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Author's Chapter Notes:

This chapter introduces some important stuff for the rest of the story, finally the shrinking part and a small surprise at the end

It was impressive to say the less, the shrinking machine they had in this place, normally shrinking devices or guns would only shrink material stuff or humans without their clothes and it sometimes takes some time to make them get enough charge to work, some even give you timers so that the stuff that was shrunk would grow again after a certain amount of time.

This machine though, it could shrink anything that was inside the room, and keep a small portable ground that can be taken in any way, outside of the room there were people clearly observing behind a float glass if there were any mistakes in the process or just to carry me around after I got shrunk with all of my stuff.

Besides me and my packaged stuff, there was Beatrice and some other couple of people I didn´t know carrying some other stuff as well, mostly bags with groceries and others.

The first time I didn´t get to see the process of shrinking since I was unconscious so this time I didn´t want to miss any second of it, you can´t get shrunk any normal day after all, unless you´re working directly with the technology itself.

“Watch this, it never gets old how amazing this looks” said Beatrice getting close to me and whispering to my ear.

A sudden light started to shine around us, embracing me and the others with some warmth, as I felt some kind of dizziness that I was trying to get used to as it was hitting me, realizing slowly that the room around us was starting to get bigger, no, actually we were getting small, really small.

“I think I forgot to ask this before but… how small exactly are we going to get?” I asked.

“The beads itself are around 1 inch each… looking around 100 feet to our destined size”

“T-that does sound big…” I said a bit disturbed, though inside my head I was panicky screaming.


“So I’d say we would be around 1/20 of an inch tall or around a millimeter tall if you prefer” said Beatrice while making a thinking expression.

The world kept getting bigger and bigger, my amazement continued as everything turned to be unbelievable gigantic, then it suddenly stopped, it seems it was finished.

Around us, the others were just talking with each other or spacing out at the moment, but everyone turned to see when a giant door opened up, the same door where we came from when first entering the room.

The ground was shaking as a giant figure started to cross through that door, what could only be described as a living mounting, miles high of moving flesh and clothes coming in our direction, I was panicking a bit but seeing Beatrice and the rest just watching amazed made me feel a bit more secure, it was a normal process for them.

But I have to admit, it is a bit disturbing seeing such a gigantic human form moving so fast and directly to you, knowing exactly where you are, despise the size difference, and as I was thinking that, that person was already above us, bending down to use what seemed to be some kind of specialized tweezers to hold our ground, and as they did, the whole ground started shaking.

“W-woah… one should think that a direct contact with something that big should move the ground a bit more” I said.

Beatrice just smiled, like she wanted to show off a bit “Well that’s just because we’re using special technology that minimizes the vibrations created on us, it’s also all over the complex so you will never feel dizzy no matter how much the place is moved”.

“That sounds convenient”.

“It was one of the first ideas in design, that scientists got when they tested shrink technology”.

As we both were talking, the giant person put us on top of their hand, a vast space that you could outrun for a while and never be able to cross it all, in front of us was their giant face, covered by some mask, probably to avoid any inconvenience when breathing on top of us or something like that.

“Wait, what if we were up to fall from here?” I said, asking about the fact that we could probably be miles high up with no way of going back if we fell.

“Relax, your body would react just like it would for an ant, if you fall you just fall, the problem would be to find you, but you have your phone with you, so getting lost is also a difficult task to do unless you actually want to”

“I definitely not…”

We saw as this person was taking us to another room, probably whenever they had the complex, as far as I know, this should be a quick and secure process, or as far as Beatrice made me let know.

So the caring giant monolithic person took us to our destiny, one of the spheres on the Anal Beads had some kind of entry that Beatrice opened up for us after putting a code on some panel, opening some kind of hangar where we were just pushed inside, while the door was closing behind us slowly, we were able to finally feel like ‘able to move’ in some sort of way.

Everyone started moving while I was just amazed of the process this was, only taking no more than 10 minutes to be shrunken down and inserted into the complex.

