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Story Notes:

- Story will feature predominantly a first person perspective.

- Third person may be used when the protagonist is not the focus.

- Story is tagged gentle, due to the relationship of the main couple being more of a gentle kind. There are still many cruel and horrific acts done in the history of this world. Which may be explored at later portions. Hence why gentle and violent have been tagged.

(Maps from Azgaar's fantasy map generator.) 

Author's Chapter Notes:

First time ever writing properly in first person. Though some errors may still be present. I wanted to try a one shot esque story and well we got here (decided to take it past that.) . Please do review and give feedback.

Cold, it was freezing cold. The dark wilderness of the Ranate kingdom sent shivers down my spine. It was chock full of horrifying beasts, undead creatures and beings far larger than any from my hometown. Despite being early in the morning, it was still quite dark out here. 

This was no place for a mere human to cross, let alone flee towards. Yet here I was, overconfident former squire, Leon vi Baster in this unholy land. It was a long journey to exit the kingdom of Vascar, now overrun by corruption. In essence what happened was that the nobles kept increasing their wealth, running through and flexing their assets repeatedly on us peasants. They exploited, starved, and enslaved many of us. Forcing us to be under their foot, under their rule to their every whim.

Due to this my friends and I had swiftly fled the scene to the kingdom to the south, however on our poorly executed escape they were captured and thrown in prison for ‘plotting against their lordship’. Only I got out of the ordeal… Not through skill or luck though, well technically I guess you could label it luck. See, I was born a part of a low end knightly family. A lineage of lower end nobles, people ever so successful of becoming the fine soldiers of Vascar. As within the branch family, I however had no real weight behind my name. I was basically a mere peasant, a rustic citizen only beginning to learn the way of the sword and masked with a title of power. Only noble in name. Someone with no backing, only bark with no bite.  In essence being the perfect example to oust.

 They had hoisted me in the middle of a crowd after separating myself from my friends and exiled me in shame, in front of all to see. For all to infer that any hope of going against the king would be met with punishment. As for my initial reaction though? Mixed joy, I thought freedom was going to be within my grasp even if it wasn’t quite how I envisioned gaining it. In reality though, a harsh no had been echoed.  The next words that escaped the mouth of the earl proclaiming my fate were,

“Exiled to the kingdom west of our own, the accursed land of demonic beasts and mighty gigantic powerful fiends, that is your sentence, your life as an exile shall be there.” 

There was a harrowing silence, a sense of unrivalled dread. I’m sure my facial expression must have shown a complete turn for the worst at this point. My friends would never be seen again, my connections, family and home would too. All lost, and to what was it lost to… The greed of a few incompetent idiots? I could see the noblemen who proclaimed my sentence snickering away from my reaction. All my anger, my fury quickly transformed to sorrow, into finally acceptance in a matter of minutes. I knew by that point there was nothing I could do. And from now on too, the people of Vascar knew not to either. I was tied up, carried by horse and cart and appointed to meet the princess' envoy near the border of Ranate, where I would be taken away forever…

With that over, here we are at the present.

Earlier I was thrown out of the horse and cart, but my hands were still tied. I was being forced to walk forward, behind me lay two poorly dressed soldiers using poorly made spears to drive me forward until we crossed the border. They were still quite a ways behind me, about 6 metres away? Their spears were sharp and long, but not quite that distance however. 

Well whatever, It was pointless to run. My body is in no shape to do so.

Scars, bruises and blood stains lay everywhere. Particularly at my face and feet. Of course they had made sure to torture me. To really drive home the idea that attempting to escape from Vascar wasn’t something to copy.

I looked pathetic, and I was no fool, I knew that image wasn’t going to disappear when we meet the princess' envoy. Just what had they in store for me?

“Almost there runt, we should have crossed the border by now. She should be in the eyeshot of us now.” remarked the guard in front.

Guess it didn’t help that we were in a forest which would-



“What-what was that?” 

The second guard questioned in angst, only for the thumps to get louder. They already pierced our ears enough, sending vibrations through our entire bodies. But each passing second they managed to get stronger, which I wasn’t prepared for.

In the upcoming flashes of seconds that drifted by, the faint light that lit up the forest darted away into nothingness. Instead, replaced by darkness. As if nightfall had struck early. It urged both I and the guards to pick up the pace, our strides turned into light jogs as we finally could see light again in the distance, it marked the exit. Finally, we’re out of the forest. 

Only to then meet an enormous figure.

“Greetings, people of Vascar.” A voice bellowed. “ I am the primary escort of her Majesty. I am here to collect our human, as we agreed upon.”

She-she’s huge. Like massive. Actually that doesn’t even begin to talk about her size. She easily could probably even dwarf over our pathetic castle. She’s gigantic.

I knew from folklore and other tales that the primary people of Ranate, the Giantess, were a group of titanic women. Standing over 60 metres (around 200ft) in height, well and truly capable of towering over anything in the nearby plains, here one stood in front of me.  But putting this size into perspective? It was far beyond what I could ever imagine. As I emerged from the woods, she locked her eyes onto me, her target.

“It seems our package has arrived in one piece, the grass you humans travelled through has often proved rather dangerous for your kind. It seems the simple bugs and such weren’t too much a hassle this time around.”

The guards lay silent, it was their first time seeing such a being. Seeing a person who could simply crush them underfoot like bugs. Their fear overtook them, and forced them to be quiet, not allowing for a single word to be uttered. Typical of us Vascar soldiers, merely appointed into work through lineage not merit. I scowled at them, overly dramatizing my actions before standing before the giantess in question.

“I-I am Leon Baster, the man being exiled. Pleased to be of your acquaintance.” I nervously announced, hoping to start off friendly. In a new land, with new people I needed to make allies as fast as possible and then devise a plan to escape. I wanted nothing to do with this hell-scape of a country where there were giant bugs, titanic people and extremely powerful magical arts.

“So the human’s name is Leon… Baster. What a unique name. I’ve been instructed to take you back to our royal castle where you will meet her Majesty, princess Ana. The guards of Vascar may leave now.”

“W-wait we aren’t done with torturing Leon-” Interjected one of the guards.

It was an unexpected turn of events, I was sure they would be too terrified to talk back to the giantess in question at all. Their proclamation was met with disgust from the princess' envoy, as if she was staring at a fly that repeatedly was annoying her. 

“Quite frankly, what you say or need doesn’t matter as of now. Our business is done. Finished. Any more intervention will be met and treated as a hostile act. Choose your next actions carefully now.” she warned, the decibels of noise from her voice increased the longer she spoke, making her sound more threatening. Even for me, who was out of the entire dispute, I was terrified. 

“Y-Yes, your grace,” The guards dashed off, back to the east where Vascar was. Slowly disappearing into the ambience of wildlife greenery.

“Now as for you, Leon. The details of your job will be discussed with the princess. I’ll be carrying you back in my palm now, it won’t be a long journey.”


Set into confusion, I wondered what the envoy meant by Job? I was an exile, I wasn’t here to fulfil a job but simply punished to be here.  Before I could finish my thought process, the Envoy’s voice beckoned through my skull as she picked me up and began walking towards Ranate. Silence was in the air for what felt like 5-10 minutes before the envoy finally began speaking.

