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Fields of overgrown weeds and flora, a late lukewarm evening along with an unrivalled sense of dread and exhaustion. Such simple things took me back to my days before I was a squire at Vascar, where I would be forced to take part in the 5 o’clock military training exercises. This was of course to strengthen my body, and provide basic fortitude and the fitness required to survive as a member of the knighthood. Those days never seemed to vanish from my head, almost like a bad case of the plague, they just wouldn’t leave me. The crippling exhaustion, brutal pain and terrifying consequences of failure made it an unforgettable experience. ‘Why you may ask? Simply put. Vascar had no need for failures, for the incompetent, for what they deemed to be the weak minded. Those unfit were discarded, with their reputation tarnished.’ 

I was berated every day for not being up to their standard, for their level of skill or ability, and on examination day, I somehow passed by just on the margin. Right on the passing mark to become a squire. It was me and a group of 300 other soon to be scruffy soldiers, out of 1000 potential candidates.  The 700 remaining were sent home, back to poverty with no way of escape. At least until they could try again the year after.

“Fun times…” I thought to myself.

“Last lap’s now almost over Leon!” A voice screamed, ear shatteringly loud. But hidden behind the coarseness of her words was a warm and tender affection of care, at least that's what I’d like to hope and believe.

I was running, not sprinting but jogging along a square shaped, marked perimeter of grass outside the city. Ana had marked a rough square shaped path for me to follow, with each length out to be around 1Km (0.62 miles) long per a side for me to follow, making the entire perimeter around 4 km. ‘And I have to complete 5 laps of this…’

Ana was waiting for me to arrive, as she patiently waited at the starting corner of where I departed, from at the start of my little marathon. She had employed an application of something called ‘Void magic’ on an unfamiliar device to form some strange apparatus, which somehow was capable of measuring time. She was using this for my endurance test. 

Now, I had little to no clue on how magic, magecraft or any form of such wizardry worked. It all looked like some foreign language, so I was unsure of what to make of it. Perhaps I would understand better if Vascar taught such things, but alas they never did. At least not to a squire such as myself. 

*Huff… Puff. Agh* 

I groaned as I ran. My body seemed weak and hopeless, not wanting to continue this any longer. As if without my own will, it complained in the form of pain that shot across my legs, building up as the exercise continued. I was already slightly buffed from enchantments, but none offered any direct assistance for exercises such as this. They only helped to an extent. 

‘C’mon, almost there.’

I still ran, covering metre after metre of distance as fast as I could. Afterall, It wasn’t as if there was any need to conserve any energy on the final stretch.  I bolted and sprinted, pushing away the pain and replacing it with a drive for more strength. I was tapping into the final, figurative reserve of energy I kept this entire marathon. Pleading with my body to give one final push. 

‘Please… Just let it end already.’

Step after step, foot after foot I continued my run. Suddenly there was a sudden urge to vomit, as I felt any source of rationality leave my soul.


Before I knew it, I was falling face down. My vision was blurring. ‘Did I just flop my test at the home stretch?’ I wondered to myself, within the depths of my fading mind.

“Yay! You did it.” A familiar voice calls out. “-And time.” She says, while messing with the apparatus she created before urgently turning her attention towards me, as she walks over to the finishing line, alarming me that I had supposedly passed it. “You alright, Leon?” 

I had my face planted across the dirt for less than a minute before my sense of self started returning.

I-*Ugh-Cough…*, yeah, I’ll be fine. Just need some water.”

“Sure, there’s a small river about 300 metres to the east. I’ll carry you to it.” Ana comments.

She picks me up, gently in a pincer like motion and places me on her open palm. 

“... So, what time did I get?” I curiously ask.

“ About one and a half hours. Which isn’t bad considering you have some enchantments, and were trained beforehand at Vascar.”

“But… It could be a lot better though, can’t it?” I exclaim, slightly exasperated. “I’m sorry that I’m not quite cutting it-” 

“You’re doing fine, one and a half hours is still a pretty good starting point. You’re only going to improve from here after all.” She confidently says, as if redirecting the conversation. “Plus, you're too harsh on yourself. I’m not judging you off what you can do in a marathon, especially only after one attempt at it.”

I end up looking down, away from her face in an embarrassed daze. But, no amount of shying away could possibly hide the relief plastered across my face.

“Oho, look who’s grinning away now.” Ana mocks, in a friendly manner.

