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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hey, I'm back. Sorry for the extremely long wait. Sadly November and the months around it are very busy for me due to IRL commitments.

For the actual chapter itself, I think I need to rework some of the details for the grander plot itself. I think I did some okay set ups so far, and I'm sorry if the pacing is a little slow. This is the last chapter dedicated to Leon's training.

Warning: Contains vore, but no death. 

As always, I'll correct some formatting errors soon after the chapter is published.

Already it was the fourth day. While a tiring week it had been, with sporadic training exercises and horrific acts of playfulness from my wife. It was at least partially over. At least the part where my aptitudes towards survival and fitness, along with some other key physical categories were tested.

‘Now, it was just the annoying magic stuff that was left...’ I thought. 

Ana had received fairly average results from me in some parts, whereas in others I had passed with flying colours. After my humiliating defeat as being made a makeshift cushion for her on day 2, I expected the worst, most tiring events on day 3 to take place. Which was yesterday. My expectations however were luckily not met, quite the contrary, I found myself excelling at the activities yesterday. They ranged from survival needs that explored my understanding of how to use basic tools into combatting fairly normal wildlife encounters and other essentials.

Being stuck at the ‘tiny men habitat’ outside town, it all seemed familiar to me. Days of planning to leave Vascar and attempting to hunt and gather for myself all paid off in the end. As yesterday, I was in my element. Bears, boars and all other wild beasts that the forests of the enclosure were no match for my marksmanship. I would silently hunt, quiet as the dead but alive with fiery ambition. My old instincts kicked in as I immersed myself into the wilderness. 

Naturally it made sense to add this entire ordeal in as a test, Afterall I would be being sent away to Marvialasia by myself. With a hard limit on how much food I could carry before it would cause more harm than good. I needed to know how to hunt and how to forage and gather. Any food I would take would merely last me till the northern borders. Which I thought was a fairly reasonable limit, as it would allow me to hunt as normal in lands fit for humans, rather than in topography like Ranate. 

While I already knew how to hunt, I didn’t know or even wanted to try surviving in the hellscape that was the natural wildlife of Ranate outside the habitat. The beasts that gathered around here were massive, with an endless capacity and ability to rip me to shreds. At my current state with my enchantments, I at best, would not be much more than a harmless punching bag for them. Not to mention there were supposedly terrifying undead beings that roamed the nights where the full moon wouldn’t shine. Said creatures were a staple all across the world, but I wouldn’t dare imagine the kind that would roam across these lands. Hence all the more reason why bringing food to at least last the trip to the border was worth considering. Anything that would reduce the time I would spend in the Ranate wilds as a whole was always worthwhile considering. 

One last thing of note was that Ana and I also caught up with the tailor yesterday, whom I personally had not seen in quite a while. My wife simply wanted to check up with details about how the invisibility cloak order was going, only to then receive an earful from the tailor lady that she shouldn’t be requesting such things so late notice. From a distance, it really did seem like they were quite nice friends, considering how they always loved to bicker and argue. Such a sight left an oddly warm feeling in me, as if It was something I was missing dearly. 

With the exception of Ana, I don’t really properly know anyone else in the kingdom.’ I silently accepted, with an empty gaze onto nothing in particular. 

“Almost there, dear.” A voice called out, interrupting my mental narration. 

To myself in a dark and relatively empty space, it was the only thing I could pay attention to in order to appease my boredom. The very environment I was in was shaking with every step Ana took. With leather walls that were smooth and cool to the touch, they enclosed around me, leaving me feeling trapped and helpless. For once it was a rather hot day at Ranate, and Ana didn’t want to carry me around in her clothes. Instead she opted to use a leather satchel to house me while she walked towards the magic specialist’s home. It was supposedly an example of magecraft, the leather satchel that is, as it was made with special fabric that made the contents of it stay somewhat cool. In all honesty, it really felt like people around me were just saying ‘This works just cause magic’. Though perhaps that very statement was a testament to my own ignorance. In all honesty, it wasn’t even that warm outside, at least to me it still felt somewhat cold.