“Now listen carefully, This is Ranate, kingdom of the giants. Meaning here there are, giant people, humongous insects, towering beasts and horrific sights for a tiny being such as you. Speaking of which, human men such as you are in great demand here.”

“Men? Why?! Speaking of which, I've never heard of a male giant… Do none get born here?”

“Correct, for our reproduction systems, only giantesses are born. There are no men at all. The only supply of men we have are the ones we have for livestock and the ones we import… Such as you.”


Suddenly a bombshell of information was thrown at me, the giantess of this country ate people my size. They even house them in Livestock farms! Oh how mortifying! How horrible! I need to get out of here ASAP!

“You're special, due to your position. So you’ll get to have an especially fun time…” she snickered, for the first time dropping the formal act.

“Wait, explain what do you mean-” I quickly pleaded for answers, however as I realised we were steadily approaching the kingdom itself. My answers got cut off.

“And we’re here! This is the actual kingdom itself, overthere is the castle.” She interrupted, refusing to elaborate further on whatever she was talking about earlier. Instead she pointed her finger forward, 45 degrees and there lay a huge castle there.  I couldn’t help but notice but to people of her size, this castle was quite similar to the one at Vascar, minus some design choices. It just seemed massive to me.

It had a brick like exterior, giving off a lofty and well fortified feel. Something solid and sturdy. It was grey and simple, yet gave off a noble aura through its intricate design. One of luxury, of wealth and integrity. In that sense it was quite different in how it felt to Vascar’s castle.

As we walked closer, we entered the more populated regions of town. There were giant Women everywhere, in every street, every road or house. All about 60 metres tall, comparable to the Envoy who carried me as we walked. Most noticeably was the dressing style here being well covered, as in to minimise showing off skin, perhaps due to the cold nature in this kingdom? 

As we walked away from the edges of town and inward toward the castle, the suburbs became more extravagant, more imperial. Grand was the word I would use personally. The term royal-like became more fitting the more closer we got to the castle.

“Oh my! It’s the envoy Miranda over there!”

“Has she finished another mission for her majesty?”

“I’m a huge fan of you, Miranda, please answer our questions on what it’s like to work for the princess!”

As we walked past the more exquisite areas of the kingdom, right before the castle it seemed a wave of giant women recognised the Envoy, roaring at her with praise or questions in excitement. Who now seemingly called her ‘Miranda’, probably her real name. They seemed to be ‘fangirling’ her like a local legend. What’s the story there? I guess I would never know.

I was left to ponder in the realm of my own mind as we approached the castle, ‘Miranda’ over here had simply ignored any mention of herself from any stray passerby. She maintained the same brisk pace in silence. I thought about disrupting her to get more information of what exactly was going to happen to me. Was I a dish for the princess? They did mention livestock earlier! Oh no…

Slightly petrified by my own imagination, I was left speechless and left to wait in silent horror. All that I could do was leave prayers that I would be safe, It's not like I did anything to deserve this. At least I’d hope I hadn't. Nothing quite came into mind for anything warranting such a large capital punishment, not from Ranate at least.  When I snapped out my own self imposed fear, we were already at the throne room. I was left confused as to how fast the time had been spent from Miranda entering the castle and us getting here so quickly.

The envoy, Miranda slowly opened up the door. Allowing me to bask in the grandiose nature of the luxurious room in front of me. It was long lengthwise, at least from my angle, in a rectangular shape. There was a slight incline at the back with steps going upward to the throne itself. Fancy dark red carpet and lines of a golden yellow were plastered across the ground. Windows lay behind the throne allowing for a dawning light to shine through. It all painted a sense of authority, of power, to whomever was seated atop the royal throne. That person being the alleged princess Ana I’d heard about.

Sitting, upright with good posture, with long brown luscious hair that ran down her arms to where her exquisite dark violet dress was. A deep shade of colour, fine pigments surely used in its making. It stuck tightly to her body, showcasing her figure. She was taller than even Miranda, or most Giantesses for that matter. Only by a little bit, but to someone my size it was far more noticeable. Maybe 65 metres? Perhaps a little more? She sat, with one of her legs crossed atop the other. Providing a rather imposing figure, off to her feet which were clad in thick heel type footwear. Her more finer details were difficult to see though with the harsh light shining.

“Your majesty, I’ve arrived with the packaged noble human, as promised from Vascar.” Miranda knelt and spoke, with great respect and an authoritative tone. She hoisted me up on her palm from this position as she raised her palm, as if to present me to the princess. 

“Hmm, so you are Squire Leon.” She spoke calmly, yet a brief moment of silence came about as she seemingly directed her gaze on top of my figure. “How I've anxiously awaited our meeting.” She licked her lips, sending a sense of dread to my legs. Hell, they almost gave out from her simple gesture. She seemed to zero in on me, her eyes full of lust at looking at her new toy.

“Y-your majesty. I’m but a humble squire. I, Leon, am pleased to make your acquaintance but to what do I owe this pleasure?” I cautiously questioned. Yes, I was exiled to this land. Yet, I had no idea till Miranda picked me up that I was going to meet the princess! For what reason? Why? I was extremely curious to know. The reason could affect my entire life. Was I simply doomed to end up as a meal?

“Oh, please. Leave the formalities. I suppose your confusion makes sense if you weren’t informed of your purpose here. Same old Vascar being annoyingly sparse with their information.” princess Ana jokingly exclaimed, or at least I think that was joking? It seems I was far too distracted by what my purpose was here to think straight. “Miranda, please leave our tiny at one of their accustomed stools.” She says whilst pointing at a tall Wooden seat. For the average giantess it would be up to their thigh level.

Miranda walked up to it and gently hoisted me down on top. She then readjusted it to face forward and towards the princess. With the throne being in front of me. I was seemingly where any old soldier or retainer would be when reporting for Ana. Just on a seat as well.

“Make yourself comfortable.” She politely remarked, courteous in nature. Even I could get that being from a royal background would lead to such excellent behaviour. It was vastly different to what I was used to however.

 Back home I would be drinking with my friends, spouting gibberish and nonsensical dribble at one another. In all honesty I just wasn’t used to this way of speech. The nobles in Vascar were stuck up, proud and unbearable to deal with. The main family I was attached to were a group of lousy gamblers wasting away half of my hard earned pay. Well maybe that was a bit harsh and a biased way of viewing them. But I guess it just goes to show how much of a shitshow Vascar had become.

“Your majesty, the tiny human seems confused and concerned. I believe it would be in our best interest to ease his tension.” She explained, with a quiet tone and formal voice. 

“Is that true, Leon?” She inspects my face, and stares at my entire body for a solid minute, before speaking once more. “ Hmm, it seems an explanation is in order. Miranda thank you for your services, you may leave now and begin your reconnaissance mission.” 

Ana prompts Miranda to leave at once, which she does as instructed. Resulting in a rather awkward group of people left in the room. Just me, and the princess of the giantesses. 

“Y-your majesty, are you going-” I begin to question her, though before I can get anywhere she interjects.

