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The first thing I did after getting my own place was something I'd planned for years. I ordered a custom-made hyper-realistic dollhouse. All the money I'd saved on this tiny apartment was spent on this thing instead, and I did not regret it. It had two floors and a detachable roof, all the walls could open like doors, and every door and window was functional. I even had the guy install simple locks on them, on the outside.

I picked it up and brought it home as soon as I could, eager to see if all the measurements were correct. I'd given him specific instructions for the size of the windows and rooms, but I hadn't told him why, of course. He didn't need to know what I'd ordered the dollhouse for, I snickered as I checked everything with a plastic ruler.

The measurements were all correct, and he had fitted the window frames with soft plastic, as per my instructions. He probably thought it was for children to play with, and that the soft plastic was to prevent injuries. Well, he would be right about that last part, I giggled as I stood up. I'd placed the tiny structure on the desk next to my bed. This was an ideal location for several reasons: it meant I could easily sit on the bed and play with it, but also stand up to make it level with my crotch.

I pulled off my pants to admire my growing bulge next to my new sex toy. How it turned me on! I felt like an actual giant towering over it like this, and the smell of my week-old crotch sweat just made it even better! I started touching myself with one hand while I put the furniture in. Like the house, it was mostly plastic, but some things were not. The couch was actually soft, and the bed had a tiny mattress on it.

The real wonder was the bathroom, though. I didn't know how, but the guy had managed to make the tiny toilet, faucet and shower work! All I had to do was hook up the the tubes to the real plumbing using some fancy connectors he made and some adjustable metal pipes that were probably meant to be connectable drinking straws. I drilled some holes in the walls to get to the bathroom on the other side, which was another reason I'd picked this cheap apartment.

Once I'd tested the bathroom mechanisms, I had a huge, fabric-covered boner towering over the little house, further turning me on in a sexy feedback loop of sorts. I took off the roof, imagining tiny screams from the inside as I did, pulled my boxer briefs down and my cock bounce wildly as my underwear hit the floor and I stepped out of it. I made sure to stomp a little as I did, which made the dollhouse shake a little in response, much to my delight.

I opened the tiny bedroom window and felt the soft plastic frame with my fingers as I started stroking myself with my left hand. I hadn't washed it for days, so it was nice and cheesy. I imagined tiny women trapped in the bedroom by my giant fingers as I shut the door with my pinky alone. Their imaginary screams seemed ever more real as I inserted my rock-hard dick into the window, bathing the room in the scent of my smegma. The opening was just tight enough for me to fuck, and it felt good, thanks to the soft frame.

I was impressed with how sturdy the structure felt as I started moving my hips back and forth. It did move, and any tinies in there would have struggled to stay upright, but it wouldn't break anytime soon. I could even thrust my cock against the far wall, which was made to be just far enough from the window that my erect penis could reach it if I pushed it all the way in.

I picked up the bed, imagining that, by doing so, I revealed tiny girls trying to hide from my smelly cock under it. The real reason I did it was so I wouldn't get it all dirty the first time. I placed it next to the house and imagined tiny doll women touching my thick, dirty shaft. It didn't take long before I covered most of the floor in cum. It was even better than I'd imagined!

I cleaned it up and got dressed. I decided to celebrate with pizza, but on the way to my favourite pizza place, I noticed an Asian girl I'd never seen before working in the nearby bookstore. She was a real pretty one too, so I went inside to steal a few looks at her. She was short, only up to my chest, but had long hair that she wore in a bun. She was wearing a conservative black skirt and white blouse, which looked reminiscent of a maid uniform because of the white apron the employees there wore.

She looked up at me over her cute glasses and greeted me with a deep bow and a friendly smile. Pervert that I am, I couldn't help thinking of her as a submissive little woman. She also had a slight Japanese accent, which only made her even more attractive to me. I nodded in return, unable to think of anything to say. I pretended to look at books, but instead looked at her every chance I got. I was probably in there for half an hour before I left without buying anything.

After finishing my pizza, I sat on a bench across the street from the bookstore, enjoying the view of her from a distance. The excuse I had prepared in case someone I knew came by unexpectedly was that I was waiting for the bus. Really, though, I just couldn't take my eyes off of her petite frame disappearing behind the shelves, reminding me of how short she was, and her cute, feminine outfit made her look so much like a doll. My major fetish for dresses and skirts didn't help either. She wore it perfectly.

Looking at her from across the street made her appear even smaller and thus more doll-like. I could easily imagine the bookstore as my dollhouse and her as a tiny woman walking around inside it. I wanted nothing more than to bring her home with me and make her mine forever. I walked home with a hard-on that day.