I heard an annoying sound, a noise characteristic of old wooden doors swaying open. Followed by footsteps of Ana taking steps inside. 

“Sarina? Are you in right now?” She shouted in a calm but slightly tense tone. “... I’ve booked an appointment with you.”

There was a moment of silence. A peaceful quiet, before a somewhat cranky, coarse tone shouted back.

“I’m here, I’m here. No need to shout, princess.” An exasperated woman replied, at least that's what she sounded like. I hear footsteps, loud tremors as the ground shakes. Mere steps from these giantesses could alert any human settlement from hundreds of metres away . “Or should I get used to calling you queen now?”

“I don’t mind what you call me in non-public settings, Sarina.” Ana retorts.

“Hmm, at least you aren’t snobby.” 

“By the way, how come you didn’t show up to the last council meeting?” 

“You know why. I mean, what was there for me to do? Lisa and Rheas basically conveyed my stance on this whole, tiny and giantess peace thing you’ve got going.”

In response to her proclamation, I couldn’t help but sigh in disappointment. ‘Another hater of us little humans, eh.’

Suddenly the pouch, or satchel I was trapped in began shaking. I had assumed it remained at waist level to Ana earlier where it must have been bound, but she was opening it up. In mere seconds, light penetrated into the darkness of my prison. Only for my first sight of the outside world to be a hand, a gargantuan one. I was no stranger to this hand, to these fingers or this palm. It was my wife’s. She was lifting me up and out, resting me atop her palm. 

Around me I could see a dark room, the only lighting came from a single light bulb that’s energy came from mysterious means. ‘Most likely a magical source’ I deduced, albeit with my clumsy understanding of the subject. There were strange vials, and bottles of glass that made strange shapes all over the place. On the floor around me, I caught glimpses of weird drawings of circles with diagrams inside them, made from chalk. Adjacent to the doors were a plethora of bookshelves and a copious number of books within them. Something rather unsurprising given from the connotations around the title ‘specialist’, I would suppose. 

“Well, regardless of your stance. I’ve paid and requested for your services. Surely you wouldn’t dare flip off your queen?” Ana contends, her tone getting a little more serious. 

“Oho, I take back what I said earlier about your lack of snobby attitude, missy.” Sarina snickered back. “But I have my pride. I guess I’ll indulge your partner in some of my teachings of magic.” 

“Thank you, Sarina.”  I added in. Attempting to make a good first impression. Misguided as I was, I still wanted to at least appear like someone worth their title of consort king. The first step towards that was to appear respectful. 

“Hmph, flattery will get you nowhere with me. We are not master and student here, you’ve merely paid for some guidance is all. You hear that runt?” She declared, with a dash of a verbal attack towards me at the end of her sentence.

“Y-yes Ma’am.” I responded. Unsure how exactly to interact with her. 

“Good. *Cough, cough*, now what is it that you need my help with specifically?”

“All of it.” I reply, already averting my gaze, in vain attempt to hide away the disappointment.

“Tch, damn, you really are gonna make me earn my pay today aren’t you…” She looked toward Ana, with an unpleasant face before turning back to me. Who was resting atop of Ana’s palm. Both of the giantesses walked toward a circular glass table, and Ana gently put me down on it. 

“So, what exactly is magic?” I curiously asked Sarina. With my line of vision shooting directly up to her massive face. My ears, eyes and all other senses were waiting expectantly for the next couple words that would come from her mouth. 

“Magic is the understanding and applications of principles involving the manipulation of Ethereal Energy. This is a profound energy that resides within all of us, all around us and connects the organic and inorganic together.” The specialist replies.

“This ethereal energy, what exactly is it? Where does it come from?” 

“It’s a fixed quantity in the world. You cannot create new amounts of it, nor completely destroy those amounts. It merely gets conserved into the greater system of the world. I won’t go into detail of what makes it or where it comes from. That isn’t worth it for the time you’ve got. Simply let it be known that it exists all around us, within you, Ana, I and even the inorganic materials around us. Every living creature specifically however, has Ethereal energy in the form of mana.”

