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ake looked up at Ms. Black’s steely expression while she typed rapidly on her computer. He waited patiently. She liked him, and he’d been a huge boon to her business, but this was a performance review, and more importantly a discussion about bonuses.

“Please try to eat something Jake,” she said sweetly, pushing a plate of pastry crumbs towards him, “I swear you’re losing weight!”

He wasn’t, but Ms. Black had a tendency to coddle him. To make her happy he picked up one of the crumbs and chewed it while she continued typing.

“Well Jake, your first few months here have been phenomenal!” She said finally, “and your bonus will reflect that.”

“Thanks Ms. Black,” he said with a smile, “Can you call Lexi to take me back to my desk?”

“Oh no,” she said with a smile, standing up, “Let me do it.”

He was enveloped in her soft hands, the smell of her perfume washing over and sticking to him. She swayed slightly as she carried him, humming happily as she gently put him down on the desk closest to her office.

“I thought we were only supposed to carry him using the carrying cases!” Mandy called from her own desk. Jake shot a glance in her direction, of course she had her two orbiters with her, for whatever reason Mandy was determined to treat the office like they were all still in high school. She also liked to find excuses to handle him, not that there were many thankfully.

“Privileges of management,” Ms. Black said with a smile and a wink down at Jake. “By the way, Lexi called out to deal with some family issues, I’ll be driving you home today.”

“Sounds good,” he said, walking back to his miniature cubicle,

Ms. Black’s luxury car was like night and day compared to the messy clunker that Kacey drove. Usually when Kacey took him anywhere he was jammed in a cupholder with takeout receipts and candy wrappers. While Ms. Black did insist he stay in the carrying case during the car ride, he could still smell the leather seats wafting through the case’s drilled airholes.

His world rocked as she grabbed the handle of the case, casually walking up to his apartment door. Grabbing a key he’d given both her and Lexi to help with carpooling, she opened it and stepped inside.

“My word!” Ms. Black gasped, seeing the state of the apartment.

As usual Kacey had simply been tossing her clothes to the floor wherever she happened to be, here and there takeout containers and crumpled cans were stacked on the coffee table and Kacey’s desk. With a pair of thick headphones on she was gleefully clicking away in whatever game she was playing.

Ms. Black sighed and walked over to her, lifting the headphones off.

“Hey!” Kacey exclaimed, spinning around. She clammed up immediately when she saw Jake’s boss, holding him in the carrying case.

“Here,” Ms. Black said, handing her Jake’s case.

“Oh hi…” Kacey squeaked. She glanced down at Jake, “Did you uhmm, have a good day at work?”

“He had a GREAT day,” Ms. Black said sternly, “Jake is by far the firm’s star employee…” She sighed and looked around, “I’ll see you tomorrow, Jake,” she looked at Kacey with distaste, “Do try to pick up…” With that she walked out.

“She hates me,” Kacey muttered.

“No,” Jake protested feebly, walking out of the carrying case door, “I mean… maybe she just thinks you’re not super responsible?”

“Hey, I do a lot around here!” Kacey protested. She glanced at the messy room, “It’s just been a crazy week for me!”

“I’m sure,” he chuckled. He was glad Ms. Black had walked him in, with so much of Kacey’s clothing littering the floor he’d be crazy with lust before getting halfway across the room. The intoxicating effect Kacey had on him was one of the reasons he wasn’t too hard on her about picking up. Still, today he wanted to talk to her with his wits about him… for a little while anyway.

“So, I got my bonus today,” he said.

Her eyes lit up, “That’s great! Congrats!” she grabbed him and hugged him to her cheek. He caught a whiff of her, and from the stringy look to her hair she’d been at the computer for a few days now. “We should celebrate.” Seeing his expression she frowned, “Oh come on I can’t smell so bad that I'm setting you already?”

“You never smell bad to me,” he muttered, fighting the urge to leap at her.

Kacey frowned and lifted an arm, sniffing she grimaced, “Ugh, what day is it?” she muttered, checking the calendar. “Damn, I’ve been on a streak for days” she chuckled, “Poor Jakey, you’re probably going nuts just sitting here with me.”

“A bit,” he admitted. He’d gotten better at staying clearheaded when exposed to Kacey, but he could feel himself getting turned on more and more the longer he was near her, being held in her hand was speeding it up.

“Hmm…” she regarded him with a small smile, “Good job on the bonus Jakey, I’m sure I can think of some fun stuff to spend it on.” She stood up, and hooked a thumb inside her pajama bottom’s elastic. His eyes lit up as he readied himself to be tossed into her underwear. She smirked, and the thumb holding her waistband open slowly traveled from the front around to the back.

“Uh, Kacey?” Jake began, a little uncertainly.

“I’d put you in front, but I have a few other things I want to do first and I can’t afford the distraction.”

“But-“ he began.

“No buts,” she giggled, “Well, just one.” She dropped him down the back of her panties and released the elastic. Before Jake had any chance to protest or try to adjust his position, she sat herself back down in her computer chair, taking a moment to grind her ass against the cushion.

