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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is my very first story. I'd love your feedback or advice! Let me know what you think.

"It's unnatural, impossible even! So why do I keep obsessing?" You think to yourself as you sit in on a pew in the community church chapel. "Why doesn't God just cure me of this?". Ever since you can remember you've always liked ... big women. Not just big, but gigantic! And as you grew older your imagination only seemed to increase with you. The sexual awakening you experienced during puberty was the catalyst for your newfound fetish, to the point where it was distracting you from the real world. You were now in your senior year of high school, and didn't have time for fantasies when you should be focusing on college applications. 

You decided to show up early to church, well before any of the congregation, so that you could have some private time to pray. For months now every Sunday morning found you in the chapel early, on your knees, praying for a miracle, praying that God would make you "normal". It was during one of these long soul-stretching prayers that you felt it. Starting in your stomach was a heat unlike anything you'd experienced before, and before long everything began to feel like it was spinning. Sitting back in the pew you put your hands down to steady yourself, wondering what this was. Was this an answer from God? Is this was a miracle was supposed to feel like? You turn your head to glance around the empty chapel, hoping someone might be around to help, but the spinning feeling only got worse and your vision started blurring with it. The last thing you remember was seeing a light toward the door and the silhouette of an angel. 

Before you even opened your eyes you knew something was different. The world felt ... still. Praying you hadn't died and gone to hell you sit up, feeling the chapel's carpet underneath you. It seemed thicker than usual. "I must have just passed out." But as you lift yourself off the ground you find the pew isn't there anymore. In fact none of the pews are! "What the?". You look left and right, around and around, trying to make sense of what had happened. You could see the pulpit and altar of the chapel in the distance, but it was too far away, and too big. 


You stop at the sound of thunder, and the chapel darkens as the light you thought you saw is cut off. "No way ... I've shrunk!" The thought terrifies and excites you in ways you never imagined. But before you had time to process and start exploring your new surroundings you realize why the chapel got dark. Someone had opened the main door in the rear of the building to enter, letting in the early morning sun, only to shut it behind them. You weren't alone. 

Running down the gigantic church pew toward the aisle was harder than expected. The cushioning of the seats, which you had mistaken for carpet, gave way under your feet. Judging by how long it took you to reach the end you couldn't be more than 1/4 of an inch tall! Probably closer to 1/8. Adjusting your course you scoot around one of the many bibles laid throughout the chapel, it must have been the size of swimming pool! Reaching the end of the pew you cautiously inch towards the edge so that you might peek around the corner and discover who had come into the chapel. You remember seeing the light from the door, they must have seen you just as you were shrinking, right? They must be looking for you. 

You may not have seen the light from heaven, but you guessed right when you thought you saw an angel. Far off in the distance, bigger than you thought humanly possible was Annie. You remember when her family had moved to town in the 7th grade, but it wasn't until your families met at church that you got to know her. She was the classic "girl next door" with her shoulder length dark blonde hair and her signature skirts. She was always kind, and her white smile was made all the more prominent in the summer time when the sun would lighten her hair and tan her skin. You two had never been close, but you'd grown up seeing her at church - singing the hymns and sitting in on the same bible study classes. She was a popular babysitter for the kids at church, and she'd never hurt a fly! Which was great considering your new height. "I bet I could ride a fly like a horse." You laugh to yourself. 

Despite knowing how gentle Annie was a sense of fear flashed through you as you saw her approach down the church aisle. She was huge! A literal moving mountain! You could feel the slight vibrations in the floor from her footsteps. Clad in her black flats, a white ribbon in her hair, and her favorite light-blue Sunday sundress, Annie made her way towards you. Her dress swayed with her hips - a detail you'd never noticed before. Annie's figure wasn't athletic, she spent too much time playing the piano for the choir to seriously join any sports team, but she was still beautiful. But as she got closer she became terrifyingly beautiful. "She knows I'm here right?". The soft thuds of her footsteps stopped beside your aisle, and she turns, looking straight at you ... or so it seems. 

"Ah, there you are!" she calmly says. 

Looming over you even more Annie shuffles into the aisle. As her frame twists sideways you're left with an unobstructed view of the underside of her dress. The blue fabric stretches out like a canopy overhead, the only thing holding it up are the two strong, tan pillars of her legs stretching into the sky. They converged at her ass, which was covered by plain white panties. You paused to stare at the crease of her thigh leans and feel your pants start to tighten. Oh my god, you never imagined you'd see this. She leans over, and reaches for the bible you'd passed earlier. "I knew I left you in here somewhere." She mumbles to herself as she leaves through the worn pages of her holy book. 

She doesn't know I'm here. "Annie!!!" You yell up to her, hoping your tiny voice will carry up to her. "Annie! I'm down here! I don't know how but I'm small! Hey! Can you hear ... wait no!" 

The baby blue sky begins to fall around you as her legs bend. Instinct kicks in and you run as fast as you can, trying desperately to escape what is sure to be an instant demise. As if in slow motion you see her panties grow taught as they shift to adjust to her falling figure, and as much as you'd like to stop and stare, you'd rather not end up a smear along her perfect ass. The world darkens and launch yourself last second to freedom. This is the miracle you need. "Come on just a little further! Almost there!"



Up above Annie leans back in her favorite spot to enjoy some quiet time before the service starts. It's sure to be busy today and she has a lot on her mind, but something feels off. She twists herself further into the seat, using it to scratch a slight itch underneath her. "There, that's better." She smiles and opens her bible up to the Book of John, completely unaware of young man she'd crushed beneath her. 

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