“If that’s magic, then what is Mana?” I questioned.

“No, no. Do not confuse the two. Magic is the broader term in relation to the field of understanding and applying Ethereal Energy. It cannot be compared with Mana, which is a more specific definition.” 

“What is it then?” Perhaps a bit dumbfounded, I was stuck asking questions left and right.

“Mana is manipulated Ethereal Energy itself. Something a user may possess, or perhaps it can be the energy an individual manipulates when casting spells. Mana and Ethereal Energy are almost the same term, separated by how one is the energy itself, whereas the other denotes the amount an individual may come to possess. For example, this room may have a considerable amount of Ethereal energy inside it, but the amount I can control in it is my mana. Each of our bodies also innately possess Ethereal energy, which is the passive amount of mana an individual has. ” Sarina explained. 

“Oh, so what happens if a person loses their innate mana?” 

“Fatigue, tiredness, nausea maybe. All sorts of problems begin accumulating. However, as long as Ethereal energy is present within your surroundings, a person's body should slowly begin recovering mana. It’s also impossible, or as deemed as such not until proven otherwise, to leech other people’s innate mana forcibly.”

I stood there astounded the facts being thrown at me. At the sheer scale of knowledge that I had been missing from my life. ‘Was information like this common elsewhere in the world? Were merely only us, the poor fools of Vascar doomed to die without knowing of such things like mana and magic?’ 

No, that wasn’t right either. The eastern side of the continent simply wasn’t that well versed at magic as a whole. Back with the discussion I had in the library with the librarian, she did explain that magic as a whole field of research only began somewhat recently, a couple years back, in Ranate from Marvialasia's understanding of the matter. 

“What is Magecraft then? I’ve definitely heard the term thrown around before.”

“Magecraft is the application of magic towards devices, tools, or an apparatus. Any structure that requires an outside intervention with magic can technically be classified as Magecraft.” Sarina responds.

Ana quickly rejoins the conversation. “That tool I used a day or two ago; the one that used light to measure time, the stopwatch I mean, was an example of Magecraft. The leather satchel I carried you in was too, it was made with magic that resided on special fabric that kept the insides cool.”

“Ahh. Okay, so that’s what that was.” I replied, finally beginning to understand the different nuances and definitions of magic. “So with all that said and done. How come I can’t see, feel or sense anything about this Ethereal Energy?”

“That’s why I’ve asked Sarina here. To find a solution to that.” Ana contends, firmly. She locks eyes to Sarina, as if hinting that this was the reason she chose to partake in Sarina’s services to me. The notion made sense, everything Sarina described probably could have been told to me by Ana regardless. ‘Perhaps not to that detail, but still.

 What really was hindering our progress was the fact I couldn’t feel any Mana or Ethereal Energy at all. Absolutely none, not even the slightest tinge of it. 

“Some people just aren’t gifted in the way of magic.” Sarina coldly responded.

 ‘Was that it? I just wasn’t cut out for this?’ I refused to believe it. Not after coming this far. “However, it is strange that humans, a race who are more strongly suited to the magic arts, have someone like you as so incapable in this field. Perhaps your bloodline is cursed or something.” 

Her little insult only led to Ana furrowing her brow at her, clearly she wasn’t having any of it. Her gesture seemed to lead Sarina into a sigh as she began pondering for a solution to our issue. 

“Magus-shock therapy,” Sarina answered, finally getting to a possible cure after a moment of silence. “Perhaps this would draw it out of the poor man. Our conflicts between species aside, I am interested in seeing what magic you humans can transpose. If anything, it helps with my research.”

“Wow, lovely stuff, Sarina. Glad to hear it. Totally.” I sarcastically answer. Only feeling more singled out than before on being a human. The specialist however ignores my remark, and dons a devious smile across her face. Whereas Ana is mortified.

