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Nathan, a guy who has problems managing his money, gets the opportunity to live in a really nice and cheap place.
What's the trick? Well, there's no trick exactly, just some peculiar situation going on around this apartment complex.

(This story includes some images as visual reference for some scenes)

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Published: July 04 2022 Updated: January 12 2023

1. Welcome to AA Apartment Complex by TinyEd [Reviews - 8] starstarstarstarstar (3403 words)

This story will have a slow start, the "action" is gonna appear in future chapters
This first chapter is mostly a long introduction
Also, I have to make notice that english is not my main language, if you see any error in the writing please let me know <3

2. The descision by TinyEd [Reviews - 4] starstarstarhalf-star (2235 words)

This chapter follows a bit of the introduction but also introduces a new and important character for the story

3. First time inside by TinyEd [Reviews - 0] (2776 words)

This chapter introduces some important stuff for the rest of the story, finally the shrinking part and a small surprise at the end

4. Weird normalcy by TinyEd [Reviews - 2] (2252 words)

Here's the new chapter

5. Getting to know the landlord lady by TinyEd [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarhalf-star (1617 words)

This is a short chapter, more focused on bonding and Anna's view of things

6. A late night talk with a goddess by TinyEd [Reviews - 1] (1974 words)

We keep going with some small teasing and interactions with Anna

7. My landlord lady can't be so goddesly cute by TinyEd [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (2318 words)

8. What a good life by TinyEd [Reviews - 1] (2275 words)

This chapter is a bit of teasing of what's to come in near future chapters, I hope you like it!

9. Distant thoughts and giant bodies by TinyEd [Reviews - 0] (2686 words)

So this is the setup chapter, the set up for you know what's coming

10. Anna's pleasure - part 1 by TinyEd [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (2806 words)
Here it is, the first of the five parts, this chapter will contain some teasing and some play with the size

11. Anna's pleasure - part 2 by TinyEd [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (3924 words)

This chapter has two visuals and some more size interactions

12. Anna's pleasure - part 3 by TinyEd [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (2393 words)
This chapter has a focus on size breast play, hope you like it

13. Anna's pleasure - part 4 by TinyEd [Reviews - 0] (2616 words)

This chapter is focused on mouth play mostly

14. Anna's pleasure - part 5 by TinyEd [Reviews - 0] (2956 words)

This chapter has insertion at some sorts, and is also the last part of the pleasure arch, I recommend reading it altogether if you wanna get the whole experience again

15. Size dilemma and self thoughts by TinyEd [Reviews - 0] (2749 words)

Hi there! itīs been a while since the last chapter! the story is now resuming once again and this chapter is just a small chill chapter with some Clover development, hope you like it!

16. The goddess, the good and the idiot by TinyEd [Reviews - 0] (2907 words)

This chapter is focused mostly on the characters

17. Clover's precious time - part 1 by TinyEd [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (2965 words)

And with this we're getting into a new arch, I hope you like it!

18. Clover's precious time - part 2 by TinyEd [Reviews - 0] (3508 words)

This chapter features foot play

19. Clover's precious time - part 3 by TinyEd [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (2850 words)
Another chapter for Clover's body adventures, this one is based on nipple interaction mostly, hope you like it

20. Clover's precious time - part 4 by TinyEd [Reviews - 0] (4164 words)

This one is a bit of a long one, mostly focused on insertion, I hope you like it

21. Two big reasons to look foward by TinyEd [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (3138 words)

This is just a chapter with a bit more of lewd content before the final chapter next week

22. Final Chapter: Welcome to the complex by TinyEd [Reviews - 0] (3209 words)

Enjoy this chapter