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Author's Chapter Notes:

Here's where it gets good.

he DD2 team awoke the next morning to the smell of roast duck.

Chuck Noriss woke up and studied his surroundings.

"Holy shit..." He said, "We're in an empty fish tank with the lid ontop!"

"To my calculations...." Urlak said trying to sound smart, "We've shrunk."

"Wow jour pretty focking smart..." Hitler said sarcastically.

"My dicks even smaller now!!!" Urlak whined.

"I don't have a dick." Said Micheal Jackson.

"But you spooned me last night." Said the 8 year old brat.

"Shush, no-ones supposed to know..." Said Micheal Jackson.

"Vhat the fock?" Hitler said, "Our Veapons are gone!"

"I still got one nuke." Said SpongeBob.

"I got some pies." Said DoDo and he threw all the pies at Osama Bin Ladin. "I'm out of pies."

"What in the allah, why are we shrunken?! ALALALALALA!" Said Osama as he wiped pie from his face.

The red headed woman who shot them with the strange gun last night came into the room-this time fully dressed- and looked at them all with an evil smile.

"Glad to see you perverts are awake." She said cheerfully.

"Uh, listen," Said Micheal Jackson. "I don't have a dick and I don't like woman so....how can I be a pervert?...To woman." he finished.

"In that case you can go." She said.

"Really?" Micheal Jackson asked cheerfully.

"Yes." She said, opening up the cage lid and picking him up. "To hell!"

She threw Micheal Jackson at the wall so hard that it left a crack and his smeared blood on it.

"Anyone else want to leave?" She asked.

"ADURRRRR!!@!!@!@!" Said Timmy.

"He's mentally disabled...." Said Chuck Noriss putting a hand to his head.

"Throw him to ze furnace!" Said Hitler.

"Oh just shut up..." Said Barney.

"Nein! Jou shut up!" Said Hitler.

"No. You."

"Nein! Jou!"


"Nein! Jou!" And Hitler shot  Barney in the head with his last bullet.

"Oops Barneys deaddd! shot in the head!" MC Hammer sung.

"That was his last bullet come on!!!" Chuck Noriss said depressed.

"SHUT UP!" Yelled the woman.

"Nein! Jou shut up!" Said Hitler.

"Okay smart mouth. it's time for a torture." She picked Hitler up and placed him between her toes... rubbing him between her pink painted toe nails, but not very softly, her feet smelled of sweat and perfume. Hitler passed out of exhaustion and went to one of his "Ji Vule Ze Vorld!" Dreams.

Hitler threw President Barrack Obama out of the white house window.

"Ji Vule America!!! Blitzkreig! Gutantag! Schnitzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllll!!!!!" He said.

Hitler woke up back in the fish tank.

"Vhat a good dream." He mumbled.

"Now that your all quiet..." The woman said. "I'm Jenny or Jen, Jennifer, Jenitalia, Jenski, Jennay, but you can call me Jen... I'm going to destroy all of you perverts... Physically and mentally..."

"Well Timmy is pretty much broken mentally..." Said SpongeBob and he saw that Timmy was in a wheel chair. "Yea and phsyically...waist down."

"This calls for a rap!" Said MC Hammer.

"No, No it does not." Said Chuck Noriss shaking his head.

"My name is....Mc Hammer! I hit with a hammer! Hitler likes Schnitzel! I got a big pistol! We're all shrunken dawwwwwwwwg!!!! And I just shot Osama in the head! Peace to your mother dog."

"But you didn't shoot me in the-" BANG! Mc Hammer wasted his last bullet by shooting Osama in the head.

"The Dirty Eight doesent sound as good as the Dirty Dozen..." Said SpongeBob. "Listen Jen will you let us go?"

"Don't back talk me." She said.

"i'm not." Sponge said.

"You just did!!!" Said the 8 year old brat.

"Shut up your not helping." SpongeBob said.

"SpongeBoy you get the torture of showering with me." Said Jen

"But won't that just let him get a perverted dream?" Asked DoDo.

"ADUR!" Said Timmy.

"Not when he sees what I do to him." Jen stripped down and opened the lid of the cage, picked SpongeBob up and walked to the bathroom.

She turned the shower on.

"Let me gooooo!" Spongebob cryed.

"You have to learn your lesson SpongeBoy."

"It's SpongeBob you stupid whore!" He yelled.

She tightened her grip till he couldnt breathe.

"You better apologize right now you stupid yellow ass!" She snarled.

"i'mm....sorry." He choked.

"Good boy.." She smiled and walked into the shower.

She lowered SpongeBob down to her vagina and shoved him in and out of it getting him wet with her cum and the shower.

"OH YES!" She moaned.

"NO!" SpongeBob cryed.







"OH YEAAAAAAAAH!" Said KoolAidMan as he crashed through the bathroom wall.

He looked at Jen naked.

"Oh...Akwardddddddd......" He stepped out of the giant hole in the wall he made.


"Oh my roast duck is done!" Jen said as she stepped out of the shower.

SpongeBob sobbed over how he can't do anything to stop her from hurting him, his friends, or having her way with him.

She placed him back in the fishtank and walked to the kitchen.

SpongeBob curled into a ball and cryed over and over again. "I'm a goofy goober, I'm a goofy goober, I'm a goofy goober...."

"She must've broke him pretty hard..." Urlak said.

Jennifer came back holding a plate of roast duck.

"Jeffy!" Chuck cryed. "You son of a bitch...I'll kill you!!!" He pounded at the glass wall but it was all in vain he couldnt reach her.

"Hmmm..I do need an appetizer." She picked up Chuck Noriss and lifted him above her open mouth.

"Our leader!" Urlak cried.

"I want my mommyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" Whined the brat.

She swallowed Chuck Noriss alive and he fell into her stomach acids to be burnt alive by stomach acids. He was burned down to the bone by her stomach acids in seconds...

She began to eat the roast duck (Jeffy). Well all of the DD2 Sobbed...

Chapter End Notes:
to be continued....
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