Jake struggled to move, but every time he managed to get any purchase Kacey just shifted her position, pinning him again. The shrinking had made him durable, and he was pretty sure that Kacey’s weight wouldn’t be able to actually hurt him, but the pressure was insane. She’d been gaming for days straight too, and both the panties trapping him and the skin above him smelled strongly.

Kacey giggled a bit as Jake’s squirming tickled her slightly. She found a comfortable position where he couldn’t move much and began logging into the “Tiny Talk” discord group. It was a group discussing Shrinkees, Kacey had found herself there now and then, posting as “KCROX.”

TinyKidnpper99: I’m just saying shrinkees should just get used to being pets
Tfwnotinybf: So true, so tired of tiny rights protests. Wish I could just take a few home
KCROX: You guys are such assholes, shrinkees are just people that got screwed over! We should be helping them
Tinykidnpper99: what I want IS helping them! They could be safely away from the world in a cozy little cage
KCROX: You just don’t respect tinies, that’s why you guys don’t have tiny bfs
Tinykidnpper99: Oh yeah? Like you do?
KCROX: I do because I treat him right!

Kacey hit enter angrily, Jake was starting to make headway crawling underneath her so she shifted slightly, he was between her cheeks and with a grin she pushed him up so he couldn’t move and started typing again.

After a lengthy flame war on the best way to treat shrinkees Kacey sighed contentedly, knowing she’d made her point on how tiny people deserved respect. Reaching into the backside of her underwear she pulled Jake out, he was slightly damp from her sweat, and his clothes stuck to him. She giggled slightly at his dreamy expression.

“Hey Jake,” she teased, “did you have fun kissing my ass?” She saw his lustful expression and tried not to laugh. She loved messing with him when he got worked up on her smell like this, she was borderline addictive and she knew he’d agree to anything she wanted.

“Beg,” she said with a wicked grin, “Beg and I’ll put you back.”

“Please goddess, PLEASE put me back in your underwear!” he shouted, squirming in her hand.

“Maybe,” she said in a mocking tone of disinterest. She held him even closer to her face, filling his field of vision. “I’m going to order pizza later,” she commented, “And I think that I’d like stuffed crust,” she said with a pout, “but a certain someone always says it’s too expensive to get add ons.”

He blinked, “I mean… it’s kind of a special occasion so, sure.”

She thought a minute, giving him a smug grin. Money or serious matters could usually, briefly, snap him out of his daze. She always liked to playfully demand things from him, just to watch him try to mentally force off the effect and deny her something… it was a battle he would always lose, but she found it really got her off to watch him fight it. Usually she didn’t hold him to agreements he made when he was like this, that pizza though… he’d be buying that for her.

“Double toppings too,” she said, “From that locally owned place down the block.”

His eyes bulged, “Kacey that place charges like five-“

“I guess the little man can just stay out here in the cold then,” She said.

“Get whatever you want!” he said, the lust overtaking him again, “Please goddess just put me back in!”

“That’s what I like to hear,” she said, bringing him back down to her underwear, she pulled the panties away from her butt again and let him fall in, before releasing the elastic back and letting it snap shut on him.

She stood up and stretched, looking around the apartment for a minute. With a sigh she began picking things up. As much fun as it was to have Jake as a hormone addled zombie, she didn’t want him like that all evening. He squirmed in her underwear and she felt herself getting wet, she bit her lower lip and wished she’d put him in the front. Oh well, she had plenty of time to correct that before cleaning both of them off.

Kacey toweled her hair off as she stepped out of the shower, “Jake?” She called, “Can I have a thousand dollars for a custom PS5 case from etsy?”

“Absolutely not!” he called from the sink, where he was using a simple wash rag to towel himself off.

“Hmph,” she said, “I guess I’m clean enough then.”

“You still look great Kace,” he said with a smile. “The best girlfriend a guy could ask for.”

“If I can’t be a goddess I’ll just have to settle for girlfriend,” she playfully sighed.

Kacey threw on an old t-shirt and some sweats before collapsing onto the couch with Jake. Gently she placed him on her stomach, letting him spread out over the Japanese lettering.

“What’s up?” Ash said, barging in and carrying the pizzas they’d ordered. “Thanks for inviting me over,” she said, placing a thermos of coffee on the counter, “I need to relax a bit, the shop has been crazy.”

The barista had quickly become a regular guest to their apartment, she didn’t seem to mind the regular mess and in exchange for sitting through anime binges she would make Kacey and Jake watch her depressing foreign films. It was an arrangement that worked surprisingly well.

“I see you finally picked up the place,” Ash commented, setting the pizza boxes on the counter. “Did Jake start worshipping you again?”

“Yep,” Kacey said giggling, “You can thank him for dinner, his tribute to his goddess for the day.”

“I can’t believe you two talk about this… stuff,” he said, shaking his head as Kacey cut him a tiny square of pizza.

“Oh come on, it’s awesome,” Ash said, holding a hand down for him. He didn’t hesitate before jumping in, and she carried him back to the living room while Kacey flipped through TV shows. He’d gotten used to Ashley holding him over the past few months, she had an odd fixation on shrunken people, compounded by her apparent inability to befriend any but him. Kacey seemed to find the whole thing amusing, and had been allowing, even encouraging, Ash to be handsy with him.