“Magus-shock therapy?” My wife exclaims, with a concerned and worried look plastered across her face. “Isn’t that the one that-”

Before being cut off mid sentence by Sarina. “Yes, the one where you force your partner into a near death situation to force their body into utilizing their innate mana, their own passive source.”

‘Huh?’ I turn my head around to Ana and gasp aloud. “Excuse me, what?!” I shout out, hoping to explicitly convey my lack of ‘comfort’ to the very core of this idea. 

“You can’t be suggesting this as an actual method to use.” Ana voices.

“Personally I think it’s the only one that would work for someone who is as magically incompetent as your little toy is. Though who knows, maybe he has some talent to be uncovered there after being able to generate mana. Perhaps I’m wrong with my theory on his bloodline being cursed. Suppose I shouldn’t write him off yet, not before more tests are done at least.”

“... What method would you suggest we do?” I shout, my own fear and weakness being painfully evident in my voice. Obviously I wasn’t liking this development, but if I couldn’t even do this; I knew that there wasn’t going to be any hope for me. 

Ana donned a slight frown on her face, but sighed and resolved herself. It was obvious the two had some sort of animosity between them, but even she was left helpless at the outcome. What choice did she really have but to trust her?

Sarina donned a playful smile, not smug or haughty. But one that boasted of something she longed for, an event that she was going to enjoy watching. The sight of which left me audibly gulping. 

“Yes, yes, that right there is what I mean.” She finally speaks.

“Huh?!” I question, confused.

“Your little toy has given me a wonderful idea… Ana, I want you to eat him.”

Before I could even react, the lady beside me had already spoken up. 

“WHAT! No, never. Are you out of your mind Sarina-” Replied Ana. Shocked at the mere insinuation of what Sarina suggested. Her surprise was only secondary to my own. Who’d reacted in such a state of stupor that I didn’t even properly process the words I’d heard. 

“Well, think about it. How can your tiny truly express his mana? Crushing him, suffocating or otherwise will all induce a response from his enchantments. You know, the ones you placed on him a while back.” As she explains, her smile turns into a devious grin. “So, all that’s left that’ll work is to expose him to your stomach acid, something he has no specific enchantments against . It’s quite a logical process, I’m rather unsure of why you’re all freaking out.” She snickers. Clearly aware of the lunacy of her words. It was as if she was wanting such an exaggerated performance to send us into shock. “Of course, this is your husband. I wouldn’t dream of stealing the fun, so you can eat him, Ana. If he awakens his mana, you can simply vomit him back out. ”

Ana simply stood silent, shaken but unsure of what to do. It was clear to both of us that I was gonna be safe, but I imagine the very act of doing this went against almost everything Ana stood for. Hell, the thought of ending up in the same place as her morning breakfast, also obviously went against everything I thought was going to happen today. I just had to put up a brave face however. There was no other viable option, at least not one we’d been informed of. 

“Oh, what's wrong? Is this too much for you? You would prioritise the safety of one man, over an entire kingdom? He has some important mission to attend to, surely you haven’t forgotten?” Sarina argues, hoping to elicit a scornful response from Ana. . “Perhaps you are still too immature to be queen. After all, that's why you came running to me. Because Leon here needed magic so desperately, so-”

“Ignore her, Ana!” I shouted, towards Ana’s direction. Hoping to get her head back from being lost to the clouds. “ I’ll be fine. I’ve already decided that I need to put in some more effort if I want to really pull my weight around here.” I boldly declare. Truthfully I wasn’t convinced by my own act of confidence, but I was absolutely truthful in the statement that I needed to start doing more things, more activities to make myself deserving of my title. That sentiment alone was what drove the words out of my mouth, the words that would seal my fate as a snack.

“...” She stayed silent. Simply staring at my figure out on her palm. Whilst she was always a bit on the playful side, Ana never had really exposed me to any real danger. This would be a first from her. It was rare to see her confuse her own personal affairs and feelings on something this important. 

