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Story Notes:

A girl with an unusual superpower uses it to deal with all the problems in her life, with extreme prejudice.

Author's Chapter Notes:

A woman pays a visit to a bubble tea shop. Unfortunately, they just got the last customer’s order wrong.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

People in Lower Uptown were scared, mostly because they didn’t know what was out to get them. Disappearances had been rocketing for the past weeks, with little to no evidence left. No ransom demands received, no gangs claiming responsibility or even the slightest of links to any. Many people were uneasy at even leaving their homes. With no commonality between the victims, anyone was at risk.


Annabelle wasn’t nervous as she walked into the boba shop. No, she was annoyed that for some reason there was a wad of gum outside, which had now stuck itself to her shoe. Her very expensive red bottoms. She had half a mind to take it up with the management for not keeping their doorway clean.


The place looked clean enough inside though, maybe it was one of the customers? She could take it up with them herself, force out an apology at least, maybe even compensation for the trauma or cleaning costs. Lawyer at heart, Annabelle surveyed the potential culprits.


A couple, sitting by the window. She looked at him with doe eyes, while he only occasionally glanced down at the cleavage slipping from her top. Surely, true love.


A lone woman in a business unit, sipping at a bubble tea and working on a laptop. Looking at the perspiration dripping from her forehead, either she was working too hard or writing something significantly racier than business accounts.


Finally, at the counter. Annabelle could see the barista, looking somewhat flustered as she apologised to the current customer. Had someone else trodden in gum too? Maybe they’d decided to take it out on the staff.


Standing behind her, Annabelle couldn’t get a proper look at the girl at the counter. What she could see left her with a bizarre and incomplete picture.


The girl’s hair was bright pink, falling down her very short body to her sizeable backside, covered by a pair of incredibly stressed tracksuit bottoms. She appeared to be wearing some kind of tiara, at which point Annabelle twigged. She must be part of a bridesmaid party. There could be no other reason for such a ridiculous look. Her butt cheeks were obviously fake, the hair too.


Letting the door close behind her, Annabelle sealed the fate of everyone in the shop.


The girl at the counter turned around to address the newcomer.


“Can you believe they ran out of popping boba? That’s fucking out of order right?”


The girl’s voice was grating and from the front, she looked just as odd. She looked young to be a bride, probably 18 or 19. Her chest was enormous, very obviously some inflated airbags or the like. Her top was stretched across it to the point of bursting, the words “A Princess Always Get What She Wants” barely legible.


The make up on her face was immaculate, flawlessly polished and almost dazzling to the eye. On the subject of which, hers were bright pink. Presumably contacts to match her hair.


But the feature on which Annabelle focused was her lips. Bright, bubblegum pink lips, thicker than lips had any right to be and moving steadily, her jaw lazily moving up and down as she chewed her gum.


“Yeah, I know I look fucking bangin’. Can you talk, shit for brains? What’s wrong with you fuckers? It took me ages to get her to talk too.”


She held up a cup of bubble tea, with the name Lucy on the side.


“The bitch put regular boba in and thought I’d be okay with that. She got my name wrong too, it’s Lacey, for fuck’s sake.”


Finally clearing her mind, Annabelle said what she had been thinking as she walked in.


“Did you leave your gum on the floor outside?”


“Yeah, that one ran out of flavour, lucky I had a spare, I hate not having someone to suck on. Gonna need some new ones soon though.” Lacey replied, turning back to the barista. “Anyone else working today or just you, fucking useless slut?”


The girl withered under Lacey’s glare, shrinking back behind the counter.


“J-Just me, miss.”


“Fuck, that means I’m gonna have to make you go a long way.”


Without further warning, Lacey blew a bubble into the face of the barista. It exploded, covering her face and splattering onto her clothing. Where it touched flesh, it spread and where it touched cloth, it ate through it like acid until flesh was exposed.


The barista’s face was hidden behind the gum, but Annabelle knew that it would be frozen in a mask of pure terror. What was this girl doing? Did she just spit acid at her?