“You should try some of your old socks sometime Ash,” Kacey teased, “Maybe Jake likes you enough to slip into zombie mode.”

“Hey now,” he said nervously, “I mean I like Ash plenty but-“

“What, am I not hot enough?” She said, making a quick kissing face at him.

“Yeah Jake,” Kacey asked, sitting up suddenly and grinning, “You like Ash AND you think she’s sexy, I’ll bet if she stopped by here after her workout you’d go crazy as soon as she stepped in the door.”

“Don’t tease me Kace,” Ash said, stroking Jake’s hair with one finger, “I might try it.”

“Who’s teasing?” Kacey laughed. She shot Jake a devious look and he gulped. He had no idea where she was going with this, but it made him nervous.

“Kacey,” he said suddenly, hoping to distract the two girls, “Did you check my size reading today?”

Kacey frowned, “Nah, things got a bit crazy right when you got home.” She grinned, “Ash you look like you’re having fun holding him, do you want to do it?”

She shrugged and carried him back to the kitchen where the meter was. Holding Jake in her hand she grabbed the remote shaped device and quickly hit the “scan” button while hovering it over him. It beeped once and she frowned.

“Huh, Kacey how did you say this thing worked?”

“It’s easy,” She said, getting up and joining Ash, “There’s only one button.”

Kacey took the remote from her and clicked the button again. The same beep rang out and the two girls looked at the reading, holding Jake up so he could see too.

“W-What does below detectable limit mean?” Jake asked nervously.

“Uhhh…” Kacey swallowed, “Let me go get the manual…”

She ran out from the bedroom a minute later, flipping through the small booklet nervously.

“Okay here we go,” she said, “Other readings… No detectable limit means that subject will shrink to an unknown size below the minimum reading.”

“Far out,” Ash breathed, “What’s the minimum reading?”

“A tenth of an inch,” Jake said, his knees going weak, “Fuck me, Kacey I’m going to be smaller than a tenth of an inch tomorrow!”

“Or today…” Kacey muttered, thinking it over.

“Wait, what do you mean?” Ash asked, looking back and forth from Jake to the meter, “When does he change size?”

“Usually by the time my next size reads on the meter it means that it’ll be whenever I sleep or have an orgasm,” he muttered angrily. “I forgot how much I hate shrinking… Kacey can you bring me to my phone? I’ve got to call out of work tomorrow.”

“Orgasm?” Ash snickered, “So you’ve got to rub one out to get to your next size?”

“That or take a nap,” he said as Kacey took him from Ash and lowered him to the floor. He glumly walked into the next room where his phone would be waiting for him on the floor, leaving the two girls to talk in the kitchen alone.

“Damn,” Ash muttered, “He doesn’t seem happy about it.”

“He gets a little down whenever he gets smaller,” Kacey said quietly. “I mean… three inches sucks, but he kind of got used to it, every now and then he gets even smaller for a day and it’s like another punch to the gut you know?”

Ash chewed her lower lip for a minute, “He’s going to be REALLY tiny this time huh?”

“Yeah,” Kacey muttered, “Shit, I guess I’ll just have to leave him on the coffee table with some of his favorite shows on autoplay or something… there’s not a lot he’s going to be able to do when he’s smaller than a grain of sand.” She sighed, “He’s not even going to be able to use his little dollhouse bed tonight, if he shrinks while sleeping, he’d be trapped in it.”

Ash was quiet a minute, “Kacey,” she said finally, “What if we… made it a bit fun for him?”

Jake used his entire arm to swipe the “hang up” button on his phone, sighing angrily. Ms. Black was always understanding when this happened, but he still hated calling out. There wasn’t any other option though, he’d learned from experience that if he dipped much below an inch and a half normal sized people couldn’t hear him at all, to say nothing of the clothing situation. No, further shrinking episodes were mostly a one-day staycation in the living room, the destinations either the coffee table or Kacey’s desk depending on the size.

“Probably the coffee table,” he muttered. If he was going down blow a tenth of an inch he didn’t want to be on Kacey’s desk, she’d forget he was there and plant an energy drink can or a bag of chips on him. He started the walk back to living room, weighing his options.

Suddenly he was snatched up in Kacey’s hand so quickly that the world was a blur. His head spun a minute, but when it cleared he was greeted by two giant faces with conspiratorial grins.

“H-Hey guys,” he said nervously, what had they been talking about while he was on the phone?

“Strip him!” Ash said gleefully, his face paled when he realized she had a roll of scotch tape in her hand.

Kacey began tearing his clothing off, balling his tiny shirt and pants up in her free hand and playfully tossing them to a random corner of the room. The two girls walked around the couch, with a flourish Ash laid a soft hand towel across the table and knelt down next to it.

“Here, put him in the middle!” Ash said.

Kacey gently set him down, he wondered about trying to cover up, but from the look the two girls were giving him he knew it probably wasn’t an option.

“So here’s the deal Jake,” Kacey said, kneeling down to get a better look at him, “the quicker you get this size shift over with the quicker you can be back to your normal cheery three inch self.”