“...” I hide my gaze, in a vain attempt to hide my embarrassment. I wasn’t used to this kind of banter, but even then I was glad I finally was with someone who I could just talk with normally. 

We both let out a slight chuckle. Ana simply just enjoyed teasing me, and I couldn't help but laugh in response to her advances.

– – – 

*Gulp… Gulp* 

“Phew, I’m parched. Thank the stars for the running water.” I say, after arriving at the river and fetching myself some water to drink. I clasped my hands together and tried to collect the water between my palms. “I was gonna say this is a massive river, but it’s probably that I’m just too small isn’t it.” I exclaim after looking outward towards the mighty river. It seemed to extend over yonder, far as my eyes could see. ‘And I don’t mean that in the sense of where the water was going, but rather the actual distance from the sides of the river.’

“Yep, this is just a mere offshoot. The water comes down from the mountain ranges from the southern and western directions.” Ana explains.

“Is it meant to work like that? As in the flowing water coming from the mountains.” I ask.

“Oh, do you not know? I suppose Vascar is primarily flat, dry grasslands so that would make sense. Well, It’s a bit much to explain how and why it works right now.”

She grabs me and places me on her hand, just like before. We start walking away from the river and begin our little trip to re-enter the city.

“... Hey Ana, what was that thing that you did earlier? With the, er, void mana, Magecraft, magic or whatever it is.” I ask, enthralled by curiosity.

“It was a combination of magic and magecraft, dear. As I’m sure you’re aware, Ranate had a few breakthroughs in magic in recent years due to the war with Marvialasia. It’s a bit hard for me to explain, but essentially I’m using my own essence to take the form of void mana, which fuels the device I was using earlier, in order to measure time.” Ana tries to explain, however I’m left with only more questions. “ The device then takes a sample of the luminosity variable of the strongest light source present. In other words the sun, by using my void mana to measure its value. Then It takes the difference with that value with a new value from when I finish the interval, and leaves me a number that represents the time taken for an event to occur. It’s basically a clock that can measure time intervals!” She says, a slight squeal of excitement lingering within her voice.

On the other hand, I’m left speechless. Dumbfounded even. I had no idea what Ana just said, and probably won’t understand what she’s about to say either. I can’t help but feel defeated at how I have nothing to add to her sudden burst of exposition. It was as if she just let out her passion and I had nothing I could do to support her with it.

“A-Ana, I’m sorry. But I don’t think I follow, like at all.” 

“Aww, I had a feeling this would be too complicated for you right now. After all, you don’t even know the basis of mana right now.” 

“Well uh,” I ponder, urgently trying to continue the discussion. “Did you make that yourself?”

“The device?” She asks, to which I nod my head towards. “Yeah, the design came from my blueprints. I haven’t had the opportunity to test this device since the team of magecraft engineers and I constructed the device. So I thought to myself, hey, why not now?”

“Huh, well that's interesting. I’ve never heard of a former royal being into, or at least being this knowledgeable about stuff unrelated to their role.”

“Anything can be relevant or important. Anything at all. Just learning new skills is enough for me to find something worthwhile to do. Change within the kingdom has to come from every angle afterall, I can’t just be so close minded to change only what suits my own tastes. Besides, this stuff is fun, it’s interesting! I doubt even Marvialasia has this level of understanding for their magecraft.” Ana gently says, before drifting off topic slightly. “ Ooo, I know, I’ll call my device a timer. Yeah, that has a nice ring to it. It’s even better than using shadow clocks and such at least, so maybe it's worthwhile researching more into and-” She continues before being interrupted. 

“Geez, you weren’t kidding. How come I’ve never seen this side about you before? I mean surely I would have heard about this hobby of yours by now.” I question, half serious and half sarcastic. 

“Hmph, I’ll have you know, I’m a certified magecrafter first, queen second.” She giggles.

While we did play it off as a joke, it did become clearer to me that maybe we’ve started to let down our guard with each other. Gone was the pure terror that was apparent durign our first meeting. I guess it made sense with how much has happened, and well, is going to happen. It’s easy to forget we’ve only just known each other for a little longer than a month. We’ve gotten so comfortable around each other, that she’s started sharing more and more about her own personal life around me. And honestly, I wouldn’t mind letting her know about any secrets I have about me either. Hell, right now I felt that she earned that right. It was as if we’d long gone past the ‘learning about each other’ stage but had put it off for some reason. I suppose the busy nature of being royalty didn’t help… But I definitely did feel safe around her. It was like a warm, fuzzy feeling whenever I’m around Ana. Just the general sense of comfort being vast and seducing. Honestly I couldn’t tell if it's her voice, her gaze or just her overall confident demeanour, but I found myself more and more obsessed with her as the days continued. 

