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Author's Chapter Notes:

Just an introduction. Nothing particularly sizey happens now.

[part 1]

Sophie had never been so excited in her life to hear the sound of her doorbell. She knew it was the courier, she had been tracking her package at least twice every hour for the past week. She urged the guy to leave everything on her front door, and waited for him to leave to pick it up. God it was so light. It was hard to believe what was inside. The covid pandemic had had unpredictable side effects, beside the obvious sanitary dilemma. The economy was in shambles, since so many businesses had been forced to be put on hold for so long. But what Sophie suffered the most was that gyms were closed. The place where she trained had tried to stay open for a while after the government had forced its temporary shutdown, but the fines and the risk to close permanently had forced the owner to close shop. Those who were lucky enough to have a large house had bought the few weights and equipment they could find online to train at home for an exorbitant amount of money, while people like her, who only rented a room in a small apartment with other people had been forced to put their training on hold. Sophia taught Pilates at her gym, so that wasn't a big problem to do at home. She even kept seeing some of her clients at her house, to get some money under the table between her college classes. But her true passion was crosstraining, and  the fact that she was forced to stick to bodyweight workouts or worse, elastic bands was a great source of frustration. She felt like she was missing out on her gains, and she could only watch her richer friends on instagram, training in houses large enough to host a home gym. 

Then, on a particularly dull sunday afternoon, she stumbled on an ad that seemed tailored just for her. The sponsored video started by asking if YOU, THE WATCHER wanted to keep on schedule with your weight training, but had no space at home. Then, the unthinkable: it showed super fit guys and girls dwindling down to various sizes and train with tiny weight sets that were made to scale. She'd already watched the video a couple times, but she hadn't paid great attention, thinking those to be just special effects to advertise yet another overpriced home gym set. But this time she realized that the shrinking was exactly what the company was advertising. They would sell a weight kit made to scale, and a device that would literally shrink you down to a number of fixed sizes, so you could train in a small space. Sophia was incredulous at first, but the reviews were all positive. The company had also gone all the way through to explain all the safety measures that made their product completely safe for everybody. The ad ended with a girl holding an incredibly fit woman in the palm of her hand, encouraging her to do yet another set with her teeny tiny kettlebells. 

Sophie was over the moon. She had finally found a solution! She scrolled through the various kits and sizes, and found out that the price wasn't even as high as she thought. The actual weights were the cheapest part, since they were so small, and obviously the most expensive part was the shrinking device. You had to decide up front what size they would make you, and order the kit accordingly. She had wanted to buy the smallest size, but being the cheapest, it was of course sold out. She then opted for the 10 cm size, along with the "gladiator" weight kit, and ordered it in the blink of an eye. She had to give the website her measures, because every kit included three pairs of workout clothes tailored to the user; apparently the device was only capable of shrinking the person, and not their clothes, and most people were probably not too comfortable training naked.

Now that the package was in her hands, she was shaking with joy. She avoided any contact with her annoying flatmates and went straight to her room. She opened the kit, and chuckled audibly. It looked like a weight set made for dolls, clothes included. While she held the barbell between her fingertips, she felt a knot to the stomach. Knowing that she was going to be small enough to use that thing made her feel dizzy, but she was determined in not breaking her routine further. The device was at 99% battery capacity. "Awesome" She said out loud. She quickly accepted the terms and conditions on the display without reading them, and skipped the several warnings without paying too much attention to them. The instructions were pretty clear. Once you'd set up the equipment, you would only care about your surroundings and press the green button on the device. The thing had all sorts of safety measures, to make sure that you could not get stuck at tiny size, or grow back to size if you were in a confined environment. Sophie hadn't thought of that possibility until she had read about it, and she shivered in horror. What reassured her on another aspect was that the shrinking was known to make your body much more resistant to external stress, so animals, or worse, insects were not going to be a great problem. The device could even be voice activated, so you could activate the "restore size" button remotely in case of any emergency.

Sophie made sure that her door was locked, so her flatmates wouldn't enter her room while she was 10 cm tall, and prepared herself. She then set the weights and all the equipment under the left corner of her desk, and stripped in front of the mirror. She gave a good look at her own body; while anyone in their right mind would have considered her smoking hot, she saw all the months she had skipped in her training routine reflected on her muscles. It was enough to stop being afraid of shrinking down, and she pressed the button.

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