“My normal self was six feet tall,” he said, rolling his eyes.

Kacey frowned, “I know… this one’s going to suck, but Ash and I thought we could just trigger it and… see where things go.”

“Wait you AND-“

“Spread your arms and legs!” Ash said with an evil grin. She made eye contact with him while she slowly pulled a piece of tape off the dispenser, punctuating her expression with the soft *snip* of a piece being cut loose.

“Why do you need the tape?” Kacey asked with a frown.

Ash rolled her eyes, “I like to tie guys up, okay? And I don’t exactly have a set of handcuffs in his size.”

“Freaky!” Kacey said.

“I’ve seen that Deviantart page of yours Kacey,” Ash said, taping the first of Jake’s legs to the towel, “I wouldn’t throw stones.”

From Kacey’s blushing expression the remark had hit home. Jake was about to ask what was on that page, but Ash was gleefully taping him to the towel in a spread-eagle position. Gently he pushed against the bindings and sighed when he realized that he wasn’t even strong enough to budge scotch tape.

“That’s right!” Ash said excitedly, seeing his expression, “Just a little tape is more than enough to keep a mouse like you in place!”

“Hmm…” Kacey muttered, “Maybe I’ll go get a sock from the laundry, dangle it over him and watch him go nuts trying to get at it?”

“I wish I had a little whip or something,” Ash muttered, suddenly her hands slammed down on either side of him, causing him to start and strain against the tape holding him in place. “You’re going to wish you’d never been born tiny!” She said, her eyes going wide, “We’re going to make spurt your little load, and then once you’ve shrunk down into the pathetic germ of a man you always were then the fun is REALLY going to start!”

“Ash,” Kacey said, a hand on her shoulder, “Maybe take it down a notch.” She shot Jake a wink.

“T-thanks Kace,” he managed.

Ash sighed, “The fear is part of the fun of it!” she protested, “I mean Jake knows I’m totally just playing right?”

“Uhhh…” he glanced at the tape holding him in place, then up again at the two giant girls. “I… guess?”

Kacey shoved past Ash and gently ran a finger up his torso, making him shiver, “Don’t worry, you’ve got me right here. I’ll keep the big bad barista from hurting my tiny boyfriend.”

“Oh come on!” Ash protested, “look at that!” she said, gesturing to his obvious arousal, “he’s having a great time!” she had a panicked look suddenly, “J-Jake you know I totally value you as a friend and I was just getting into the momen-“

“Oh, Kacey help,” Jake said mockingly, “she’s hurting my self-esteem. She called me a germ Kacey!”

Ash’s sudden panic turned to annoyance, she stood up and turned around. For a minute Jake thought she was going to indignantly strut out the door, but his eyes went wide as her jean clad ass came down on him. The low coffee table creaked slightly as Ash sat directly on it.

Kacey fought down a giggle as Ash ground her bottom into the trapped tiny man. She shot a glare at the other girl and crossed her arms.

“He totally has this coming,” Ash said, “I try to be all domineering and sexy and he’s making fun of me!”

“No, I think you’re right,” Kacey mused. “Get up a minute.”

Ash stood back up, revealing a dazed looking Jake, “S-Sorry,” he muttered with a dreamy smile.

“Jake,” Kacey said in an authoritative tone, “Are you ready to apologize for making fun of Ash?”

“Yes,” he said, “Sorry…”

“Sorry what?” Kacey said in a mocking sweet voice, “What do little people call girls bigger than them?”

“Sorry goddess,” he said, catching the meaning easily.

Kacey bit her lip, “There’s something even more fun about making you use that when you’re not all crazy from sniffing my underwear…”

“I really prefer being called mistress,” Ash said, joining Kacey, “but I guess when he’s smaller than most dolls goddess works better.” She slung an arm around Kacey’s shoulder, “So, how do you want to send this guy down to party with the dust mites?”

Kacey knelt down by the table and licked her finger and thumb, gently the massive digits came down to begin massaging his erection, up and down.

“Do you mind providing our toy a little show Ash?” she asked with a smile.

Ash responded by hooking her hands to the underside of her shirt and tossing it off with a flourish, the small black beret she insisted on wearing everywhere went with it, letting her long black hair hang in sheets as she stood over Jake. She made eye contact with him and with a slow deliberate motion reached behind her back and unclasped her shining black bra, letting it fall to the floor with a muted *thump.*

“Wow,” Kacey laughed at his reaction, “Those are pretty big Jake, don’t make me jealous now.” She picked up the speed slightly, causing him to grunt and spasm against the tape.

Ash leaned in closer, the giant breasts hanging over Jake as she reached a hand into her pants, “So small,” she said in a hoarse whisper, “You’re going to be SOOOO small Jake,” she grinned, “You can put it off, for a little while, all you’ve got to do is keep yourself from cumming…”

“I…” he tried to speak but he could only gasp as Kacey played with him more.

“No more words,” Kacey said softly, “We won’t be able to hear you in a minute anyway.”

“Just finish!” Ash said mockingly as she fondled her breast. With an exaggerated moan the hand down her pants picked up speed. “You’re going down Jake! Give it up!”