Whilst lost in my own mental realm, I came back to reality to find her staring down at me.

“What happened to your hands, Leon?” She examines aloud, with a slightly worried but not distressed tone.

I look down and see the bruised and battered state of my hands. Dirt, mud and clay was smeared over them too. ‘Damn, I should have cleaned them by the river when I had the chance.’ 

“Uhhh. Yeah, I fell over two or three times during the marathon…” I explain. “But it’s no big deal, my hands used to be in way worse shape back when I did archery.”

“Archery?” Ana questions.

“We had to do it in a range of environments, so I would often get my hands dirty, or bruised at the very least. I was also the top ranking squire of Vascar when it came to archery, Hell I even rivalled some of the actual professionals. Honestly, without this being on the examinations in Vascar, I doubt I would even be a squire right now.” 

“Woah. I wonder how in terms of skill you would compare to our archers.” Ana wondered out loud.

“Well, I don’t think we can be compared. And I don’t mean that due to the size disadvantage. I doubt your archers have even half the experience I do.” I snarkily add in, perhaps stroking my own ego a step too far. But I couldn’t help it, this was one of my biggest strong suits. It felt natural to talk about it, and having someone actually listen felt nice. 

“Maybe one day you could properly show me your technique then, what do you say, my itty bitty squire?” She teases.

“Yeah… Maybe one day.” I affirm. 

I think about how much has happened in the past 24 hours, and that suddenly I’m gonna be leaving Ranate, my new home in just a couple days. It all seems daunting, so worrying. But, when I look up at the face of the giantess carrying me home right now, I can’t help but think that it’ll all be worth it in the end. 

“When we get you back to the castle, I’m gonna fetch you a tiny bath. Today was a rough day, so it’s fine if you're a little tired.” Ana interrupts,  disrupting my internal line of thinking. “ Since the day is almost over, and it’s the same day as the meeting, we therefore have about 9 more days to get you up to level within the deadline, not including today. I also need to do tests to determine some things about your body by day 3. After that, it’ll just be a matter of training you. Though a lot of that near the end might have to be self directed by you to be honest.”

“Why till day three?” I ask.

“I have some extra things I need to run by you, but I need some tests done ahead of time to determine how tough, durable and strong you currently are. That’ll let me find out which area needs improvement the most. Though if I’d hazard a guess, it’ll probably be magic related, I bet.”

“I’d bet on that too… I don’t know the first thing about magic, magecraft or whatever it’s called.” 

“It’s fine, I have a specialist who’ll come help us in that regard by day 4. At least that's the fastest I can book them in by.”

“A specialist?! Does that mean I’ll be learning magecraft and stuff soon?” I ask, now locked in anticipation.

“ Well, only the basics for now.” Ana responds. “For now, you should worry about tomorrow.” She answers in a worrying tone, almost in a way that bodes some level of concern.

“H-how so?” I replied.

“ Tomorrow is a full day of just me and you, and some of those tests… I have a feeling some may prove, let's just say, a little bit challenging for you. Not to mention you wanted to learn some history of Ranate too, so it’ll be two birds with one stone.” She contends. “But no need for you to panic, I’ll be making sure it's as safe as it can be…”


I audibly gasp, a slight hiccup of worry present not only on my face, but also in my voice. At least I’d imagine so, I had no real way to check what my face was looking like after all.

“Bring it on.” I challenged, perhaps only with a mask of bravery and folly. But it was courage nonetheless. My vigorous attitude was met with a face that mirrored a predator staring down hungrily at her prey. Anyone could tell she had some rather unusual practices and training methods lined up for me. 

Our walk into the city continued as the sunlight became dimmer, and darkness crept out of the shadows. Without a doubt, I’d be hitting the hay the moment we’d arrive at bed.

– – – 

(13 hours later)

There I was, at a special facility housed in one of the many interior castle rooms. It was a room with a sign plastered across it in yellowish colour. It said “Authorised Personnel Only.” To which Ana ignored and simply walked inside it regardless, holding me up on her left shoulder. 

Ana was wearing a fitted, red skirt that extended down to almost her knees. Her top was a sweater type, with cream coloured wool. The overall colour scheme felt typical for Ranate wear, but it was unusual seeing Ana in such clothing. Usually she would stick to royal attire. 

