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Summary: "At the Crestwood Inn, all honest guests are welcome, should they have the coin. On this day, however, innkeeper Lyra and her apprentice find themselves dealing with two particularly unusual patrons..."

Was inspired by a piece drawn by Mogyoon on Twitter (@mogy00n) and cranked out this little fantasy romp in about three days a couple of weeks back. Would've released this sooner, but had trouble getting a hold of the artist to get permission to use their art in the thumbnail. Their work is super tight, and you should definitely show them some love! Link to the OG here: https://twitter.com/mogy00n/status/1530219279677014016?s=20&t=DQuhSUkKcb1f90wBK_JyFw

Want to thank @VortexFoodsTM for helping with the proofreading and writing the description blurb seen above! He's been extremely supportive of me while I've been getting back into the writing game, and you can probably thank them for some other ideas coming down the pipeline as well. If you haven't read his work, check it all out here https://aryion.com/g4/user/VortexFoodsTM ! Some of the best stories in the scene right now if you're a fan of really intense fatal scenarios with NWO elements.

Other special mentions to Theran, Zori, and Source for general advice and support. Gotta tell ya folks, it's good to have buds : )
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Published: June 23 2022 Updated: June 23 2022

1. "Respect the Crest" Fantasy Vore Tale by Ty975 [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (12827 words)