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Author's Chapter Notes:

Sorry if this chapter feels a bit slow/short. I'm planning for some weeks to have more than two parts if a lot happens in them plot wise.  

The library was the perfect place to hide away from everyone. Not many people used the facility in their yard time but the library had been bolstered by some initiative that gave prisons extra funding.

The large, square room had a number of book shelves which were set out in rows. When you entered the vast room, there was a row of tables followed by three rows of shelves. A final line of desks sat on the other side of the shelves, meaning the back row of desks was mostly out of sight from the door. Jennifer always sat at the back. It was secluded and out of eye line. The closest thing to a home for her. Beyond the occasional patrols, the guards left the space, turning a blind eye so people could deal drugs or goods.  Everyone knew it was happening, but some guards had a slice of the business.

It was an unspoken rule that this was a cease fire zone. So Jennifer nested here and, right up until a few moments ago, had felt completely safe tucked away in her corner of the deserted library.

Until that voice invaded her peace. The blood in her veins turned to ice. She tilted her head up and up and up.... And up. Vásquez was lent against a book shelf, looking down at the seated, tiny woman. From here, the nearly seven foot latina looked like a skyscraper. She was almost as tall as the shelf she lent on. Jennifer felt like she was sinking into the floor, her stomach already far ahead on it's journey to her shoes. How had someone so large snuck up on her so silently? Had the wheezing air conditioner masked her arrival or was she part panther?

"Oh, more staring?" She asked. Jennifer's eyes dropped to the table in front of her. The already baking library had transformed into a sauna. As if the atmosphere around her had suddenly become heavy. Vásquez slowly strolled around the table, dragging a finger along it's surface. Jennifer was being circled by a great white in open waters.

A huge shadow swallowed Jennifer whole before she passed around to her left. From her seat, Jennifer felt like her eye line was below Vásquez's waist. All she could see in her peripheral vision was legs.

"I-I'm so-" Jennifer began.

"You know, people don't stare here. This place... It's like the jungle." She said, circling behind Jennifer. "You look too long and you start something." Vásquez was fully out of Jennifer's vision now, an oppressive tension weighing down on the dimunitive woman physically. Jennifer pulled her legs in under her, knees pressed together, a claustrophobia descending on her. She didn't know what to do. Could she talk her way out of this? Run? Fight? The latter sounded like a terrible idea but then, if this was it, she might as well try, right? She thought back to her first encounter with Vásquez. The phone call. She'd turned her kidney into pulp and it had taken weeks to pee right again. That was when she wasn't 8 inches bigger and stronger than ever...

Vásquez hadn't said anything for a while so Jennifer took that as her cue to speak. "Look, I'm really so-"

"I don't think you were trying to start something, though." Vásquez spoke over her again. Jennifer could hear the smile in her voice and feel the eyes burning into the back of her head. Vásquez was enjoying making her squirm. She bent at the waist, lower and lower and lower until the weight of her breasts pressed against Jennifer's back and neck. She brought her chin low, lips almost brushing the blonde woman's ear. Hot breath tickled her as she was asked, "or, were you?" Jennifer's face was burning now, fear causing adrenaline to slowly sweep through her. The weight of the goliath was becoming too much, forcing Jennifer to hunch more, slipping down in her seat. She felt like she was shrinking under the pressure.

"N-no! Of course not, I wo-"

There was a deafening crack of thunder as Vásquez slapped the table with a palm that could crack a skull. Her left hand had come down like Mjölnir. The force had made the flimsy desk buckle and bounce, sending the already terrified Jennifer into jumping in her seat, jostling the tits that were engulfing her. She was left quaking as Vásquez gradually continued crushing her. She could feel the swell of abs on her upper back too now. Tears were welling up in her eyes. "That's what I thought!" Vásquez said, smile in her voice again. Her tone turned menacing and her whispers returned to Jennifer's ear. "So, why the fuck do I keep catching you looking at me, blondie?" This time she didn't leave a gap to reply. "Why are you, the tiny, weak, pathetic rabbit staring at the king of the jungle?" She enunciated each word with a sharpness like a knife, punctuating the insults with more and more weight. The pixie-esque woman thought she'd turn into a diamond under her. Even the plastic chair felt like it was bowing beneath them.

"I-I-" Vásquez's right hand came up like a boxers upper cut, fingers cupped Jennifer's chin dragging her deeper into the cleavage.

