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Author's Chapter Notes:

Finally another chapter. 

I really like adding onto this story, and decided I would dedicate a chapter towards Leon into his marriage. How he acts, in relation with the world and towards Ana. 

my personal criticism for myself for this chapter would be that I over-explained things. Show not tell is something hard to do it appears.

(Map is from Azgard fantasy map generator)

“Ana, wait, sto-” I beg, on to deaf ears. My pleas were being cut off, or more accurately muffled. Being tiny, my own body wasn’t that difficult to silence. If anything it was rather quite easy. Which as of the immediate present was a fact just so slightly annoying.

As to who had silenced me? Of course it was my lovely and beautiful wife Ana. 

Ana Darlington-Bliss.

As of now, I had become one of her family, changing my last name from vi Baster, to Darlington-Bliss itself. It was tradition that a tiny had to change their surname, it wasn’t mandatory but I honestly preferred it.  I mean, why should I even have to associate myself with Vascar any longer? That kingdom was a travesty, a complete mockery of the finer connotations behind what a kingdom should strive to be.

People were generally nicer here, of course I had no way of confirming whether that was due to my newly found prestige or not, but still it felt nice; and whilst the loving embraces of Ana often had me questioning on the ‘loving’ part, she still comforted me with her warmth. 

Ana had a tendency to be slightly overprotective, not so much in a bad way. Her worries were rightfully founded. I was a mere insect compared to the leviathans around me. So I guess it made sense that she would refuse to leave me out of her immediate vicinity. 

She held me in place so much that even right now I was currently being stuffed into her bra. Her soft bosom, clad beneath the heavy fabric of her clothing would have me suffocated right next to her breast. Figuratively speaking of course, the enchantments casted upon me made sure I would never need oxygen again for survival. I was tucked within a cup of her bra, the sight of the outside world became fleeting once more as the dark, humid environment took over my senses. As my eyes casted back towards the gigantic boob, dwarfing over me from behind, I was once again reminded of my tiny stature. I drew my eyes forward, away from her tit and shouted in protest.

“ANA! Wait! It’s too dark in here-” But my words were cut off. Right there laid in front of me was soft fabric, like a prison it enclosed my world. I looked up, where the final rays of light dawned on me from. Simply put, Ana was readjusting her bra. The top part still allowed her to see me within. However, only for a few moments. As her eyes diverted away from staring at my confined being, making it clear that she was ready to move on with her day. 

Next thing I felt was something akin to a strong shaking motion, as if the world was rumbling. She must be messing with her clothes! Were my thoughts. Only then did I notice that the light within the bra cup was vanishing, dimming slowly… 

The top section of the cup was as if being glued onto her tit, repositioned and shifted onto where it should be. From my perspective All I notice is that the fabric around me began stretching and taking form, plastering across her boob, housing me up too to stick me right onto her breast. 

Fuck, I forgot clothing is very tight and confined here!

 I realised, only a minute too late before I could mentally steel myself. With my fate held tightly between her soft flesh and her bra. I was immobilised, completely and utterly frozen in place. If not for the other layers of clothing on her body, you could probably even see an outline of my body on her bra. 

“Now, now Leon. Today is a working day for me, and I can’t just leave you home all alone. So of course you’re coming with me, staying somewhere safe and sound.” She giggled, I could hear her voice, it was only ever so slightly mocking. Naturally I protested, in whatever little way I could.

“MMPHH-” I shouted, my voice being reduced to a muffled sound. To talk meant having to pour every ounce of strength into my voice. Which would all be reduced by the fat of her boob and the cloth enclosing it, to which I was having to shout towards.

“Ahahah, dear, that tickles! Please do stop that now.” She shook her shoulders, causing a shaking sensation on par with an earthquake for me as her two titanic mounds of flesh jiggled. “There, there. This is only for your own safety.” She gently poked her left boob, a little ways south from her nipple. Right where I was. She applied a gentle node of pressure, pushing me onto her flesh even more so. Forget about the force her bra caused by pushing me onto her boob, this is so much worse!

