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Story Notes:

Content Warning: my stories can be very gruesome at parts, I pull zero punches when it comes to violence in my writing so please be wary of this when reading.

Hey! This is my third full-length story following 'Squish Game' and is a concept I've been wanting to tackle for a while. It might be too early to post this as I'm not sure how the story will unravel fully yet but I want to get it going and see what happens. There are barely any tags at the moment since there's only one chapter but I intend to tackle a huge portion of them. Let me know what you think.


I have left out tags that I believe to be spoilers. Apologies.

Tags will be added to the story as they appear in the writing.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: A Shining Hero - 4396 words (Crush, Hand)

Chapter 2: A Corrupt Hero - 3169 words (Shoes, Crush)

Chapter 3: A Local Hero - x words

Release Date: 29th January

Chapter 4: A Destined Hero - x words

Release Date: 29th January

Chapter 5: A Panicked Hero - x words

Release Date: 5th February

Chapter 6: An Observant Hero - x words

Release Date: 12th February

Chapter 1: A Shining Hero

"BEEP BEEP BEEP" the alarm continuously droned on and on, Damon could swear it had been doing that for the last hour or what felt like it, for a moment he thought he was dreaming it. His crusted eye lids slowly parted from each other like an ancient tomb's stone doors opening to expose the inside to sunlight for the first time. Only for Damon he wasn't awakening from a 1000 year slumber but rather a 6 hour one.

He slapped his face in a facepalm as he realized he was going to have to go to school, he shouldn't have stayed up late reading hero pages on Powerpedia Wiki.

Damon groaned as he reached his arm out towards his floor, it wasn't visible due to the clothes covering it like a swimming pool in winter. Desperately using his fingers to grip his clothes he'd dumped there yesterday, it was too cold to get out of bed, he extended too far sending himself tumbling out from under his blanket straight onto the floor. The cold air touching every inch of his body as his alarm kept glaring over and over. - "Fantastic..." he sarcastically mumbled with his face compressed into his underwear pile on the floor.

"DAMON! TURN THAT OFF AND GET DOWN HERE." his mother called from downstairs further putting a dent in his morning.

Damon slipped his way downstairs wearing his rugged clothes from yesterday that spent the last 12 hours spread out across his invisible floor. His fluffy brown hair normally kempt stuck up into the air as he presented himself like a zombie to his parents sat at the table. - "I don't know how you guys get up this early." he mumbled.

Damon's Dad let out a chuckle as he took a chomp of toast. - "Years of practice, son." 

"Tell me about it." His mother responded, shaking her head. She scooped an egg with the spatula in her hand. - "Want this egg, Tristan?" she asked her husband.

"Oh yeah sure if you're giving away freebies." he joked.

"All of your meals are freebies, I bought the shopping, not to mention cook them." she bantered back to him.

"You know what they say. If life was a game, eggs would be an overpowered item." he turned and nodded in his son's general direction, as if trying to appear in-touch and cool with the younger generation by referencing video games. Damon couldn't focus on anything else other than sleeping, his eyes still attempting to keep themselves closed from all lights.

Damon sat himself down on the chair his body jolting as he nearly missed and fell slightly. - "Woah there, too much to drink, pal?" Tristan joked to his son who hid his face at the table.

"Tristan! He's nowhere near old enough to drink.." his wife whispered to him realizing he had been outed for his inappropriate joke, she always was the most responsible parent.

"I- I knew that, Doris. It's just a gag, he's not allowed to drink." Tristan laid out a fake angry finger point. - "-unless he asks nicely" he winked at Damon who was finally making eye contact with him.

"So what's up?" his Dad asked taking a swig of orange juice laid out of their nice glossy kitchen table.

"Was up late..." he mumbled staring at the nice breakfast in front of him, trying to discover whether he was going to be able to eat or not, his mouth was dry and sticky.

"We could've guessed that, Damon. We're not blind. What were you up to?" Doris asked her son as he snuck a minuscule bite off the corner of his toast.

"I was... looking at pictures." said Damon

This answer caused Tristan who was mid-drink to laugh spitting around juice into his glass, this angered his scary wife who looked at him. - "He's 15, Tristan! That's not what he mean't." she angrily shouted. His dad sat there with a light grin on his face as he tried to keep his mature parental facade stable. The joke went over Damon's head.