Inside the room, there was a single window where the bright morning sun shone inward to the room. Illuminating the atmosphere with warmth, both Ana and I basked momentarily in its glory. The floor was dark red carpet, as was normal for any room within the castle and there were lights on the roofs, powered by what I would presume to be some form of magic. Vascar by contrast simply utilised fire burning for chandeliers and other decor to provide light, using special wax that kept the fire aflame for extended periods of time. Of course, such luxury of having light such as that being permanently lit at home was something only nobility could afford. Even I, a peasant in noble’s clothing, was gifted with such a small humble gesture. 

Focusing my eyes towards the centre of the room, there was a chair, or more accurately a throne. The sides seemed similar to Ana’s throne at the throne room, where I first greeted her. 

“Ah, still in good shape.” She exclaimed happily as she pointed to the chair. “ Leon, this will be your first two tests for today. Durability and resilience.”

She stepped over to the throne, to me it felt like an eternity was passing as I was left with questions as to what was going on. As we got closer to the chair in question, I could distinctly tell the ‘seated’ part was of an unusual design. Cold, hard metal with a few mechanical looking designs were apparent. The rest of the throne was of typical design to Ana’s usual one. With the back support being of a soft but firm red fabric, and golden colour on the arm rests. It was all one design with no gaps from the arm rest to the seat. 

Ana pinched me gently from her hand, and lifted me down to the seat of the throne. I stood there on the metallic surface, perplexed at what was going on. 

“Ana, what-what is all this?” I asked, as my curiosity began hitting a nerve. 

“A relic of the past…” She said, slightly dismissive in tone. “Marvialasia was an enemy of all non-human races. At one point long ago, we teamed up with the dwarven forces nearby to fight against them. As a gesture of that alliance and the mutual disdain for Marvialasians, the dwarven queen had prepared this chair for us.” 

The lost society of smithery, The Great Dwarven Alliance?!’ I thought, in surprise. It was an ancient collective of dwarven people that lived underground. They possessed a unique cave system that burrowed down to the deep dark depths of the earth where no human, giant or any other had ever traversed, or rather couldn’t enter due to their size. Rumours were spread that all Dwarves bowed under a queen, a mysterious outsider who no non-dwarf had ever seen. No amount of communication or attempt at such had ever let the Dwarven people mention anything of her, besides that she does in fact exist. Overall, I’d never seen a dwarf before; if anything, I’d say they were one of the rarer races you could find out there.

“You knew them? The lost people?!” I questioned.

“No, of course not. This was merely a relic from an age-old alliance.” She replied. “In all honesty, we haven’t heard from them in many, many years. We haven’t a clue what became of them.”

“O-oh.” I responded, slightly disappointed. I look back at the chair and its materials. While at first glance it seemed fairly ordinary, it was the specifics of the apparatus that made it seem noteworthy. 

Where I was currently located, there were no loose hanging threads, or places to grip on to. The fabric for the back support also only came to be a bit higher up, much taller up then what I could possibly reach for.

“Say Leon, I know you must have figured out by now what this chair was used for…”

I stood there in silence, staring at the giantess’ deep brown eyes. For just a moment an idea clicked, a premonition of the fate of those who stood right where I was came flashing onto my own eyes, like nightmarish visages from the past.

“W-were they sat on? Doomed to be crushed underneath by your people…” I hazard a guess, an educated one. However it didn’t quite make sense as to why such horrific acts would mimic their culture’s own wedding ceremony. 'Perhaps whichever giantess assisted in designing this contraception with the dwarves simply wanted to try out the ‘fun’ of tormenting their enemies … ’ I hypothesised in my mind. Searching for the rhyme and reason behind the lore of this chair. 

“...Yeah, that's what this was used for.” She answers, leaving the room with a moment of silence. “It comes with a strange mechanism too, where it can measure something the dwarven people called ‘force’ on a person. I don’t quite understand how it works, as it doesn’t mimic how our researchers have done their calculations. But the greater the number is, the greater the force, and that’s the function we’re going to be using today.”

“The force?” 

“The more force you can withstand standing up, the stronger your results for resilience are going to be. You’ll understand.” She exclaims with a lack of confidence, almost as if trying to remember the specifics of how the machine works. “If I was allowed to disassemble this, maybe I’d know better… Ah, but I can’t. It’s a historical artefact, who knows how the council would spin that narrative to the public. And the numbers this thing gives don’t exactly make sense either at times . If only I could disassemble it and see how it was made.” She debates under the careless whisper of her voice. 

