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Author's Chapter Notes:

I: Sally

Sally was dreaming about the good old days. In her dreams, she was still with her ex, and they were always waking up from a deep sleep, her mouth salivating with lingering desire at the sight of his cock after a long night of passionate lovemaking, the Pacific ocean lapping calmly at the shore visible through the windows of their vast California estate. He still loved her; he still woke up every morning to a blowjob from his early-rising girlfriend--Sally. All of her dreams were like this now, and that only made her waking life more of a walking misery. She moved to take his manhood into her mouth, but as her desire reached a fever-pitch the building shook in a sudden earthquake. She screamed as it collapsed around her, and she woke up sweating and panting in darkness. But the darkness was shaking around her, which meant only one thing: her owners were awake, and she had to wake up.

The first thing she saw that morning was the last thing she had seen in her dream: the erect cock of her ex, Jack. Light flooded into her little prison and she was immediately reminded of her place in the world. She was a pet, a little toy, with no rights and no hopes, living in another woman’s transparent boot. Once, she had been big, big enough to suck Jack’s cock, even if she hadn’t been very tall. Sally barely broke five feet, with little breasts that had never really blossomed and an ass that didn’t attract all that much attention at any size. Jack had been the greatest catch of her life, the man that she was going to ride to the top. He was a tech entrepreneur, and his company had perfected the shrinking technology that had brought her to this sorry state. She never knew why he had been with her, could never figure out her luck. When they were together, nothing was beyond her. They’d gone on cruises, hosted events attended by (plural!) A-list celebrities, had all sorts of international adventures. She had been by his side all through the R&D process of his company’s shrinking machine, a fact which had not been known to her until its public unveiling.

That had been the greatest night of Sally’s life. It had followed the day that Jack met Susanna.

Susanna was an intern working in Jack’s accounting department. She never learned how they had become involved, but two weeks after the unveiling, Jack dumped her unceremoniously over text message. He had sent a generous severance package--as if she had been an employee rather than a lover--enough to get by for a few years. He didn’t bear her any ill will. He’d just found someone new, and they’d both understood that they were unlikely to end up together. They just kept gambling on the relationship. Eventually, she lost the wrong hand, and she took it the wrong way.

She’d hired a hitman to take out Jack and Susanna, spending all of the money in the process of finding and hiring the man, but it had all gone wrong. The couple survived, and the hitman was caught. His entire organization had been taken apart by the FBI in a very public RICO trial, which resulted in the first time in history that shrinking was used as a form of punishment in the American justice system. She and everyone else involved had been shrunk using Jack’s technology, after an expensive series of lobbying and advertising campaigns had convinced the public and Congress that the machinery was the solution to numerous problems. What few people knew was that it was motivated entirely by Susanna, who had never liked Sally even before the hit had failed. She had pushed for these changes, convinced Jack that it was a good use of money, because she wanted revenge on the woman who couldn’t let go of her man. Sally had been sentenced separately from the gang. Susanna and Jack had watched her shrink in the facility on Alcatraz. As soon as she was handed over to her new masters, Jack had dropped her down the back of Susanna’s leggings, wordlessly, leaving her trapped between her rival’s ass cheeks. This had been the beginning of the rest of her life, which seemed like nothing more than a series of humiliations, indignities, and agonies, each greater than the last, punctuated only by the brief periods of sleep that she was able to steal when her masters forgot about her.

II: Jack

From his bed, Jack looked down at his pet, trapped in his lover’s boot. The thing was made of a clear, flexible material that did not breathe very well. It smelled very much like Susanna’s foot inside, all the time, and there was no chance that that would ever change. The sight of the little Sally, curled up in the boot’s toe and asleep with a hint of a smile on her face, made him hard. He missed the way she used to wake him up--with a timely suck on his morning wood, naturally--but he could never forgive her for what she’d tried to do to him and the true love of his life. Sally had been a toxic lover, threatening to kill herself if he tried to leave her, shaming him for his wealth while spending his money frivolously, and treating her idiotic friends to expensive vacations-with bills footed to the company, no less.

That had been how Susanna had met him. She had been sent up from accounting to show him the expense reports: two-way plane tickets to Tokyo and spa reservations for six people, two of them men, one of those men Sally’s own ex-lover. Millions of dollars in expenses, all automatically OK’d because they were charged to his own corporate accounts. He had suspected her of cheating on that trip, one of the few that she took separately from him, but somehow it was worse to learn that she had spent his own money, the company’s money, on that scale--it was worse than infidelity. So he had no regrets. Sally was where she belonged. She had always been a small person; now it was just as clear to her as it had been to everyone else in her life.

When he rose from his bed, Sally stirred. She looked up at his cock and he saw the usual expression: a sort of indignant, jealous awe. She still wants it after all this time, he thought. Well, she can have it. Suze wasn’t around that morning, and he felt like getting off anyway. That was what the fleshlight was for. They had an agreement: Jack could jerk off all he wanted, watch whatever porn he wanted, when Suze wasn’t around--but he had to cum on Sally. He walked over to the boot and watched her brace herself for her morning.