The barista feebly struggled, clawing at her face and clothing, but the bubblegum continued its advance, contouring around the barista’s bare body and forming a new layer atop her skin. When it finally ceased, the barista stood still. 


Giving a lazy flicked of her wrist, Lacey directed the body of the barista into the air, guiding it into the middle of the shop as it levitated through the air before her.


“You guys wanna see something really cool? I haven’t tried this yet, but I think it’s gonna be wicked.”


As Annabelle looked on in shock and confusion, the barista’s body began to contort. Her head was forced down into her shoulder, legs wrapped around her back and arms laid flat under her breasts. All the while, a slurping, sucking sound could be heard.


Then she began to shrink.


“I really wish you could all hear her screaming too, it’s like my favourite song. Fuck I can never get over how pathetic they sound.” Lacey said, holding the bubble tea in one hand and flicking the straw around in the other, like a conductor at an orchestra, or a hoodlum wielding a glow stick at a rave.


The barista’s body continued to shrink, until it was less than half of the size of the cup.


“This is the new part, it’s fucking tricky, so make sure you clap when I do it perfectly.” Lacey said, putting the straw into her mouth and beginning to suck.


A series of squelching popping sounds, originating from the barista’s body, filling the otherwise silent room. Pieces, tiny bubbles of the barista’s body were being broken off and separated into the air. Process started, Lacey replaced the straw at the lip of the bubble tea.


“Fuck, I’m gonna need to cum after this. One of you is on sex toy duty. Maybe two.”


Guiding the bubbles through the air, Lacey funnelled them down the straw and into her bubble tea. As the last one entered, she put her lips back to the straw and gave a long and noisy slurp. She brought the bubbles onto her tongue and pressed them against the roof of her mouth. This time everyone could hear the agonised screaming that came out of the girl’s maw.


Lacey shuddered in pleasure as she gulped down her drink and continued her slurping. After another three large gulps, in which Lacey managed to drain half of the cup, she paused.


“Fuck, I think I just came from that bitch’s screams. The best thing is, I didn’t even kill her. She’ll never die, just be stuck like that, inside me. Isn't that legit? I love it when people get to serve me forever.”


That was it. That was the point where Annabelle regained her senses and tried to run for the door. Except she couldn’t. She looked down to her feet and saw the gum, now covering her shoe completely. Refusing to let her go.


“Wow, you must have some expensive shoes. I told it to devour everything except the best designer stuff. Gotta stock up the wardrobe somehow you know?” Lacey said, licking her lips as she looked at Annabelle.


“Guess I gotta change my look though if I wanna wear your outfit.”


Lacey sipped her boba at a more leisurely pace as she began to rise. Her breasts expanded outwards, her legs lengthened and even her feet grew, until they were big enough to comfortably fit a shoe significantly larger than her current ones.


Lacey now stood at a much more impressive height, equal to Annabelle’s own 5’10”, but significantly more imposing. Lacey’s figure hadn’t lost any of its ridiculous features, but it was hard to witness the events in front of her and still think of the girl causing them as ridiculous.


And now, Annabelle could read the second part of the writing on Lacey’s shirt. “Until Bitches Like Me Take It.”


“I could make my own clothes, but why the fuck would I do that when I can just nick shit?” Lacey said, approaching Annabelle. The scent coming from her was sickly, sweet and should in no way have been as alluring as it was.


Annabelle remained stuck in place as her own shoes betrayed her, removed from her feet as the gum lifted her out of them. They slid along the floor, allowing Lacey to step into them.


“Damn, I make these look fucking great. Better than they ever looked on you, that’s for sure.” Lacey tried out a few steps with them, then a couple of stomps, followed by a smearing motion.


“Yeah, these are perfect. Thanks babe, I’ll make it up to you by saving you for later, ’kay?” Lacey grinned at Annabelle, loudly slurping the last of the boba through her straw and tossing the cup behind her.