"I was looking at hero battle scenes, found some cool videos." he explained starting to garner his energy that was submerged in his deep sleep earlier.

"That's interesting, non-violent I hope." Doris added as she took a seat, pouring herself a drink as she joined her family for breakfast after turning off their kitchen appliances she was using.

"Oh.. for sure." Damon added, thinking back to the scenes, not able to recall anything startling. Most of the pictures were tame, just damaged buildings and cars.

"Hey Pal, me and your mother will be back from work at 6pm so don't forget your key otherwise you'll be camping outside for a couple of hours." Tristan dabbed his mouth with a napkin as he finished up his meal.

"No worries, I was going to go around to Koby's house." Damon stated rather than requesting, not to the disapproval of his parents who simply shrugged.

"As long as you're in before the set time then everything's fine." his mother reminded him. She tied her black hair into a ponytail, allowing her to eat without getting hair on her morning meal. She looked ready to go to work, dressed in her grey blazer and white blouse, red lipstick on her lips.

Tristan gave his wife a kiss as he put on his black jacket, covering his casual attire. - "You better give me good news tonight." he requested of her as she smiled at him.

"When have I ever..." she raised her eyebrows in a joking manner but coated in partial disappointment.

Tristan headed out the door leaving the remaining members of his family behind combing his short brown hair on the way out the door.

"So. Have you thought about your Dad's offer?" she asked attempting to create table conversation.

"You mean the one to go slave away at his business?" he said, the word slave slightly annoying his mother.

"You just described working, everyone does it." Doris looked disappointed and confusedly at him, her mouth slightly agape with food.

"I'm 15." he retorted, Damon didn't view himself as mature as other kids his age wanted to be, he knew at the end of the day that he was a kid and needed to develop more mentally, he wanted to enjoy his young years as long as he could.

"As good a time as any to start, kids your age would do anything for money and he won't underpay you, which is a huge bonus. Many businesses want to scam younger teens out of their money." she explained.

He sighed as he stopped eating 70% through his meal, prodding his fork into a small piece of bacon. - "I guess..."

Damon walked into the front school yard, people seemed louder today than yesterday. There were no interesting TV episodes or movies out recently so what was everyone chattering about? He trekked through the school corridors heading to his usual hang out area hoping to find his friends. They saw him approaching their table quickly rising to their feet and sprinting towards him.

"Dude! Have you seen this? Everyone has been talking about it!" his friend Dylan gushed at him holding his phone up frantically trying to play the YouTube video, tapping the play button on his phone.

"I'm too tired to watch movies trailers right now. Show me later." Damon explained shoving the phone out his way. His other friend, Koby but in to correct him.

"It's not a movie trailer, although it fooled me. Watch it, it's so sick." he explained with a big nerdy grin on his face, his blonde curls drooping over his rounded glasses.

Damon sighed and shook his head with a light smile. - "Alright, whatever you say."

The video began, it was taken on a phone, you could tell because Dylan held his phone up vertically and it fit perfectly into the frame. It showed a pink figure flying around as it pointed to the sky, the figure shattering through the glass windows of a skyscraper. A black figured fell from it, the pink figure rocketed down the side of the building catching it, lowering it to the ground. The pink figure revealed itself as Rose, Evergreen City's very own protector aka super-heroine.

For the last 50 years people with extraordinary abilities had been popping up left and right across the globe, currently odds were estimated at 1 in 35,000,000 that someone would generate some form of strange power. Organisations and governments around the world then assigned these powerful individuals to protect their general public due to the successful test they demonstrated in 1965 where crime rates sank through the floor due to the protection of the 'Golden Gale'. The worlds very first public defender, more specifically America's.

'Rose' was just another one of these heroes, she was assigned to Evergreen City for their protection. The video continued as the pink costume wearing girl saved the man who fell from the building, landing on the ground and punching a solider-esque man who was shooting frantically around himself, sending him flying into the backdrop, crashing through a shop window. Walking slowly towards another behind him, bending his weapon's barrel so that it faced him, causing him to let go of the triggered for fear of his life. The video ended in cheers from the crowd behind the phone holding recorder.

"Damn, when was that?" said Damon in an elevated excited tone.

"Literally an hour ago, it was only two blocks from here. That's so crazy." Dylan explained whilst placing his phone back into his pocket.

"God I love her." Koby said whilst staring into space thinking about their protector.