The very fact that she was struggling to come to terms with this, was most likely an expected outcome from the councillors from the other day. They seemed adamant on welcoming my failure, on laughing at my incompetence towards my positon; and to put shame on Ana from failing her duties. I wouldn’t put it past people as schemy as them to try to orchestrate this meeting. One where even getting myself ready to leave Ranate was going to be difficult. Although, I was sure Ana herself knew this. So the outcome was obvious.

“I-I’m going to eat you, Leon.” She declared. Her eyes finally being cleared from doubt as she too had donned a brave smile. ‘Though obviously this whole thing was way more scary for me…

The woman raised her palm, as it felt like I was accelerating up and being pushed down to the ground by an increasing weight force as her palm came closer to her face. 

In front of me was a face the size of a small house. Her nostrils pumped out warm gushes of air, and her breath radiated my surroundings. I was already familiar with this, many times when she kissed me it was the same feeling. Yet, never had I ever gotten used to it. The feeling of a colossal being, much grander than your own, holding you on the palms of their hand, with a gaping void kept closed by the muscular folds known as their lips drawing ever closer. It was all so surreal. So mind numbing for someone like me. What was even more terrifying was the established fact that I wasn’t going to be greeted with a heartfelt kiss, but rather a wet tongue and maw that would soon guide me down her gullet.

The mere thought of which, now that I was up close, sent my heart racing. Pumping and beating fast. I wasn’t initially sure if this was good or not, but it probably was for the best. If my fear was a catalyst for mana, then this was it. This heart wrenching feeling was only the beginning.

In my absolute terror, I turned back only to see Sarina holding in a laugh. Seemingly enjoying the sight of having reduced me to a light snack, and Ana, the heart of our kingdom, to be a tiny eater. ‘What a sick giantess you are…’ Were my honest thoughts to Sarina. Who could even blame me?

To think that real tinies had at some point in history, been fed into the very sight I was seeing, being reduced to food. Was something that sent shivers down my spine. The worst part was, that giantesses like Sarina were enjoying it! They would turn their prey into screaming, pathetic dishes that they would gulp down in a single bite. Converting their tormented beings into nothing more than fat or otherwise that would only fuel these giantesses in searching for more prey. 

‘If I can’t muster up some mana… Would that be me included? Would I also end up as some excess fat on Ana? A mere energy source to fuel her ambitions?  No, surely not. She would vomit me out regardless of the outcome.’ I argued within my mind. Obviously thinking from an objective view, Ana would never leave me to be digested. It was simply out of the question for someone like her. But, in situations where death could stare right into your soul, I couldn’t help but cast some doubt. Even to someone I trusted as much as her.

The muscular folds parted from one another, making a kind of *Smack* sound from her lips. Every little mouth noise we humans would normally make, that would be muffled out as white noise was painfully evident to me. Every passing second too, her humid breath warmed up my very cold surroundings. Whilst it was warmer outside than usual, it was very cool inside Sarina’s room. And not to mention, ‘warmer than usual’ here was still by my standards a little bit chilly anyway. That was one more thing I learnt by spending time with these giant beings, their bodies were much warmer than mine. I suppose it made sense with how large they were. And it was what made living in cold climates even feasible at all to them.

“Aahhh” She said, or rather made a characteristic noise that made me aware that I was going to be eaten soon. She raised her palm even higher, and bent her head back a bit. Facing up to the sky. She slightly angled her sweaty palm from a horizontal position to a diagonal, removing the ground I was standing on and replacing it with the slanted floor known as her rotating palm. One that was becoming more and more vertical as the seconds passed. One that I could no longer stand on for much longer.

As I looked down, I saw the void. A gaping hole with saliva strands that met from the roof of her mouth to her tongue. With little squelching sounds that simply were impossible to ignore. Her pink tongue made up the floor of the cavern in front of me, but from the angle I saw, it only looked like the floor was the endless void. A black hole that would lead me down her throat and eventually into-


Before I could finish my narration, it seemed that I could no longer remain standing on her palm, and began plummeting down towards Ana’s mouth. My screams were beyond my control, especially given the sheer fear I was feeling at the moment. ‘Was this it?’ I pondered, once again succumbing to the thought of the worst possible outcome, despite all logic pointing otherwise.