“MMMMMPPHM” I began screaming, once more. 

“Had enough yet, Leon? Hmmm?” She teased, slightly increasing the pressure from her finger. Pushing me onto the surface of her breast even stronger. Was this not uncomfortable for her? Wasn’t this a sensitive area of skin? Or am I that insignificantly small that she can barely even feel me? I let those thoughts wander into my mind. Once again at her mercy, this time to just a mere finger and her boob, though I wasn’t complaining. “All you have to do… Is to stop tickling me with your voice, then I’ll let go.” She exclaimed, finally offering me an escape, a way to end my pain. Once again, I felt compelled to her voice, to her command. I simply did as I was told.

“...” I laid silent.

“Ahh, finally you’ve stopped.” She cooed. ”I see you’ve learnt your lesson… What a good little, teeny, tiny creature you are.” 

She began walking. Carrying my little being along with her. Every so often my surroundings would shake, they would shift in like a periodic motion, shifting me back and forth as a result of her walking. Alas, I was stuck here, but it wasn’t so bad. I quickly got used to these rather ‘unique’ conditions. Besides, it wasn’t as if Ana meant any harm behind her actions. That much was painfully clear in our last wedding party… Where she accidentally bumped into someone and dropped me on the ground from high up. Wasn’t a painful fall onto the rock hard earth, but Ana definitely ended up in a sour mood, maybe from guilt? I could tell from her sad facial expressions afterward. It reminded me of some of the few noblemen from Vascar, who really wanted to help the people. They couldn't, however; their families prohibited such actions. Anything to keep the wealth to themselves I suppose. They were simply left to avert their gaze from any peasant out of guilt, and appear dejected as a result of their actions… Damn it, there I go on again about Vascar… C’mon, I need to move on.

Life had just flown by, a month already passed. Our second wedding came a little less than a week ago.

 I really need to give a piece of my mind to whoever designed some of these customs and traditions. They are the farthest thing away from being ‘fun’ for a tiny like me. Hell, they’re probably closer to torture than anything else I’ve done. Not only did the same humiliating display as last time occur, with me being crushed underneath her dress, but in addition I was thrown into her shoe! Right before the dance party segment had begun, Ana and a few of her friends all grouped up around a table and had Ana remove one of her fancy shoes. Or heels if I’m being more specific. It was a red coloured flat-heel of sorts, which I initially paid no mind to, until I was shoved inside it.

The sounds of 4-5 giantesses giggling away, cackling at the thought of my fate as they reassured me that it’d be ‘fun’, came to mind. To summarise, no, it was not fun. It was hell. Every second I would be smooshed and crushed till what felt like forever. The feeling of her soft skin from her dirty foot trample across me periodically. As if I was no different to the ground, as if I belonged down there. Eventually, even her foot became sweaty, creating a humid environment which I was forced to endure, where my sense of smell was overwhelmed by the disgusting stench.  Those thoughts came rushing back to my mind. 

Despite that, I had a lot of fun this past month. While I still complain about little things here and there, there isn’t any doubt that Ranate is far safer of a land than Vascar. Again, I can’t really speak for everyone, I am the king consort of Ranate. Not your average day run of the mill worker. Hell I don’t even know the specifics of how the tiny folk are treated around these parts, at least not to great detail.

According to Ana, she’s said that she has increased the protections and rights of us tinies ever since she took rule. Which honestly wasn’t that long ago. Of course that’s a great sign… And I should be able to trust her, but until I see it I won’t be able to believe it.

For one, kingdoms of normal descent, or us tiny folk if you will, still hear rumours of horrid acts done against our kind from Ranate and a few of the other kingdoms of giants. I know I certainly did when I was sentenced. The bloody guards wouldn’t shut up about it; that I would be eaten, ripped apart, tormented or worse. From what I can see though, it seems like a utopia for us humans. Just work, get rewarded and enjoy. There isn’t really much more I could ask for here. But even so, those rumours left a mark. 