I took the scenic route, but I must've taken a wrong turn somewhere. I ended up in the woods behind a factory or laboratory or whatever. I figured I might as well climb the fence and take a shortcut through the woods. Sneaking past the building and hoping nobody would spot me, I noticed a faint glow in the mud at my feet, next to a dumpster. I'm not usually one for picking up things in the mud, but this was too unexpected to ignore.

It was a simple ring with and smooth, thick frame and a tiny diamond embedded in the metal. The light seemed to be coming from inside of it, but it was very faint. Once I'd brought it home and cleaned it off, I put it on my finger. It fit nicely, but jewelry really wasn't my style.

I sat down to watch some TV on my old-ass fat screen I'd kept to save up for the dollhouse, but I kept looking at the ring instead, curious about the source of that light. The diamond felt a bit loose to the touch, I noticed. I tried pushing it down, which made the light grow stronger. I had just turned my hand to see if the other side had started glowing too, when a thin beam shot out of the diamond and hit the TV, which suddenly disappeared.

"What the fuck?"

That was all I could say before I realized it was still there, just way smaller. It was so small that I could lift the entire thing with two fingers! It used to take two strong guys to carry that damn thing before, and now it could fit in my dollhouse!

My heart was racing. I pondered the implications of this. Firstly, was I in trouble? I assumed nobody knew I had the ring. I had checked for security cameras when I snuck past the building earlier, and there weren't any I could see. I should be OK. Secondly, how the fuck did it shrink the TV?

I grabbed an apple from the kitchen and placed it on the table. Then I pressed the diamond and took aim. The beam hit the apple and shrunk it to the same scale as the TV! My mind was blown!

I couldn't resist using my tongue to lift the apple into my (comparatively) gigantic mouth and chewing the entire thing in one slow, deliberate motion. I wondered if I could shrink living things, so I went outside and spotted a spider in its web, aimed the ring very carefully and watched it shrink into oblivion. I literally couldn't see it anymore! It was probably there somewhere, but I didn't care. I knew exactly what I wanted to shrink next!

When I got to the bookstore, I was out of breath, but it was getting dark, and it was nearly closing time. The old lady running the place didn't look too happy when I barged in anyway. I pretended to browse, but I was really waiting for a chance to be alone with the Japanese girl. There were no cameras around, which was perfect for me.

Finally, after about five minutes of waiting, the old lady went out into the back and the girl came over with a friendly smile. She was probably trying to get rid of me, but this was my chance!

"Can I help you?" she chimed, still smiling as she adjusted her glasses.

Her accent was extremely cute, and not very thick. She was so short compared to me! She had to crane her neck to look up at my face. It felt like my heart was trying to pound its way out of my chest, that's how excited I was. I was getting all sweaty as I swallowed and put my arm against the wall like a fucking anime character.

"Yes, you can be mine forever!" I said with as much confidence as I could muster.

She was understandably startled, but she tried to laugh it off as a joke, even though her cheeks were blushing and she glanced nervously over her shoulder.

"I mean with the books," she said hesitantly, this time with a fainter, more embarrassed smile.

"I'm not interested in books. I'm interested in you."

I pressed the diamond and aimed it at her, instantly shrinking her to a size of about two inches in height.

"You're mine now!" I half whispered as I picked up the terrified little woman, wrapping a piece of cloth around her.

I put her in my breast pocket and zipped it up tight, just in case. Maybe her screams could be heard otherwise. I waited until the old woman came back before I left, just so she wouldn't think to call the cops on me. I even bought a random book and mumbled an apology for taking so long. She didn't ask about the girl.

When I got home, I locked the door and covered the windows. Finally, I unpacked my new toy. She was still terrified, and understandably so. In a matter of seconds, she had gone from being intimidated by a guy who happened to be a lot bigger than her to being shrunk and abducted by an actual giant!

I put her on the coffee table where the TV still was and sat down on the couch, leaning forward to see her better. She had tears her eyes, but she was quiet, at least.

"How does it feel to be so small?" I asked with a grin.

The thought of what my booming voice must sound like to her made my crotch tickle with excitement. She even shivered a little when I spoke, much to my enjoyment. I think she tried to answer, but I couldn't hear her. I picked her up and held her near my ear.

"Please, please! Turn me back to normal! I won't tell anyone, I promise! Please!" she begged.

I put her in the palm of my hand and let her hover in front of my grinning face.

"Get on your knees."

She looked terrified and confused, but reacted quickly.

"Now bend forward. Bow down to your giant master!"

Her tiny body shivered with fear, but she did obey.

