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The days after the last set of tests passed slowly. Jennifer purposefully stayed away from the yard, knowing that Vásquez's growth would mean she the entire cell block would be in chaos. She was right too.

As soon as she returned to her cell from the trial, rumours were swirling around the prison. Rumours about how the first thing Vásquez did after getting back to the regular prison was go and start a brawl with Hilda. Hilda was a 6'10 member of the Aryans. The largest, heaviest woman in the entire prison. Apparently, the extra three inches had left Vásquez feeling more confident in a fight with her (not that she would have backed down before). The fight hadn't had a satisfying conclusion, but both women had been bloodied and bruised. Hilda was sent to solitary confinement and Vásquez.... Had suffered zero reprocussions. Smith was pulling strings apparently.

So the unaffiliated woman became a recluse. She was praying every second of everyday that she'd grow next. She waited for the next course of G37 like a child waiting for Christmas. It was another chance that maybe she would grow.

Her entire time in prison had been going from one bad situation to another. Anxiety every night and stress every morning. Even her cell mate had been a bitch initially.

Becoming friends with Trish had been a huge weight off of her shoulders. She had a handful of friends in the prison before but none that were connected like Trish. Just knowing Trish meant the entire 'Nation' would turn a blind eye to her, at least.

So, yeah, she wanted to grow. Even a few inches and some extra muscle would mean she's less of a target. Thinking back now, from the beginning, maybe she'd wanted it to be a super soldier serum. Subconsciously, she wanted something, anything, to help her survive here.

Now that she knew what that G37 shit could do, she craved it. She stuck to the diet the scientists had given her. She forced down calories and protein and fat. Even when she was bloated and painfully full, she'd cram more food into her body. She started working out in her cell. She'd wait until everyone was asleep to do push ups and squats and sit ups. She was determined to coax her body into having some reaction to the serum.

In the showers Jennifer would inspect herself, hoping that she'd find some change. This morning it happened. She noticed something. The first change. It was her shoulders looking beefier. Not rounded boulders or anything, but more mass, for sure. Since the last course of G37 it had only been a few days, so the idea that she could show any results was astounding. The serum was definetly doing it's job in her system, even if she hadn't gotten any bigger anywhere else.

Jennifer felt pleasantly buzzed from her findings and was walking on clouds all morning. Today was Wednesday. Today was the day. This could be the day that she grew.

When she was summoned to medbay, she had to suppress the urge to run there. She had done a good job of avoiding everyone the last few days, so when Trish saw her approach, there was a double take. "You been working out?" She asked, flashing a grin. The pale woman flushed, and stuttered out an affirmative, embarrassed reply. "Shit, I guess last week was a wake up call, huh?" Trish giggled. "You're joining the swole squad." She winked and broke into a crab pose which was actually a tad intimidating.

Jennifer stepped back and looked Trish up and down. "I'm not the only one working out." Trish popped her hip to one side, sassily planting a hand on the cocked hip. The red uniform looked tighter across her shoulders, but it was, as usual, her lower body stealing the show. She looked poured into the clothes. Each thigh was like a redwood, flooding the leg of the overall and straining the seams. If Trish had broken into a squat, they may have just exploded open.

She'd always been thick but this was a whole new level of juicy. "What can I say? A growing woman needs her protein shakes."

Jennifer was still lost, taking in the shocking changes. "Trish... I... One of your thighs is like my waist." Trish was beaming with pride.

"Okay, fine. Protein shakes, working out and experimental drugs from the government." She laughed.

But the laugh died in her throat as she looked over Jennifer's shoulder. The blonde followed her gaze and felt her own stomach plummet.

Vásquez had just come into the room. She had to bend her head slightly to fit through the door. She'd grown even more....

Besides the rumours of her fight last week, there was a storm of whispers about Vásquez. How she was shattering cell block records. How she was throwing her weight around. How she was being an even bigger bitch. Her size and her ego were both still growing.

The worst of it. Smith, Maria, the warden, they were all facilitating it. More food. More yard time. Better equipment. Protein powder. God knows what else. It was disturbing. They were literally pumping resources into Vásquez, fueling her into an even bigger, leviathan of a woman. And she loved every moment of it.

The room was silent after her entrance. "What?" She asked. "Never seen this much woman in one place?" The question was rhetorical, but the answer for Jennifer wasn't so cut and dry as that. She must have grown another 3 inches and packed on even more muscle. The clothes they'd given her last week were skin tight, fit to burst if she moved too violently.