I feel oddly compelled to learn more about this place. About everything. I would never have been able to back in Vascar. Now though, it feels like I can finally work towards some sort of attainable goal.

“-ey, sleepyhead.” 

Now I just need Ana to finish her work and-

“Hey! Leon. Geez, enough with the daydreaming. I brought you over to the Royal library like you asked yesterday night.” A lovely voice boomed, it was Ana’s. She pulled me out of her bra, away from her scent and instead laid me to stand across a wooden table.

“So you’re finally done with work? Took long enough.” I sarcastically answered

“Not a chance, I still need to work with the management team, the finance department and treasury, not to mention we have a group of soldiers from neighbouring lands visiting soon and-” 

“ Okay, okay, I get it. Wait, so who's going to read out the books for me if you're busy?” I ask, afterall I planned on Ana taking me to the royal library so I could get a dose of this land's history. Its relations and culture and so on. The books themselves were far larger than I was, hence I needed some assistance.

“I’m just gonna be working on documents across the table,” She adjusts and straightens a pile of papers. “I’ve called in the librarian to help you with anything you need. Naturally you aren’t allowed out of my sight, so you’ll just be on the other side of the table as she reads you anything you’re interested in.” Ana finishes speaking, cueing for a blonde haired woman behind her to introduce herself.

“Greetings your majesty, Lord Leon.” She politely addressed me with my royal title. It had been a month and I still wasn’t quite good at handling myself when being referred to as ‘lord’ or the like. “ I will do my utmost in assisting you for today. I’ve heard you were interested in the war with Marvialasvia. Shall I begin?”

“Y-you may.” I shakily answer. When I asked to study the history of Ranate, I wasn’t quite expecting such a robotic guide.  Ana remained at her position, seated atop a chair about 4 metres away from me. That distance of course being relative to her. Every now and then she would avert her gaze and make sure I was still within eye shot of her, and that the blonde woman behind me was doing as she was told. To open up history books and explain their contents.

This librarian was, as I’ve already said, blonde. Her luscious hair was tied up in a ponytail. She wore glasses with a thick edge to them. Really doubling down on the bookish stereotype. Her clothing as per typical of this land, was very closed off and covered. Makes sense when you consider the cold temperature here compared to Vascar. She had a dark red scarf too. 

“The kingdom of Ranate, and the principality of Marvialasia were never on good sides. “ She began.

Even I had heard of this land. It was to the east of Ranate, the climate there was cold, a lot more than Vascar. They were a strong power of the southern section of the world, being vastly territorial over their land they had in the ocean. It must have made any hope of trade by boat impossible, it’s no wonder the giantess harboured a dislike towards them. These folks had branched away from their motherland, and began their own kingdom. The acting prince at the time was a nationalistic leader. Full of political splendour and motive. You know the type.

“Ever since 60 years ago, since their lands founding, the principality of Marvialasia considered humans the superior species and began hunting us giantess.”

“T-they hunted you?” I question, in utter ignorant bliss of this conflict. The idea of a human hunting the monolithic beings that are these giants sounded surreal, fake even. Like from a work of fiction.

 Whilst I had heard of Marvialasia, they were very closed off. Vascar at the very least knew little to nothing about them. Hence, I certainly knew nothing about them.

“That is correct…” She paused, when I looked up at her face, there was just the smallest tinge of desolation, of despair. “ These humans had fierce weaponry, and at the time we were not using magic, in fact we only had the barebones of enchantments going on. Their terrible tactics broke all stances of what could even be considered an honourable war. They were vile, like beasts, like animals. They fought and captured, burned and shocked, let waste to and took dignity from us all. For a very long time, we were losing against them.”

‘W-wow. People did this. Like, my kind… My people? Humans did that?‘

I thought to myself in silence, in awe at what I had just learnt. Vascar certainly was nowhere near as advanced as Marviaslasia. Our enchantments are basic, only available for the rich; and our technology is completely empty in our research of magic.