Vásquez had taken her face away from Jennifer's ears now, she stood straighter, pulling Jennifer up in her seat. Her voice boomed down from above as if it came from some omnipotent prescence. "Don't fucking lie to me, pendeja." She warned, nails digging into pale cheeks and  pushing Jennifer against the wall of torso. All along her back she could feel muscle. Pectoral and abs softly shifting as Vásquez breathed.

There was no way out of this. No deus ex machina. No guard around the corner. No saviour. No escape. She could lie but that sinking feeling grew stronger when she debated it. It was like Vásquez could see through her. Into her. With a heavy dread crawling over her, resignation to her fate set in and Jennifer closed her eyes.

Her cheeks were mushed together, pushing her lips into an odd shape. She still somehow managed to squeak, "I... I think you're hot."

The confession had been wrung out of her. Bled out of her. Tears were streaming down her flushed, twisted cheeks at odd angles. Shame and fear mingled into a dark cloud of emotions that squeezed Jennifer's chest. She felt stupid for even considering these feelings. For having been caught staring at her. Vásquez stood there for a moment that felt like an hour.

Suddenly she was released and she dropped into the chair. Jennifer breathed in a shocked, jagged, stuttered breath. Her brain ran a mile a minute, flashes of all the possible outcomes that could befall her. A part of her was sure she was about to die.

Vásquez yanked on Jennifer's chair, dragging her away from the table with a grating sound that masked the yelp that came out of her. In a fluid motion, she stepped to Jennifer's side and then lifted a leg high, planting it on the other side of the chair. Her hamstrings actually forced the desk back so that now Jennifer was sat between the red woods, straddled by Vásquez who stretched skywards above her.

Vásquez used an index finger to guide Jennifer's chin up, craning her neck slowly back. From beyond the hills of her breasts, two balls of molten magma shone through the dark curtain of ebony hair.

"You're not lying are you?" Came a rumbling question. Or a statement. It was difficult to tell, but Jennifer sniffled as she shook her head, tears slowing. "Prove it."

The two words silenced all the worried chattering in Jennifer's head. "Wha- n-no, I didn't mean t-" Long fingers laced into the short bob of blonde hair. Jennifer's head was yanked back completely, the top of the chair being a pivot to rearrange her vertebrae.

"It wasn't a request."

Her mind was reeling, but the pain worked to focus her. Was this really happening? She... What the fuck? This was really happening. A twisted, erotic nightmare couldn't explain her spine and her neck on the verge of cracking. A hyper sensitivity washed over her. Her heart pounded in her ears. The world outside of a bubble around the two women faded to nothing. She could feel heat radiating off of Vásquez. Off of the legs on either side pinning her to the chair. She could see the subtle rise and fall of her chest as she breathed. The hint of abs when the vest was pulled tight. Every detail of the black ink images along her right arm. Every strand of wavy black hair and every twitch of muscle. Time was frozen.

Jennifer's eyes flickered to the overalls. She knew what she was tasked to do but didn't want to assume. Didn't want to incur any more wrath.

"Wha-what should I do?"

Vásquez's eyes never broke away. It was difficult to see over the curvature of the shelf of breast, but there was a smirk forming on her lips. "Pull them down." The command was simple. Jennifer's shaking hands went up to Vásquez's waist. She hooked her fingers into the red overalls and pulled down.

With Vásquez's angled legs on either side of her it was actually difficult edging them down. Her arms trembled as she struggled, inching them down her hips and along the swells of her quads. The latina's scent filled her nostrils as she managed to clear the triangle of underwear that was nestled just below her face.

"Them too." Came a purring voice from above. Jennifer obeyed but not quickly enough. Vásquez, yanked her head back again, "faster."

Jennifer rolled the elastic waistband along silky, caramel skin to unveil Vásquez's sex. She'd seen her naked in the showers, admiring the woman from a distance. This was different. This was very different.

Jennifer swallowed hard as she stared down Vásquez's pussy. The neatly trimmed hair, the lips that just couldn't hide the pink, marble nub that throbbed delightfully.

Never could Jennifer have imagined she'd be here. Through all the fear, some part of her, deep, deep down was thrilled. Vásquez rose up onto her tip toes before thrusting Jennifer face first into her.

Jennifer let out a muffled moan of pain as Vásquez dropped back down, flat footed, bending Jennifer's spine. She struggled but Vásquez's was already grinding against her face, using her like a toy. She was so wet already, clearly having enjoyed the interrogation on more than one level.

"Start licking, bitch." She breathed from above, moving Jennifer to match her body's rhythm. Again, Jennifer did as she was told, perhaps more eagerly than last time.