“Ah, I fucking love fresh screamers. You know that thing people say about gum staying inside you for like 7 years? Total bullshit. I mean, it stays in me forever. I can hear that whiny bitch sobbing now. Can still hear that fuckboy from last week too, I’m amazed he’s still got enough of a mind to make a sound.”


Managing to break eye contact with Lacey for a moment, Annabelle looked around and finally realised why none of the others had been saying anything through the macabre ordeal. Bubblegum lined their lips and every part of them in contact with a surface, locking them in place.


“I didn’t hear any fucking clapping, even after I told you how impressive that was. Guess you all really want to get intimate with me.” Lacey announced, strolling over to the business woman and looking over her shoulder at the laptop. The gum had gotten to work and had destroyed most of the woman’s clothing by this point, but it was only when Lacey read the screen that the woman’s eyes went wide with fear.


“Damn, this is some fucking tame stuff. This is what gets you off, a girl gently sucking your tits? I thought you needed tits for that? Like, no offence babe, but you are fucking flat.”


Lacey planted her fat ass in the chair opposite the businesswoman, her butt overflowing the seat and gripping it firmly. With no visible effort, she pulled the table out from between them, sending the laptop smashing to the floor without a care. Finally, she lifted her top over her enormous tits, exposing herself to the room.


“Here babe, I’ll let you live out your greatest fantasy on me. You suck my tits, I suck yours. Here’s the rule though, if you don’t get me off before I get bored, I might just suck a little harder.”


Thrusting her chest forward, Lacey easily covered the woman’s face with the flesh of one of her boobs. It seemed to adhere to the woman’s skin, as she began to desperately suck on the nipple.


Lazily, Lacey took both of the woman’s breasts in her hands and began to stroke them. Brief gasping sounds were heard from Lacey’s tit.


“Wow, you are fucking repressed. Guess I gotta fucking liberate you before you’re mine forever.”


Lacey’s motion on the woman’s breasts continued, deforming the flat chest into something slightly larger.


As Annabelle leaned in, morbidly looking to get a closer look, she saw tendrils of gum leading into the businesswoman’s breasts from the rest of her body. Apparently pulsing veins of gum were feeding into the breast tissue, making them fuller, plumper and perkier.


Both of the other women must have twigged at the same time. The businesswoman’s breasts were growing, but at the cost of the rest of her body. Frantically trying to stop the process, the businesswoman gave up on sucking Lacey’s nipple and fought vehemently against the utterly suffocating presence that just one of Lacey’s tits was currently making.


“Uh uh, you don’t get to stop until one of us cums. I haven’t even started sucking yours yet, but fat chance I was degrading myself to sucking the tits of a flattie.”


When the businesswoman had shrunk to almost half her height, her boobs finally reaching the second half of the alphabet, Lacey was content to start sucking them. It didn’t last long after that.


Three sucks precisely.


First, Lacey sucked on her left tit, bringing her to the verge of orgasm immediately.


Then, she sucked on her right tit, resulting in the most powerful orgasm that the businesswoman had ever experienced.


And the third suck came from Lacey’s own tit, draining the life, pleasure and mass out of the near comatose woman.


“Yeah, my titties get pretty jealous when you don’t finish them off first. Good thing I’m a fucking pro at watching my weight.”


When Lacey turned around, Annabelle was horrified to see the dwindling remains of the woman’s body be absorbed into Lacey tits, her bust swelling ever larger as it jiggled up and down happily in her hands.


“Now I need to actually fucking cum. You’re up for that task, bruv.” Lacey said, sitting down next to the couple.


“Now, I get you have a thing for big tits, so I know that it won’t be a problem for you getting hard, but I kinda prefer my guys soft you know? I like being able to constrict my pussy around them.”


As Lacey spoke, gum finished enveloping the guy. As soon as it did, his body contracted. It didn’t contort in the way the barista’s did, simply dwindling into a miniature version of himself. As the process finished, he seemed to regain motor function, running to his girlfriend’s leg and embracing her.