“So then, what happened since?” I curiously asked.

“For a time, we donned the same methods as them. Cruel, unfairn, ruthless and cutthroat tactics were soon in place by us. We captured their men, and tortured them into spilling their secrets. You may not have heard about this conflict as it was kept secretive, left to assassins and spies for our lands to fight one another at our borders. All the countries around us would've only known about our general dislike with one another.”

How befitting of a counter towards such an enemy. Though that begs the question. What kind of place Ranate was 60 years ago? Or hell, what kind of place was it like just until recently…

It was a bit strange that such a large scale conflict was unheard of to me, a former trainee in Vascar. Then again, considering how Vascar was still under the impression that Ranate was a land of ‘monstrous giants’ it made a little more sense.

“They all act tough, once you break them enough though. All that gets left is a husk of a soldier, begging and whimpering. We scoured and stole their secrets, their techniques, their magic and enchantments from them. During this time, many new traditions were  born. All due to the fact we finally began our counterattack. We could finally start taking them away from the enemy into our fields.” 

 I felt slightly uncomfortable, though that should come to no surprise. 

“Their men, oh their poor men. Indoctorniated, helpless, like sheep. They didn’t know how to think for themselves.” She began her spiel. I couldn’t help but wonder where that robotic, picture perfect librarian went? It almost seemed like she had inserted herself into history. It appears that this was what drove Ranate down a rather nasty path. “It was then, 35 years ago that the law allowing the livestock of humans began. They were reduced to cattle, quite literally being akin to sheep. The rulers at the time thought it would be a good idea to put them at their place. Of course that was overruled by Her gracious majesty, queen Ana about 5 years ago.”

“Rulers at the time?” I wondered.

“Yes, for over 350 years, Ranate ran a royal selection. Where the most capable giantess and her family became royalty or royal blooded. The previous family was the Bronson-Spires.  Before her royal highness, Treya Darlington-Bliss gave them a run for their money 20 years ago.” She mentioned.

Sounds like a weirdly over complicated process. Were my initial thoughts. 

“Treya? As in, Ana’s mother?” I exclaimed in shock. I was quite sure there was some history happening about their family, but this came in as yet another interesting tradition of Ranate. I glanced over Ana, who was surprisingly unfazed, she gave a small glance over my direction. As she had been doing repeatedly as if in periodic motion to check up on me.

On another note, is such an ever changing government really that functional? It sounds like not much was done over that rule or since. I’ve never heard of a system where the monarchy changes so frequently.

“Yes… However, she disappeared 6 years ago…”  The librarian echoed.

“Where did she go?” I ponder aloud before realising I asked a stupid question. If they knew, why wouldn’t they search for her?

“She went in search of something, it appears she made quite the discovery and in her usual manner, left with a note proclaiming the throne will be handed down to her most capable daughter. The rest would be exiled.”

Huh? What kind of notice was that? It doesn’t seem like the librarian was weirded out by it though… Maybe it's a normal thing around here?

“I-I see. That was, uh. Yeah. A lot to take in.” I let out a sigh, I asked for a history lesson so I would get some answers on what happened in this land. But now, I only have more questions. 

‘Who was this mysterious mother figure? Where did she disappear off to? Why did she disappear? What did she discover?’ These were all questions in my mind.

“If it’s alright, could I ask what happened to her father?”  I implored.

“Treya took his highness Ariol Darlington-Bliss alongside her, she was always a bit obsessed with him. It seemed like that was something of a trait passed down to her second eldest daughter, her current majesty, Queen Ana.” The librarian jokes.

“ I see.” I answered disappointingly. As I hoped for some more information regarding the two. “That’s a shame. What kind of man was the previous king consort?” 

“He was capable, open-minded and someone determined to cause change… My opinions towards tinies, if I may speak out of line, are that most are nothing more than savages. But, he was a fine man. Someone fit to stand alongside her royal majesty, Treya.” 


