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The Sillitoe sisters--Alison, Bertha, Charlotte, and Deirdre--took after their mother in their hair color (auburn). While they took after their father, the mayor, in their eye color (blue).

Alison, the twenty-one year-old first-born, had been Lauren Findlay's best friend since they were both five. Bertha, the eighteen year-old middle sister, was a little bit stockier than Alison. While Charlotte and Deirdre--the seventeen year-old twins--had Alison's slenderness. But, most definitely, _not_ her chest size!

Lewis thought nothing about this day could astound him, anymore. But, he was wrong. Lauren's bride's-maids were all ten feet tall! The skirts of their lavender-pink dresses stopping an inch above their pantalettes (which now came only to their knees).

"How on Earth...?" he half-muttered.

"I partially transformed them, My Consort."

Lewis spun around and saw El Jefe and the four riflemen kneeling on one knee apiece. He then looked upward and saw why. Heraclitoris--all fifteen feet of her--was gazing down at him, a triumphant smile on her face.

She was still as topless as when she had delivered her ultimatum, earlier that afternoon. But, now, with no buildings to hide behind, her barefoot legs were relatively clear to see. Only partially hidden by a skirt of white transluscent silk with a jaguar-skin belt.

"What did you do to them?" Lewis growled.

"I needed new acolytes, My Consort. After all, you killed the ones I had rescued from slavery in Mexico."

"Lew?" interrupted Lauren: "Th-They killed them. All the Yankee soldiers who were stationed, here. She bit Alison and her sisters in their necks. Forced them to do the same to her. A-And, then, they...shrank 'em and ate 'em! Every--single--soldier!!"

"Well, not quite all of 'em," replied Alison. With a nod to her sisters, she pulled a four-inch tall cavalryman from out of her cleavage! Bertha, Charlotte, and Deirdre matching her movements in perfect unison.

Lewis just could not avert his eyes as the shrunken cavalrymen screamed in abject terror, their semi-vampiric captors opening wide in shameless, malicious glee.

Followed by their letting go of the little men.


The screams were cut off as each of the semi-giantesses gulped their food down whole. Whereupon, they each proceeded to grow another two feet taller.

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