“He’s such a fucking melt. I’ve gotta let some of these loose some day, girls would go crazy for them.” Lacey said, looking the girlfriend in the eye. “But now princess, I’m gonna use your boyfriend until I fucking break him and there’s nothing you can do about it.”


Picking up the 6 inch boyfriend, Lacey pulled down her tracksuit bottoms to reveal a lack of underwear. She positioned herself next to the girlfriend, throwing an arm around her shoulder for support, then inserted the bubblegum covered guy into her pussy. Some of the noises were familiar to the remaining victims, a popping of bubbles, a moaning of pleasure. The guy’s muffled cries of pain were new, as he was violently compressed by the muscular walls of Lacey’s pussy.


“Fuck, my cunt is hungrier than my tits today, can you believe that? The last guy I did this with lasted 7 seconds. I give your boy toy 2 minutes, tops.”


The squelching noises cause by Lacey’s repeated thrusts of the human dildo into and out of her pussy were eerily reminiscent of the ones made by her mouth earlier as she chewed her gum. The pace increased, sounds of slurping fluids intensifying, along with an occasional cracking.


“That’s his ribs. No fucker’s chest is a match for my cunt. She’ll cave them in anytime. Still squirming though, gotta be a bit rougher.”


Lacey changed tact, fixing her toy’s feet to the seat beneath her and violently bouncing up and down on the chair. Her bounces looked effortless, her bubble butt compressing to allow her to fully insert her personal dildo as deep into her voracious cunt as possible. The seat beneath her lifted from the floor occasionally as it adhered to her ass, adding to the racket already being caused by Lacey’s body.


It all ended with a loud crack. Lacey’s face took on an even brighter sheen and as she continued to look directly into the face of the girlfriend she had just traumatised, she let out an orgasmic moan. A slurping, sucking sound came from her pussy, as the broken remains of her toy were chewed up and taken into her fully. Once it had finished devouring its meal, her pussy began drooling trails of gum out onto the floor.


“Now that’s how you ride a guy so hard you crack his spine. He was a good one alright. Not one to take home, but great for a lay. Hope you already got your use out of him.”


Tears freely ran down the girl’s face, over the trails of bubblegum crossing her flesh and soaking the last remains of her ‘Magical Mystical Heroes’ t-shirt. As the last shreds of it disintegrated under the effects of the gum, Lacey scoffed.


“Fucking big tit anime nerd. Bet you thought you were pretty lucky to finally fuck a guy right? Did he even fuck you? Did he just wanna fuck your tits and cum on your face? Fucking virgin slut.”


Lacey took one of the girl’s breast’s in both her hands and squeezed, licking outwards from the nipple and spreading gum across the girl’s body. Once satisfied that she had completely covered one of them, Lacey switched her attention to the other, liberally slavering the gum and her saliva, though the difference was barely noticeable.


The girl’s tits now looked like they belonged on a blow-up doll. They projected unnaturally from her chest and squeaked as they moved. Happy with her work, Lacey stood up, levitating the girl from the seat and floating her to the middle of the room.


“I’ve been trying to do this for fucking ages, but there’s too many skinny bitches. I’m gonna enjoy this.”


At that, Lacey stood in front of the girl and grew. Her body expanded upwards once more, until she reached a statuesque and terrifying 7ft. Then she simply picked up the smaller girl and embraced her in a hug. Their boobs were the first parts of their body to meet, Lacey’s oppressively enormous size easily overwhelming the merely huge tits of the other girl. Both pairs began to compress, boob flesh spilling out on either side as Lacey’s tits began to envelop her opponent’s. Another malicious smirk grew on Lacey’s face and widened as the other girl’s frantic and pointless struggles progressed. Lacey squeezed the girl tighter as she ran her tongue up the length of the girl’s face, forcing their bodies together until something had to give.