I stood there in silence, amused by the rather sudden tonal shift present in the librarian's voice.  Prompting her to reply.

“Well, let’s hope that you too, can become someone worthy to stand alongside Ana.” There was a small pause in between her words.” As of right now, I see nothing more but a hindrance to her royal highness and-”

“That’s enough, Maria.” A voice beckoned. Neither too harsh or sharp, but a strong tone that demanded authority. Obviously it was Anas.

“My apologies, your majesty. I stepped out of line.” 

The librarian, who I’ve just discovered to be named Maria, bows her head down slightly and apologises. It appears Ana did not take well to Maria’s words. Suppose that’s obvious though. She randomly just began to verbally criticise me. What did I do? I know I’m not that useful, or strong, or much of anything. But was that really a time for that?

Still though, I notice Ana’s choice of words as I stare back towards her. She did not ask Maria to apologise to me, or rebuke her words. She simply implied to her to dial it down a little. I may not be the smartest, but even I can take the hint. That message being, she wasn’t in the wrong completely wrong. 

“Young lord, I ask for your forgiveness in my tone of voice. However, this behaviour is not currently enough to be considered worthy of your title. That much I still stand by.” Maria coldly states. “ You must do much more, learn more. Get stronger, smarter and more diplomatic to benefit this land. And above all, you must support her royal majesty, Queen Ana.”

I was being lectured. I was being hounded at for my actions. At my inadequacy, my poor form and lack of power. Against these two titanic figures, I was an ant, am still an ant, and If I continued as if it was, I probably would be no different to one going forward. 

My own mind searched for questions, attempting to thwart away responses with excuses but to no avail. It was clear. If I just laze around… How was I any different to those Vascar pompous bastards?

– – – 

“Hey Ana, is there anything I could be doing to help out?” I nervously ask while atop her shoulder. About 15 minutes had passed since the librarian had left and Ana was carrying me back to our bedroom, as she was getting ready to change outfits. 

“Hmmm, is this coming from talking with the librarian? You don’t need to worry, dear. There isn’t really anything you can do as of now.” She replies kindly with a pleasant tone in her soothing voice.

“But, like, I’m not doing enough am I? Maria said the previous king was adorned as a reliable man, despite his height difference. He still managed to achieve excellence as he was. Now, as his successor in name, I can’t help but feel like I’ve dropped the ball.” I worriedly mention.

We finally reach the door to our room as we continue our talk whilst we enter it. Its glamour and splendour always take me aback compared to what I’m used to, no matter how many times I see this sight. 

“Hmm. Well… I guess there is something you could do to help, if you’re really itching for it.” She suspiciously mentions, I can’t help but notice that she seems to be withholding information away from me. Although, I ignore such thoughts in my quest to be of any use.

“ Yes! Sure. What do you need help with?” I excitedly answer, only to be met with a large, leather made boot. Black in colour. Confused, I stare back at Ana who was grinning mischievously back at me.  

Ohh… I get it. She wants me to go in there.

“My feet get awfully cold during this season. This castle is basically one giant ice room with how large it is and how poorly it can retain heat. Would be great if someone was there keeping me warm though…” She snarkily implies.

“W-what about socks? Don’t they keep you warm enough?” I begin my case, leading with a defence.

“Oh? So you want to be thrown into my socks now? How naughty Leon.” Her face seemed possessed with a teasing smile, a grin so wide it seemed to loom over me. “ Too bad,  you don’t wear socks with these specific boots.”

“Ah, haha. Hah.”

 I let out a chuckle. Not the joyeus kind, but one of a defeated enemy, a cornered rat. What was I even hoping for? What defences did I even have? Against my wife, I was absolutely helpless.