Suddenly, Ana turns around. Blinding away the cute sweater she had put on and instead replacing my line of vision with her rear as she stepped slightly back, drawing herself closer to me. The skirt she was wearing, fitted perfectly to her waist, showed off her hips and rear extending outward as they began retracting back into a flatter shape from the legs down. 

At notice of the sight in front of me, the picture in my mind of Marvialasian soldiers screaming and begging for forgiveness became clearer. At the fate of being crushed to paste, and grinded away to nothingness sprang to my thoughts. Much like herbs at mercy of a mortar and pestle. I could see it in my head, the events that would follow. ‘After all, this wasn’t my first time being sat on’, as pathetic as that sounded. Some would have obviously tried to escape, to run away down towards where the back support of the throne is, in a meagre attempt to grasp one last hope of escape. To latch onto any stray loose fabric string and climb out to freedom. However, to the credit of this throne’s design, they would be met with disappointment. 

As not only is the exterior of the seat made of perfectly smooth metal, unholdable by hand, but that same fabric these people would seek would simply be out of arm's reach. In the end, such a poor escape attempt would be akin to a trapped bug trying to flee a spider’s web. Try and quiver they might, hope and pray they can, nothing could be done to escape their newly found destiny; as bloody red stains underneath the cloth covering the rear end of the giants they were now soon to be under.

Getting lost in my own imagination, I end up falling backwards as my knees give out. Not even taking into account of what was happening in front of me, but purely due to the sheer terror of the image in my head.

“C’mon Leon, get up. I haven’t even done anything yet. After going through this at least twice, I’d think you’d get a bit more used to it.” Ana proclaimed, in a playful mocking manner.

“S-shut up. The metal surface is throwing me off. That’s all.” I lightly chuckle back. While it was a vain attempt of redirecting the subject due to my nerves, it was at least, to my credit, partially true. I was used to softer materials being the materials seats Ana would use, which often would be the one last saving grace for me whenever I got into these situations. 

“Suuure, that’s what got you nervous. Not this over here.” She clasps her hand over her ass cheek, with the fabric pulled upon and slightly wrinkled. Slowly she dragged her hand and was sliding it upward in a slightly suggestive manner. While a mesmerising sight, I’d known her long enough by now that this was her own way of loosening up the tension in the air. “Honey, you know I’m not here to hurt you… At least not without your input on the matter beforehand. This is for the sake of the test, and to spice things up a bit.” She confidently declares, a mix of sarcasm and care in her voice. 

“You’re just saying that because you want to do this again.” I reply, aiming to snarkily get back at her. “I’m not even sure how, but you’ve managed to find a contraption that perfectly lets you do that.”

“And so what if I am?” Ana boldly announces. “As far as I’m concerned, I need my little, itty bitty husband’s dose of love, in spades to make up for the month you’ll be gone.” She says while employing some cutesy voice, to such a degree it seems she was slightly taking the piss out of it. “What about you, aren’t you going to miss my love, my care and all of this.” She grasped her own ass, gently and moved towards her thigh; Clearly having a little bit too much fun in this role. Her playful personality greatly juxtaposed her strong willed, and dominant persona. I could hardly remember that I was stressing about the tight deadline of getting ready to leave. I still couldn’t quite make out which one of Ana’s attitudes was the real her, the one she would act like naturally. Though if I’d had to guess, it’d probably be a mix of both. She did always seem a bit stern around others, and always a tad nicer when it was just the two of us. 

“If you’re worried about how there's only 8-9 days left before you depart. Don’t be. In fact, there’s no point in even learning magic if you’re stressed.”

“Well, how can I not be?”

“I know it’s hard. That’s why I’ve made activities for you to just get out of that mood.”

While the desire to use this over the top, machine of a chair to measure my resilience was certainly driven by her own desires. It was still nice to know that I was still there, festering somewhere in the back of her mind when she was planning activities. That subtle kindness went a long way, as it was quite unfamiliar to me. 

 “I’ll be lowering myself down now, and you’ll need to hold me up as best you can. Though don’t worry, I won’t be putting all my weight down. The moment you break form or fall is the value of force I’ll be recording down for this test.” She explains. Basically indicating that she’ll be sitting on me with her weight pressing down, however she’ll be holding herself up a little. Lowering the strain placed on me. I’ll be in charge of lifting her up, as best I can, until eventually she stops supporting herself to a level where I’ll become nothing more than a flattened cake. 