“I believe I said to drop the formalities between us, Leon. Can hardly hear you too, speak up please.” She rebuked, coldly. She must not want me to call her princess or ‘your majesty’ it seemed. I was tempted to even ask why, but due to my mind being preoccupied with the thought I may soon be a dish served on a silver platter. I simply let it slide.

“Ana, why am I here? Please, I need answers.” I pleaded, the dread of not knowing my fate was far too much to bear.

“Oh, you're just the cutest thing.” ignoring my question once again, she giggles to herself as she approaches me. Who is still currently on the stool. “Still, you’re a little small. But we’ll make do.” She optimistically beams as she draws ever so closer. 

To her, someone like me at 1.8m (basically 6 ft) would be akin to less than 5cm (1.84 inches) from her perspective. She was a princess over 30x my height, well and truly capable of destroying anything I could ever hope to do or achieve. 

Then again, what did I even have left ? I lost it all the moment I was exiled. All that was remaining was my life. Yet, all I could do at this moment was to beg. To grovel at her form so as to not lay waste to my puny being.

“What-What do you need, Ana?” I implored. However, she continued walking closer and closer, still ignoring me. Her footsteps rumbling the ground. Loud thumps each capable of flattening any of our small human settlements ruptured through my ears. 

 “Ana… Please?” Now almost begging, I cried out for her. My efforts however continued to be wasted as she was right in front of the stool, where she dropped down to her knees, leaving me in confusion. Her face lay on the stool sideways facing my direction, resting as her eyes looked onto mine, or rather my entire body I guess.

“Much better, I can actually hear you from here. My ears had some trouble picking up your little lovely voice.” She cooed. 

Huh? What?  As if life had been sucked out of my legs, I fell backwards onto my rear. Staring at the colossal face before my eyes. 

My entire body was about twice the size of her single eyeball, at least height wise it definitely was. What did she mean, my voice? Could she not properly hear me?

“Ana, could you please explain my purpose for being here.” I pleaded, perhaps due to the sheer size difference, I felt I was incapable of anything else.

There was a brief moment of silence before she finally replied.

“So you really don’t know?” She paused yet again, her eyes curiously wandering and searching my body.  “Poor little thing. Being exiled to a different land, full of different beings and cultures. With no one to confide in, and no one familiar to you. it must have been rough. Don’t worry, I’m not here to hurt you.” She murmured.

For some reason, despite having no reason to believe a single one of her words. It gave me comfort. As if driving a warm sensation into my chest, her gentle voice eased my tense, shaking body. Her kindly eyes, looking with genuine concern, sent me a feeling of unfamiliar calmness. 

Perhaps due to where I grew up, I still wanted to know the reason why I was here. I simply couldn’t truly relax otherwise. So I attempted to ask her, before I could even begin speaking however, as if knowing what I was about to say, Ana began speaking.

“You won’t be happy without a clear reason, is that correct?” She glanced at my face, where I began nodding before she continued to speak. “ See, the thing is that us giantesses, need you male humans to reproduce. There are no male giants in this land afterall.”

I continue nodding my head in agreement, despite only finding out about such information recently from Miranda. Signalling Ana to continue speaking.

“I’m 25 years old now, and have been in need of a husband for quite some time now.” 

I was quite unfamiliar with the culture of this land, was 25 considered an old age to be wed here?

“Why not take in one of the livestock men if you were so desperate?” I replied.

Livestock men?” She gasped in confusion. “ Oh you probably heard that from Miranda. Oh how she’s stuck up in the past. They aren’t livestock for god’s sake, they simply are used for our reproductive needs.”

Reproductive needs? I had many questions, but I decided to focus on the details involving me for the time present.

“So won’t they fit that quota then?” I questioned.

“Under strict rules from our kingdom, only noble blooded individuals may marry nobility. With the fact there are no such men around, I’ve been left in a rather annoying predicament. Well at least, until you came in.” She giggled, “I found out about your story recently. Exiled and lost without anything, oh how we felt so sorry for you, we decided we were going to offer you a position as one of the workers needed for our reproductive needs.” She clarified, “However, then I found out about your noble blood. Now that was the icing on the cake.” 

“But princess Ana, I’m but a mere lower end noble. Not even a part of the main family, but a branched one. One with almost no backing before, even less now. For someone of your position, surely tha-” I argue against the titanic women in front of me, only to be silenced by her points.

“The Baster family, was it? A family of knights, main or branch, are of hard workers. To me it doesn’t matter what rank you were born in nobility, as long as you will work hard, that is enough. From reading reports about you, I think you certainly fit such a position. Truth be told, I only needed someone with noble blood flowing through their veins, however I’ve refused many due to their personalities or beliefs. Honestly you’ll be damned to know how pathetic some people can be… However you are different, you can be fit for my love. Leon, will you be that person for me?” she gently asked.

I process her words to the best of my abilities. But I’m left with the energy from my legs fleeing from me. Initially, I thought she was going to eat me. Now she requests me to be her betrothed? Is it even a request? I’m an exile with no power. In front of royalty, In front of absolute power. Not exactly in a position to refuse here. Yet, she still asked me. Not with an expectant gaze, but with an authentic question. As if she had no power over my answer and what I could say. She really wanted my true feelings.

Perhaps due to seeing such a sight in nobility was uncommon for me, or perhaps due to the sheer absurdity of the situation. I couldn’t help but give off a delayed reaction, consisting of surprise, confusion, happiness and nervousness. I’m sure my face now would be grinning, but embarrassing as it was, I looked away from Ana.

“... Ready at your command, princess.” I shyly answered, with a red flush across my cheeks.

“Hey, I said to drop the formalities!” Ana amusingly mocked. “ You tiny humans and your nerves. Just so cute.”  

– – –

About 2.5 hours later

“Are you comfy? little one?” Princess Ana teased. She had me, a tiny human in between her cleavage. Trapped in between the smouldering humidity of her tits. Large drops of sweat clung to her breasts or were absorbed into her clothing. Her outfit was quite closed off, a tight fit even. Cramped, hot and nauseating were simple ways I could describe this experience. 

She had me in here for the time being whilst she waited for her work for the day to finish. It seemed her role as princess consisted largely of paperwork. Stacks on stacks of which were present in the room. I however had no way of seeing or realising how much was left. Simply being trapped in her warm bosom, there was no way out for me. 

Her cleavage was a valley, each breast being large enough to act as boulders capable of smashing apart basically anyone my size. The soft, supple skin stuck inward as the external fabric pushed my form onto her tit, as if to smother me into her flesh. I couldn’t help but wonder if anyone could hear me if I screamed, if the outside world would even notice me at all. Was I so insignificant here trapped in her cleavage, that no matter what, I couldn’t do anything to protest? 

My entire life was in the possession of Ana. She could do as she pleased, and strangely enough I still trusted her enough for that purpose.

 Her heartbeat excitedly beat through her chest, it could be heard pulsing to my ears. Or well… entire body, I didn’t have a choice but to listen to it.