Her boot went up quite high, though only upto her lower legs. As for me, I could see the entrance to what would be my sweaty and putrid enclosure, I hoisted my head down in defeat. After all, any height above her heel would essentially lead me to a prison, it wasn’t as if I could escape such a high point to begin with.Once I fell down the hole, or the foot hole ‘entrance’ of her boot, that was that. 

As I've said before, It's made of leather. Suppose that isn’t the best at retaining heat in cold temperatures; Coloured a deep dark black, it honestly gives off an imposing figure too. Why? Because once I fall in, my entire world will be black. As in I won’t be able to see a damn thing. That and the colour itself leaves a provocative impression.

She grabs ahold of me and my pathetic being and removes her left foot from her boot. She had already put them on before I mentioned anything, and now is having to remove them to entertain her desires. I’m housed atop her palm, located far above where her boot is. However the looming threat of being thrown inside her boot resides within my mind, the same horrific picture as the second marriage party came to mind. Where Ana and her friends quite literally crushed me, and danced blissfully above me. That very same scene was about to repeat, just minus the dancing part. 

As she lowered me closer to her leather boot, a stench of sweat, of a wet sultry environment that not even a fly would want to get near, was hurled back to my sense of smell. I was about 30cm away from her boot, that distance being relative to her. I could visibly see the opening to her boot, where her foot once resided. Where hell loomed. The putrid stench got overwhelmingly stronger, replacing the cold air around me with a warm humid odour. Enveloping me in a damp haze, I was sure that these leather boots were going to be a much worse environment compared to her wedding heels.

“Well, down you go.” She joyfully nudged me down. If I was resting atop her palm earlier, now I was falling as she tilted the angle of her palm downwards. From this height, I would be free from any sustaining injuries thanks to my enchantments as I fell. But what was far more terrifying was where I was headed.   

Next thing I knew, I had already landed.

Everything around me was dark, with blackish bleak colours. The walls were a tough leather, with the ground cladded with a softer material. It was as if I had wandered into a cavern, with the only light I had being above me.

 As with every step forward into the depths, a bleak darkness followed. As with every step forward, the stench of sweat grew stronger. As with every step forward, the immense sense of hopelessness was amplified. I couldn’t even crawl back out, the material was made too smoothly. All there was above me was light, the world, where freedom was. Yet, here I was trapped within a shoe. A boot. A shoddy piece of footwear. Quite literally damned to be in my place, right below hers. Right beneath queen Ana. 

It was as if the very air I breathed in was soaked with a moist, clammy scent. To what surprise… After all, I am surrounded by such an environment. It engulfed me, preventing me from breathing anything but what was right there. From every angle, from every step to every point I was surrounded by the foul stench. Is this what it felt like to be a mere bug trapped in a shoe? 

However, my fate didn’t just stop there. I was simply too distressed to think critically. What I had forgotten was what would come after. 

A titanic sized foot, loomed down. Entering the hole where my only source of light could penetrate in from. It happened so quickly, so suddenly. I could only briefly contemplate what to do before my own bodily instincts kicked in. My sense of freight quickly overtook my legs and forced me into running into the depths. Away from the enormous foot which was soon to be filling the space I was trapped within. I ran, I sprinted, I could not even register what my own breathing must have been like. I simply dashed like no man ever could towards the dark depths of her boot.

 I knew in my heart I wasn’t going to escape, I knew any of my actions would amount to nothing. Yet, up against the mere foot of a giantess, there wasn’t anything else I could do. Each passing second, her foot loomed ever closer, catching up to my fleeting figure. Though, there wasn’t much I could even run away from in such a short time frame to begin with.

Before I knew it, her foot was right above my figure, as Ana was readjusting to her boot. Getting comfortable. I was lying down on the ground atop the insole, petrified at the thought of what may happen in just a few mere seconds. I could hardly see anything right now, not only was she covering my only source of light, but my feeble attempt to escape led me farther down the depth of her boot. Where little light was present anyway.

