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After all the running and masturbating I'd done, I was exhausted. Still, I wanted my new toy to keep clean, so I shrunk a toothbrush for her and filled an entire bottle cap with toothpaste. I also gave her some breadcrumbs from the kitchen. Maybe I'd give her better food later on, if she was obedient, I thought to myself. I locked every wall, window and door before I fell back onto the bed and treated her to a night of loud thunder in the form of snoring.

The crumbs were all gone when I checked the window upon waking up, and she was lying in her bed. I was pretty sure my gigantic movements must have woken her up, but she was either tired enough to sleep through anything or just really good at faking it. Even if she had slept through my getting out of bed, I don't think any tiny could have slept through my whole morning routine. Having her in my room made me much more aware of the sounds I was making. Even the cereal seemed louder than usual. When I checked on her again, she was brushing her teeth with the tiny brush. She looked startled when my eye appeared in the window, which pleased me. I wanted her to fear and obey me without question, so that was a good sign.

I had been holding in my pee for a while, shifting my weight from one leg to the other. The prospect of wetting my diaper with her watching was turning me on, and if I didn't do it soon, I might get too hard to pee.

I lifted the roof so I could grab her by her dress again, taking great pleasure in picking her tiny self up like the toy she was. I took her to the bathroom this time, sat down in the bathtub and leaned back against the wall. I placed her on my belly and pulled on my waistband to reveal the dirty landscape inside the diaper cave. My chub was covered in dried-up cum, and seeing her all clean and pristine against that messy background gave it yet another boost.

"Check out how much you made me cum last night! Maybe I should make you clean up this mess too, huh?" I chuckled evilly.

She got on her knees to beg, which only turned me on more. I had to give up the idea of peeing for a while, so I decided I'd cum first.

"You know, I could just sit up straight and make you fall right in," I mused, taking great pleasure in her growing desperation.

I hadn't even touched myself yet, but my cock grew rock-hard as I watched her beg, even though I couldn't hear her. I decided to cut her off with a nice, loud fart.


The sound really startled her, as did my horny laugh. My balls tickled when the gas bubbles snuck past them, as did my crotch when I relished how scared and vulnerable my little toy must feel down there. I sighed in pleasure. The thought of it alone could have brought me to climax, and here I was playing with her for real! I decided it was time for her to take a more active role in pleasuring me.

"Kiss my dirty boner, Thumbelina!" I chuckled, pushing her over merely poking her with one finger, which was admittedly much larger than her.

The tiny girl stood back up and tried to beg again, evidently not seeing any other option. I just responded with a horny grin and pointed at my mighty erection behind her. She took a step back and glanced over her shoulder, but still hesitated to obey.

"I could always drop you in the back instead!" I thundered, pushing out another fart for effect and making her freeze in fear for a couple of seconds.


Suddenly, she was very obedient again. She carefully made her way to the waistband entrance, where she gathered her courage, unwittingly emphasizing to me how big the opening looked in comparison. She slowly approached my giant erection and gave it a kiss. I could barely feel the slight tickle it gave me, but watching her do it was what really got me going!

She came back out with tears down her cheeks, wiping her lips with her tiny hands while my laughter thundered around her. As soon as she got out, I let go of the waistband so it snapped back in place, creating a gust of wind that knocked her over into my belly hair. I picked her up by her dress and dangled her in front of my face.

"Good girl. Now on the lips!"

She was quick to obey this time, but it was over too quickly as well.

"Longer!" I grinned, rubbing my diaper-covered bulge.

I kept making her kiss my giant lips for a while. Occasionally, I kissed her entire body back, which was terrifying for her, and thus extremely enjoyable for me. Feeling her weak little limbs trying in vain to push my thick, wet lips away made me moan with pleasure while the thick, soft fabric engulfed my hard penis. The thought of how my warm breath was washing over her puny little body brought a huge grin to my mighty mouth.

I eventually pulled on the waistband again, sitting upright this time. I proceeded to lower her into the hole where my dirty, fat dick dwelled, twitching in anticipation. She flailed her arms and legs to no avail, truly a little toy for my amusement. I pulled her up, then lowered her back down, each time almost touching the tip of my engorged manhood with her pristine little face.

"I could just let go and let you fall in," I chuckled, "but I'm playing with you like this instead. Imagine being trapped in there with my big, dirty cock, huh? It wants you so badly, doesn't it? I bet it smells good down there..."

I moved her out of the way and let a wad of spit hit the red, swollen glans, terrifying her even further.

"I could use you to smear my spit all over my cock... like a teeny tiny sponge. You're such a versatile little toy, aren't you? I wonder if I could hit you with my cum from here..." I lowered her further down towards my spit, which was now starting to run down the thick shaft.

"I could hit you here for sure! You must be terrified, being face to face with a massive cannon like this!"

Lifting her out of the smelly dungeon that was my diaper, I let go of the waistband again, releasing a puff of air that blew her hair back and tickled my fingers with her dress. I placed her on the bulge, in front of my hairy belly.