That came as the loudest popping sound so far echoed around the room, bubblegum exploding outwards from the space between the pair.


With it, Lacey’s body rapidly rushed forward to fill the suddenly vacant space where the other girl’s tits had once been. Lacey continue the embrace for a few more moments, squirming in orgasmic delight as she continued to force the girl’s body against her own.


For her part, the girl helplessly thrashed her legs against Lacey’s to no avail. Suspended from the ground, she was entirely subject to Lacey’s every whim, who shook her back and forth as easily as she might handle a stuffed toy. The girl’s fists soon ceased pounded on Lacey’s indestructible body, finally submitting to her fate.


When the cruel embrace finally ended, Lacey practically bounced away, her own tits even larger and bouncier than before.


The girlfriend crumpled to the floor, muffled sounds somewhere between sobs and silent screams occasionally making their way out of her. It was the only option left to her, mouth sealed tight, short and shallow exhalations escaping from her nose where Lacey had decided to allow her to breathe. Lacey had taken her tits and burst them like bubble gum. Her bare chest was left smooth and flat, covered in the sticky substance, but entirely bereft of the previously impressive mounds.


“These look way better on me, babe. No chance of any guys being after you for your tits now.” Lacey sneered at the snivelling form on the ground. “Fuck, I really hate girls like you. I just wanna chew you up and spit you out.”


Barely reacting to Lacey’s words, the girl merely continued with her pitiful existence. As Lacey rotated her wrist in the air though, the girl rose and tilted forward, gum resuming its advance across the uncovered portions of her body.


“I said, bitch, that I want to fucking chew you up. What do you think you taste like? I’m gonna say strawberry.”


The coating of gum around the girl suddenly expanded, forming a 6ft diameter sphere around the girl. Lacey opened her hand, finger splayed wide, then slowly began to close it. As she did, the sphere started to contract.


Inside, the girl had been freed from her restraints. Fight temporarily renewed, she desperately pounded on the bubble but it was unyielding, a solid barrier slowly advanced on her. She crouched to her knees, forced down by the restricting space and started clawing at the surface, scraping her nail and blooding her fingers as she screamed in horror with her returned voice.


Hand halfway closed now, Lacey sadistically looked on while her other fingers slid inside of her dripping pussy. 

She collected some of the sticky residue from her murderous cunt and licked her fingers with a shudder.


“Your boyfriend tastes fucking banging. I’ll have to bring whatever’s left of him out later for a snack.” Lacey continued, chewing the sticky remnants of the boy her pussy had ground into paste. “You don’t look like such a snack now though do you, slut? At least you’re on your knees.”


The bubble continued to close in around the girl, utterly refusing to deform to her body. Head tucked in against the remains of her chest, the girl had contracted herself to a ball. The bubble was attempting to compress her further though. It started with her shoulders. First one was dislocated, bringing a fresh scream of pain from the girl and satisfied sounds of grunting and slurping from Lacey.


Then the torture ramped up. Legs forced against each other, arms pressed into sides. Skin split rapidly, exposing bones broken in an effort to conform to the shape of the surrounding. The girl was held together though, prevented from the release of death by the expert manipulation of the horror dictating her life and death.


When the bubble had reached merely a foot in diameter, and the girl no longer had any hope of breathing inside it, it drifted closer to Lacey. She rested it next to her tits and laughed at the comparison it made.


Then she closed her fist completely and the girl’s form liquified as the bubble contracted to the size of a gobstopper in an instant.


The floor beneath Lacey was suddenly slick with the discharge from her pussy, a sticky pink and red mixture that exuded an intoxicating scent of lust and danger.


“I fucking love the ones with a gooey centre, don’t you? People call these gobstoppers, but I’ll be fucked if I’ve ever found something that’s been able to stop my gob.”


Leaving her new treat suspended in the air, Lacey bent down to scoop up her expelled nectar. She rolled it into a ball a tossed it in her mouth, continuing to chew with an open mouth while she examined Annabelle.