She pushed her tongue out, into Vásquez's warm folds, probing and exploring her. A throaty moan echoed through the library and Vasquez let out a little laugh. "Fuck me, you're not bad at this." She wasn't worried about being caught,  apparently. Vásquez began grinding harder and faster, making Jennifer's bones ache. Her tongue feverishly thrust and flickered and tried to elicit as much pleasure for the giant fucking her face as possible. And it was working.

Nerves crackled up and down the woman's body as tingles radiated across her skin. "O-oh, fuck."

Vásquez edged forwards, legs inching around Jennifer more and more, pushing the smaller woman under her into a better position to use. She mashed the woman's face into her, clit grinding against her nose and lips and face. The chair legs were curving, bending and bowing as Vásquez lost herself in the sensation of having the tiny woman eat her out. Her hips bucked and rocked the blondes brain in her skull. Waves of thick nectar spilled out over Jennifer, each thicker and heavier than the last. The poor woman was forced to gulp it down between tiny gasps of air.

The gyration were speeding up. Growing more forceful. Vásquez was building into a sexual frenzy,  losing herself in the sensations.

She stopped and pulled Jennifer free abruptly. Stepping back, she knocked the desk aside without realising, pulling her overalls down completely and kicking them aside. Then she returned.

Vásquez straddled the woman even deeper, legs closer to the back of the chair. She gripped a handful of hair more tightly and contorted Jennifer, bending her over the back of the chair and thrusting her into her crotch. She gave a grunt of pleasure. But she craved more. Deeper. A redwood rose up and stomped down behind the chair. The chair and the woman both bent to Vásquez's will.

Jennifer squealed out in pain but Vásquez didn't care. She didn't care how much Jennifer's tongue or neck or back hurt. She didn't care about the pitifully low amount of oxygen in her lungs. She didn't care about her juices making Jennifer sputtering and choke. She should feel fucking honoured at the chance to be crushed by her cunt.

As the tempo increased, Vásquez edged closer to a climax. She fucked the woman's face harder, pulling her hair, using it as a joystick for her new plaything. Walls of thigh crushed Jennifer's body with every thrust. Thighs that rivaled her torso. Jennifer ran her hands along them. She told herself it was to keep her steady but that was a lie. She wanted to feel the quads and adductors and hamstrings flexing. She wanted to run her fingers along the muscle as they flexed against her. It didn't dull the pain but it spiced it with pleasure. Secretly, Jennifer was growing wetter down below. In the more deviant depths of her  mind she was enjoying the idea of being used. Having her body abused to get off another woman. A larger, sexier, stronger woman.

The latina let out a louder moan, arching her back and leaning onto Jennifer more. She tilted the woman's head and pushed down, trying to get her tongue as deep as possible, grinding her engorged, pulsing clitoris against anything she could. Her nerves screamed as she teetered on the edge of orgasm.

While Vásquez was heaving in vicious, shallow huffs, Jennifer couldn't breath at all now. Her face was smeared with Vásquez's juices, her mouth coated in it, and she was being face fucked so hard that she couldn't break away to get any air. That deviant part of her brain dwindled as survival instincts took hold. Her lungs burned. She stopped feeling up the ocean of muscle and legs and instead started pounding on the redwoods. But it may well have been a gnat smacking against marble. She couldn't escape the storm. With no other option, she steered into it.

Jennifer wrapped her arms around Vásquez and pulled herself deeper. Her vision began to grow hazy. Above, the moans of a titan rang out and she redoubled her efforts, feverishly licking and undulating her tongue. Vásquez's knuckles turned white, her eyes fluttering and - 

The dam broke.

The pressure increased. Thighs turned compactors around the blonde, the muscles around her constricting. Vásquez bucked hard, climax tearing through her nerves.

The powerful thrust proved too much for the bent and mangled metal legs on the chair. One leg snapped and Jennifer was weightless for a moment before the iron grip on her hair stopped her from falling to earth. The titanic latina had stumbled forwards but stayed upright.

One pain stopped and another began. Jennifer coughed and sputtered, hanging from Vásquez's one hand like a puppet. Thankfully, fingers loosened and let the blonde hair slip from their grasp. Jennifer fell into a heap on the floor.

From the ground, on top of the broken chair, she had an astounding view.

Vásquez had a thin sheen of sweat on her body, copper skin shimmering as she heaved above her like a mythical beast after a taxing hunt. Her inner thighs were covered in juices, pussy practically dripping with a mix of saliva and nectar. The beast still hungered though.

