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It was a nice spring day and Matthew was heading home to his acerage which was outside a good 4 miles from a small town named Claymore. Matthew had taken Cruze motorcoach to Dalebridge and he was driving home to his place. Before he landed his cousin Zoey who was watching his place sent him a text message which to him sounded quite strange and far out. Zoey mentioned that yesterday his girlfriend Lindsey was over and late Thursday night they saw a light in the sky, she mentioned that a triangular object came down and it emitted a green wave-like beam that hit Lindsey, then it disappeared. Zoey went on to say that about an hour later Lindsey began to grow, and after a minute she had reached a height of 70 feet. Matthew left the bus terminal and sent a text to Zoey telling her that he is about to leave Dalebridge. Matthew looked at his watch, it read 7:25 am. He heard his phone beep and he read her text saying that she and Lindsey would be waiting for him. He left the bus terminal and got into his small Toyota car and he headed out,. After a good 5 minutes he turned onto the highway that lead out of Dalebridge, and he left the city of Dalebridge.

His place was a good 35-minute drive from Dalbridge and on the way, he would pass the town of Claymore. After a good 24 minutes of driving he passed the town of Claymore and he headed down the highway anouther 3 miles, he then slowed down and turned onto a gravel road, and he drove up to it a few hundred meters and he stopped. He brushed his hair back and taking out his cell he read the text from Zoey about the encounter they had with some alien ship and how Lindsey had been enlarged.

Now Matthew did believe in the paranormal and in aliens but he just did not believe his cousin. He wondered how his cousin, his young cousin managed to get his girlfriend in on this, he figured that they were up to some pranks, and he decided to play along. He put his cell away and he headed down the long gravel road. His place was 3 miles up the gravel road and after driving a good 2 miles he had only one mile to go.

Matthew could see his place in the distance, his house was surrounded by caragana bushes and large poplar and Green Ash trees on the west and Northside. He was a good half mile out when he happened to look towards his place and some of the large trees swayed as if from some strong wind, but there was no wind, he slowed down a bit.

Just then he saw a sight that made him slam on the breaks and his car came to a complete stop. This figure stood up at his place and as it did it towered over the poplar and Green Ash trees. It was Lindsey Horvath his girlfriend, she stood up and as she did she was above the tops of the trees. The tops of the trees reached her breasts, and he saw Lindsey move, her back was towards him, she turned and looked in his direction.

She then spoke, and when she did Matthew heard her, "Matthew come on don't be afraid."

 Matthew quickly drove up the gravel road and turned into his place and drove up the driveway and parked down he got out and ran around his car and he looked up at Lindsey. She took a few steps toward him and she gave him a wave. Matthew looked up at Lindsey's massive 80-foot form as she stood there.

Name:             Lindsey Horvath.

Age:                   24

Height:            80 feet. ________  24 m   38cm

Weight:           172 tons.

 Lindsey had on her green sleeveless tight tank top and her skin-tight pantyhose spandex. Matthew just stood there frozen he was excited and scared at the same time as he looked up at Lindsey's massive front he looked at her face. Matthew could see Zoey way up there she was sitting there on Lindsey's right shoulder. Lindsey was taller than the largest poplar he had on his acreage. Matthew just stood there looking up at his giant girlfriend's front.


 Lindsey got down on her right knee and she sat down onto the ground.   She reached out her right hand and Matthew saw her right hand coming towards him, he did not move. 

 To Matthew Lindsey's hand and fingers were huge, he saw her fingers go around him. Lindsey wrapped her fingers around Matthew and as she did he felt it and he felt her fingers wrap around his body. Matthew felt Lindsey's fingers tighten around his body, he got a bit scared, he then grabbed Lindsey's giant 9-inch thick thumb that went across his chest and her forefinger came around him and he also touched it, and Lindsey lifted him into the air and she stood up lifting Matthew to her face. 

  Lindsey held Matthew in front of her face and she smiled at him, to him her face was huge it was 12 feet high and Matthew could see every detail. Matthew looked down and around and he looked over and saw his young cousin sitting there on his girlfriend's right shoulder, he then looked over at Lindsey's face. As Lindsey held him only Matthew's feet up to his ankles were seen and from the chest up the rest of his body was covered by Lindsey's hand.