“Coulda sworn you was some tall, fancy lady when you came in here. What happened short stuff?” Lacey mocked, gradually expanding her form as she grew once again. As her gargantuan tits blocked the comparatively tiny lawyer from view, Lacey halted her expansion at about 10ft, twice the height she’d entered the shop at.


“I said I was gonna take you home and savour you didn’t I? Well, you’re gonna need to be a hell of a lot smaller for that.” Lacey said, beginning to blow an enormous bubble.


It quickly expanded beyond the size of her breasts, until it too reached a diameter of 6ft. Then, Lacey pinched it off with her lips and let it descend onto Annabelle.


When it contacted her, the lawyer was swiftly devoured into the bubble, which continued to fall around her until it reached the ground and met again under her feet.


Once again shocked into awareness from the familiar scenario, Annabelle chose a different option, having witnessed the failure of the previous victim.


“Please, let me live. I’ll give you anything. I have more clothes. Designer brands, whatever you want, I have the money.”


“Money is hot, but mostly when it’s being worn by other people and I can take it from them. I can do that with anyone.”


“Representation? I can defend you, when they catch you. People are looking for you, you know. All these disappearances.”


“Thank fuck someone’s finally after me. I’ve been leaving gum covered in bits of me and my victims for weeks now, I’m just waiting for the pigs to show up so I can chew on some pork.”


“You… want to be caught?”


“You are a fucking dumb cunt aren’t you? No one’s gonna catch me, because I can do whatever I want. I just want some more people to come find me, because both me and my pussy get fucking hungry.”


Annabelle hesitated, unsure where to make her next line of defence. It was all it took though, Lacey was bored of talking. The bubble began to contract.


Now switching tactics to the tried and failed punching and scratching technique, it took Annabelle some time to notice that the bubble wasn’t actually compressing in on her. She could she Lacey’s fingers closing towards her palm, but she hadn’t felt the bubble get any closer. She briefly wondered if the bubble was actually shrinking, or Lacey was merely toying with her.


Until she saw the height of the table next to her rapidly rising.


Annabelle understood then. She wasn’t to be compressed, but would be reduced in size, inside a tiny bubble. She closed her eyes for the next part, falling to the surface of the bubble and gripping her knees to her chest. 


Lacey liked keeping a tiny person trapped outside her body occasionally. It was fucking intense, to hear the screams of the souls she imprisoned inside her for eternity, but there was a different pleasure in having a tiny speck as a trophy instead. The bead had been reduced to about half an inch across at this point, which Lacey judged to be a good size for a necklace.


Lifting a gold chain from the pocket of her tracksuit bottoms, she pressed the bubble into it and draped it around her neck. The bubble rested at the cusp of her enormous cleavage and Lacey smirked at the fun she could have subjecting the tiny prisoner to the humiliation of life between her tits. There certainly hadn’t been a guy who had survived an encounter with them, so the speck should count herself lucky.


Reducing her height back to her regular 5ft, Lacey redressed and left the scene of her most recent crime, hoping that she’d left enough evidence behind this time. She licked her lips in anticipation and inserted her newly acquired gobstopper into her mouth, easily breaking through the crunchy exterior with her teeth and revelling in the gooey surprise inside.


“Nope, not strawberry, definitely just blood. Fucking good though.”


The people of Lower Uptown were scared. A local bubble tea shop had apparently been the sight of a another disappearance, a mass kidnapping this time, but the only evidence left behind was a large quantity of bubblegum. Unfortunately, the shop’s security camera was just for show and no footage existed of what happened in there. Many people were scared of leaving their homes and with no commonality between the victims, anyone was at risk.


The people of Lower Uptown might be a lot more scared though, if they knew who was out to get them.

Chapter End Notes:

This was an experiment to see whether I could make a seemingly silly superpower absolutely terrifying. Hopefully you liked it, if you want to see more of Lacey in the future, please leave a review.

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