“You’re currently at 784N. Which is a problem, So I’ll just press the calibration button here.” Ana states. The machine was currently recording my ‘force’ at around 784N. 

‘What does the N even mean?’ I pondered. Completely oblivious to any detail about this machine.

“There we are, 0 N now. Should be good to go, now that your own force isn’t a part of the equation. Remember, even if this isn’t completely accurate, the idea that a higher number equals a better result is still true. So try your best.” 

And then, time was set in motion. My fate was locked and loaded. What happened next was something I wasn’t unfamiliar with, but could never truly get used to. 

The sight of two twin mountain sized meteors came crashing down, clad in smooth fabric, at an unexpectedly slow pace. At the very least , I was sure the fabric wouldn’t be uncomfortable when I would inevitably be crushed. 

The slow speed of lowering her ass down to the seat could simply be explained by the fact that she had no reason to crush me. I was spared by that ambition, by that desire  to measure me when I had to hold her up. That alone was what gave me mercy to what would be that inescapable fate. At least, that's what I’d hope for. For all I knew, Ana could simply be enjoying the fact that I had nowhere to run. As if prey were trapped within a corner. She could take her time as much as she’d like, the result would be the same. As with each passing second, my vision became darker, the light that invaded the room was covered by the rear end of my wife. Like a moon engulfing the sun during an eclipse. However, not even such a rare, grand and impossibly unique sight could compare to the sheer nature and power of what was in front of me. I thanked all the lucky stars out there in the sky that I was blessed with enchantments. Without them, kneadable bread dough would be an understatement of what my form would be right now. 

I had nothing in common with the Marvialasians, except that they were also human and governed under a monarchy of sorts. At least that’s what I’d thought; but the simple fear of a creature far beyond, far grander and more powerful that could crush a living person in an instant, those fears still crept into my mind. As I was just as sure the same Marvialasians that stood right where I was must have felt that sense of hopelessness too. 

I held up my hands in what seemed like setting up for a catch, it was a motion even I knew was pointless. The sheer size difference, the sheer amount of power she had and the solid, hard surface below me made it clear. I repositioned my legs and my feet to brace for impact, making sure to allow my legs to carry on the majority of her weight.  No matter how stupid this sight would look, of a tiny trying to lift up a giantess, I still made sure to try. Simply put, I had no other choice. 

Seconds passed, moments flew. I just wanted this entire ordeal to be over already. I couldn’t help but notice that time always passed so slowly whenever you didn’t want it to.  

Eventually, my bare palm made contact with a silky fabric, followed by an inexpressible high amount of weight that came soon after. My legs which I steeled specifically for this almost immediately gave out, my feet which I made sure to plant on to the ground were ready to let me fall. My own arms which once were being held up to the sky were almost ready to give out. Not even a second passed, not even a measurable amount of time even. This all came about as a result of the impact of Ana’s bottom in a mere instant. 

“Hmm, you’re still holding up so far. I’m basically holding up most of my weight still. I dunno, maybe you’re feeling about a mere touch, a mere fragment of it… And not to get your hopes up or down, but I’d say it's probably about a 1000th of the total weight I have. Isn’t that exciting?” Ana joyfully contends. “Oh ,and it looks like it is around 6400N already from just this. If I recall, your standalone ‘force’ was merely just more than a tenth of this. Am I really that heavy?”  Ana lightly taunts. “Do you think you can go a little higher?” 

My legs begin crumbling, as my initial form was wrecked. I couldn’t help but to imagine if this is what that famous statue up in the far northern lands that I’d heard about, the one with the man holding up a boulder upon his shoulder, would have felt like. The sensation of holding up the world, where that weight of responsibility could just easily cripple the poor creature stuck underneath it. I was that man right now, and I was holding up my world. Just a slight adjustment of her body could easily wreck my body and cause it to tumble. 

This was it, I was at my limit. I couldn’t hold up the sheer gargantuan spectacle above me any longer. The fact that I could at all could only be attributed to my training in Vascar and the enchantments placed on me recently. Yet, I was still expected to get stronger in time. This wasn’t enough, but it was all I had. 

“I-I yield.” I voiced. Perhaps with an almost pleading tone. 

“Alright, I suppose the 6400N is what we’re sticking with.” Ana replies. At this point, I’m completely blind to any action she’s doing. It only takes a few seconds for her to ascend back up, carrying herself up back to the heavens. Otherwise known as standing up once more. Ana walks off to a nearby desk, where she had kept a notebook. 