*Tu-tump, tu-tump.*

The rhythmic sound, almost hypnotising, felt like it was lulling me into sleep, surrounded by the overwhelming salty scent of sticky sweat which felt strangely comforting. Best of all was her voice; it was gentle and calm when we were alone together. It was sweet, alluring even. It contrasted with her work voice, one of authority, of power. It posed a commanding tone. Strangely enough I found myself even attracted to her ‘work voice’. 

Look at me, so desperate in seeking comfort. Finding myself clinging to a woman I met just around 3 hours prior. Pathetic.

Perhaps I was tempted by the idea of wanting out or maybe because I wanted to simply test my own puny figure, I decided to call out to Ana. To scream out and see if she would even hear me at all. 

“Ana! Let me out, it’s dark and humid in this damned prison!” I shouted. Only half heartedly hoping she could actually hear me. A part of me wanted to be her little stowaway, tucked somewhere on her body, as her little secret. Not anyone else’s problem, or person. Just Ana’s little man. If no one else could hear me, then it would only further that fantasy. My tired heart at this stage just wanted someone who would help me take care of myself. Maybe that could be Ana?

Not sure if it’s the scent driving me crazy, but I feel like I’m starting to lose it here. I think to myself as I let out a slight chuckle, at a loss for words for what I even want anymore. Just simply waiting patiently for my captor to release me, or perhaps even not. At this point I would welcome either outcome…

 As nothing began to happen soon after, I began to doze off. Adrift in my thoughts and feelings, I begin to wonder why I was even stuck in the princess’ cleavage in the first place. 


“*Sigh* Finally, done with paper work for the day. Now Come here Leon .” Ana declared, only for me to barely even hear her in my unconscious mind. Being too tired to process or understand what’s happening anything besides the fact I was being moved. 

Fingertips appeared from her collar, and pulled me away from the sweaty, sultry prison, towards the world of light. Now instead a giant, pretty face was in my view. 

“... if you were so sleepy then why did you shout out so loud? Geez. A lot happened to you today, you should rest for a bit before tonight. You deserve it, my little squire.” She cooed. Her warm breath simply melted away my soul. Nulling any thought I could possibly have for protest.


Those were the last words I heard before my eyes closed, before everything went dark.

— — — 

“Wake up little squire. Gosh, you slept through the entire night! I wanted to have some fun with you...” A voice beckoned, throwing me back into consciousness. Light returned to my eyes, and sounds came back into being processed by my ears. It must have been that dreary eyed, tired look that must have been plastered across my face as I woke up in confusion, or so I guessed. 

“W-where am I?” I questioned. Lost in an unfamiliar room, decked with extravagant lights and fancy furniture, I was rather lost. Everything was giant size, so I figured that this must be princess Ana’s room. Though being far too small, I was in no shape to make a proper judgement of the specifics.

As I readjusted my eyes, I quickly came across a titanic figure. How I didn’t notice her before was beyond me. Which would clearly be Ana. She had donned a formal wear dress, nothing too sparkly or fancy. Yet, it was far from anything rustic, even I could recognise expert craftsmanship.

 The dress was of a dark red, that covered her legs and main body, but clung tightly to her figure. As if to taunt any beholder. Going up, it exposed her cleavage slightly, with a window showing off a bit of skin. It rose until finally straddling across her shoulders. It was some variant of a sheath dress. Something only royalty would have access to, even then only the most advanced kingdoms could afford them, let alone have it prepared for someone like Ana.

“You like? I was thinking it’s a bit small. Not to mention not many ladies wear these kinds around here, being expensive and all, also this isn’t a wedding variant.” She catches you staring at her figure. “ I need something you’ll also be comfortable with, come wedding night.” She quietly blurted. Announcing our wedding night as if it was well known information.

“Wedding night?!” I shrieked. My Bewilderment in the topic only growing wider and wider. “Since when was this decided so quickly?”! I wondered.

It was a fact that I wanted to be with her. While hazy, memories of yesterday and the cosiness of her body came flooding back to my mind. Her warm embrace and soothing heartbeat even brought a tinge of relaxation back to me. However, marriage this quickly? I found it hard to swallow. Simply, I just wasn’t mentally prepared for this.

“It's tomorrow evening,” She clarified while adjusting her dress. 

TOMORROW?!” I gasped, my mouth wide open in shock. I couldn’t even begin to process before another dump of information was thrown at me.

“Speaking of which, you wouldn’t know about our culture and how we do marriage ceremonies.” She stated, tiredness evident in her voice. “We need to buy you an outfit, get you up to speed on normal customs, mannerisms, meet with the clergy and nobility, make a name for yourself and uh, the do’s and don'ts of Ranate.” She sighed.

“All of that in a day?” I whispered, the sheer scale of the list took my breath away.

“Quite a normal schedule for a Royal. “She giggled. “Look, we’ll start with marriage ceremony traditions, it’s quite differ-” She begins,

“How about we skip that part, I’m sure the other aspects are more important right now.” I argued. I wasn’t ever big on traditional aspects like these to begin with. Hence I was sure I could learn them later, perhaps half-heartedly but learnt nonetheless.

“ But really, I think you should know more about it.” She hesitantly disputes.

“I’m sure I can figure it out later. You said so yourself that we need to get through a lot today. Also don’t worry about my opinion of your dress, just get what you want. I mean it’s yours afterall”

“Hmm, fine if you say so.” She clicked her tongue in a brief pause. “Let’s begin with buying you a suit. As well as a general makeover. The way those bastardly people of Vascar treated you still shows a bit.” Ana comments, once again leading to momentary silence, “Don’t worry, I have a private fashion designer I can recommend you to.”

“A private fashion designer? I guess Royalty is royalty. I barely made enough to put food on the table.” I dejectedly complained.

“Well, somehow we need clothes for you. Not much extravagant wear gets sold for people of your size to the common folk. Here, climb on.” she bends down, kneeling right in front of the bed. Her chest, now being almost eye level with me. I’ve been situated on a bed this entire time. Most likely would have been sleeping earlier, and to talk with Ana I’ve been right near the edge of the bed. 

Now, there's a simple jump in front of me. The warm and cosy confines of her sweaty prison, lay bare right ahead. Where the small cleavage window on her dress is. She signals with her left handed, pointer finger forward towards it. As it taunts me to jump and land back to paradise. All I would have to do is jump to arrive there. Hell, each passing second she shimmy forwards, only causes her mounds of flesh to jiggle as they draw closer. 

“You know you want to…” She pesters, in a taunting voice. “C’mon, we don’t have much time Leon. Or I suppose I should begin calling you dear now. Would you prefer that?” She asks.

“I…uh look Ana-“ I shyly began speaking, only to be immediately cut off. 

“Honey, it’s a two way street. From now on, you’ll be addressing me as ‘dear’ or something similar, is that clear?” She commands onto my fragile figure. “Now, let’s make haste. Before I shove you in there myself.”

I wasn’t sure if it was her commanding tone, or her sheer confidence. But I found myself not complaining about her attitude. At that point, I simply did as I was told and jumped off the bed side edge and onto her cleavage window. 