"Same" Dylan joined in. - "I'm grateful for her."

Damon rolled his eyes whilst smirking as he took a seat. - "Why? because she's our amazing protector?" he said sarcastically.

"Pffft, that's what everyone else would say. I'm grateful because watching her fight, she's made me 100% sure that I'm not gay, that's priceless knowledge any boy needs." Dylan had a stupid grin on his face as he thought about Rose in her costume, every teenage boy's dream.

"Amen to that." Koby returned giving his friend a fist bump.

Damon laughed as he stared out the window, his eyes caught a glimpse of Victoria, a 16 year old girl from a couple of his classes. He was unable to gush about Rose as much as his two nerdy friends could because his heart was with Victoria. He watched her curly blonde hair flow around her head as she shook it sideways, holding her red handbag around her shoulder. Her long tight covered legs striding her forwards through the cafeteria, coated in her red flats and extending out a cute skirt. Damon took notes on everything she wore and attempted to further memorize her face.

"-what about you, Damon?" he heard, shooting him out of his daydream as he crash landed back onto boring old Earth.

"What?" he turned to his friends, not having a clue what was being asked of him.

"Watch Primer with us tonight?" Koby asked.

"What's that?" he asked Koby.

"Mind fuck time travel movie, you'll love it." Koby nodded with a smile.

"Sure, as long as it's short, I need to be in by 7." Damon stood to his feet, throwing his pack over his back as he started his journey to class.

"No problem. See you later." Koby waved him away, turning to go in a different direction with Dylan.

Damon sat down in his science class at the left edge of the classroom, slumping down with his chin laid on his crossed arms.

His science teacher, Mrs Oliver began her class, droning on and on about chemistry. Damon sat and thought more about the Evergreen City protector, 'Rose'. What were her main powers? His mind thought back to the Powerpedia Wiki, he recalled that it read "Flight" & "Size Manipulation" the general public had concluded that most people with powers had super strength already by default. So she was a flight & size hero? There were already 4 people in the Powerpedia Database with flight, Bald Eagle was one, another guy in Vietnam called 'Phitieu' and a third guy in Australia that he forgot the name of.

"You'll need to find yourself a partner. So do that quickly." Mrs Oliver ordered her students, Damon sighed putting his head down. None of his friends were in this class so he'd likely be alone and it'd be embarrassing.

"Damon." he lifted his head to see Mrs Oliver looking at him. - "If you don't have a partner then you can do it on your own up here, where I can help you." she pointed at the desk at the front, many of the students snickered as he started getting up to move seat.

"I don't have a partner." he heard to his right, turning to see Victoria.

"Lucky. Alright guys, pair up and we'll get started." Mrs Oliver continued as Damon returned to his seat instead of moving, Victoria moved swiftly between the other students seats making her way over to Damon, he sat next to him.

"Hi!" her cheery tone enveloping his ears, causing him to blush. He turned slowly. - "Hi..." he cheeped out.

"I've never seen you before, are you new?"

"What? I've been in this class for months." Damon felt that one in his soul, she hadn't even looked at him once, somehow deep down he'd tried to convince himself that she looked at him occassionally just like he did with her.

"Weird. Well I'm Victoria." she pointlessly introduced herself.

"I know who you are." Damon smiled with a light laugh.

"Right." she responded with an awkward look on her face.

Damon realized the awkward tension he'd created, she was likely just introducing herself so he would do the same.

"Damon." he said abruptly without any context.

"What?" she returned, the confusion in her eyes implying she didn't pick up on what he blurted out because of how sudden it was.

"Me. I'm- I'm Damon." she smiled awkwardly and nodded.

"Cool. Well Damon, you better be a nerd because I'm terrible at science." she grimmaced whilst looking at her notebook.

This was his opportunity to show off and make her like him, he quickly plucked his pencil from behind his ear and put it to the paper in front of him. - "Yeahhh, no big deal." quickly attempting to back track through all the lessons he'd stored in his head whilst day dreaming.

"Excellent answers, you two." Mrs Oliver responded as she quickly marked their notes as she passed by towards the end of the lesson. As the teacher wandered away to other students Victoria looked impressed at Damon.