“Al-right. Upsy-daisy” She nonchalantly expressed, moving from what I presume was a seated position to standing up once more. It was at that very moment where the pressure above me came crashing down, eclipsing my poor form in nothing but the underside of the sole of her foot. Her stench finally at its worst, along with a powerful sting, or blunt force of pressure from her full weight pressing on me. I was helpless. My voice was already too far away to be heard from her, but now I doubt my wailing and cries would even escape from the confines of her boot. It would simply be muffled.

Then, as If the world began to flip. I felt a brutal force pulling me upward at sickening speeds. The surreal feeling of being caught up between a rock and a hard place was all I could feel, now with the addition of gravity I could do nothing to protest. It all happened so quickly, I don’t think I could even try to protest. 

After what felt simultaneously like an eternity but an instant, my upward ascension stopped at a point. However I felt myself moving forward still. Of course, She was walking forward. Suddenly a downward descent was immediately given right after a moment of peace. The full force of her foot came crashing down on me, pushing me onto the tough insole ground.

The full force of gravity, now in conjunction with the stampeding motion of Ana’s feet, were about to crush me. I was bracing for impact, at least mentally I was. In all honesty, I couldn’t move much at all. It felt bizarre, like something out of this world. Something us humans should never have to experience. The feeling of an otherwise gigantic being towering over you so easily that she could step over your entire hopes and dreams. 


Her boot reached the ground, for me it felt like a crash landing off a catapult. The immediate hell of suddenly falling, and falling, and falling until eventually the ground you’re forced to cling to stops moving down, was what I had felt. Instead, the force of the foot above me began to dominate, sending nodes and waves or pain and pressure down my entire being. It felt like I was getting grinded against her insoles. That was only a single, mere step. There were many more to come.

It was repetitive, it was happening every couple of seconds. The feeling of being stepped on so absentmindedly, as if Ana didn’t even notice I was there. Before I realised it, I began to enjoy my place beneath her once again. As every step had me more and more pulsated with pleasure.

*Thud… Thud…*

Well fuck… that pain redirection spell sure is effective.

– – –

*Huff… Hah.*

There I was, many hours later. I wasn’t sure how long but it was definitely a long time since I was finally released from my prison. Currently, I laid atop a table. It was a desk with books around me, and documents being filled by an enormous figure behind me. Her silky brown hair and adorable face that falsely presented a sense of innocence, it was Ana’s. I knew better than anyone, that Ana was not one with an innocent smile. She was completely aware and understanding of what she was doing. 

She removed me from her footwear just earlier, hoisting me up to a table to rest. The sudden sensation of having somewhat cold, clean air fill my lungs again had almost left me with tears in my eyes. 

I was coughing, huffing and puffing. Taking back in the clean air I had taken for granted. I was nearly passing out to be honest. Yet I still wanted to remain up and running to talk to Ana.

“So, that keep you warm and cosy? Hah…”  I exhaustedly ask. Sarcasm evident in my voice.

“Yep, nice and cosy. Maybe we should do this again sometime? Mhmm.” She replied, with a playfully mocking tone.

“N-nah, I think I’m good.” 

“Haha. Look at you, it seems you’ve really had enough.” Ana propped her chin with the palms of hands, holding them in place as she beamed with a loving smile. “Need me to console you?”

“Uh-Mhmm… Your majesty. Could we please proceed with business. It is a matter of urgency.” A foreign voice interjects. 

What the, there was someone else here?

At a sudden loss for words, I look around and see that on the other end of the table a giantess was seated. She had black hair, which was tied up in a ponytail. She seemed marginally older than Ana. At least going off facial features. She had shiny metal plated armour covering her torso, with a sheath housing an oddly shaped weapon along her waist. It was most certainly not a sword. Figures, what use were swords to giants afterall? Her armour piece possessed a logo, or design more accurately speaking. I had noticed it before just travelling around with Ana within the castle, but it was the soldiers of this land’s symbol. 