A soft, squishy surface was what I immediately felt as I landed. The all so familiar sensation of her sweaty tits came back. It’s warmth, it’s soothing heartbeat and stickiness reminded me how I was here before. In utter bliss, though slightly embarrassed. 

Like quicksand, I sank deeper into the valley of her chest. Soon to be lost away from where any light could reach. Perhaps it was my initial panic, the first instinct I had was to fight against it. To push and shove against the fleshy confines around me and hope to see the world outside again. Alas it was to no avail.

 Forget quicksand, now more so accurately it was like a constrictor snake. Whereby the more I tried flailing for my survival, the deeper I would sink. The lack of any point to have grip didn’t help. 

I attempt to shove the tit to my right. The flesh pushes back slightly giving me just the slightest bit of space, only for when I let go for it to almost push back towards me. Squishing me momentarily. 

“Having fun?” A voice loomed, a sense of superiority present in her tone. “ It seems like you’ve given up and accepted your place.” 

I yell back at full throttle, or at least what I could manage to make some form of snarky comeback.

“Hmm, it seems your voice is a little muffled there sweetie. I can’t quite hear you anymore.” She cooed.

Suddenly a sensation of slight force was felt around me. A slight shaking sensation causing a cramped feeling.

“It’d be a real shame if I just put a little too much force against these things.” She whispers, still loud enough for me to hear.

The mounds of flesh in a spontaneous jolt, crashing together, even more so than before. For a brief second, I was squashed and smothered against both tits. I was forced into submission. Quite literally put into my place. 

“Heh, was that a little scary for you?” She mocked. “ Awww, how adorable you are. Don’t forget, if your queen orders you to do something, then please do consider it properly.” She paused. “ Although, because I just love my tiny little man so much, I would never order him to do something bad. So rest assured. You’ll only get the finest treatment with me.” She giggled.

She pulled my tuckered out figure from her depths, and rose me out to the surface of her cleavage. Where the upper body segments of my head, neck, arms all poked out. The rest were solidified firmly in place.  

The first sights my eyes could see as the world of light finally returned to my view was that we were in a fancy building.  Princess Ana must've been walking here all this time. My tiny little form poked out from her cleavage window in an attempt to scout out the area.

I had no way of knowing besides perhaps the swaying motion, that earlier she had already arrived to our first destination. The private fashion designer. Specially tailored made for ‘tiny people’. It wasn’t that far from the castle where we came from, as from yesterday I saw that the richer estates and locations stay closer to the castle.

A voice shrieked. “Wow, Ana is that him? The lucky guy. Oh hi there. I’m Beth. A designer for you tiny people. “

“O-okay Beth, calm down a little. I was bound to find a suitable tiny eventually.” Ana comments.

“You’ve even kept him in your cleavage. Wow, look at you. Miss naughty princess.” 

“Beth!” Ana shouts in embarrassment. “Y'know, when we’re in a public building you could at least address me properly…”

“Now my little Ana is blushing. Still though I have to say, marriage so soon?”

“It’s quite late already for me. Not to mention I think someone like Leon here would do nicely as my partner.” 

“Well, if you say so. You don’t need to put so much stress over yourself in trying to be a Royal y’know. Times are different now.” 

“Yeah, okay.” Ana answered with a sigh.

It seemed like these two got along very well. Beth was allegedly the designer figure responsible for my clothing, she was a bit shorter than Ana. Something to be expected it seems. She had blonde hair and was wearing a bandana, along with thick work trousers and a black shirt. Her hair went only up to her shoulders.  She also seemed fairly older than Ana.

“Now then, little guy. I need to take measurements for you and begin planning. As well as looking for a design you would need. Do you have a preference for anything?” Beth asked, enabling her work voice.

“Uh, typical formal attire for this land will do. Thanks.” I timidly answered. Perhaps it was the sight of an unknown enormous person so close, it made me nervous. 

I didn’t see this earlier but she was writing down summarised dot points of what I just said on a notepad. It in itself was fairly large from my perspective. Lengthwise being larger than I am. 

“-And… alright. Now any requests from you Ana on his outfit? Although tiny outfits aren’t really a big deal for a wedding between our two kinds. Moreso important for other matters.” Beth pointed out.

“Yes, it just needs to be comfortable for him. Though I’m sure you’re already on that.” Ana says.

“Naturally. Also have you seen a materials specialist yet? Your going to need the seats specially made for the ceremony.” 

The two continued discussing finer details for a while. As for me, I, a squire and country bumpkin, completely zoned out. Only hearing minor details and processing even less. Could you really blame me though?

“Alright, so I’ll pay you for it to be ready by tonight.” Ana declares.

“No, no. It’ll be for free.” Beth contends in disagreement. 

“Beth, stop trying to do me a favour. It’s not necessary!” 

“Again, with the queen stuff. If we’re going there then it’s because I’m thankful. If it wasn’t because of you I wouldn’t have a business. Now you’re marrying a tiny. That’s only going to solidify the ban from 5 years ago.” 

“That has nothing to do with this.” Ana sighs in reluctance. 

“No one needed clothes or anything from a tiny back then. They were just meals to most. Mere livestock. Only some of the more out there giantess got married to them. Yet, when you took the throne you completely changed that policy. And from that, guess what. I got a job.” Beth clarifies; offering a sense of reason to her contention. “ If you're marrying one, that ban just gets stronger. No one is going to mess with tinies if one is married to the queen. More humane treatment for them equals more business for me.”

“Wow. So you're taking that angle now.” Ana chuckled. “Fine. I’ll accept your free offer.” She took her right hand and directed it straight to her cleavage, plucking me out in a pinching motion. Both freeing myself and waking me up from zoning out. “Honey, go take your measurements.” 

“Huh… Ah, okay. Sure.” Ana placed me on a table and Beth went to grab a micro-measuring tape.

It was going to be a long day.

— — —

“All right. Everything is almost set! We can finally relax for the day.” Ana’s feminine booming voice explains.

“It’s 01:00, we wake up tomorrow to wedding day at 08:00. That isn’t any time to relax. How in the 9 hells do you still have energy?” I complained.

“You get used to it.” She casually mentioned. To me, it only further emphasised the difficulty of living as a royal.

I lay atop our bed, which we shared. Finally, I was tired and done for the day. Believe it or not, but transferring from another kingdom, to meeting new people in preparation for your marriage in the span of 2-3 days takes a lot out of a person. 

“We still need to enchant you now.” Ana casually mentioned. “That’s about the final step before we’re ready for our wedding tomorrow.”

“I’m assuming we’re doing that later?” I asked.

“Yep, enchanting is a simple process though so it should be doable tomorrow. It’s illegal to marry a tiny that isn’t enchanted.” She explained

“What does that entail?” I questioned.

“Enchanting refers to a series of modifications or magical abilities being optimised on an individual. For example, if I stomped on you with all of my strength on a fairly strong surface. Well you’d turn into a wee little stain.” She said, portraying a rather haunting image. “If we enchant you however, we can change that so you're more resistant. Or have auto recovery.” 

“O-oh, I guess that makes sense. We wouldn’t want an accident to happen I guess.” 