"Now kiss my diaper bulge, little doll!" I grinned evilly, moaning with the sexual ecstasy I'd worked myself up to as I ran one hand down the bulge and the other between my butt cheeks, tickling my anus through the thick padding.

I made her get down on her knees and kiss the smooth plastic surface, which was lightly shaking from the wild twitching happening inside. By the time my hand reached the thick fabric to fondle my balls, the eruption started. I moaned loudly, and had to fight my urge to lean forward so I wouldn't accidentally push the tiny doll off the cliff she was stuck on. The thought of how terrifying it must be for her made the orgasm that much better for me.

Having enjoyed my orgasm for as long as possible, I sighed as I leaned back again, giggling a little at the cum running down my softening shaft, tickling me as it did. I thought about dropping her into the diaper, but it wasn't the time yet. I wanted to enjoy the journey, and part of the excitement came from the novelty of exposing my new toy to increasingly dirty games. Getting her used to my diaper from the outside first would make it feel that much better to drop her in there later.

My dick slowly turned flaccid, and at this point, I really had to piss. I picked up the tiny girl by her dress again, dangling her just above the smooth, hill-shaped bulge. Even though my cock wasn't hard anymore, the bulge was still there. I wondered if she thought I was still hard.

"Watch this!" I grinned, getting into a squatting position and letting her hover between my legs, near my padded crotch.


A booming, trumpet-like fart announced the arrival of a torrent inside the padding. The hissing sound of piss was so satisfying already, but imagining how loud it must be to the tiny doll in my hand made me moan with pleasure. I had probably held it in longer than I should, so my earlier orgasm hadn't been as good as I might've hoped, but once I'd wet myself, the next one should be amazing.

I impressed myself with how long I managed to keep pissing. The tiny girl must have been impressed too, or at least she described it that way when I finally let out another satisfied sigh and brought her to my ear.

"Wow! I kept wetting it for so long! How was that for a tiny thing like you? Impressive, huh?" I said, giving her hints for what to say to please me.

"Y- yes, very impressive!" she squeaked. "You are so b- big!"

Yeah, that got me in the mood again. I kept caressing the soaking wet diaper for a while, pressing it against my junk, then my crotch, then my asshole. After a while, I started getting hard again.

"Guess what? Master wants to play some more!" I grinned, dangling her in front of my horny face before slowly lowering her to waist level.

I pulled on the waistband, releasing the delightful scent of my own piss. The thought of her having to smell my piss made my crotch tickle with anticipation, as if begging me to drop her in and let go of the elastic waistband. As much as I liked the thought of that, I decided instead to lower her down into it, then pull her back out again.

"Smells good, huh? How would you like to be dropped in there and spend the rest of the day in my giant, wet diaper, huh?" I chuckled, watching my cock grow harder by the second.

Soon, it was just as hard as it had been earlier, which surprised me. This little slave had really given me new energy to get off! I relished the sight of her hovering over the dirty, smelly diaper, completely in my power, and decided to move on to the next stage.

"Kiss my cock, slave."

She tried to beg, but I cut her off with a booming laugh as I lowered her minuscule little self down to my piss-wet manhood. I wanted to make her touch the swollen tip of my insatiable boner with her delicate little hands.

"My word is your law, you insignificant little toy!" I reminded her with an evil laugh. "Your life's entire purpose is to amuse and pleasure me! Tickle my giant piss-covered dick before I lose my grip on both you and the waistband!"

Maybe I had moved a bit too fast, but I couldn't back down either. She had to know her place as my plaything, and she had to do as she was told. Besides, dominating her like this did turn me on more, as did watching her force herself to obey, touching my thick, red glans with her minuscule limbs.

"That's a good girl!" I grinned, still not pulling her up until she'd kept going for several minutes.

I put her down between my feet so my diaper hovered over her. I pretended like I was going to sit on her a few times, but then I actually just pressed the padding against my crotch so forcefully that piss started seeping out, forming a river next to her.

"I could crush you under the weight of this heavy-ass diaper alone. It's so full of piss I can make rivers with it! Don't worry, though. I'll let you lick my toes instead!"

She stared up at me in disbelief, but I lifted my left foot and grabbed it so I could bring it up to my nose. I enjoyed the cheesy smell for a while before putting it back down hard enough to knock her over with the resulting earthquake. I couldn't remember when I'd washed it last, and I got off so hard on imagining how strong the smell was to her. Despite her lack of enthusiasm, she almost crawled over to my big toe, easily bigger than her whole body, and gave it a good lick.

"Now kiss it!" I demanded, stroking the wet, squishy diaper.

She didn't dare to refuse, so she obediently kissed my massive toe before proceeding to lick the four others. To get to the other foot, she had to cross the river I'd made earlier, which I replenished just for the occasion. She hesitated, but managed to jump across, and lick my toes there too.

"Good girl, obeying Master's orders!" I grinned, eager to play with her some more.