Vásquez had always been pretty lean and muscular, but, as with Trish, she'd been making leaps and bounds while working out. Her shoulders were more capped now, a fat vein snaked out from under her vest, along her shoulder and down the belly of her bicep. Her chest and back had both thickened and now her legs were even girthier. Proportionally, Trish had bigger legs but in terms of raw size.... Vásquez most definetly held the crown. Jennifer was torn. On one hand this was terrifying. On the other, fuck, Vásquez looked sculpted by an artist.

She wanted to just run her hands all over her. Jennifer had always had a thing for fit women and right now Vásquez was every fantasy she had dialled up to 11. If she wasn't a murderous psycho then Jennifer would have been smitten. Oh, fuck it, she kind of was smitten. However, animalistic fear still won out in the ranking of emotions.

Vásquez didn't follow up on her question. Instead her attention shifted to Jackson. He looked pale. The colour had drained from his face completely and even the cap pulled low couldn't hide it.

The titan strolled over, her shoes thudding against the tiles beneath her. She stopped directly in front of Jackson. "Aw, you don't look so big anymore, Jackie." She said, leaning down a smidge to see under the curve of his baseball cap. This time last week he had a full four inches of height on her. Now, with her standing in front of him like this, Jennifer couldn't even see him. She blotted him out like a cloud would the moon. Electricity crawled through her nerves as her face grew warmer. She cursed herself for finding this hot, but she did.

She couldn't help but imagine being Jackson right now, basically pinned against the wall by the giant. Shit, would her face be boob height? How fast was Vásquez growing? When would it stop? Could she be looking up at her tits by this time next week. Again, dread and excitement was a potent cocktail for Jennifer.

"Step back, inmate." Jackson finally said, raising his head slightly and standing as tall as possible. It really didn't help.

She didn't listen. "Come on, why don't you try hitting me in the side like last week?" The other guards bristled, ready to step in as she lifted her arm and offered a free shot. "I'm sure your little friends will pull me off of you before I do too much damage."

'Little!?' Jennifer thought to herself. Every guard here was over 6 foot, and yet that statement was true from Vásquez's new point of view.

"We'll be having none of that." Smith arrived, his voice as expressionless as always. "Being a part of our trial is a privilege. One that can be taken away, Vásquez."

She stepped back, "don't worry, Mr. Smith. Me and Jackson are friends. Friends get rough sometimes." Her eyes glowed almost golden as she stared into Jackson. He was sweating now.

Smith didn't repremand her anymore than what he said. Considering she was the star guinea pig, Jennifer had her doubts about how quickly Smith would remove her from the trial. The fact that Hilda was in solitary confinement and Vásquez wasn't, was a testament to her value now.

They disembarked from the med bay and, after Jennifer attempted to memorise more of the journey, they arrived in the same room as last week. The procedure was altered now though. Now, every lady had their height and weight recorded prior to being taken to one of the beds. Jennifer was a tad surprised when she was measured. 5'2 and 124lbs. This was the heaviest she'd ever been by at least 10lbs. Since coming to the penitentiary she struggled to tread water above 100lbs. A giddiness washed over her as she realised she was bigger. Maybe not in height, but hey, it was something.

She tried to steal glances at everyone else's height and weight. Trish was 5'5. Selina was 136lbs. Vásquez was 6'6. That meant with her boots she was probably over 6'7. No wonder Jackson looked so comparitively small. Beyond that she hadn't been able to glean much more information.

The ladies were all strapped into their beds and the nurses hooked them up to the G37 bags. For once, Jennifer didn't look away. She was too excited to be scared of the needle. This time she actually watched it being set up. Eagerly, she looked up at her bag, waiting.

Time dragged from that point and, eventually, Jennifer's attention began to wander. Unlike the previous visit,  the inmates seemed more engaged. Trish had her eyes on the bag, calmly waiting for it to empty. Jessica was sweating, nerves showing in her body language. Amber periodically leaned forwards and checked on the other inmates. Her broken nose and the skin around her eyes had really darkened to a painful looking blackish-blueish-purple. Selina was, unsurprisingly, asleep.

A grunt from her left made Jennifer jump. She turned to see Vásquez with a manic look on her face. Her hands were wrapped tightly around the metallic guard rails. This time she'd braced herself early.

