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Story Notes:
Just a cute little idea I had, hope you all enjoy it ^^

Julie POV

All across the vast land of Lucidia, the ground started to shake in a sudden sharp repeating rhythm. With the world having to deal with these constant earthquakes for decades now, its buildings had long since been fortified and strenghtened to resist them. Even so, fire departments and emergency services got prepared for the inevitable outlying emergencies that still might happen

On the distant horizon, thousands and thousands of miles away beyond the great glass walls, Julie stirred in her sleep, and grogilly got out of bed. The 45 year old woman letting out a sigh as the cool feel of the hardwood beneath her feet, and breeze from her ceiling fan, feel nice after being under the covers. She walks right by the aquarium, grabs her phone from her nightstand, and heads to the restroom to freshen up for the day.

Good morning goddess~

She gets a message as she sits on the toilet, through a special phone app that let her communicate with people in the aquarium. Letting out a giggle and messaging him back

Shush, you KNOW I don’t like it when you call me that…

Whatever you say goddess :)

She huffs as she sees her friend Alex’s messages. Then puts her phone down and finishes up. Washing her hands, brushing her hair, and doing all the usual things. Julie was a single mother, and for her 40th birthday, her long since moved out kids had saved up to get a “Human Habitat” aquarium to try and help her with her loneliness

Still very much nude, she walks up to her aquarium, hands on her hips, and says aloud

I’m not a god Alex! Stop it~

Alex POV

Ah okay okay! I get it, just not so loud babe~

The ground shakes with the sheer volume of her voice, windows vibrate, and crashes can be heard in the distance from people who got distracted by Julie on roads and in construction areas. The firefighters and emergency services that had since learned to be on stand by when she’s around take to the streets, and sirens can be heard all across the land

HMPH! I don’t think you do dear, you call me that EVERY morning! Maybe I need to teach little ol you a lesson hm?~

Alex could see Julie in the distance, everyone could. Her breasts and abs dominating the horizon even more than they already were as she all but presses against the aquarium, and lifts off the protective lid. A sudden whoosh of her bedroom air washes over the land, giving everything the faint scent of Julie. This also causes a couple plants in Alex’s garden to get damaged, and there to be a sudden power spike as wind energy production (usually fueled by a faint flow of air through the airholes from Julie’s air conditioner) spikes dramatically

Oh nooo~ however will our goddess punish us today! How will… how….

Alex prays up to her, knowing that somehow his thoughts in prayer reach her phone. But as she pokes at the rectangular device, he starts to become light headed. Julie giggles at this as she finishes punching her order to little world

Gotta clean panties, clean panties, really want to clean panties…. Julie give us your underwear I want it… I NEED it!!….

Alex mindlessly prays, and so does the rest of the world. Cars park on freeways and people mindlessly looking to the sky at Julie, who shuffles through her dirty clothes hamper, and picks up a pair of panties that she’s worn for more than 2 days, but would really like to wear again

Ahah.. OKAY! Your wish is my command little germs~ make them spotless for me kay?~

Julie drops them into the aquarium so carelessly. Having long since deciding to make everyone durable and immortal (who wouldn’t always have that on if they could), nobody was actually hurt by the cosmic sized garment. But Alex watches in awe as the moon sized underwear, with sweat and other stains on the crotch and ass sections, descends on their world like some kind of alien structure. Cities fall and crumble underneath the feminine fabric, dust storms kick up, and the oceans are displaced; alex seeing the shockwave in the distance, and soon finding himself in a dusty, flooded wasteland that used to be his city. But there was only one thing on his mind, and on everyone’s mind:

Gotta clean the panties, do what Julie says, gotta clean them…

And so that’s what they do. People gradually, across several day trips and efforts to un-bury themselves, start working their way there, to beging the centuries long effort that is cleaning the underwear for Julie

Julie POV

After dropping her panties into the aquarium, she reaches for her phone, and simply presses the fast-forward button. Never getting tired of this, she watches in wonder as cities farther away from the panties get abandoned and overtaken by nature, and newer ones spring up on the border of the panties: her underwear that gradually starts to look better and cleaner at the expense of the little world’s environment. Millions of gallons of her sweat and other things get pumped into the little world’s oceans, and the world’s more brilliant green hue from treetops starts to look noticably more pale everywhere; being forced to sustain off of the water polluted by Julie’s underwear. Scientific developments are also made, with people learning how to sustain themselves off the oils of Julie’s skin and other bodily fluids that had seeped into the underwear. But, after just a few seconds (2000 years of untiring constant devotion to cleaning), her pink panties were once again spotless. Satisifed with how it looks, she resumes their normal flow of time with another tap of her finger

Hm! Good job dears! Thanks for that, I didn’t feel like doing laundry today just to wear these~

She muses, reaching in and plucking up the underwear, giving it a good shake to throw off any of her little speck people, then sliding it up her legs to wear. Leaving poor little land of Lucidia without a purpose and praying to Julie for forgiveness and to please return panties for cleaning… but then all of that is put to a stop when julie hits rewind on the app

Alex POV

Oh nooo~ however will our goddess punish us today! How will… oh. Julieee, what did you do this time? >.>

He pouts up at the sky, which had changed all of a sudden, with Julie now wearing a pair of pink panties, and their lid now off. She kneels down and looks at the northern district of the aquarium where he is

Oh it’s not a HUGE deal! I just made you all clean my panties for me for… a few thousand of your years I think? Look how good of a job you did!~

She turns about, and shows off her ass to the world. Formerly sweat stained underwear now spotlessly clean and really emphasizing her curves

...Yeah, you’re TOTALLY not a goddess to us~

hah, yeah I knoow, but I’d still rather you NOT call me that please!

Whatever you say Julie~

Julie’s voice reverberates. With the lid off, it’s almost enough to make people need to cover their ears, and they probably would have had julie not made them immortal. But nevertheless, there was a bit more destruction than normal, as her voice nearly shatters windows

Alex simply sits back and enjoys the show though, as do so many other people, as they watch their goddess get dressed. Since it’s a lazy saturday, they watch her slide on a pair of comfortable gym shorts and a loose fitting t-shirt, then look at herself in the mirror to make sure her hair doesn’t look too bad, even though the only people seeing her today are her little ones

So! Mind if I use you dears to tidy up this pair of socks next?~”

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