“W-Wait-“ he protested. He wasn’t sure what he even hoped for, but it felt wrong to just give up to them so easily.

“Nope,” Kacey said, tightening her fingers and giving a series of short sharp tugs that sent him over the edge. He shouted in ecstasy as he felt the shrinking start.

“Bye bye,” Ash said with a mocking wave. She grinned and moaned as she came herself.

Kacey just rolled her eyes and gave Jake her own quick farewell wave as the world got bigger around him.

 He quickly sunk out of the tape bonds, the merest tug against his arm hair as they grew too big to hold him. He gasped as the two girls went from mere giants to immense figures that towered over his world. The towel beneath him quickly went from a soft cushion to a rough expanse, the small fibers were soon his size, then bigger, then the size of buildings.

“Fuck me,” he muttered as he looked up at the landscape the hand towel had become. He wondered if it would be worth trying to move, how small was he? He let the post orgasm bliss overcome him and he laid back in defeat, the towering fibers stretching over him.

“So what now?” Ash asked, pulling her shirt back on and glancing down at the towel.

“I guess we just… look for him?” Kacey said. She hovered her face over the towel and squinted. “Shit…” she muttered, “I don’t see him at all.” She smiled, “Jake? Are you down there?”

“What’s he supposed to do he hears you?” Ash asked, looking down with her, “It’s not like he has microscopic flares or something.”

Kacey frowned, “Well he’s going to be stuck down there until tomorrow, what now?”

Ash shrugged, “toss some food down there? Water maybe?

“If we pour water on there we’ll flood him out!” Kacey said. “Maybe if we had an eye dropper… he’s got to be right there in the middle right? What if we just sort of… dripped some near him?”

“We could at least drop some pizza crumbs on there right?” Ash said. She walked over to the pizza box and pinched out the smallest piece she could with her fingernails. Walking back over and hovering the crumb over the towel she grinned, “Dinner time Jake!”

To Jake it was like watching a meteor fall to earth. Ashley hadn’t dropped the crumb directly where he’d be, more like a few… miles? From him. He felt the shockwave as it hit. Watching the swaying of the towel’s threads, slight to him and unnoticeable to the goddesses above, he decided he’d best begin his walk towards the food source.

“Let me give him a drink,” Kacey said. She walked to the refrigerator and pulled out one of her energy drinks. Walking back over she pulled the tab on the can, the sound echoing through the apartment. She dipped her pinky down into the drink and withdrew it.

Jake heard the can being opened and looked up to see Kacey dipping her finger into the monumental drink in the distance. He braced himself as she brought her dripping pinky closer and held it over some far-flung field on the towel. He gripped one of the towel fibers as she allowed a single drop of the fluid to fall to his world.

“There we go,” Kacey said with a smile, “I hope he can make it that far.”

“I mean… he’ll be back in a day or so right?” Ashley asked uncertainly.

“Yeah,” Kacey muttered, “But I want to try to give him something to eat and drink anyways.” She sighed, “Want to watch TV?” She glanced down at the towel, “It’s got to be like the world’s biggest big screen for him,” she said, “we should at least try to pick something he might like.”

It had taken Jake a lengthy hike to get to the few drops Kacey had dribbled onto the towel for him, and he’d had to awkwardly suck the overly sweet energy drink out of the fibers. The pizza crumb they’d left for him was the size of a house, but he’d been able to break off a few pieces. He settled in on a spot where a small crinkle in the towel created a massive ridge which let him view the landscape of the cloth and the far lands beyond, most importantly the TV.

Kacey and Ashley were both chatting on the couch now. His world rocked suddenly, a minor earthquake was being caused as Kacey casually put her bare feet up on the table. The city sized soles loomed over him as she casually crossed her legs. He always hated it when Kacey put her feet up on the table like that. At three inches he could nag her enough to make her stop, when he was home anyway, but at this near microscopic size Kacey was just a force of a nature to him. Yelling at her to quit it would be like yelling at the clouds, she’d never hear him, let alone listen.

There was another effect of her feet being on the table, the smell. Kacey was cleaner than she usually was, but at this size did it even matter? He found himself glancing back more and more, slowly forgetting the TV show entirely.

A second earthquake shook him and he looked again to see Ash had propped her own feet on the coffee table. He gulped as he remembered the conversation from before… Was Ash having the same effect on him now too? Unlike Kacey she was a functioning member of society so she was always clean enough that he’d never noticed… but at this size everything about both girls was overwhelming.

He sighed and looked up at the two goddesses, chatting away, driving him crazy, and never even knowing he was watching. They were starting to get his head into a bit of a crazy place, one he was familiar with from Kacey’s games. A part of him wanted to start sprinting across the cloth landscape towards those feet, he wasn’t even sure whether he meant Ash’s or Kacey’s. A more rational part of him knew he’d never make it that far, and what if they just casually moved or got up?
He decided to make the best of it, it’s not like they could see him down here jerking off right?

“I’d better get going,” Ash said, standing up. “I’ll head over here tomorrow after work and we can try to find Jake.” She laughed, “I mean, it’s not like he can go far, he’s got to be within an inch or so of where he shrank right?”