"Good girl. Now, what does it feel like to be so small? I wanna hear you describe it."

Once again, I held her near my ear.

"It's... it's so scary. Please, I beg you, don't hurt me!"

I brought her back in front of my face.

"It's a start. You should try to think of sexier ways to describe it, though. Does it make you feel vulnerable to look up at a mighty giant like me? Do you maybe feel... insignificant?"

As I brought her back to my ear, I knew I had put the words in her mouth, but it still felt so satisfying to listen to her say, "I feel so small and insignificant compared to you."

"Good girl. I like that description."

The tickling in my crotch intensified and my dick began to harden, even though I still managed to maintain my composure outwardly.

"You're a pretty and obedient little doll, aren't you? You'll do anything to keep your master happy, right?"

She hesitated, but nodded with tears in her eyes. I just grinned triumphantly. She was mine! Could she sense that my excitement was getting to my manhood? Probably not. She was still coming to terms with her new place in the world.

I took her to my bedroom and placed her in front of the dollhouse. I couldn't wait to see her inside!

"Open the door!" I urged her.

She complied, although the slight mismatch in scale made it difficult for her. She looked hobbit-sized compared to the door. I liked it.

"This is where you'll live if you're good. Bow down in gratitude."

The tiny girl once again did as she was told, and my dick was loving every second of it. I didn't know how long I could resist the temptation to just grab her and have my way with her, but for now, I used the ring to shrink a mop and a bucket full of water and soap.

"Wash the house," I ordered once I'd placed them inside.

I spend a few minutes locking on the doors and windows, just so she wouldn't be able to escape later on. It was mesmerizing to watch her carry out my orders. This itty bitty woman was actually living inside my dollhouse!

I took off my T-shirt and pulled down my jeans. The tiny girl looked startled, but kept cleaning. I could smell my own crotch sweat when I sat back down on my bed and spread my legs. I got even harder imagining how much stronger the smell must be for her! When she'd finished cleaning every room in the house, I pointed her to the bathroom.

"Good girl. Now, empty the bucket in the tiny toilet and flush it!" I instructed.

She was surprised when it worked, and when I pointed to the sink, she turned it on and washed her hands in disbelief. The minuscule bar soap I'd placed in there was probably the least of the wonders in that tiny bathroom! I was quite proud of the whole thing, even though I'd only had it made so I could jerk off pretending to be a real giant.

"Undress," I ordered plainly.

"You don't want to know the punishment for disobedience," I added when she just stared at me in fear and disbelief.

I watched her take off her tiny glasses, shoes, pantyhose, skirt, blouse and underwear before I pointed her to the shower and made her use it while I watched. She blushed and glanced over her shoulder as she showered, unable to escape my gaze. She was all mine.

I shrunk a towel for her and handed it to her through the bathroom window. I had a dress I'd bought to masturbate to at some point, but now I shrunk it instead. I opened the wall of the dollhouse, much to her astonishment. She had probably felt partially safe in there, but now I could easily reach in and pick her up. I unceremoniously pulled the towel off of her naked body, lifted her arms, and then carefully inserted her into the dress.

My grin must have been unnerving, but she did cooperate. Her tiny eyes were fixed on me, worried about what I might do next. It made the whole thing so much more enjoyable. I put her back into the dollhouse and pointed to her other clothes and then to a tiny washbasin in the corner.

"Laundry time."

I could have shrunk some detergent or something too, but I was enjoying the sight of her having to make do with a bar of soap. She had to do anything I wanted, and it made me so hard to think about how powerless she was. I was essentially making her tease me, although she didn't know it yet.

I shrunk some hangers so she could hang the wet clothes up to dry on a beam by the window. The worried look returned to her cute little face when she'd hung up all of them. She stood there looking at me as if to say, "What now?"

The washing thing was getting me really hard, and since it had been a while since I'd showered, I had an idea. I stood up, startling her first with the sheer magnitude of my movements, then with my imposing bulge. She retreated to the furthest wall, as if she could push herself through it or hide inside it.

I leaned backwards, allowing some of my giant bulge to enter the tiny room, filling it with the strong smell of my sweaty crotch. The poor girl tried to wave it away with her minuscule little hands, but I could tell it wasn't working.

"You're gonna clean something else next!" I chuckled, then pulled my pants down to reveal my rock-hard boner.

Her tiny heart must have sunk in her chest at the sight of it. It was many times bigger than her entire body, and there was still some cock cheese near the head. She fell on her knees to beg, but I couldn't hear what she was saying. At this point, I was also too horny to care.