"You ARE good at Science! How did you remember all of that?" she looked surprised at him. Spinning his pencil around his fingers he clicked his tongue whilst tapping the end of the pencil against his head, signalling that it was 'all up here'. She smiled and nodded. If he was being honest with himself he had no idea how he managed to recall such a large chunk of information, the power woman had on men was truly spectacular, he reckoned he could turn a C into an A if he knew he'd get laid for it.

"You should be my tutor or something." Victoria hinted.

"What, me? no, no. I mean yes, yes for sure. I can do that." he backtracked and corrected himself, awkwardly stumbling his way through his words, tapping his pencil against his notebook.

"Okay." Victoria laughed. - "See you next science lesson, smart boy."

"It's Damon." he corrected her with further shock, she'd forgotten his name already.

"Duhh." She responded with a dumbfounded look on her face, causing him to facepalm as she turned around.

Damon left the school grounds as 4pm approached, sitting outside the gates as students poured out trying to escape the prison as quickly as possible. Pulling out his phone as he lingered on the corner of the street.

"Have u guys left yet?" he texted Koby hoping to figure out if he should leave immediately. Damon glanced around looking at all the cars pulling up to pick up various students, his phone buzzed before he could stare much longer.

"We are already half way to my house hurry up" the text read. Damon tutted, looks like he was walking alone. He jay walked quickly across the road holding his hand out for oncoming cars to stop as he made his way down the city street.

'I think I went the wrong way.' Damon thought to himself as he looked at Google Maps confusedly, glancing back up to see if he recognized the street, which he didn't. - "Shit. I think I'm walking to Dylan's on the other side of town, not Koby's..." he groaned as he realized he was going to take longer. Quickly sending the boys a text so they wouldn't pester him.

"Went wrong way mb, be there soon" receiving an immediate reply of a thumbs up reaction, he placed his phone into his pocket and began back tracking.

Before he could step any further back up the street everything started to shake, the busy street came to a grinding halt as cars slowed down, scared to drive any further until they knew what was happening. Damon slowly turned around as every pedestrian on the street looked at each other bewilderingly.

The shaking was brief but a distant explosion was heard, Damon's eyes lingered in the moment as the other pedestrians continued their day, he looked up into the air his eyes falling perfectly onto a gigantic boulder catapulting straight towards him, a middle aged woman crossed in front of him as she walked slowly with sunglasses on and a phone pressed to her ear. Damon leaped forward pulling her to the side his reflexes identified as the closest to safety, which was the right.

Pulling her firmly in the opposite direction she was walking they both hit the ground as the boulder shattered through the pavement into the building behind them, Damon turned quickly jumping to his feet to observe the rubble that nearly crushed him and this lady. He pressed his hand through his air looking around. - "Did that really just happen?" he thought. The middle aged woman certainly thought so, her curse word vocabulary getting put to good use.

"Jesus fucking Christ, what was that??" she screamed looking at the boulder, she was unaware that Damon had saved her skin due to the abrupt crash, everything moved so quickly. Damon wasted no additional moments diving into the building and calling out for anyone in the room.

"Hello?? is everyone okay?" he called out to silence, all the citizens on the street ran away attempting to preserve their own safety, the middle aged woman slowly trotted away leaving behind her teenage saviour. Damon heard movements in the boulder, dropping to his knees spotting an old man underneath it, its weight was not hurting him but rather blocking his path, luckily it wasn't totally flat giving his body plenty of space.

Damon pulled the man out using any strength his skinny teenage body could absorb. He put the mans arm over his shoulder walking him slowly through the hole in the wall. He looked in the direction of the boulder spotting a building down the street with a gargantuan part of it's third floor missing, Rose stood there inside with her back to his direction. Did she not see the rubble? he thought, focusing on getting this elder to safety. The old man began to walk on his own as Damon held his back pressing him forward lightly ensuring he could walk properly.

Damon turned back towards the destruction sprinting back into the zone, he spotted the building again and slowly progressed up it, hopping in and out of alleyways for cover, trying to watch what was happening. The entire street was empty at this point, everyone aware of a fight breaking out. Police set up a blockade at different stretches of the street to disallow people from entering for their own safety. 

He watched Rose fly through the third floor popping in and out of windows, additionally blasting through a wall holding a man wearing body armor holding a firearm, dropping him to the ground below and flying back in. Damon stupidly snuck closer, hiding behind a car whilst peeking over the hood hoping to catch a glimpse of the criminal but he wasn't there, he'd vanished.