"O-oh f-f-fuck." Vásquez shuddered, reigning in her body's knee jerk reaction to spasm as the serum moved through her veins and diffused into her cells. Despite the strained tone and the sweat already beading on her brow, there was a wide smile on her face.

The growth hadn't even begun yet and already Vásquez's heels were just about at the edge of the bed.

She arched her back with a groan, making the whole bed rattle. She pushed against the propped up end hard, hips moving towards the ceiling. The part of the bed that had been angled to keep her upright let out a noise like a rusty gate being forced open. Then the metal holding it propped up gave way and Vásquez crashed backwards into a fully prone position. It was starting.  

Last time she'd started growing, Jennifer had been too shocked to take it all in. This time she drank it in every detail.  

"Y-y-yessssss." Vásquez hissed through grit teeth, her contorted body vibrating as the growth quaked through her. Her bones creaked and clicked and cracked as they shifted and elongated, realigning as they did. Muscles ripped and re-knit like strands of woven steel, gradually expanding and pushing outwards. Even her tits were swelling inside of her vest, flesh gradually spilling over the cups. Her teeth subtly ground against one another as everything shifted. In random bursts, Jennifer could actually see Vásquez pushing outwards. Her head inching up the bed, her hands swallowing more guard rial, her legs bending more and more until -  

There was a sharp sound. A series of staccato pops. Jennifer's greens eyes locked onto the source. It was the overalls. The red fabric along her legs and hips were exploding at the seams, a tsunami of smooth, caramel skin flooding in through the breech. Vásquez's heels lost their perch on the edge of the mattress and she slid down to hang off of the end. God, she was outgrowing the whole fucking bed. Her body was slowly but surely marching outwards in all directions. Invading the space around her and taking it up. Her hips were widening to fill the width of the bed, encroaching close and closer to the guard rails. This spurt seemed longer than the last, almost as if Vásquez was willing it so. With mixed feelings, Jennifer questioned if this spurt would ever end.

The latina pulled on the restraints biceps balling into huge swells. The fat vein across it's surface throbbed, pumping strength and, undoubtly, G37 through the muscle fibers. Vásquez let out a grunt and the leather restraints began to let out a higher pitched squeal. Her lips curled back and with a final grunt one of the restraints ripped open, her arm rocketing free.

Finally, the growth sputtered to a halt and Vásquez relaxed. Her ragged breaths turned into an inward, rumbling, ominous laugh. Chemical bliss had already  rushed to fill the void of pain and she draped herself over the now far too small bed.

A short, pained yelp rang out behind Jennifer. She ripped her eyes away to see who it had come from.  Looking passed Selina to Trish, she realised who had made the sound.

Her usually warm, deep umber face looked ashen and chalky. She blinked rapidly before she squeezed her eyes shut completely.

Trish moved side to side, thinly braided hair whipping about as she did. She tried to push through the searing in her body. She tried to hold it in but eventually let out a gasp that turned into a groan, which developed into a full on scream. She drew her knees closer to her chest and then kicked her legs out, squirming and flailing, trying to somehow dull the pain.

Then she went rigid and her eyes fluttered open. Through the pain, she could actually feel the growth. The sensation was almost indescribable. The shifting of fabric against her skin as she throbbed larger. Muscles engorged, thickened and stretched.

In a repeat of what Jennifer had just witnessed, she studied the red overalls being overwhelmed by the body they tried to contain. Trish was like the wind filling a sail. Then over filling it. It was mesmerising. Her entire body was stuck in an endless inhale. Her legs and ass were winning the war against her clothes, seams popping like dominoes falling. Bursts of them went at a time. Up top, her upper body waged a battle against the red uniform too. The sleeves pulled taunt until they too threatened to shred. Her shoulders yanked at the fabric and her rapid breathing made stitches screech. A tear began to open where her sleeve met the chest of the overall and Jennifer could see pectoral and shoulder.

Below, Trish's plimsolls were hitting critical mass. The fabric of the shoe popped and split around the edge as her feet grew wider and longer. Her sock clad toes flexed and first slowly, then rapidly, they emerged through the plimsolls.

Then it stopped. Trish collapsed to the bed panting. Jennifer let out a breath she hadn't realised she was holding. Trish laid in the bed, like an engine that had overheated. Jennifer was expecting whisps of steam to rise off of her.

Silence settled in the room as anxiously, the staff and the remaining inmates waited quietly to see if there would be more growth.