"A doll doesn't get to choose how she's played with," I moaned as I closed the wall.

I inserted my dick into the window and, resisting the urge to go to town on the house and make it my bitch like before, I nevertheless did insert it all the way, just to demonstrate how big my towering manhood was compared to her.

I lifted off the roof and left it on the bed. It was so hot to watch her quiver in fear next to my thick, smelly cock, which was also blocking her way to the door. She was literally trapped in there by what probably looked to her like some kind of giant worm. A puddle of precum formed near where my cock head rested against the wall. The bird's eye view also made the whole experience better. She looked so small down there, and for good reason. She was about as tall as my shaft was thick!

I moaned as I gently pulled out a little bit, only to playfully ram the far wall again. That startled her enough that she got to her feet again.

"Clean my giant rod, slave!" I chuckled.

She slowly approached it, still trying in vain to wave the smell away with her delicate little hands. She soon gave up on that. I shrunk a piece of cloth I'd used to clean up after jerking off before, and gave it to her. She looked relieved. Maybe she'd thought I wanted her to use her bare hands, or even tongue? I had to admit I did like the idea of that, but I'd already decided on this.

She looked up at my horny grin, then filled up the little bucket again. She hesitated a bit before starting to clean as far away from my dripping tip as possible. The clumps of smegma looked so huge next to her minute frame, and her scrubbing tickled me so much that I involuntarily pulled out a little, causing an earthquake in the tiny house, which knocked over both her and the bucket.

"Keep going," I ordered as I rammed the wall again as if nothing had happened.

She obediently filled the bucket again and approached my fat cock for a second round of scrubbing. As she got closer to the tip, it got harder for me to control my own movements. It tickled so nicely! I knocked her over at least five or six times because of that.

Eventually, she had to stand in my precum to keep scrubbing, and at this point, it wasn't so much the sudden movements I was afraid of, but a premature ejaculation. I wanted this to last, but my cock was threatening to fill that room with cum at any moment.

"The other side," I ordered, letting my dick raise itself a little, so she could go under it and reach the equally dirty left side of my shaft.

She started further down again, which helped, but once she got closer to the tip again, I had to pull out, or else I might have drowned her in a pool of giant cum.

"Good girl. Now clean the floor and walls."

She bowed and got to work while I inspected my cock. It was pretty impressive that a two-inch doll like her could clean all that cheese off my giant hard-on to begin with, but she'd actually done a great job to boot.

Once she finished cleaning the room again, I put the roof back on and opened the wall. I had an idea. I pointed to the mop, then turned around, letting my bare ass fill her entire view, and then bent over to expose my asshole.

"Clean my ass, slave girl!" I moaned.

She did. It took her a while at her size, but she actually did clean my enormous asshole after clearing my crack of sweat and grime. It felt pretty good when she tickled it with the tiny mop too.

"Good girl," I grinned once I turned around again.

I thought about making her clean my balls and crotch too, but I decided against it. I was getting tired of this game and wanted to play something else with her. I picked her up and put her on the bed. I sat down, making her fall over and roll into my newly washed butt crack, although she quickly escaped from it.

I lay down and placed one leg on either side of her. I enjoyed the view of my thick thighs towering over her on both sides for a while. Then, I sat up and pulled a diaper out of my bedside drawer.

"Diaper me, little doll!" I grinned, almost dropping the enormous adult diaper on her, but missing her on purpose.

She couldn't believe her own eyes... or ears, for that matter. She had probably realized by now that I was a giant pervert, but she was not expecting diapers. I giggled as I watched her try to unfold the giant garment on her own. She was way too small and weak to do it without help, so I helped her, just as little as possible.

When it was finally open on the bed, I lifted my ass and brought it down on the padded interior. Although she did try to fasten it, it was only with my help that it was possible. I enjoyed watching her try, though. She was able to fasten the tape if I held it in place.

"Bow down to me and thank me for helping you, slave."

Her exhausted little body almost collapsed in front of my gargantuan padded bulge. I picked her up by her dress, dangled her in front of my face and looked at her for a while, moaning as I stroked my cock through the thick diaper and enjoyed both her helplessness and beauty. It didn't take long before I came. I closed my eyes and moaned as cum filled the padded chamber that housed my junk. There was so much of it!

The doll dangling from my fingers must have been terrified, and knowing that made the release even better. I could hear her screams sometimes, but my moans generally drowned them out. I decided not to change the diaper. I'd wet it at least once for sure. Besides, I wanted her to change me.

As I started to come down from the orgasmic high, I put her in the dollhouse bedroom, closed the wall and almost whispered, "Remember: you're mine now. Only mine."

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