At this point he had made his way out to the front of the building only obscuring himself with a small car, he kept gazing out at the building figuring out it was a bank, this must be a bank robbery he thought. As he went to sneak another peek a body came flying towards his face crashing against the other side of the car that he was hiding from, he quickly ducked, lowering himself onto his chest to look under the car. The criminal sat there nearly unconscious after being thrown against the metal vehicle leaving a firm dent in the driver side door. The echoing footsteps of heels could be heard as Damon watched from underneath the car.

The man shrunk against the car down to the size of a Lego figurine as Damon watched with widened eyes, these powers were no joke. The man was no longer blocking his vision from the clacking as he saw a pair of pastel pink boots stepping towards the car and the man beneath them. They stopped above him, the Lego figurine sized man between the boots, now super large for him. - "Really guys? robbing a bank. Big yawn from me." - The heroine leaned down plucking him between her long pink fingernails. She elevated him into the air, turning around to walk away again.

Damon crouched behind the car for another 20 minutes as no more action occurred outside, he finally took his opportunity and shot across the street into another alleyway, looking behind him he watched to make sure nobody was following him. His ears picked up on talking as he trudged through the trash filled alley. Leaning his shoulder against the corner he listened carefully to the talking.

"Please... I needed the money for my daughter." the man cried, his sniffles audible.

"Come on now, don't cry." - "You know I'm just doing my job." the woman spoke softly and compassionately.

The man continued to weep, Damon felt bad for the guy, clearly he didn't want to go to jail and leave his daughter behind, now without money and his company. But justice had to be served. Suddenly his cries became muffled, Damon took note of this as he moved his head forward wanting to peak the corner and watch the scene unfolding, curious as to what was occurring.

His eyes fell upon Rose, the protector of Evergreen City standing in front of this man, wearing the same attire as the criminals from earlier, bulletproof vest, elbow and knee pads, his huge gun flat on the ground collecting dirt. The muffles were coming from her pressing her hand over his face against the brick wall of the building behind him. Damon's single right eye peered out, as wide as it could open, a stark contrast from this morning when he couldn't open them even a little.

The crying man began to shrink as his screams became louder, she kneeled down closer towards the ground as he got smaller, allowing her palm to follow his head. She stopped when it became the size of an apple, stopping his miniaturization at 40cm tall. Wrapping her long fingers all the way around his head, the screams deepened, turning into scratchy moans as the head vanished and guts spewed everywhere around him, the sound waves of crunching noises shooting down the alley into Damon's ears. The small body of the man went limp as the gore slipped from Rose' bare hand.

His face turned into horror as he witnessed murder, his breathing accelerated too fast to control. Rose turned to look in his direction, pulling himself in putting his back against the wall, holding his palm against his chest as he quickly took off to his side, tripping over a garbage bag and rolling onto his back. Panic came over him as he stumbled to his feet taking glances behind him, nothing was there. Darting across the street heading towards the police barricade they had created.

He turned once more as he closed in on it, spotting the pink wearing super-heroine as she watched him from the corner, staring right at him, her finger elevated to her mouth signalling "SHHH." to him. Her hands fell back to her side, his lips trembled as his body shook, the police officer scolded him but that felt like paradise compared to the fear instilled within him. - "Kid you aren't mean't to be in there! Get over here." the police officer commanded, Damon watched the pink figure walk back into the alleyway out of his gaze as the cop dragged him through the barricade and sent him on his way.

"sorry guys im just gonna go home, its late. cya tomorrow" he typed on his phone making 20 mistakes as he couldn't stop his fingers shaking.

"aw man, sure, ok" Koby responded.

Damon spent the entire walk home gazing over his shoulder, sunset had begun and he hoped he'd be able to reach home before it turned dark. Feeling like something was watching him his pace quickened so much that his movement couldn't be defined as walking anymore. Seeing his ground floor apartment building he began running, frantically charging through the front door and fumbling the key into his front door. Realizing his parents weren't home he locked the door, darting up the stairs into his room he shut the window, closed the blinds and curtains, jumping onto his bed and lifting the blanket up to cover his entire body except his eyes which watched the room closely.

Something shot past his window causing him to jolt and let out a yelp in fear. - "oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck." he kept mumbling as he cowered into the corner of his room in the dark.

What the hell was going on... he thought as he nearly erupted in fearful tears.

Chapter End Notes:

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