Wordlessly, he reached down and picked up the boot by the heel, turning it upside-down over his hand. He watched Sally tumble out of her pocket of toe-space and into his waiting palm, then quickly closed his fingers around the little human doll. With his other hand, he reached into his nightstand and pulled out the fleshlight. It was an ornate affair, almost more a work of art than a sex toy. Its surface was covered in bas-relief pin-up style representations of Susanna, with precious gems inset where her nipples would be and a come-hither expression laser-stenciled into oversexed faces. And, most importantly, it had a unique womb-like chamber that had been designed specifically to fit a shrunken person. He and Suze had bought it with Sally in mind, of course, but these things were already on the market when they got around to making their purchase a couple months ago. It had been a highlight of the couple’s love life ever since.

He kept one eye on Sally as he unscrewed the top. She watched in fascination as his hands effortlessly removed something that she would never be able to budge. Quickly, he dropped the tiny woman inside and resealed the top. He stroked his cock as he pressed the lubrication button, sending vaginally scented lube coursing through the fleshlight, and slowly began to inset himself, both hands on the fleshlight. He could feel Sally moving around inside, thrashing and trying to see if there could be any escape, as he began to pump, slowly at first, then harder and harder. He could hear her screaming for help, begging him for a chance to prove herself to him, for a chance at forgiveness, a chance to just get her off with her body, play with his cock--just like she always begged to do when Susanna wasn’t around and he decided to play with her. This is your redemption,he thought. You get to spend the rest of your life worshiping my cock, just like you always wanted. That ought to be enough for you, anyway. He remembered her reaction to the tech. This had been the first thing she’d mentioned after learning about it.

“Just imagine if I could live on your dick for the rest of my life,” she had said. “I think I’d like that.” It had been a strange thing to say, but he’d given it no thought until the night he learned about her foiled revenge plot. Then, he mentioned it to Susanna, and everything had gone from there. Maybe it wasn’t all she had hoped it would be, but that was OK with him. She’d tried to have him killed, after all.

What finally put him over the edge wasn’t Sally. It never was. She was an accessory to his orgasms, that was it; just someone who happened to witness all of them. Suze was the one who really enjoyed playing with their toy. She had spent many a night with Sally trapped inside of her ass, imprisoned in a special buttplug, transparent and hollow, with holes just large enough to allow air to pass through the base, which also unscrewed to give access to the hollow space inside. Suze was the one who liked to put Sally on her plate at dinner, playing like she was going to eat her, fingering herself when she saw her lover’s tiny ex trapped in a pool of congealed cheese, fighting to get out and failing. No, that wasn’t really what got him off. He was watching lesbian porn, his favorite pornstars eating each other out, when he bust his nut all over little Sally. He left his cock inside the fleshlight for a moment, then sighed as he pulled it off and set it aside, womb down, on his bedside table. He yawned and went back to sleep, leaving Sally floating in a lake of his jizz.

III. Sally, Interlude

She felt like she should be crying, but she did feel grateful to be involved in her ex’s orgasm. Sperm was the most important part of her diet these days, and this was her chance to gorge herself. It was humiliating and it was a fairly monotonous flavor, but it had sustained her. And more importantly, it was proof that her lover was enjoying her. It had to be. Why else would he include her? She felt like she had to matter, had to be part of his fantasy. It was too awful to believe that the only person who ever fantasized about her was Susanna. Susanna, who hated her and wanted her all at once. Susanna, in whose ass she had spent so many nights, bathed in her own sweat and the giantess’, surrounded on all sides by flesh and plastic. She lost track of time, floating in her pathetic meal, and eventually fell asleep, buoyed by her ex’s spent spunk in a replica of his new lover’s womb.

IV. Susanna

Susanna had special plans for her little toy. She knew that Jack would be fine with them. She’d joked about it, teased the little thing, long enough. It was time to go all the way and swallow her alive. As she walked through the doors of her and Jack’s house, the same one that Sally dreamed about every night, she felt her new acquisition wriggling in her cleavage and smiled. A man, this time, a man to play with. She hoped Jack wouldn’t mind that, but if he did then she’d just eat the little guy along with Sally and give it no more thought. She had read that tinies went to your ass, and she was fine with that. She had a figure, one that she was proud of, and keeping that pride going required her to keep her ass phat--that, and grow her brand. So she would live-stream it tonight, when she ate her lover’s vengeful ex, and make history as the first influencer/accountant ever to eat a tiny on camera. But first, she had to get a little more playtime in with her, and their mutual man.

