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Exiled from his previous home, the corrupt Kingdom of Vascar. Leon vi Baster the squire is thrown into a new country. Where he is forced to integrate into a new culture and society where giantess roam and powerful beasts dwell. However he soon finds out his new life may not be so bad after all, as he begins anew with a new opportunity to become a better person. Stepping into a brand new political climate, Leon and his partner try to change their society in a way never done before in their blood soaked history.

This is only my second ever story, naturally will have some flaws and such. Though feedback is always appreciated.

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Published: May 28 2022 Updated: November 23 2022
Story Notes:

- Story will feature predominantly a first person perspective.

- Third person may be used when the protagonist is not the focus.

- Story is tagged gentle, due to the relationship of the main couple being more of a gentle kind. There are still many cruel and horrific acts done in the history of this world. Which may be explored at later portions. Hence why gentle and violent have been tagged.

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1. Chapter 1- A Rushed Marriage. by Edgedej4 [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (11951 words)

First time ever writing properly in first person. Though some errors may still be present. I wanted to try a one shot esque story and well we got here (decided to take it past that.) . Please do review and give feedback.

2. Chapter 2. New Life. by Edgedej4 [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarhalf-star (6629 words)

Finally another chapter. 

I really like adding onto this story, and decided I would dedicate a chapter towards Leon into his marriage. How he acts, in relation with the world and towards Ana. 

my personal criticism for myself for this chapter would be that I over-explained things. Show not tell is something hard to do it appears.

(Map is from Azgard fantasy map generator)

3. Chapter 3 - The Roundtable by Edgedej4 [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (5541 words)

Been a while, sorry about that. However I'm sad to say this slow paced schedule will stay for a little while.

As for today's chapter, bit more discussion focused. My biggest concern and criticism for myself for this chapter would be both my lack of description and poor set up of some dialogue.

(Will probably clean up some errors after a little while on the chapter too.)

4. Chapter 4. The Training Commences! by Edgedej4 [Reviews - 0] (7912 words)

Been a while, yeah. Sorry for the slow updates.

I'll correct any small, noteworthy errors a bit later.

This chapter, was originally meant to be way longer. Like a lot longer, so it may feel like in terms of pure plot stuff, not much happens. I usually keep a small checklist of things I wanna cover chapter by chapter, and this one had a few. By the time I got half way through, I kinda realised that I’ve only covered 2 things. So, I decided to divide this chapter into 2. So here’s the first half of the training. Featuring some physical tests and some fetish content. 

Enjoy and please do leave a Review!

5. Chapter 5. Mana, Magic and Magecraft. by Edgedej4 [Reviews - 2] (6612 words)

Hey, I'm back. Sorry for the extremely long wait. Sadly November and the months around it are very busy for me due to IRL commitments.

For the actual chapter itself, I think I need to rework some of the details for the grander plot itself. I think I did some okay set ups so far, and I'm sorry if the pacing is a little slow. This is the last chapter dedicated to Leon's training.

Warning: Contains vore, but no death. 

As always, I'll correct some formatting errors soon after the chapter is published.

6. Chapter 6. The Journey To Come. by Edgedej4 [Reviews - 1] (9912 words)

Wow, what's this. A new chapter in the same month as the last?

Yeah. I've been having some fun with this story and I hope it shows. Normally I aim for 1 chapter a month, but we all know that schedules can be a bit hard.

This chapter focuses both on fetish and non fetish content. So I hope you all enjoy. I will say as we get to more political elements and plot. there may be some crueler acts in the future with some enemies or figures that oppose Ana and Leon. I hope everyone's okay with that.

I've also attempted some third person here for a segment. 

(Oh and I’ve re-introduced a minor character from chapter 1, Emily)