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Summary: The adventures of what a single Mom, her kids long since grown up and moved out, does with godlike power over an entire world in an aquarium~

Rated: R
Categories: Giantess, Humiliation, Mature (40-49), Butt Characters: None
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Shrink: Nano (1/2 in. to 2.5 nanometers)
Size Roles: F/f, F/m
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Published: May 11 2022 Updated: May 13 2022
Story Notes:
Just a cute little idea I had, hope you all enjoy it ^^

1. Chapter 1: Panties by DigitalSoul [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (1359 words)

2. Chapter 2: One small step for Julie by DigitalSoul [Reviews - 0] (1551 words)

This is a foot focused chapter! Hope you all enjoy it ^^