I cough, exhale and cough again. Exhaustion from my arms and legs finally started to kick in. By heart beat could be felt, and a wave of long needed relief was expanding through my body.

“Alright, 6400N is your current limit for resilience. Cool!” Ana congratulates, not mocking or rude. Instead there was a resolute gaze plastered across her face that simply asked for improvement for the next time. She steps forward once more, getting closer to the throne I was located at. 

“A-Ana?” I called out. Awaiting for her to pick me up as she usually would. Holding me up on top of her palms, where I would recover my energy as we would walk back to our room. Or at least to the next area for me to train or test myself. However, reality was not as kind.

She once again turned around. Back again to the sight of hell, where her form towered over mine. 

“Did you think it was over, honey? Remember I said it was resilience and durability testing today.” Ana reminds me. “Sadly, I don’t think I can measure this one that well. So, it’ll just be a checklist system. Think of it as a test to ensure your enchantments are working properly. Doesn’t matter what the council thinks, if your enchantments are even the slightest bit weakened, then I’m not sending you out there. Not until they’re fixed..” 

Ana mentions, much to my surprise. ‘Enchantments can weaken over time?’ I process within my mind. I didn’t feel any weaker, nor did It feel like anything bad was happening to me or my body.

“I-Is that common? I mean if enchantments weaken.” I ask, with a slight tinge of concern in my voice.

“Not so common in individuals with high mana proficiency, hell even having some proficiency would help there, which is why I worry about you. Although due to how recent you got your enchantments, it should be fine… Though I think it’s always good to make sure.” She says with a slightly devious grin. “Ready for round two?”

“ Of course not.” I readily answered. At mercy to her ass, by this point I just knew these sorts of events would just be fate.

“Well, enjoy.” She exclaims, one final time before her colossal rear end begins descending. Even with the dangers of what is akin to a meteor landing on me, I can’t help but stare at the sight above me. No longer was it restrained by her kindness or mercy, it was falling down on me at full speed. She had essentially jumped on to the throne, right where I was. Leaving poor tiny humans like me to be awestruck at her. I recall the colour red of her skirt, how it was convenient for giantesses to wear such colour as it covered up blood. ‘Not that any should be expected from me of course.’ 

There was no point in running, no time to even begin panicking. Hell, I wasn’t even sure if I was so utterly afraid of it anymore. The thought of being crushed beneath her, like a bug or smear made me feel like I belonged there. ‘Damn, that one specific enchantment she casted on me is also starting to take effect now too, eh' 

I was obviously mentioning the ‘pain redirection’ enchantment. Where sources of pain that shuddered across my body were transformed into pleasure. ‘Well, I guess that one’s still working then…’ I lightly chuckle. All of which I think about in the mere fraction of a second before my world becomes flattened.


I first felt the sudden feeling of that soft silky fabric she wore for her fitted skirt. However unlike last time, the unrivalled power of her ass was in full effect. If a small town, village or even a parade was standing where I was. They would all be gone, turned into little chunks of meat for an instant, only to become stains in the next. I was pushed down, forced to be in contact with the hard metallic surface of her seat as the rest of her weight settled in. I didn’t even want to know what ‘force’ score such an impact would have, the mere thought of it haunted me. I was stuck, between the throne and her rear end. Like being stuck between not just hard, but also a soft place. 

I felt my body contorting, Her butt was directly in front of me, with the throne behind. The sheer scale of her weight was pushing me downward, at least that's what it felt like for a brief moment. But the throne itself felt like it was pushing back. Leaving me stuck. My mouth was full, suffocating from the fabric of her bottom which left me unable to look for any opportunity to breathe. Not that I could anyway, I had felt the remaining air in my lungs being kicked out on the moment of impact. I couldn’t smell or taste anything either, all of it was being blocked by the sheer amount of stimuli my sense of touch felt. 

“Mhm. If you're okay, squirm around a little.” Ana commanded. Though slightly muffled to my ears.

Without a single thought left to disobey, or go against my queen. I had immediately begun doing as told. I tried to move, to shift my arms and legs, to scream out. But none were possible. Not even the slightest amount of movement was capable in my predicament. 

‘Fuck, not again. I’m stuck here once more. At complete mercy to her ass.

I felt waves of pleasure pulsating through me, as if telling me to both do as I was told and to start enjoying myself.  The enchantments were strong, all of them were. Not a single one had weakened since their inception. 

