy. She punched in the keypad combination and walked through the gate while still lost in her conflicting thoughts. She'd found Barbara and the others' classrooms - not so hard; Max and Jeff were in class A, while Barbara and Sammy were in class B, the only two classes in their year. They welcomed her and accepted her, perfectly at ease despite her presence. She had barely said anything to them, but they in turn had seemed... Just nice. They liked to play with their little people - well, Max and Barbara did; Sammy liked to *kiss* them - but they weren't mean to anyone. Was this supposed to be her place in high school? A collaborator, a friend to the dominators, like that Jeff guy?

Billie's mom was waiting for her - she spent most of her time at home while on vacation, and as far as she was concerned she *was* on vacation, despite spending some irregular time fundraising and meeting with rich, unpleasant people. She'd be back on her regular schedule in a few weeks, once the parliament was back in session.

"My favorite daughter!" Representative Rowles said as soon as Billie closed the door. She ran and threw her arms around Billie's torso for a hug. Billie was a little embarrassed by mom's outburst of affection, but not so much that she rejected the hugs outright. As long as she didn't do it in public.

"I'm your only daughter," she reminded her mother.

Victoria Rowles was a regular crusher; A couple years ago she'd shrunk almost 30cm, becoming a head shorter than Billie. Her father hadn't taken it well; there had been days of uneasy silence followed by a few weeks of unpleasantness once he found out he wasn't her crush. This culminated in a very public divorce - food for the tabloids for a few weeks. But Billie's mom didn't let her personal life interfere with her work, and soon life had gone back to normal, minus her father. Billie hadn't seen him since. Mom had never regained her size, which meant that whoever she was crushing on, she still loved them.

"I think I may have made some friends at school," Billie said after a few moments.

"Good. Excellent." Mom's hands went up to Billie's shoulders and her face turned serious. "Nothing is more important than having a good network of friends. They're the people who have your back when everyone else fails you."

"Right... Although..."

"Although what?"

"Uhhh..." Billie tried to think of the best way to say it. "They're, uh, guardians. Of... Extras."

Mom's hands tightened painfully. "This again. Do they hurt them? Are they bullies?" She was a well known champion of crushers' rights, for obvious reasons; She'd been involved in the drafting of the Extra law, although she wasn't responsible for most of it in its final format. She'd spent much of her time in recent months trying to get it amended.

"Not... Not that I've seen," Billie said.

"Good," mom said, releasing her. "It's unfortunate that there are kids in that situation - with a teenager for a guardian - but if they're being treated well, that's not so bad." Mom smiled. "I know what an excellent person you are. I trust you to be a good influence on the other kids at school, ok? Help me keep the victims of the virus safe for a while longer, and we'll have them rescued by the end of the year."

Billie cast her eyes down. "I'll do my best," she muttered.

"Good. That's all we can ever do."

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