“Yeah. Well it’s a pretty safe process. So don’t worry. Honey, you’ll love it. Trust me.” Ana reassured me.

“Yeah. Well, good night. Dear”

“Good night.”

As such, I drifted off to sleep as a result of being far too tired. Still a shame, I could tell Ana wanted to continue in some further nightly activities…

— — —

“So it was Resistance, absorption/regeneration, anaerobic further respiration, obedience and pain redirection?” Asked the alchemist. She was a giantess with violet hair, glasses and was drinking a coffee. 

“Yes, that is all for Leon.” Ana spoke.

“Are you okay with these, little one?” The alchemist clerk asked me now. 

“I trust Ana’s judgement.” I acknowledged. Perhaps it was an indicator of trust. But after almost 3 days together I was truly starting to trust her. 

“Even pain redirection?” The alchemist glanced over at Ana. Who simply continued smiling. “Most people go with pain-nullification or tolerance. Princess, you have some strange tastes.” She commented with a weirded out look on her face. “Or is it the little one with strange tastes?” Now glancing at me. 

Ana hastily spoke to hurry the conversation along. “My, my, would you look at the time. I believe we should begin the enchanting process right away.” 

“That’ll be 99,300 gold pieces.”

99,300! Suddenly more money then what the Vascar imperial treasury had was being asked for. It was an astounding amount. How? Why? Was this process that legendary? That amount of money could probably purchase the land of our country as a whole. And yet, Ana did not bat an eye. 

“Okay, here’s 10 emerald pieces, I’d like my change in gold pieces afterward.” She nonchalantly asked. As for me, emerald pieces were something only the richest countries possessed, to find out Ana had some, in her own allowance was but only one of many bombshells of information overload occurring recently.

“Okay, here’s 700 gold pieces change.” The alchemist lady quietly said. “Now just stand over there, little one, right over there on the hexagonal incantation symbol.” 

I did as I was told. 

“Okay, we can begin now. 3…2..1.Go!”

Suddenly the hexagonal shape lit up with a fierce red colour. Next thing I knew was a hot burning sensation followed by an electrical one. Like static shock all around my body before-

“And done…” Just like that, I was finished. “We now need to just test one of these to make sure they all transferred over.” The purple hair women explained.

“Alright. I know just the one!” Ana enthusiastically grabs my entire body before I’ve been given a moment to react. Her hand grasps my body and I feel a strange pleasurable sensation from it. However due to the panic of my situation I ignored it and focused on what my titanic wife was planning.

She raises her arm up to the sky, revealing her exposed armpit towards me. I stared dumbfounded for a couple seconds before my entire world came crashing towards the site of her sweaty armpits. They were hairless, but from such a close proximity the odour only amplified each second as I drew closer. Eventually, I came right into contact with her skin. Immediately noticing the far more humid environment this was. It wasn’t the pleasant warmth of her tits, this was the heat of a tropical region out in the sun. 

“Wait Ana-“

And before I could finish she lowered her arms down, and tightly clung them to her body. Sticking me in place. I had suddenly been submerged into a wet, humid and sultry environment. Being pressed together into place by two opposing walls of skin. I couldn’t even scream anymore, the air had been suddenly knocked out of my lungs. 

I felt as if I was about to pass out, only then to realise that the need to breathe wasn’t arising within me. I still had energy and was capable of carrying out my normal bodily functions. I tried screaming again, and my voice was capable of reaching out once more.

Not that it’d do anything of course.

I could faintly hear Ana and the alchemist lady giggling to themselves. I wondered what I sounded like to them at this moment. If they could even hear me. 

“Mmmmph-“ I screeched in vain in an attempt to let any word out. 

“Ahahaha, dear, that's ticklish. Stop it, c’mon we have to see if the enchantment for anaerobic further respiration actually worked.” 

All my efforts had only resulted in a mere tickling sensation for Ana, to the almost omnipresent being that held my fate right next to her sweaty pores, I was but a mere mite in comparison. 

“Phew, that’s 3 minutes up. And I can feel him still squirming in there, so that means the enchantment worked, he can officially  respire without oxygen.” Ana chuckled in response to my fickle tickling attempts.

She released me via extending her arm upward, revealing my poor tiny figure plastered on, stuck firmly on her skin. 

“Poor guy, princess, you can be rather brutal.” 

“It’s better than your store policy of trying to crush them barefoot to test them for resistance…”  Ana sneered.

“-ahaha… I’m aware you don’t like our policies.” She nervously giggled. “Well, see you next time if ever need be  Ma’am.” As she directed my lover out the door. Who was peeling me off from her skin, only to throw myself into her bra gently. 

“Well, now that we’ve finished that little task. Let’s head over to the wedding venue and get ready.” She cooed.

Admittedly, I was rather unfamiliar with how weddings were celebrated in Ranate. For once they typically take place in the evening to very late at night was my basic understanding. However, basic understanding was all I had. Their culture or dresses/outfits were things I had no idea on. It was still currently quite early in the morning, by the time we would arrive it would be near noon. The rest would be wedding prep and then taking in guests. 

— — — 

“There she is, our new queen. All this time She’s been a mere princess and now look.” 

“She’s gorgeous in her slim sheath wedding dress, where is the lucky man?”

“Look closely on her right shoulder. You can see him, he’s seated right there.”

“Where? I can’t find him.”

“In the deep dark blue suit on her shoulder.” She begins pointing. “Right there.”

“Oh my god, I see him. Aww he’s just the cutest thing too.”

I can hear the crowds chatting and gossiping about us, about Ana and I. It is a particularly exciting day, the princess Ana finally can become queen. And that she is getting married. Along with that, a crowd full of envy and contempt is present.

“The snarky, pretentious princess is finally getting married. Took her long enough.” 

“She spent so long looking for suitors, that she even had the gall to reject some. And then she settled on this peasant?!” 

Perhaps it’s best I ignore such people…

I listen into the crowds. We’re currently outside our castle. Right behind it actually. It’s where the Royal gardens are and it’s where royalty has been getting wed as per tradition, apparently. The many citizens of the kingdom are free to wonder about, and observe from the outside. Away from inside the gardens. Inside the venue itself are many, many guests. All giantesses. It’s oddly intimidating. Well not that oddly, of course I’m intimidated by those who knows how many times my size.

In reality I would have thought such an important event to garner more international folk, people of my size. It appears I was wrong.  Once again, only giantesses seem to be present. Speaking of which, I don’t see Ana’s parents anywhere. The father must be small like me, right?

I haven’t seen them anywhere in my entire stay here… and you would think they would greet or congratulate their daughter for marriage… Perhaps it’s a topic I should stay quiet about.

“Woah, that dress looks so cool on her. It has the typical design choices but a few more.” A random giantess commented, grabbing my attention. 

In all honesty, I thought her dress was a bit strange. Perhaps it’s a cultural barrier. It was a colour clash of a deep red and white on the top and hips, before only being red as it kept going down her rear and legs. There was a small cleavage window, specially designed, I would guess to house me if need it be. Her shoulders lay exposed, and her lower back remained exposed.  She wore crimson red shoes, flat heels.  I’m sensing that red is the thematic colour of choice for a wedding in this kingdom.