Jennifer was disappointed to find that she wouldn't be growing. Selina seemed un-bothered and Jessica actually appeared a tad relieved. Amber, in the corner, was a soundless, smouldering ball of rage. Her gaze was firmly glued to Trish, fury bubbling out of her. Trish was oblivious, instead slowly marvelling at her newly improved form. She'd never been particularly busty so she wasn't surprised to find her modest breasts had maintained their modesty. However, that just meant the slabs of pectoral beneath them showed a little more. Down below was a different story. Her wide hips had gotten wider. Legs more trunk like. Every muscle had been revved up bigger and stronger. The lines of tone between them had deepened too. Taller people just don't have the same thickness as someone shorter, yet, even with the extra inches, Trish stayed certifiably thick.

"Restraints." Smith simply said. "Those two first." The nurses obeyed, recording information as they stepped forward.

"I got it." Vásquez laughed, using her free hand to release her other. The bed beneath her struggled as she shifted and moved.

Once free, Trish swung her legs off of the bed. She took a moment to get used to just how much her knees bent. Kicking off the ruined husks of her plimsoll, she gave a short giggle at her feet taking up so much more of the tiles beneath them.

Vásquez, on the other hand, was much more accustomed to the change. She looked ecstatic. Almost giddy, even. She stood head and shoulders above the nurses, looking down at them and drinking in the size difference. Without warning she put her hands on one's waist and hoisted her into the air. It was the same tiny nurse from last time. "Tinier and tinier." She muttered to herself.

Jackson rushed in and whacked Vásquez with his baton. She gave a roar of pain but didn't crumple like last time. She dropped the nurse from 7 feet up and whirled to smash a fist that was like a brick into his face.

But she stopped and Jackson stumbled backwards, pressing himself to the wall behind. She let out an exhale, fire leaving her. "See? We play rough here." She smiled over at Smith. But there was an edge to her voice.

She waded through the nurses toward the scales when beckoned by the bald man. Trish did the same and for the first time the two larger women stood next to each other. The size disparity was still large.

"You grew too?" Vásquez asked.

"Yep." Trish stayed tight lipped. Vásquez was unpredictable and Trish wasn't as insane as Jennifer. She didn't want to have a conversation with the giant.

"Huh, I couldn't tell." Vásquez grinned. "Still look short to me!" She scoffed, and purposefully ruffled Trish's hair like she was a younger sister. Trish did not look happy, but bit back the urge to punch Vásquez in the ribs where she'd just been struck.

The towering woman didn't peel her overalls off this time. Instead she gripped two handfuls of red and pulled. Her arms and back and everything flexed for a moment before the tearing started. The remains of her ruined uniform was shredded off, revealing more of her improved, lower half.

To juxtapose against that display of power, she pulled her vest off normally. Then rolled her eyes at the bra that was digging into her flesh. The show started anew. She took a deep breath in. Deeper. Deeper. Her larger lungs just kept expanding as she swelled similar a set of bellows. The bra creaked like the leather restraints earlier, the metallic hooks taking far more pressure than they'd been designed to. The brasserie was put of out it's misery when Vásquez tensed her lats and chest. There was a snap and then Vásquez shrugged the poor bra off of her shoulders. "Accuracy, right?" She said to Smith, clearly enjoying bursting out of her clothes.

"More like showing off." Trish gave a retort as she took her clothes off in a more regular fashion.

Vásquez ignored her and stepped onto the scale. 6'10. Four extra inches for the monster. And a whole lot of extra muscle and fat and weight. They'd have to get a new scale soon. Even from her examination bed, Jennifer could see Vásquez's toes curling around the edge of the square metal base.  That foot was probably as long as her forearm.

Vásquez stepped off the scale and turned to face the beds, allowing Trish to step on. Jennifer couldn't stop staring. Her mouth was suddenly drier than the desert outside. She'd been hot before but the changes to her form as she grew were just pushing her into something beyond hot. Smoking. Searing. The fucking sun, maybe.

Before she'd been slightly top heavy, broad shoulders making her look like a swimmer. Now, her hips and legs had really widened, exaggerating her prexisting hourglass shape. Her long, lean limbs had all thickened in a way that just didn't seem possible for someone of her height. She hadn't simply been stretched taller. It was like she'd been scaled up completely.