I sat down on the soaking wet diaper, making another earthquake and leaking more smelly piss. I gave her a horny grin as I kept playing with the squishy, piss-filled padding.

"Climb up to my nipples!" I chuckled.

The little doll at my toes couldn't believe what I'd just said, so I traced the path with my finger, up my hairy shin, over my knee, down my thigh, across my squishy swamp of a diaper, and over my belly.

"Get on with it!" I roared playfully as I stomped the foot she was kneeling in front of, knocking her off balance.

It felt so good to be the mighty giant in charge! She climbed onto my foot, then carefully started grabbing hold of my thick body hair so she could ascend the mountain that was my leg. It took her a while, despite her being a surprisingly good climber. She had to stop and hold on quite a few times because my masturbating got too vigorous, making my leg shake a little, which was a big obstacle for a tiny thing like her. When she finally reached the knee, I let her rest a bit.

"I could give you a lift, but I wouldn't be able to resist dropping you into my soaking wet diaper. Do you wanna climb down instead?" I giggled.

She looked exhausted, but she eventually nodded in defeat. She struggled more on the way down, but her light weight made it possible for her to make it all the way down, where she climbed onto my enormous, thick diaper. I relished watching her walk on it looking almost like an ant... which gave me an idea. She was, understandably, trying to take the short way across, near my hip, but I felt like having her take the longer way closer to my crotch. I could have just ordered her to go that way, but I had a better idea.

Snickering, I placed my hand in front of her, with my thumb grabbing the waistband and the fingers fanning out towards the bulge over my crotch. She could have opted to climb over them, but she would be too scared of me to go that way. Besides, I kept moving them as if I was waiting impatiently. That left only two ways to go, and she would never try to climb down under my wrist, on the steep, plastic-covered cliff face that could smash her against the even steeper side of the bathtub without me even realizing it.

So she went around my tree trunk-sized fingers, climbing up the smooth, yet scrunched-up surface of the diaper bulge I'd been playing with while watching her climb me. I'd lost track of how long I'd been toying with her, but she was holding up well, still looking pretty, clean and pristine despite the physical activity she'd had to endure. The diaper had large yellow areas near the bottom that I made sure to have her climb on.


Once she reached the top, I released the fart I'd been saving for a while, startling her so much that I wondered if she was gonna fall down, but she managed to keep going. I let her pass by letting my hand slide down the side so I could touch my asshole through the thick, wet, padded fabric. The loud fart tickled my wet balls on the way out, and I was so horny I didn't know how much longer I could resist.

I wasn't in great shape, but I wasn't obese either. At the angle I was sitting, my belly did get bunched up a little, so she had to climb over. I made it dance when she tried to cross it, making her fall back down to the diaper. When she tried again, I was laughing too hard for her to even begin. She was so powerless down there!

I finally let her cross my belly when she got on her knees to beg. I felt like a god granting her a wish or something. When she finally reached my nipple, I had her kiss it before I picked her up again. I pulled on the waistband to reveal how enormous my boner was, and placed her down in front of the wet cave, letting the damp smell of my piss wash over her.

"Time to kiss it again!" I grinned.

I'd made her touch and kiss it before pissing myself, but I'd only had her touch it afterwards. I wanted to take it to the next level. I took great pleasure in watching her force herself to enter the dark, dirty dwelling of my giant, red manhood. She looked so tiny and insignificant next to my big, fat erection. She was terrified by the throbbing monster in front of her, but she still forced herself to give it a quick kiss. She tried to run back out, but I blocked her escape with one finger.

"Nope. Didn't feel it that time. Try again!"

Obediently, but not happy, she walked back inside, grabbed my swollen glans as far apart as she could and gave it a firm kiss before turning around with tears in her eyes, wiping her mouth on the way out.

"Good girl!" I grinned, stopping her before she could go anywhere. "Now watch."

I slid my left hand inside the moist diaper and grabbed my hungry cock. I made her watch as I played with myself, stroking the shaft, fondling my balls, and even tickling my asshole through the wet padding with my right hand.

I considered aiming for her, but I decided it wasn't time yet. Instead, I pulled my hand out, now dripping with piss, and stroked the diaper from the outside until I came, roaring moans reminding her just how big I was compared to her.

"That was amazing," I sighed in pleasure, picking her up with my right hand.

I sat up and let her dangle in the air above my piss-wet left hand. She tried to grab on to my thumb behind her, but her arms were too short to reach it, so she had to settle for begging again. I put her down between my legs instead, right next to the river I'd made earlier, and got into a squatting position again. I pushed out some more piss, then wiped off any drops before getting out of the tub to wash my hands and drink something.

Only then did I grab her again and take her back to the dollhouse, where she immediately ran up the stairs to wash herself in the tiny bathroom. I smiled, content that she was determined to stay as clean as possible. It would make her a better toy. I locked the door and windows of the house and let her rest for a while. Meanwhile, I went to the kitchen, still in my wet diaper, to get some more water so I could pee again. I wanted to fill it up even more.

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