Another weird fact I recently learnt was that the back of the dress, from the ass down, was usually red. White was almost never used there. Again, probably a cultural difference.

The ceremony itself was yet to happen. Apparently it’s customary to wait a while, let the groom and bride wander around of their own disclosure for a while beforehand. Hence why I’m just aimlessly listening to random conversations as of now whilst Ana is greeting guests and introducing me.

Luckily, I’ve been congratulated too as her groom. Lots of invitations to join various activities. However, Ana has her golden rule that I’m not allowed to leave her sight, simply being that I can’t offer any resistance to anyone in this country.  So I’ve had to deny most, if not all of them.

“Wow, your majesty, so this is going to be your little man?” A giantess cheerfully exclaimed.

“Yep, he’s my sweet little betrothed.” Ana replied.

“Just recently, I got my own partner. So I know just how sweet those little men can be.”

“Wow, Emily. Where is the little guy?” Ana curiously asked.

“Hehe, sorry that’s something I can’t show even you, your majesty.” She giggled and pointed towards her nether regions. “He’s somewhere dark and moist. I’ll introduce you some other time. Bye.” She says before leaving.

Dark and moist?! In there?! Will I have to do something like that too for Ana…

“Oops, look at the time Leon. Wedding ceremony will be commencing in half an hour. We need to prepare. “ Ana declared. She hastily moved towards the prep room building, where everyone would get dressed and things would get discussed. Of course carrying me along with her.

Inside, here we were. There was an exit to the back, which went to a very large looking reception building where the formal ceremony would take place. The close guests of Ana would be asked to move here and be seated to wait for her royal majesty. 

Ana was frantically discussing every possible detail with those in the prep room. From the witnesses, to the priest, to the cake, to the very seats themselves. Someone was clearly excited.

She even asked to double check if the materials were made of volcanic sheep wool, a gentle textile when woven on a seat can increase the softness of it and make for a far more comfortable seat.

“Your majesty, everything is set. We are ready to go. Shall we begin calling over guests?

“Yes, begin at once.”

With that, it was time for the ceremony to begin.

– – – 

-”In love, in lust, in splendour and wonder. For the great kingdom of Ranate, will you, young Leon vi Baster, promise to love Ana for the rest of eternity?”

Yes, I do.” I replied to the priest. An odd looking fellow, like me, was tiny. Or a mere human. From the time It’s taken for our ceremony to begin I’ve come to realise that many of the giantesses here have tinies on them, just hidden away. The only one in plain sight I can see is the priest himself. Which was a refreshing sight.

“And you, Ana Darlington-Bliss, ruler of Ranate. Saviour of our land. Will you vow to marry Leon in good faith?”

“I do,” She said.

Surprisingly so, while a few cultural differences here and there. The actual ceremony itself isn’t so different. See, skipping the traditional stuff yesterday was worth it. That time was precious and because of me we even ended up saving some of it.

We were on an altar, where Ana stood and I was on top of a seat right next to her. The very same kind, made with volcano sheep textiles. How lucky is that! These seats are a little squishy and soft, even for me who weighs next to nothing.  It was about up to her thighs in height.

Now, this is the land of the giantesses. So it probably won’t be ‘you may now kiss the bride.’ As per what I’m accustomed to. But the other way around. Hell, I’ll even bet on it.

“You may now-” the priest begins. I go the extra mile and begin auto filling what he might say in my own mind.

“You may now kiss the groom.”  I think in my head. 

“Sit on the groom.” The priest said.

Wait what.

To my right I see my towering, soon to be wife, Ana move towards my seat. Placing one foot in front of another before she is facing the audience. From my angle however ( who ended up behind her from the perspective of the audience) it just looks like she’s positioned herself to sit down. Every passing second I could feel my heartbeat getting louder as my body’s sense of panic catches up. As I stared up It only cemented the dreadful reality that was soon coming. It wasn’t anything I had any control over. Even if I wanted to, the wheels of fate had already spun. Her rear end, now making up the sky in front of me, loomed over my figure, and the seat. Her round ass stuck out slightly from her dress, as she bent her hips lower it, her dress only clung to her rear end tighter. 

I couldn’t really see this, but everyone was watching intently. In anticipation. Like how everyone watches the kiss that occurs usually, in the same way they stared at this scene. The scene of Ana about to crush me underneath her like a bug. 

“Here it comes.” I hear a playful feminine tone. It was Ana’s voice right above me. 

In the next second, her ass comes crashing down. Like an asteroid about to come landing. A sight whereby no question would leave a crater in the land. This was no different. 

My legs had given out from the sudden panic, my voice lost in the fear of what was going to happen. Each passing second I saw that monstrous sized butt of Ana get larger and larger as it completely encompassed me. It’s shadow dwarfed over my body, over my soul. The sight of her red coloured dress coming down was horrific. Perhaps it was a last minute realisation but it made sense why they made her rear end of the dress red. It covered blood stains easily…

I couldn’t even speak as the over 50 megaton ass came crashing down on me. Enveloping me into place as it firmly made sure to keep me in check. I expected vast amounts of pain. How could I not? However, I was pleasantly surprised it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. What I did notice though, was the seat itself pushed down on the soft foam and created an imprint. What my puny mass could do to push the soft material down paled in comparison to Ana. Who had smooshed me along with the seat down. 

The sensation of being pushed down into the ground, and then that very ground itself being pushed down due to the sheer colossal force of a mere butt was oddly terrifying. 

I was then interrupted by the cheering and clapping of a crowd. Right, we were being congratulated for a successful ceremony. 

I could hear familiar voices of people congratulating her.  My own thoughts however were focused on when she would release me from my imprisonment. 

“So Ana, how long do you think you’ll manage?” 

“ Maybe an hour or two. I mean any longer it's a waste of an event..” She confidently answers.

“You're gonna stay sitting on him for that long? Poor guy must be getting claustrophobic down there.” One of the two Giantesses guests asked.

“Well, it is a tradition. The longer the bride stays seated on top of her groom after their ceremony, the more good luck is wished upon their relationship.” The other giantess answers. The 3 continue chatting with one another.

I barely hear what they say as I have only a fraction of my strength remaining. She landed on me with me facing up. Right onto her fleshy cheek clad onto the soft fabric of her dress. I couldn’t move in the slightest. With another bombshell of information dropped on top of me, that Ana had no plans of dropping her seat. I begin my counterattack. 


However to the outside world I sounded like “MHMMHMPH-MHMP.” 

My voice wouldn’t even reach the people Ana herself was talking to her. The only reason she might hear it was because she felt the vibrations. Surely, that must be it. I thought. I began screaming. Just making noise as loud as possible.


However, not only does she not hear me. But also doesn’t even acknowledge me whatsoever. It’s then that I recall that her dress is made of thick material and could probably absorb quite a bit of sound. 

So that’s why enchantments are needed before marriage… Yeah, maybe I should of paid more attention towards their traditions…

I sigh, figuratively of course. No way was I ever going to be physically capable of doing so under the sheer all encompassing mass of my wife. 