And it just made her even more irresistible to Jennifer. Jennifer started at her feet and scanned slowly upwards, etching every detail into her brain. The love heart shaped calves, the swells of her quads and hamstrings. The panties that had been transformed into a thong and the hips that were surely be wider than Jennifer's shoulders. Fist shaped bundles of steel punched outward from her abdomen and finally the perky swells of tit that sat high on squares of pectoral. She couldn't look away. Not even when she inched her eyes higher and found herself looking Vásquez in the eyes.

She'd likened Vásquez to the sun earlier. Now it felt like she was looking directly at the sun, unable to look away. It burned.  The only thing that mercifully broke the trance was a nurse tugging her restraint. A cold sweat had broken out on her skin. Stomach churning, Jennifer kept her eyes on the floor as she hopped off the bed and she and the other three inmates were taken to the waiting room. She'd been caught red handed ogling a monster. She may have well stared a gorgon in the eye. Being beaten to death would probably suck more than turning to stone, right?

In the waiting room Jennifer couldn't pay attention to the conversation between the ladies. Amber was quieter this time but still a bundle of anger.

When the waiting room door opened Jennifer felt her insides twist. She looked up fearfully to see Trish had returned first. She was wearing a tight white t-shirt and had a new set of red overalls pulled down to her waist.

She looked amazing too. Earlier she'd looked ashen but now she was glowing. Her dark skin had regained it's normal, warmth. She'd tied the thin braided locks into a pony tail, and a wide smile stretched across her face. She went straight to Jennifer. "Holy fuck! You look amazing." Jennifer gushed.

"I know!" Humility was rightfully gone for now. "I have abs! Like, I had abs before but now they're chisled." She giggled. Trish pulled the white top up and showed off exactly what she'd said. Snatching up Jennifer's hand, she pressed her palm to the  six pack in front of her. Trish was an easy gainer and had a bottomless appetite. While she'd never worried about have a perfect six pack before, she still found it mind blowing to have one now.

Jennifer was initially taken aback by being forced to feel the abs but then her eyebrows rose and a rose tint appeared on her cheeks. "They're.... Um... Very nice."

"God, you are so thirsty." Trish laughed, making the muscles under Jennifer's hand ripple.

The other women were watching, which was the only thing that prompted Jennifer to remove her hand. Eventually, she replied to the insult(?). "I'm not apologising." She jokingly tilted her chin up like some posh aristocrat. Her nerves had melted away with Trish next to her. "So how much taller are you?"

"Three inches. It's so trippy. Everything looks wrong. Lower. Smaller. Even you." She teased, putting a palm on Jennifer's head and tracing it back to her body.

At 5'8, she was now a full half a foot taller than her friend, which meant the top of her head only reached around her lips. Jennifer watched the hand meet her juicy lips and felt a flash of envy run through her. She pushed the ugly emotion down, suppressing it. She was happy for Trish but for the first time she realised maybe she wanted to grow for more than just survival.

The door to the waiting room opened again and Jennifer's primal brain took control. Fight or flight kicked in and adrenaline slipped into her blood stream to join the chemical cocktail it was becoming. The entire doorway was blocked by red and white. Vásquez had to bend, stooping below the door frame to get in. She was dressed almost exactly as Trish was. The colossus looked across at the ladies one by one. Time slowed as she locked eyes with Jennifer. She lingered for a second and then just.... Took a seat.

"Man, these chairs are too fucking small." She said, chair legs bending under her weight, ass spilling over the sides. Jennifer's thudding heart made it hard to hear.

"That is not true." Selina walked over and put a hand gently on Vásquez's. "You are just much bigger." She laughed.

Vásquez lifted the tiny hand and then pushed her palm to Selina's. "That's true." She smirked, looking at how she dwarfed Selina's hand. She closed her fingers, wrapping the tips around Selina's digits.

Jennifer didn't understand what was happening. Her brain stuttered like an old engine trying to make sense of everything. Did Vásquez not see her? Was she safe? Or was this just the calm before the storm?

The walk back was excruciating. She expected revenge to come suddenly. Vásquez turning and stomping her into the ground. But it never came. Not when they got back to medbay. Not when they returned to their cells. Not even when yard time started.

Tension eased out of Jennifer Little by little. She went to the library, she hid out and listened for any information through the grape vine. Nothing came.

Until a large shadow swallowed her, the book and the desk whole. "Hey, blondie." A familiar voice said.

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