Lindsey spoke, "So Matthew what do you think?"

 When Lindsey spoke her voice was hers but now it was louder and sounded more amplified and her breath hit Matthew, to him it was like a light wind, he sure felt it.

He replied, "Oh my gosh Lindsey, you are a giant. It's so real that you are a giant. How big are you?" 

Lindsey replied, "I am 80 feet tall."

 Matthew replied, "Oh wow you are big."

Lindsey replied, "Matthew, would you like to head to Claymore?"

Matthew replied, "Now, uh sure."

Matthew was looking into Lindsey's giant face and he was also looking at his young cousin sitting there on Lindsey's right shoulder. Lindsey than with her left hand grabbed Zoey and put her down on the ground.

Lindsey then stood up and as she did Zoey ran back several feet.

Lindsey holding Matthew like a small toy doll in her right hand said, "Matthew here let me put you onto my left shoulder and you can sit up here."

Lindsey put Matthew onto her left shoulder and she let go and he was standing there. Lindsey's head towered over Matthew as he stood there. He took a few steps, and there was enough room for at least anouther 3 people like him there possibly even a fourth person.

Matthew looked down and around and said, "Oh gosh, this feels so nice."

Lindsey said, "Well Matthew let's head out, let's go to Claymore." 

 Lindsey headed away from Matthew's place and she headed across the countryside. Now Claymore was a fair-sized town with a population of around 3250. Claymore was the closest town to Matthews' place. Matthew sat down on Lindsey's shoulder.

The ground just shook and trembled as Lindsey Horvath was walking across the prairies of the south and Matthew just took in the view at the height he was at. 

 Matthew let out a shout and as he did Lindsey said, "You sure sound excited."

Matthew replied, "I am beyond excited. I am sitting on the shoulder of a real giant girl." 

Lindsey replied, "Matthew you are on top of the world. Just think, I will be able to take you anywhere you want"

 As Lindsey was heading towards Claymore she was also heading towards the other highway a secondary two-lane highway that lead into Claymore.

When Lindsey got close to the highway she decided to walk along the side of it, she was a good 40 feet off the right side of the highway. Claymore was a good 15 miles up ahead.

Now up ahead a good 7 miles away parked down off the highway in a small rest area was a car facing in the direction of Lindsey. In the car were Jason Richardson and Rochelle Peterson. They were making out, and as they were Jason said,

"Hey, Matthew has come home from vacation."

Rochelle replied, "Yeah, who cares. I'm quite surprised that Lindsey has been watching over his place. That guy I doubt will ever get a girlfriend." 

Jason replied, "No he won't, poor Matthew. I wonder what he and Lindsey are doing." 

Jason and Rochelle kissed again and again, and Rochelle out of the corner of her eye looking through the windshield saw something and she pushed Jason away. Rochelle turned her head and up ahead she saw Lindsey Horvath walking towards them and she screamed at the top of her lungs. Jason looked too and when he saw Lindsey he shouted, "WHAT THE HECK!!" They both sat in the car looking up as Lindsey got closer.

Lindsey came upon the area and she saw the car up ahead and so did Matthew Lindsey walked passed the car and as she did both Jason and Rochelle watched. Both Jason and Rochelle were looking up at Lindsey and as Lindsey passed them they felt the ground tremble with each step she took.


 Jason started the car and put the car into gear and he pulled out and turned and began to head back to Claymore.

He said, "I have no idea, but whatever is going on Lindsey Horvath is now a Giant. We need to get to Claymore and call the Police." 

The car was coming upon Lindsey. Matthew turned and he looked back and saw the car coming up behind Lindsey and he told her. Both Lindsey and Matthew recognized the car. 

 Lindsey replied, "I'm going to put on a show for them. I am going to flex my bum cheeks as I am walking."

 Lindsey then began to flex her bum cheeks as she was walking.

Rochelle leaned forwards and said, "Oh my gosh she is huge, she is massive. Look up there I can see Matthew, he looks so small there." 

The car was coming upon Lindsey. Rochelle rolled down her window and she looked out and up again as the car got closer.

Rochelle said, "I just noticed now that Lindsey sure does have a shape to her, she sure is shapely." 