Why was this a tradition? Who thought of this? For what purpose?

I could still hear the voices outside of the ladies chatting.

“Your majesty, what enchantments did you two decide upon?” One of them asks.

“Well, I decided we would get the usual ones plus pain redirection.” Ana expressed excitedly.

“Oooo, pain redirection. That one’s expensive, your majesty. I wanted it too for my tiny but couldn’t afford it. Shame really.” The other lady responded, a dejected tone obvious in her voice.

“Was that one that converts excess pain Into pleasurable sensations? Wow, really pulling out the big bucks for the lucky man, princess.” The first lady commented.

“Well, I don’t think it’ll have any effect on him right now. Provided I’m sitting on a very soft material, so it probably isn’t causing him much pain to begin with.” Ana’s voice beckoned. “Maybe if I readjust myself a little bit? Just can’t get off the seat is all right?” She said, sending alarm bells to my ears on what was soon coming. 

Suddenly excess pressure was placed upon me from above. Like dough was how I would describe my being right now, and Ana’s ass was the rolling pin. As she not only grounded my being, but slowly grinded against it as she moved down the seat. Eventually dragging me along with it until I was shuffled to a new location underneath her. I swear I was being turned into flatbread or the like. 


Finally pain began seeping into my body. Not a lot though , it seemed Ana couldn’t find it in her conscience to harm me so violently. Still I wonder if any blood had come out as she squeezed me across the seat from earlier. There’s probably a tiny stain on her dress by now…

Suddenly, that pain disappeared, and a weird sense of pleasure came to take its place.

“I wonder what he’s feeling right now.” I could still hear Ana’s voice.

“A sense of being dominated, probably.” One of the two ladies commented.

As much I didn’t want to admit it. The raw, unfiltered feeling of how I was thrown onto this seat and forced into becoming basically a stain by her butt, started to sound hot. Fuck, what’s causing that feeling? I recall the three ladies speaking on the matter of one of my enchantments. That it converted pain into pleasure? What a terrifying thing.   Would this sense of satisfaction last forever? I wondered, in awe and agony simultaneously at the sheer spectacle of what was going on. Every passing second the force of her ass felt like it was getting stronger, yet it didn’t feel like she was putting more force behind her own actions.  

Was this all I am? All I amounted to?

Any movement I could do was restricted. Any words I could say were muffled. Any punch I could swing is tied back. Any bite I could inflict wouldn’t have any effect. Anything at all to do in protest would amount to virtually the same as not protesting. As the same as being compliant. Was this the almost infinite power these titanic women held over us humans? 

It was as if I was a bug in comparison to her. But she didn’t mind having me around. She could oh so easily treat me like her own personal pet or a slave. Yet she didn’t. 

I was her lover. But had the power of a bug. And for some reason, that drove me up the wall in a good way.

Maybe that was the enchantment at work,  but I fell into the temptation of her sitting atop me. As if that’s where she belonged. Above me and my puny form. My base animal instincts craved such a raw feeling, such a raw need for her attention.  My own dick began rising up, in search for her love, but was quickly hushed back into its place by the absolute weight pushing down on it. Its own protest didn’t matter to the gigantic landmass above me. Its feeble attempt at rising only stopped at hardening within my pants. That too, was right where it belonged. Below her. Perhaps this was the feeling of being dominated as one of the ladies mentioned.  It felt oddly comforting. Knowing that nature itself is far stronger than you and anything you’ll achieve. That humanity is below such monstrous beings. Perhaps that wasn’t so bad.

I didn’t need to breathe. I didn’t need to eat. Any damage I would sustain I would simply recover. Any feeling of pain would become pleasure. All I had to do was to be docile and behave under my new wife. Was that so bad? No, no it wasn’t. It was something I was now willing to do.

It was today that I learned that I was a bottom. Who would have thought?

— — —

Light, at first sprinkling in, then dominated by vision. No longer a shadow or darkness obstructing my entire livelihood but rather I could see again. However, along with it came a strange sensation. As if my entire world was being shifted, as of being moved. 

W-what’s going on.

As the fuzzy mess of my surroundings cleared as my eyes adjusted to the light, I realised I had been stuck to the backside of Ana’s rear end. Right near the bottom of her right cheek. It’s jiggly voluptuous mass panned out slightly from her dress to create tension on her dress. And on top that dress, was I. Plastered across that cheek, my tiny form came into existence to Ana and any nearby passerby. 

“Wow, your majesty, you lasted 1.5 hours. May your wedded life be long and luxurious. As for the little guy here, the poor guy is stuck to your bottom!” A random guest pointed out.

“Oh, Leon. Are you alright? It looked like you had no clue what was going on. I told you so that you should have refreshed your understanding of our traditions beforehand.” My wife commented, almost in a mocking tone near the end. “ Now have a look at you, you’ve become one with my rear.” She says while slightly shaking her hips and bottom. 

She draws her left hand near my flattened being. Peeling me off from the dress on her ass cheek and resting my tuckered out figure on her hand. 

“It’s a good thing we chose volcanic sheep textiles for the seat. I remember Debra’s wedding six years back which left a big, bloody stain on her bum by doing it on dragon leather.” She casually stated. Now painting a picture of a horrific reality where the past 1.5 hours would have been a far worse experience to me.

“Geez, look at you. Always tired out.” She exclaims.

“C-can you blame me? I just got the life knocked outta me… almost literally.” I replied.

“On the brighter side. You’re officially a Darlington-Bliss now. A part of the Royal family of Ranate.” She announces, right soon after kissing you gently with her soft supple lips. “Leon Darlington-Bliss, king consort of Ranate.”

“Well. I’m glad that’s over. Finally I can just relax now.” I comment, in exhaustion. As Ana begins walking towards the dining area where our dinner will be served.

“Over?” A brief sense of silence appeared in the air. “Wow, you really haven’t done any research, have you?” She whispers to me.

“W-what do you mean?” I cautiously ask.

“We’ve officially become husband and wife. But that’s only under oath of Ranate customs. We still have 2 more wedding celebrations to do to be acknowledged as being together internationally. One in a month and another a year later!” She gallantly explains.

“3 WEDDING RECEPTIONS?! Wait, so I have to do that entire ceremony again!” I ask at my wits end.

“Yep, 2 more times in fact.” She cheerfully smiles.

“W-what! Wait! Surely we can-“ I plead for an alternative but am silenced by the thumb of her other hand, pushing my back down into her palm.

“Nope, sorry. Look, it’ll be fine. You’ll have plenty of time to kiss my ass until then as prep.” She taunts. Before finally blowing me one more little kiss and entering the dining hall.

The End. (Maybe a continuation)

Chapter End Notes:

Phew, that was that. For flaws, I still think I need more practice with the first person narrator. Though I personally liked the ending portion. I left some moments and giant characters up to the air, well because I thought if I ever feel like returning to this narrative, then I may focus on them. Who knows, I’ll see if it’s even in popular demand or not.

For those interested, here's a world map. (sorry about res) Why did I include a map? Dunno, Just found it interesting. (Map is created using Azgaar’s fantasy map generator.)

Edit: Updated world map

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