I entered her mouth, and was assaulted by her breath pouring out to the atmosphere outside her mouth. As I fell in, it felt like I was almost fighting against it. Suddenly the very light around me that came from the dimly lit room of Sarina became scarce, yet I wouldn’t even be given the luxury of seeing it one final time before-


I was swallowed. Her muscles surrounded me, and momentarily began crushing my body as they almost made a constricting motion. While they were initially soft to the touch, they became harder as she swallowed. I was safe, obviously due to my prior enchantments. But the light from earlier was now completely absent. And the elevator-like ride down to her gut had begun.

The smell of her mouth and insides permeated around me, and while I didn’t want to say anything bad about Ana, it was disgusting. As I was falling down I simply had trouble breathing as I battled against my body’s own gag reflex. Luckily, my own breathing issues would be solved from another one of my enchantments. I believe it was called ‘Anaerobic further respiration’ or something along those lines. I had already been trained due to Ana’s ‘fun’ times to hold my breath. That right now specifically, was no big deal.

The true horrors would only come right after.’


I fell down, after passing some kind of membrane into a pool of weird sticky liquid. It was dark, and the light itself was gone, but I felt I could still sorta see around me. I wasn’t sure why or how, but I didn’t care. I just attributed it to some sorta enchantment.

There were pieces of bread floating around, and bubbly liquid all around. The bread was obviously Ana’s breakfast, made by expert chefs in conjunction with some form of meal. I think it was called an eggs benedict or something. Though now wasn’t the time to worry about that.

‘This must be her stomach.’

Gurgling noises, sticky slimy sounds and an overall shaky atmosphere was present within her belly. The stomach muscles were constantly contracting and widening, as if to engulf stray pieces of broken down foods. As for me, I had landed on a puddle of gastric acid. A slight burning sensation was felt across my whole body. It wasn’t like a ‘Ow, that's hot’ kind of burn like you’d get when you touched scorching hot metal, but rather a similar feeling to having weak alcohol being exposed to an open wound. I hardly even noticed it at first, but with each passing second, its damages were building up. Eventually to digest me…

Was this how prey felt?’ No, most human tribes and societies in this world could only eat dead creatures. You had to hunt first, eat later. This kind of fate was beyond the cruelty of mankind… At least to my rather ignorant level of knowledge. Perhaps there were some that scavenged around and didn’t bother to even cook their tiny meals ahead of time. Much like how many birds eat their prey raw and alive. ‘Yes… That’s all I was. Nothing more than prey.’ 

Suddenly, my calm demeanor was slowly being replaced with angst, with anxiety. As rather invasive and demoralizing thoughts pervaded into my mind, I was falling victim to their negative onslaught. I looked at my hand, my arm and my torso. My clothes were being digested, broken away into their smaller components and eventually into nothingness. Reminding me that these giantesses had digestive systems far stronger than us humans. 

The burning sensation was getting stronger. I couldn’t even deny it any longer. Even though I wasn’t breathing to smell the disgusting air around me, in a vain attempt to try and forget about this whole situation, the pain made it impossible to forget. It was a constant reminder; a message that told me ‘Look how pathetic you are, you’re nothing more than a meal.’ Oddly enough, the pain redirection enchantment wasn’t working against this kind of pain too, much to my own dismay. 

“Fuck.” I shouted aloud, for no one in particular to hear. It was like I was all alone again, that feeling of being trapped in Vascar, being up on that stage where my fate as an exile was determined. Being tortured and tormented. It was just like that all again. Thoughts of my incompetence swirled around in my mind. Like an everlasting looming threat. ‘Why was my magic so disappointing? Even after all this hell, not even a sliver of my mana came out.‘

Was I simply to report back to Ana that despite her mustering up all that courage, that even that wasn’t enough for me to get something right?