She entered the bedroom to find her lover asleep, deeply, with his fleshlight on his bedside table. Womb down, Susanna saw. That could only mean one thing. She crossed the room and grabbed the light, unscrewing the top slowly, holding it up to her low-cut dress so that Sally would have a good, solid view of her assets. There was something about shoving her tits in her pet’s face that got her juices flowing. She had always felt superior to girls with small boobs, going back to childhood, but when she grew up it had become more. She loved to humiliate women with her own body, and it had not been until she acquired Sally that her real opportunity came along. Licking her lips, she stared down into the puddle of cum that her pet floated in, groggy and half-awake after her nap.

“Hi, Sal,” said Susanna. “Ready to play?” She pulled the tiny woman out of the little model uterus and carried her over to the other side of the bed, where she kept her plug. Unscrewing its end, she felt herself growing wetter by the second. With the chamber inside exposed, she dropped Sally inside, then poured her lover’s spunk out of the fleshlight and into the buttplug until there was a thin layer of cum around the entire interior. Replacing the cap, she pulled down her bikini bottom, shoved the little impromptu prison up her ass, and started to finger herself. She came many times, silently next to her boyfriend, before falling asleep. Sally did not sleep, however. It was too hot; every movement of Susanna’s body was like an earthquake for her; and she was still hungry, still taking opportunities to eat Jack’s cum. Her movements caused the giantess pleasure, which only caused her to move more. Eventually, after several hours, Susanna felt the plug being pulled from its lodging in between Susanna’s ample buttcheeks, making room for Jack to fuck her ass. Before he could enter her, however, Susanna stirred and stopped him.
“Wait,” she said, then whispered to him, “I want to run something by you first. I think...it’s about time for us to get rid of Sally.” He smiled at her in response.

“What did you want to do?”

“You know how I’ve teased her at dinner? Well...I really would like to eat her.” Jack shrugged

“Whatever you want,” he said. “I know it means a lot to you.” He saw the necklace for the first time, with the shrunken man’s cage. “Who’s in there?”

“The man she hired to kill us,” said Susanna, matter-of-factly. “I bought him from prison, to make a long story short. If you want, we can replace Sally with him. But I know you don’t like men, so...I could always just get rid of the both of them together.” She grinned a mischievous grin. “Whatever you want, babe.”

“I’m done with this whole thing, honestly,” he said. “I mean, I know you get off on abusing her, but I don’t really care for it that much. I’m bored with her. And I don’t think I want another. Go ahead and eat them both.”

She smiled. The buttplug prison lay discarded on the bed between them, its prisoner staring up at them in fear. She opened the cage on her necklace and removed its prisoner, then brought him to her lips and set him down inside, swallowing him immediately without giving him a moment to appreciate his fate. She made sure that Sally watched. A look of comprehension came over her, and terror. Listening, Susanna heard her pleading.

“Let him eat me instead!” she was yelling. “Feed me to him! Let me ride his cock before you put me in his mouth! PLEASE just let me please him one last time!” It was comical. As she listened and watched, one hand rubbing her clitoris, she felt the man fall into her stomach, still struggling. It caused her to cum, right then and there. She lay, panting, for a minute in bed, her hand still working furiously at her crotch, before picking up the buttplug.

“Let me,” said Jack.

V. Jack and Susanna

He took the container from her, unscrewed the top himself, and dumped the tiny, resigned little thing out into his hand. He lowered her down, to show her the frantic action happening between Susanna’s fingers and her aching clit, before bringing her up--rubbing her across pubic mound, belly, and heaving breasts--and finally to the giantess’ mouth. Dropping her in, he rose to his knees at the same time, and Suze instinctively got down on all fours. Between this moment and her shrinking, she had never come into direct contact with Jack’s dick; but now, in Susanna’s mouth, Sally would get the full experience.

He rammed his cock into Suze, feeling her tongue give way to her throat, and Sally being thrown around between his cock and the meaty flesh of his girlfriend’s cheek. She was never getting out, and all of them knew it. He could hear her muffled cries through Susanna’s closed lips, and they sounded more like cries of pleasure than anything else. Apparently this was enough for the insane little woman, being used like a throat lozenge, if it got her close to her true love’s dick.

Feeling himself getting close, he pulled out, and told Suze to turn around. She presented her pussy to him, he plowed into her just in time to pump his ball batter deep into her deepest depths. At the same time, Susanna swallowed, and felt herself racked by the most powerful orgasm she’d ever experienced. She knew this was probably the best she would ever feel, finally getting revenge on the two people she hated the most. She hoped to grow pregnant now, hoped that the first thing her child would feed on in her womb would be the energy of her worst enemy. That would be the ultimate revenge, she thought. The ultimate humiliation. Just as she was about to fall asleep, Jack pulled at her arm and whispered to her. She couldn’t make it out at first, but then she realized what the words had been.

“Marry me?”

“Of course,” she said, and as she went to sleep she muttered just loudly enough that she hoped Sally could hear it: “I’m marrying him, and I’m going to have his fucking babies, you goddamn bitch.”

-The End

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