Jennifer winced as she tried to sit forwards. Her neck and jaw flaring after the beating they'd taken. She didn't make it far upright. A huge sole came forward to stop her. Jennifer looked down at the foot that she'd seen dwarfing a scale hours ago. They must have been struggling to find Vásquez's shoe size in boots, as now she was wearing plimsolls. The leg extended, kicking Jennifer back to the ground. "Not done yet." grunted her oppressor.

Vásquez descended on her captive. For Jennifer the world was consumed by flesh and darkness.

"Wait!" She rasped but it was ignored. Vásquez's knees crashed down above Jennifer's head, shins pinning her arms down while ass and pussy enveloped her head. A hand that could palm a basketball snaked between the canyon of muscular thigh and fingers curled around her scalp, pulling back into the depths.

Jennifer had guzzled down some air but now she really couldn't breath. Her tongue was put to work again and the smouldering coals in Vásquez's engine roared back into an inferno.

This time the orgasm built quicker. That just meant the rough treatment approached sooner too. Vásquez rode Jennifer's face raw. She bucked and thrust and ground against her. As she did she was gradually lowering herself into a flatter position and seriously fucking Jennifer's face.

The hand on the back of her head cushioned the repeated impacts on the tiled floor, but her oxygen deprived brain was still being rattled in her skull.

Jennifer tried to move. To push the giant off. To claw at her. To kick something over. Nothing worked. Every effort was futile. She could feel the massive expanse of muscle flexing around her. The quads and hamstrings and glutes. Darkness encroached, swallowing her up, senses failing. The last thing she would remember was the feeling of being submerged in muscle and flesh, and the tangy taste that filled her mouth and nose.

She slipped into unconsciousness, but that didn't stop Vásquez. She continued using her toy until she exploded into a second wave of orgasms. The satisfied woman rolled off of the prone husk, laughing.

"Fuck. I bet they could hear that in the yard." The smile dropped from her face when Jennifer didn't move.

She kicked her lightly, "hey. Hey!" She said kicking her harder. She sprang up, spinning around and kneeling next to Jennifer. Her eyes watched for anything. Any movement of her chest. She leaned in and slapped a nectar smeared cheek. "Hey!" She bellowed.

This time it worked. Jennifer weakly began to open her eyes, chest moving up and down more obviously.

The concern was gone in an instant. Instead a fist drove into Jennifer, crushing her solar plexus to the ground and forcing her diaphragm into a foreign shape.

Jennifer's emerald eyes went wide as she was brought back into the world of the conscious with a bang. Vásquez stood up, leaving the woman writhing on the floor. She pulled her underwear and overalls back on and then returned. A foot smashed Jennifer to the ground and pinned her there, ribs doing their best not to concave.

Vásquez leaned on her knee, pushing the foot deeper into Jennifer. "You know what all that meant, blondie? All that," she drew a circle with her finger in the air, gesturing to Jennifer's soaked face, "that's me marking you. You're fucking mine now. Understand?" Jennifer nodded frantically. "Good."

The foot lifted and Vásquez turned, disappearing into the forest of book shelves as silently as she'd arrived.

Jennifer laid back on the floor, regaining her breath. After some time she finally broke down. Laying there on the floor she turned into a quivering, crying mess. She had almost fucking died and Vásquez hadn't even been trying to kill her. She'd been turned into a toy. An object. Some plaything for a fucking psychopath. And what made her feel most dirty and ashamed.... Even that was hot.

Jennifer climbed off of the ground, stumbling away from the debris of the chair and desk that Vásquez had decimated during her primal rut. Her body hurt all over, the adrenaline fading. Even breathing was painful. She looked down at her overalls to find her chest was stained darker. She really had been marked. Scented with sex. Vásquez's scent clung to her, deep in her pores.

Yard time was winding down and Jennifer was running out of time. She desperately wanted to shower before they lost the privilege. She hobbled through the halls, trying to keep her distance from anyone else, worried they'd know what happened. It was inevitable though. Someone would know and someone would gossip.

She made it to the sshower, but with hardly any time opted to pull her overalls down to her waist and just scrub her face. The tears started anew when she looked at her reflection in the mirror. Hair a crows nest, eyes bloodshot. She couldn't get rid of the fucking smell. Or at least she thought she couldn't. After some time she was forced to give up and return to her cell.

Jennifer got a few weird looks on the way but she kept her gaze low. If she had looked up she'd have seen some people laughing, but others looking sorrowful. Rumours were already spreading. Vásquez had a new toy. Her cell mate said something as she entered but Jennifer tuned it out. She hit her bunk and slept until morning, skipping dinner and her new tradition of working out.

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