I pondered in my head. Seconds passed. Before I finally had something to cling to, a concrete idea in my head full of empty darkness to focus on.

“Ana,” I called her name aloud. “Ana Darling-Bliss.”

If it wasn’t for her, I didn’t even know what I would be doing right now. Though it probably wouldn’t be moping around in a pool of stomach acid.

I let out a soft chuckle. As if giving up. I just let my body rest. I knew that if enough time passed, Ana would let me out. I was no different to that piece of bread from earlier. Simply waiting for the greater forces of the world to decide its fate.

The pain only continued on however. With no end in sight. ‘Well not that I’d know.’ 

“A-Ana, please.” I whimpered. I knew no one out there could hear me. Not when I was stuck in her belly. “Let me out, I can’t do this.”

Seconds passed, again, nothing happened.

“PLEASE!” I, now begging, screamed. As much as I could in my battered up state. I punched the stomach walls, which seemingly had no effect. In fact, it had such little of an impact that it seemed comical. Desperation rose in my voice, my actions, my very being. I wanted out. I had fear fully lodged into my being.  I was kicking the walls, but once again, to little effect. 

My pathetic pleas, my poor attempts of escape and denial of my fate only grew louder and louder. As some form of chaotic energy began swirling up in me. It was fierce, powerful and strangely hot. Like a burning sensation. Once more, I riled up my voice as I made a fist and pushed it above me, as if reaching out towards her throat, back where I came from.

“Let me out; I don’t wanna die here!” I yelped, shouted and pleaded. And to my own surprise, my hand lit ablaze. A very weak kind of flame enveloped around it. 

And before I even could process what just happened. Her entire stomach began shaking, as if Ana had jolted back into action. I heard a loud squeal from the outside. Words that had emotion, affection and care behind them. Words that made this hell almost worth it.

“He did it! He did it! Sarina, I felt some mana in me that wasn’t mine!” Were Ana’s own genuine thoughts that leaped straight out of her mouth. Almost unable to contain her own excitement, she seemingly was ready to jump for joy, or at least she would if I wasn’t in her gut right about now. 

Moments straight after, I heard some footsteps as if she was walking somewhere, before finally I could see her stomach begin churning… 

It seems I'm finally free from this mess.’ I thought, finally able to escape from the prison known as Ana’s stomach. 

– – – 

About 30 minutes had passed. Ana had vomited me back out from her belly, and the first thing I saw was her slightly teary eyed face, relieved that I was okay. It honestly came as a surprise to me; not that partners shouldn’t be happy their loved ones were okay after such an event, but rather that it was rare for me to see this side of her in general. She was a rather tough queen, when in front of anyone but other council members. Whilst neither of us acknowledged the event to one another outright, we both understood that we were relieved that nothing bad occurred.

Immediately after, she rushed me over to Sarina’s sink, where she washed the gunk off me. Thoroughly. Making sure that a spot of me was covered in her stomach juices. 

At this point, I was basically naked as well. But, that didn’t bother Ana. I initially thought to playfully reprimand this giantess who seemingly wasn’t understanding my shame, but before I could make a sly remark against Ana, I was already placed on her palms. And rushed away to Sarina in the main room. Still naked. Who also wasn’t surprised at my nakedness.

‘ I was joking earlier, but do giantesses really feel nothing about naked tinies? Being in my birthday suit with Ana is one thing, but why is Sarina unfazed too?’  I wondered. Suddenly a horrific thought came to mind. It made sense for them culturally to see tinies as prey in the past, surely they must have eaten them naked too back then... At least that was my thought.

“Um, can I get some clothes or-” I asked, hoping to acquire some clothing so I would no longer have to be so embarrassed. 

“ Hurry and ask your final questions before I kick you both out of my house.” Sarina responds. Ignoring me entirely. “ I’ve got somewhere to be.”

“...” I stood in silence for a moment. Truthfully I was ready to lash out at this giantess, but I simply bottled that aside for now.