Kacey shrugged, “We’ll see him tomorrow either way.”

As Ash left Kacey sighed and looked down at the small hand towel that was her boyfriend’s whole world. She didn’t want to move it, who knew what could happen? But she was also going to start gaming, and she knew Jake hated being kept up by it.

She had an idea suddenly, walking into the bedroom she rooted around in her laundry basket until she found a simple white bra. She sniffed it slightly, it didn’t seem TOO dirty, he’d probably be fine. With a playful smile she walked back in and knelt next to the table.

Jake looked up and saw Kacey’s smiling face hanging over him in the sky, “Hey Jake,” she said sweetly, “I’ll see you tomorrow okay?” He gazed in awe as she gently positioned the cup of her bra over the part of the towel he was on, cutting off his light and bathing him in her smell.

“There we go,” Kacey said quietly, “that should muffle the sound a bit.” Oblivious to the new reality she’d caused for Jake she happily walked over to her PC and started logging in.

Jake didn’t have a good sense of time in his now dark world, he definitely had fallen asleep at some point, but the rest was a cycle of him slowly being aroused until he had to stop and relieve himself. He wasn’t sure if he should try to get out from under the bra or just wait it out, he was beginning to exhaust himself.

Light returned to the world as the bra cup was lifted off, and he breathed a sigh of relief as his head started to clear a bit.

“Shit,” Kacey muttered, tossing the bra into a corner of the room, “I forgot to take that off him when I got up.”

Ash shrugged, “Hey, on my day off I’d love it if someone would block out the lights and just let me sleep.” She handed Kacey a magnifying glass, “Okay, ready to go bug hunting?”

“I wish he was bug sized,” Kacey muttered as they knelt down on opposite sides of the, “he’s no problem at BUG size…”

“Jake stop hiding!” Ash said in frustration, “don’t make me break out the hand sanitizer you little germ!”

“Be nice Ash!” Kacey said, “he’s probably trying to get our attention right now…” she hovered the magnifying glace over her side of the towel and scowled, she didn’t see anything.

Jake WAS trying to get their attention, and the giant magnifying glasses had passed overhead several times without noticing his efforts. He looked around and wondered if this would be easier on a lighter colored towel.

“I’ve got an idea!” Kacey said excitedly. She ran to her desk and returned a moment later with a small anime figurine. She posed it slightly and then set it down on the towel, letting it stand on it’s own. “Okay Jake!” she said eagerly, “Try to get onto Asuka’s foot, then we’ll know where you are!”

“It’s not a bad idea,” Ash said, “but why not just like, a scrap of tissue or something for a landmark?”

“Because it’s funny,” Kacey said with a giggle.

Jake looked up at the monumental anime figurine and sighed. Kacey always liked to compare him to those figures, this one in particular she sometimes slipped into his bed so she could tease him about his “girlfriend.” Normally Asuka stood twice his height, already embarrassing enough, today she was a colossus… and Kacey wanted him to go try to climb her foot so they could find him.

Briefly he wondered what they had in store for him, and if he should go. Surely he only had a few hours left at this size, right?

“Ah hell,” he muttered as he started towards the giant anime figurine in the distance. Who knows, maybe whatever they had planned would be fun?

“It could take him awhile,” Ash said, “Do you want to go do something while we wait?”

“Sure,” Kacey said, “what did you have in mind?”

“I’m going to die,” Kacey wheezed, fighting her way up the stairmaster.

“Come on,” Ash muttered, “just five more minutes.”

“How long has it been?” Kacey asked.

Ash rolled her eyes, “two minutes Kace, you are REALLY out of shape. You need to start coming here with me a few times a week.”

At Ashley’s suggestion they’d decided to visit the apartment complex’s fitness center. What little enthusiasm Kacey had at the prospect of physical activity had quickly been reduced to nothing, and her hair was plastered to her face by sweat.

“Okay let’s switch,” Ash chuckled as Kacey let the stairmaster carry her down to the floor.

“So I think there’s a shrinkee living in the vacant lot behind my shop,” Ash said as she started her turn. “None of the shop’s glue traps have had anything in them for a few weeks, the bugs have just cleared out.” She grinned, “I also swear I found a little spear, like a little toothpick with a sharpened rock on the end!”

“Really?” Kacey asked, “it’s been months since the shrinking happened…” she shuddered at the thought of Jake living out on his own for that long. “Why would anyone want to live like that?”

Ash shrugged, “I know you and Jake have a pretty good thing going Kacey, but a lot of people are treating shrinkees more like pets. Some of them apparently go on the run rather than live like that.”

“I think I heard a bit about that,” Kacey said uncertainly, “Some government forms came in the mail for me and Jake but we just filled them out and sent them back, we figured it was just standard stuff.”

Ash grunted as she turned the speed on the stairmaster up, “Yeah well,” she wheezed, “you pretty much own him for life, unless you want to give him away.” She chuckled as much as she could manage, “I guess it doesn’t matter much, you’re his pet more than the other way around!”

“Hey!” Kacey protested, “I take care of him!”