“Fine, fine. Kathy. I’ll stop embarrassing my tiny, little, helpless man.” She points her finger atop me and begins poking me gently. As if to sweetly nudge me. Didn’t you just say you would stop embarrassing me? “What news do you have to share?” She continues.

Kathy changes her tone to a more solemn and serious one. “It seems that Vascar has allied themselves with the principality of  Marvialasia, and we have an intel report from Miranda’s group that Marvialasia is preparing a full blown offensive attack in 4 months time…”


‘W-what. Why?!?’

Conflicting thoughts flooded my mind in quick disarray, in swift succession. Namely being, what was my stance in all this? What am I to do? I still had my friends and family in Vascar. Now they’ve become a part of the enemy? Why did Vascar send me over to Ranate if they were only going to indirectly announce war with them soon after?

I panicked and lost myself in the endless fog of my own mind. My breathing hastened, though only momentarily. I was at a complete loss for what I was to do. Forget wondering about what Maria the librarian said earlier about me being incompetent, it was now by no mistake she was in the right. In the hostile and fearsome hell known as war, what was a mere bug like me to do? 

I had no proper training as of yet, no capability towards magic and the arts, and but a mere squire with the sword. I had nothing to offer but my support for Ana. 

I looked back behind me, at Ana. Instinctively at a loss, my own body searched for the person with the greatest responsibility in their position. In this case, the queen of Ranate.

 ‘How is she going to take this? Surely panic must be setting in right? She’s only been officially queen for a month and a bit now. She must be confused, unsure even.’ Were my anxious thoughts. ‘I’m going to need to help her. Yeah, that's all I can do really. She probably needs the emotional support anywa-’ 

But when I stared back to the titanic being behind me, there was not a shred of worry or anxiousness to her face. Her body language was calm, collected. No shaky hands whatsoever. Her face was far from a frown, but not close to a smile either. It was like a face of contemplation. Of thinking and processing. Anyone in the nearby vicinity could virtually see a plan forming within her head.

Neither Kathy nor I could disrupt this process. Both of us were akin to little pups waiting for instructions from their master, simply waiting in awe. There was a moment of silence, a brief pause that felt like an eternity.

“Is that so…” She exclaimed, rather peacefully might I add. I was sure there was worry behind the professional mask on her face. However, her attitude and the way she conducted herself were almost out of this world. No haste, no foolish irrational behaviour. She was simply thinking about what to do, and how to go about it. “Kathy, bring forth the council. I have much to discuss with them.” 

“Yes, your majesty.” She bows her head down slightly, and proceeds to leave the room.

And then, there was just me and Ana, alone. She was still thinking. It was then when it really hit me. Wow. This was the woman I had married. Strong, smart, capable and gigantic. A fun and loving personality mixed with a strong sense of leadership… What was I in comparison? Where I immediately panicked, she calmly assessed the situation and began forming a plan… She wasn’t just a queen for a month. She was a princess, a princess that bested her sisters in becoming next in line for the throne. She had already won over most of Ranate. For good reason.

I looked down dejectedly at the cold hard wooden table ground, where I was standing atop. It was right there and then, I had decided that I would do much more to support Ana. To be worthy of the title of ‘king consort’ of Ranate. It wasn’t going to be easy, but it was clear I had much to learn and achieve before I could rest.

 I held my head up high again, only to be met with a warm and affectionate smile from my beloved.

Chapter End Notes:

War prep? Why is Vascar doing this? Will the Ana-Leon intimacy continue? 

Maybe find out next time. 

So yeah, todays chapter was dedicated to explore a bit of Ranate’s history. It’s public relations and a little bit of Ana’s personality near the end. I also tried out some boot/foot stuff. Personally not a fan of that stuff but I had the urge to try it out anyway. Let me know how it went lol.

And please do leave a review. I appreciate it a lot, and your comments do help me know if my pacing is okay or too slow or too fast. What I might want to focus on or what I should avoid. Etc etc. I probably won’t take most things into account, but it definitely alters the way I might write a chapter. And I like reading feedback to begin with.

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