“Y’know, I’d prefer it if you weren’t so rude. Sarina.” Ana comments, with a rather harsh tone.

“Tsk. Whatever.” She responds.” You, the tiny, raise your hand in front of yourself, palm facing the sky’s direction.” 

I do as commanded. Raising my hand and palm.

She continued speaking. “Now, do you feel some ethereal energy within you right now? Some kind of foreign and unfamiliar energy?”

Oddly enough. I did feel something in me. It felt alive, moving, like it had a mind of its own. 

“Direct it to your palm, the energy that is.” Ana responds. Intervening to guide me gently. Her kind, but powerful voice was far more welcoming than Sarina's. 

I follow the instructions that my lovely wife gave. Redirecting the energy around until it eventually reaches my palm. Then, to my own surprise it leaves it, escaping the confines of my own body. Making me feel strangely cold.

In that same instant, a flame appeared, floating atop my palm.

“What the fuck, holy shit!” I said, with an abundance of excitement in my voice.  However in the next instant, it slowly flickered away, as if returning into my palm. Leaving my body feeling like its normal temperature once more. 

“Hmm, so you’re an Arcanist. Interesting. Perhaps you aren't good for nothing after all.” Sarina comments, albeit with a slight mocking gesture, but still with interest on the matter. “And now that you have mana, you can sustain your own enchantments too. Good for you.”

“What’s an Arcanist?” I asked.

“Arcanists, at a very typical sense and normal level,  convert mana into heat by focusing it at one source, or absorb or redirect it away to create a sense of coldness. Areas with a lack of ethereal energy or mana, are artificially cold, whilst concentrated regions of mana can be hot. With enough practice these people can be a threat to be recognized with.”

So, it's a bit like temperature magic then.’ I thought in the realm of my mind. It allowed me to manipulate temperature, and be capable of doing both fire and ice magic. ‘What a weird ability…

“Woah… What about the other types, what other abilities are there? How can I use them? Ana mentioned she had used a-” I ask, hoping to get more answers.

“Nope, sorry. I’m afraid you’re out of time. I have a meeting with the magicians board soon, to discuss an interesting discovery made recently by a young scholar. It may even revolutionize our understanding  of magic as a whole. With it, we might even catch up to the western nation’s level of technology.” She explains. As she guides Ana, and I via extension who is still resting atop her palm, out of her home. We exit through her door right after. 


She shuts the door off to our faces, before even saying goodbye. We’re both left flabbergasted by the sudden turn of events as we stare into each other. I also notice that it’s somewhat cooler now compared to before. I suppose warmish weather in Ranate was just a rarity. 

“... Hey Honey, I didn’t get to ask earlier, but are you alright with uh-” Ana began to question me. Before I cut her off, whilst being nervous.

“Y-yeah, yeah. It was just weird. I never wanna have to go through that again.” I nervously answer, honestly just finding it hard to come to terms with what just happened mere moments ago.

“Of course, I promise I won’t willingly put you into that sort of situation again. Well not that I’d know ‘that’ was what was gonna happen today. Here, you can even take the day off today. You deserve it.”

“Haha, thanks, Ana. Really. I mean it. I need a break after that. Even if it's only for today.” I responded. Glad I could rest.

“You can snuggle around in my bra if you want in the meantime.” She quietly whispers. Knowing full well what my response will be.

“Well… I won’t say no to that.” I answer, with a slight chuckle. Leaving my wife beaming with a smile herself. From tomorrow onward, I was going to be training my magic, and finding a way to incorporate into my survival . Then after that, I would be departing for the lands up north.

Chapter End Notes:

So, we got a brief intro into the world of magic. It's a bit confusing, maybe. So do let me know in feedback what you thought of it. Personally I'm a huge nerd about stuff like this. Even if it isn't really related to fetish content. We'll go more in depth to it at a later point, if I feel it is warranted. But the point of Leon learning Magic is to try and harness it to survive.

That was the end of Leon's training arc too. We will began moving to the next phase from the next chapter. Probably at least.

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