“I know,” Ashley said quietly, “like I said, your thing works well, but not everyone’s as nice as girls like us.” She let her short cardio workout end and stepped next to Kacey, sweat running down her face. “That Shrinkee protection act says that if you get your hands on an unregistered Shrinkee… it’s first come first serve.”

Kacey’s eyes went wide, “You mean-”

“Yep,” Ash said, “Anyone can just snatch them up and then BOOM, they’re yours. There are groups online trying to find the rest of them and everything, the government just wants them all to turn themselves in and get sent to their families or whatever.”

“T-That’s horrible!” Kacey muttered. Had she really missed all this while she was absorbed in her video games? Did Jake know?

“So,” Ash said, “I kind of want to catch this shrinkee, if there is one anyways…” She beamed, “then I’ll have my own tiny guy!”

“Isn’t that bit…” Kacey searched for the words, “mean?”

She rolled her eyes, “Look I’ll level with you, yeah I totally want a tiny slave to torment and make worship me, but that’s like… just for fun! I won’t do anything mean to anyone that doesn’t want it… I’m not evil I promise! I just get off on the IDEA of being evil!”

“Maybe you could try to befriend this hypothetical tiny guy then?” Kacey said. “It might make him trust you more than just… you know, capturing him.”

“If there IS a tiny I don’t know if I can afford to wait.” Ash replied, “What if some kind of crazy person catches him? It can’t be good for him to just be living out in a vacant lot like that either, it’s going to be winter pretty soon!”

“I guess…” Kacey said, “You could always just bring him back to his family or something too, right?”

Ash shrugged, “Maybe?” She grabbed Kacey by the arm, “Come on, let’s lift some weights.”

Kacey made a squeal in protest as the other girl dragged her towards the dumbbells.

Jake sat on Asuka’s red clad boot, idly looking up at the colossus sized anime figurine. The climb up to the top of the figure’s foot hadn’t been too difficult, since shrinking climbs just weren’t much of a    problem in general. He was considering climbing further up it, but the girls had said wait on the boot…

His musings were interrupted by the sound of the apartment door opening, the two girls were both wearing workout gear and sweating profusely.

“Good hustle Kacey,” Ash said with a smile, “We should start a routine, what days are good for you?”

Kacey just grumbled and slouched against the counter, her fingers idly grasping for a bag of chips. Jake chuckled at the sight, Ashely was definitely a sadist in more ways than one.

After Kacey had recovered a minute the two goddesses loomed over his tiny world. They both knelt down as they had before, their eyes looking enormous as each started using a magnifying glass. He stood up and started shouting and waving his arms.

“There he is!” Kacey exclaimed. “Hi Jake!”

“He’s just so tiny,” Ash said, amazed, “He’s barely a speck on that doll’s shoe!”

“It’s a figurine!” Kacey protested.

Jake could smell both of them now, they’d been at the gym and he heard the echoes of their sweat droplets hitting the towel in the distance. He felt the usual feeling of lust boiling up in him.

“Oooh, I think something’s happening down there!” Ash giggled, trying to lean in closer. The giant eye blinked overhead, the magnifying glass distorting it. “The gym was a good idea…”

“Now what can we do with him?” Kacey mused, “I don’t want to try to pick him up… if we lose him he’ll be stuck in the carpet fibers for the next few hours until he gets back to normal.”

“I’ve got an idea,” Ash said with a smile. She walked over to where she’d thrown her small handbag a few hours earlier when she’d first arrived. Fishing through it a minute she came back holding a cotton cue tip. Gently she licked the very tip, moistening the cotton fibers.

“WAIT!” Jake tried to call as the train sized cue tip descended towards the figures shoe. “Don-“

He was cut off as the soft spindly white surface made contact with him. Ash’s spit was more than sticky enough to glue him in place as she pulled up. His stomach lurched as he was lifted into the sky, then his world spun as Ash rotated the cue tip with a flourish.

“He’s WAY easier to see on that,” Kacey said eagerly, leaning in close, “Look, he’s that little speck there!”

“Yep,” Ash said proudly, observing their captive.

For Jake it was surreal having those eyes looking down at him. He struggled on the tip, but it only caused him to get tangled in the cotton fibers more.

“He’s got about two hours left before he can grow back,” Kacey said, glancing at the microwave clock, “So, what can two goddesses do with a speck sized guy?”

Between the teasing and the two women’s sweat Jake was going mad, he looked back and forth between the two of them as they talked about what his fate would be.

“He’s on a cue tip,” Ash said with an evil smile, “clean your ears with it and toss it away.”

Kacey mockingly considered it, obviously with him growing back at some point in the next few hours the last thing she really wanted to do was stick him anywhere near her ear, but it was fun to imagine the speck sized Jake’s panic at the thought.

“No,” Kacey said, “after that workout I’m feeling a bit…” she licked her lips, “hungry…”

She opened her mouth and teasingly let the cuetip drift inside it. Jake nervously gripped the cotton fibers he’d been struggling against a moment ago. She wasn’t serious was she!? His heart skipped a beat as he passed her lips, watching them overhead like he was going under a bridge. He sighed with relief as she pulled the cuetip out with a giggle.