Jason replied, "It's possible that when she was the normal size you did not notice cause she was not worth looking at but now as a giant, it's hard not to look."

 Jason was right behind Lindsey as she was walking.

Rochelle looked up at Lindsey's massive backside and as she did she noticed the skin-tight pantyhose spandex Lindsey had on. Rochelle noticed that as Lindsey was walking she was flexing her bum cheeks at the same time. As Lindsey was flexing her voluptuous bum cheeks they just jiggled and also as she was walking her bum cheeks and thighs just jiggled with each step she took. It sure was a sight to see Lindsey Horvath walking and flexing her bum cheeks at the same time.

         As Lindsey was flexing her bum cheeks just jiggled along with her thighs and it was being shown live on the news across the country and world wide

Lindsey Horvath in her pantyhose spandex flexing her voluptuous bum cheeks.

Looking up at Lindsey's backside Rochelle just watched as Lindsey Horvath was flexing her bum cheeks and walking at the same time.

Rochelle said, "Oh gosh, she is flexing her booty as she is walking Jason, oh my gosh just look at it jiggle." 

Rochelle looking up took out her cell and began to video record it down. The car passed Lindsey and she continued her walk towards Claymore.

 Jason increased speed down the highway, he and Rochelle were now only 8 miles away.

Lindsey saw the car speed away. "Well, Matthew I think Jason and Rochelle sure had something to see." 

Matthew replied, "Yeah Rochelle seems to look at girls' booty." 

Lindsey replied, "That's why I put on a show." Lindsey continued her walk towards Claymore.

  Matthew said, "Lindsey are you going to keep flexing your bum cheeks as you walk?" Lindsey replied, "I sure will for a while."

 Lindsey Horvath continued her walk towards the large town of Claymore. The ground shook and trembled as the 80-foot-tall Lindsey Horvath was walking through the countryside on her way to Claymore. Lindsey continued to flex her bum cheeks as she was walking.


 Lindsey then increased her walking speed.

    Jason arrived at Claymore and he was honking his horn. Now on the outskirts of Claymore was a gas station and a clinic. As a person entered the town they were right on the main street. The main street ran right through the town.

Along this main street were several shops, a grocery store a Tim Hortons, a Mcdonald's, a Subway. Two Pizza shops and three Coffee shops and a large Pharmacy. Now in the town off the main street was a large open area where a new outside movie theatre was put up with a large view screen. The viewscreen was 50 feet high and 70 feet wide. Two blocks away were the library and three blocks in the opposite direction were the school.

Jason drove in and he was honking and as he was people were out doing their business.

The local Sherrif pulled him over and Jason and Rochelle got out and Jason shouted. The Local Sherrif Sherrif Rick Baldwin and his partner Lee Anne Johnson got out of the car.


Sherrif Baldwin said, "Jason just calm down alright take a breath, breath." As he was speaking his partner Lee Anne put her hands up to calm him down.

Rochelle again screamed at the top of her lungs and she was pointing.

Rochelle screamed, "LINDSEY IS COMING SHE IS COMING." Sherrif Baldwin and his partner Lee Anne looked in the direction that Rochelle was pointing at and they saw her they saw Lindsey in the distance as Lindsey arrived at the town. Lindsey entered the town of Claymore and up ahead Lindsey saw Jason's car and the local Sherrif car.


Sherrif Baldwin stood there with Jason and Rochelle all looking up at Lindsey. Lindsey stopped and looked around, and as she stood there others saw her and people began to scream when they saw her. Sherrif Baldwin and Deputy Lee Anne looked up at Lindsey and as they did they saw Matthew sitting way up there on her left shoulder.

Sherrif Baldwin looking up said, "Hey there Lindsey, you seem a bit different, did you eat some growth food or have a growth drink?"

Deputy Lee Anne looking up said, "Lindsey what is Matthew doing up there on your shoulder?" Lindsey looked down at them standing there and Matthew too looked down.

Lindsey replied, "Matthew is my boyfriend and I am keeping him with me."

Sherrif Baldwin looking up said, "Uh Lindsey you will need to lower Matthew down cause we got a report that he again assaulted Jennifer so he is under arrest."