“You should get your stuff moving, you can’t ever know if they gonna take the surface out for the next group to come or something” Beatrice said while trying to take me out of my speechless state.

“Y-yeah.. You’re right”

(On the other hand, I can’t believe I’m again inside of some gigantic anal beads).

With the help of Beatrice I took my stuff and moved them all the way to where it seemed was the way to the elevator.

“You told me the first sphere was mostly an entrances but isn’t the space kinda wasted on just that?” I asked.

“Well, we do have a storage room around here, emergency stuff, some medicine, lightbulbs, candles, etc. though getting all the way here would be kind of annoying if there was an actual emergency that needed most of that stuff”.

“So it’s also a garage then”

“You can take it like that I guess” said Beatrice.

We kept moving until getting to the elevator room, already empty, everyone else who came before us already left, Beatrice just pressed the button to wait for it.

“So I guess I should be asking this, do you live here in the complex or...?”

Beatrice let out a small giggle “I do live here, or well, most of the time, there’ll be sometimes I won’t be in the complex, it depends on how’s the business outside, most of the time I can work my stuff from here but they need me out from time to time”

“Isn’t it complicated with the weekend outside schedule and stuff?”

“They do inform me if they need me outside beforehand, so there might be times you just won’t find me in here” Beatrice said.

The elevator got to us at that moment and we both got on it.

As the elevator was taking us all the way to the sphere 1, where apparently my room was going to be, we keep talking with Beatrice about the complex and some other stuff.

After a good while and finally getting to the sphere 1, the elevator opened its doors and suddenly I felt dragged by some force.

“wh-wha?!” I turned around to see someone grabbing my arm, almost making me drop all my stuff by accident.

“I knew I would be seeing you really soon! Your face had it written all over!” Clover, the girl I had a conversation with on the phone just yesterday, was in front of me, standing there a full head smaller than me, dragging me out of the elevator by my arm with a happy smile on her face.

“I guess I don’t have to introduce you but this is Clover, she didn’t look like that on the call but she has no shame regarding personal space” Beatrice said.

“BECKY!” Clover almost instantly released my arm and went all out to hug Beatrice, who in the approach of what was coming, took my stuff at one side, taking the full impact of Clover’s hug with the rest of her body.

“Come on Clover, I’m helping Nathan to move in, can you at least help us or wait until we have finished?”

“Oh right, uh… sorry” Clover stopped hugging Beatrice, while putting her arms up as if telling her that she wasn’t guilty “let me help you with that” Clover took some of the stuff Beatrice was holding and we went all the way to one of the rooms.

‘Room 29’ was written on a plate.

Beatrice opened the door with some keys and the three of us went inside.

It wasn’t my first time seeing one of these rooms, they had photos on the website I saw, but I still couldn’t believe my own eyes, a room with enough space for at least 4 people living inside, a small couch, a personal space for a television, a personal kitchen, the entrance for my own bathroom and my own bed.

A room that was just perfect enough, it didn’t need that much stuff to be added, it was good enough for me, and that room was now my house, it felt kinda like it was some sort of dream.

After leaving my stuff on the ground or the bed, Beatrice gave me the key to my room and left with Clover, leaving me there to unpack all my stuff, finally enjoying some time alone on my new room.

I charged my phone and my laptop, connected some stuff here and there, and found where the important stuff should be like first aids or where to storage the toilet paper or the trash bags.

“Wait, since we’re this small in such a hard-to-get-in place, we don’t have bugs around here either… huh, that’s another plus side I guess” I said to myself.

Some hours passed and I was resting in bed enjoying my free time alone, and while I was at that, someone knocked at my door.

“Helloooooooooooo” from the screams from outside I could tell it was Clover, being annoying was probably one of the things she knew to do mostly.

Doubting a bit if to opening the door was a good decision or not, I just went with it and opened it up.

Standing there was the girl with the reddish hair “Good to see you opened the door! You have to see this” she said while taking my hand without taking any answer on my part and just dragging me where she wanted to take me.

“Where are we going?!” I asked.