“Oh relax Jake,” she said, sharing a glance and a smile with Ash, “I can’t eat you… I wouldn’t even feel you hit my stomach at that size.”

He gulped and nodded, he knew she’d never actually eat him, and he’d spent time in her mouth before during their games but… being in her mouth at this size made him nervous.

“So what then?” Ash asked, “Pits maybe?” She lifted her own arms, the dark stains under them a reminder that they’d just come from the gym.

Kacey shrugged, “Maybe next time…”

She lowered the cuetip down to her waistline and pulled her workout shorts away from her. Jake was hit with a humid musky blast, the mix of Kacey’s arousal and her drying sweat. The cuetip was brought up against her moist lips and pushed inside ever so slightly. Jake screamed as she twirled it slowly, spinning him off into her wetness.

Kacey slowly brought the cuetip up and examined it, nodding when she was satisfied Jake was no longer on it. She let her underwear snap back into place, trapping the nearly microscopic man in with her womanhood.

“Can you… feel him?” Ash asked uncertainly.

“Nope,” Kacey laughed, “Not even a little.” She casually regarded the cuetip which had so easily imprisoned her boyfriend. With a smirk she flicked it across the room, landing in a trashcan in the kitchen. Her eyes went wide. “Damn, did you see that?”

“Yeah,” Ash said, a bit impressed, “nice shot… and you said you didn’t have any athletic ability.”

“So is that it then?” Ash asked.

Kacey shrugged, “Show’s over, sorry.”

Ash sighed in disappointment, “Well, thanks for letting me play. I’d better head home and clean up.”

“See you later!” Kacey said with a smile as Ash headed out.

As soon as they were alone in the apartment Kacey giggled and reached a hand down into her underwear again. She hadn’t wanted to let Ash watch this particular display, but she DID want get herself off while Jake was trapped down there, she wouldn’t be able to feel him, but he’d definitely be feeling her!”

Jake’s world was warm and dark, he was trapped against some soft flesh that he thought had to be her outer lips. The amount of fluid picked up steadily, and he felt the world beginning to shake. Kacey’s loud moan echoed from some impossible distance overhead. His mind was threatening to snap from being here in Kacey’s most intimate area at this size, and the sound of her masturbation drove him to join her.

Kacey glanced at her glistening finger again, running over it with the magnifying glass. After finishing herself off the last thing she wanted was for her tiny boyfriend to get stuck on the digit and then sent down the drain when she washed her hands. Satisfied she turned on the sink, Jake was still down where he belonged.

She settled in to her computer chair and logged in. Within a few minutes she forgot about Jake and focused on her game. From there the late afternoon and early evening were pretty much the same as they always were, at least until Kacey’s match was interrupted by something suddenly squirming in her panties.

“Oh god,” she breathed, “L-Look who grew back!” she thought about letting him out, but looking back at the screen she squeezed her legs together and kept clicking rapidly. She giggled and fought down a moan as her orgasm surged and she cast spells. Finally she panted one last time and loosened her legs, letting Jake crawl out.

It was at that point that she realized that the chat in the game had died off. She frowned and was about to turn her microphone on when she saw the speaker icon lit up next to her screenname. Her face paled as she realized she’d just left her microphone on voice detection.

“KCROX are you okay?” someone asked. There was muted laughter in the background.

“Just eating pizza,” she lied feebly, “It was REALLY good.”

“I’ll have what she’s having!” someone joked. Kacey sighed and muted the microphone so she wouldn’t hear the entire lobby laughing.

“So how was it being germ sized?” Kacey asked.

“I had more fun than I thought I would,” he admitted with a smile, “Thanks Kace…”

The two of them were laying in Kacey’s bed, with Jake back to his normal size of three inches she’d taken a shower and cleaned him off too. He was pretty exhausted, and Kacey was happy to just hold him in bed and stroke his hair while they discussed his experiences at such a small size.

“Everything you guys did was just like…” he searched for words, “you were like continents moving or something.”

“I hope we didn’t freak you out too much,” Kacey said. “I mean… Ash gets a little crazy I guess, and I’m…” she giggled, “I guess I’m not much better.”

“I always feel safe with you Kacey,” he said softly.

“So Ash thinks there’s a shrinkee living in the wild near her shop,” She said. “I think she wants me… us I guess, to help her find him.”

“Why?” Jake asked, “if they wanted help they’d go get it.”

“She says she doesn’t want a shrinkee falling into the wrong hands,” Kacey said with a frown.

“Ashley IS the wrong hands,” Jake chuckled.

“Do you really think so?” Kacey asked nervously.

Jake thought about it a moment, “No,” he said finally, “I mean… I think she’s got the shrinkee fever bad, and she’s into some freaky stuff, but I think she’d do the right thing with anyone she found in that position.”

He yawned, “We can talk about it tomorrow? I’m pretty beat.”

“Sure,” she said quietly. She paused a minute, “Jake… can I just hold you in bed tonight?”

The request surprised him, usually he just slept in his own mattress under her bed.

“Yeah, if you want.” She squealed with delight and grabbed him, snuggling him against her cheek as they drifted off to sleep together. 

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