 Lindsey shook her head and said, "Really, he just back from vacation and you people just want to arrest him. Do you realize that girl Jennifer Holt is making it all up just to hurt Matthew! Speaking of Jennifer where is she."


Lindsey replied, "I'm going to deal with that woman, I'm going to take matters into my own hands."

 Lindsey looked around and as she did she was able to see the entire town and well beyond. Being 80 feet tall she just towered over everything in sight.

Lindsey spoke, "Jennifer Holt, where are you. Come out, Jennifer Holt." 

Seeing the large view screen Lindsey turned and she headed towards it and she stopped behind it and she looked over it. The top of it came up to her stomach as she just towered over it.

The people watching the movie from their cars saw Lindsey as she was standing there behind the large view screen. Lindsey looking at the cars spoke again her voice thundered,

"Jennifer Holt where are you." 

 Cars and other vehicles began to speed away from the area and some people on foot began to run and scream.  Sherrif Baldwin and Deputy Lee Anne got in the police car and headed down the street.

Rochelle stood there watching Lindsey and she noticed that Lindsey was still flexing her bum cheeks. Lindsey headed away from the large outside view screen and she headed through the town.

As Lindsey Horvath was walking through the town she spoke, "Jenifer Holt, Jennifer Holt where are you hiding. I will find you Jennifer and teach you a lesson you will never forget."

 Lindsey's voice just thundered across the town. People were running through the streets screaming and shouting and as they were Lindsey was looking for Jennifer among them. Matthew was looking too. Lindsey stopped and she looked down and around at the people running around.  

  People were screaming and shouting as they were running through the streets. Everyone in the town knew Lindsey and Matthew. Everyone was wondering what had happened to Lindsey and why she was now so large. Lindsey stood there on the main street and she looked around, now being 80-feet tall she was able to easily see into the other streets.

Students were pouring out of the school. The local school was one building K to 12. Students were running out of the school into the large open field behind the school. Lindsey was easily seen as she stood there towering over everything in sight. Many of the students were taking pictures of Lindsey.

Lindsey spoke, "People of Claymore. I am now a Giant. I am 80 feet tall and I want Jennifer Holt. She has accused my boyfriend Matthew who is sitting up here on my left shoulder of assaulting him. She accused him when he was on vacation and the Sherrif wanted to arrest him. Let me tell you all something, Matthew is under my protection and I will find Jennifer Holt."

 Lindsey then headed away from the main street.

One of the High School students said, "Oh my gosh. I knew Jennifer's accusations would go too far. Lindsey will probably crush Jennifer like a bug." 

Lindsey then turned and she was now heading across the town again, "Jennifer Holt comes out Jennifer. You need to learn your lesson."

Lindsey was now heading towards the school and as she did several students ran away screaming. Other students ran inside the school, and at least around 40 students stayed there in the field. Lindsey was about to walk past the school and she stopped and she saw the students.

At the same time, the Sherrif took Jennifer by the hand led her to the Police cruiser and Jennifer sat in the back and Sherrif Baldwin got in and he pulled away from Jennifer's house. Jennifer was shaking and she was so scared. Jennifer looking out the window saw Lindsey standing there.

Sherrif Baldwin said, "Jennifer we are leaving the town once I clear the town I will increase speed. When we are farther away I will put the lights on and we are heading to Wellington. I talked to a friend of mine he is a pilot and you are getting on that plane. He has agreed to fly you far away."

 The Police Cruiser headed towards the outskirts of Claymore.

Lindsey looked down at the students and said, "Have any of you seen Jennifer Holt?" 

The students all with their phones out were taking pictures of Lindsey. One of the students a girl from grade 12 shouted up, "JENNIFER HOLT LIVES IN EASTY BROCK, HER HOUSE HAS A GREEN FRONT CAN'T-MISS IT." 

Lindsey nodded and she headed towards the area. Lindsey reached the area and Matthew saw the green front and he pointed it out to Lindsey. Lindsey reached down and just grabbed the roof of the house and she just tore the roof off using her fingers and she sent the roof flying through the air well beyond the other house. Lindsey then tore the rest of the roof away and she looked in and there was no one in the house. Lindsey straightened up and she looked around.

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