“The end of the sphere, it’s almost time!”

(Almost time? What does she mean?)

When we were getting there I realized what she was talking about.

“The weekend has practically ended, and this is kinda a ritual now!” Clover said as we were getting to the end of the sphere, where it was a big black window, we were the only ones here even if it was a really open space.

“A ritual?” I asked.

“YEAH! I come here every weekend just to see this!” Clover then proceeded to press a button that was at the side of the black window.

When she did, the black window turned transparent slowly, and the first thing that I got to see… was a butt…

A massive butt, a mountain of flesh, all roundy and sexy looking ass that was not a mystery who it belonged to.

I blushed instantly, this was insane, Anna’s butt was covering the whole outside, it was so big you could never be able to see the end of it, and for that same reason and the angle we were up from, it was impossible to see anything that wasn’t Anna’s gigantic Ass as long as the distance could determine.

“She usually just let the Anal Beads stay on top of her butt…. It’s so fucking majestic….”Clover was practically drooling over the mountain in front of us, and I can’t blame her, I was kinda enjoying this view as well, to think this landscape of lewd skin was the butt of that cute girl…

“After a while… and when she’s on the mood to do it… she just pushes the anal beads inside her… and from here we have a front seat view of everything….”Clover was practically panting with a red face, looking intensely at the gigantic butt in front of us.

“You really… do like this huh?”

“I LOVE IT!” she said a bit too excited, then noticing her own overreaction and stopping for a moment “I-I’m sorry… I just have a size fetish…”

(No shit genius!)

“I can see that… you’re practically begging with your eyes to be thrown out there…”

“God, you don’t know how much I’d like that… to be thrown on top of Anna’s gigantic landscape ass and just crossing the whole place… getting lost inside her gigantic… oh, sorry I’m doing it again…” Clover seemed like she was on some internal fight, trying not to show her most pervert side coming out that much, but taking in mind she lives inside a giant sex toy, that seems like something she finds hard to do.

“That’s okay, I get the appeal” I said.

Clover’s eyes shinned at that answer, just at the perfect moment when ‘that started’.

“It’s happening!” She exclaimed.

In front of us, and separated by this strong layer of the window, we saw as one giant hand, the size of any skyscraper you might find in the big cities, started moving apart the mountains of flesh that were surrounding us, showing us suddenly the darker space between her cheeks, a place that was getting darker and darker as it was moving, only being able to see thanks to a light that was probably outside the bead, and we also didn’t feel any of the movement of course but knowing we were getting moved so fast and so much with just one simple movement of Anna’s hands was a thrilling and exciting thought.

“Ah… we’re getting inserted…” said Clover in a sexy tone of voice, but I could clearly see why, one hand of hers was inside her shorts, probably even inside her underwear, making movements clearly suspicious.

And she was correct, we were getting ‘inserted’ as how she said, as we saw a massive splinter in front of us…

A massive entrance like a cavern was standing there, all fleshy and dark… and hungry…

“Can you see how is just asking for us to get inside? Anna won’t look like it but I know… she’s just into this as I am… she just can’t stop thinking about inserting in her ass a building filled with people… even if she wants to deny it… just look at how hungry that cave is…” as Clover said that we both could see that giant entrance clenching, the skin moving as if there was something already there, like tasting something in advance “see?! I told you, she’s definitely into this oh my god…” with that said Clover’s legs started trembling as she was struggling to stand, then suddenly the entrance got bigger as we were getting closer and closer at some incredible speed, ending with the asshole opening around us, revealing the dark intimate insides of Anna, where light never gets in, there was us, watching it all with some small light resource.

As soon as we were getting inside, Clover ran off to what could be her room, probably to finish some indecency that she didn’t want to finish where we were.

(Not that she did enough indecencies just now….) I thought as I saw again in front of me, the meat walls that were standing there, and moving as we were getting deeper and deeper inside Anna…

I felt a stiff under my pants, it was probably there for some while now…

(Yeah, I probably will have to go back to my room as well…)

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