N-no, c’mon. Not to this…’ I begin lamenting, as I realise what my body wanted. 

Throbs of pleasure were felt by my dick, little sensations of neediness were demanded. It begged to rise, but was unable to. Being no different to a flattened bug underneath Ana’s massive rear end, the poor member was incable to rising at all. Yet it demanded to, it started making me want to get on all fours and begin howling, to lower myself to less than human and beg Ana to let me release that pent up stress. To give in to my animalistic urges and forsake the dignity I’ve always associated with human-like species. But not even that was possible at my current predicament.  I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t move nor do anything. I was simply there, existing underneath my wife. Underneath all that pressure.

Suddenly, Ana stood up yet again, slowly allowing the light to return to my vision. Unlike last time, I was free from being stuck to her dress. Something that even I was surprised about in all honesty considering how hard the seat was.

 As she stood up, I was finally able to breathe again. Proving that my other enchantments, such as the ones responsible for anaerobic pathways as a substitute for breathing, and the greater endurance I had, were still active too. I was merely left on the seat of her throne, left to contemplate my own mortality for a moment.

After a few moments, Ana pinched me back up to her palm and held me gently.

“Okay, you’re still in one piece. Good. No blood either, but maybe we’ll do further examinations to see about that properly.”

“I-I’m alive…” I announce, exasperated.

“Well, of course. I wasn’t gonna take it that far!” Ana replied, almost slightly offended that I had even sarcastically alluded to the idea.

“I-is it finally over?” I spoke, mere moments before passing out.

“Yep, you were as incredible as any overly enchanted toy. If anything you’ve gotten better at staying conscious underneath me. As a giantess, I’m proud of you.  I mean maybe now it's worth considering leaving you down there more often…” She taunts passively, letting out a slight chuckle. Only trying to lighten up the mood. “If anything, I can say that your enchantments are still working fine. So that's a tick in that category.” 

“Yeah… Well I’m gonna go to bed now...” I declare quietly. Words I described only for Ana to hear. 

“You can go to bed if you’d like. But who’s gonna take care of this thing here?” She cooes, pointing at the protruding object within my pants. Still stifled up and roaring to go from being tormented earlier. “Here, you can rest up in here. Oh, and if you wanna relieve some stress, then that's also fine, I give you full permission to do as you please here.” She directs me down to her chest, and tucks me within her sweater and even further within her shirt.

Suddenly I had been transported to a dark, warm and humid environment. Where the stench of sweat permeated the air. The very taste of a slightly salty sensation was abundant in the local environment. Low and behold, she had dropped me down to her boobs. 

Her bra was massive, like a net that carried the mountain sized leviathans known as her tits. Perhaps they weren’t such gargantuan size to someone of her own perspective, but to a mere human such as I, it was difficult to view them as something less than enormous. 

I wonder how heavy these must be, 'imagine the pain someone would have to face if they were under them.’

Perhaps it was merely due to how relevant the topic was, but my mind couldn’t escape the thought of being crushed by them. Only a day ago they reminded me of closeness and a place of unrivalled comfort. Now I shuddered to think of the hell that would encircle any poor fool who may challenge these weapons of nature.

I silently prayed I wouldn’t be thrown to the bottom of her bra, or where her nipple would be. Both places only served to remind me of the horrors I had just merely faced moments ago. Luckily she had dropped me off just to the top tip of her bra that just barely contained the jiggling masses known as her tits. Where I was free of being imprisoned down to the purgatory of being trapped between her bra and her breast. 

So, I decided to make my way towards her cleavage, the only somewhat safe space for someone of my stature. Soft and squishy skin, a somewhat safe environment and an intoxicatingly arousing stench and humidity. For someone as tired and wrecked as I, there was no place currently more desirable. 

“Get some rest, we have a few more tests to do today and tomorrow. Then, you can finally start learning the basics of magic, magecraft, enchantments, rune-smithing and all! After that, it’s only a matter of training you until you’re ready.” Ana exclaimed, pointing out the plan for the next couple days. I was still excited to learn magic. ‘Yes, even with how tired and battered I currently am.’  It was a whole new world of understanding, it would make me stronger and more capable as an individual too. I was saddened that during our month-long honeymoon together, Ana found it impossible to teach me any sort of magic. But maybe, I could finally learn something. ‘Who knows… Maybe It’ll be my trump card for my mission at Vascar.’ I quietly thought in my head. 

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