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Story Notes:

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

All characters have been aged up to be over 18

Inspired by this image https://www.deviantart.com/justanotherravenfan/art/Stranded-on-Aunt-Cass-863347106

Gogo and Honey Lemon were finishing up the last touches on their science project. "Can't believe we've invented a shrink ray of all things, Gogo!" Honey Lemon said as she added the battey to the large ray gun. "The hardest part was making it small enough to be portable. Now that done, we can test out exactly what it does." Gogo says.

She grabs an apple and put it on the table with the yellow target. She looked at the gun's settings on the tablet attached to it. It had two different things to change. The "single target" and "multi-target" setting, which allows either one thing or mulitiple things being shrunk at the same time. The other setting was how big or small the thing would become. What Honey Lemon forgot to mention to Gogo was that she added a third option, and it was a powerful one. The setting was to make the effects stronger and stronger until  they eventually reversed back to the first setting, so if someone got shrunken to a size of a doll, they would shrink smaller and smaller until they eventually reversed back to a doll size again. Gogo didn't know this was a thing and Honey Lemon forgot to turn it off, hopefully this wouldn't come back to bite them. 

Gogo aimed the gun and fired. (Poof!) The apple started shrinking down until all that remained was a small red dot. "Perfect. Now, I don't know about you, Lemon, but I want to make sure that we don't have any accidents." Gogo grabbed Honey Lemon's mirror from her bag and put it on the apple. She realises what she's done, and moves the mirror to check the apple. "Uncrushed, just like you said Honey Lemon. I honestly thought you could't do it." Honey Lemon smiled at the comment, and checked her phone. "Thanks, but we need to the beach soon If we want to stay on schedule and have a month of non-stop fun in the sun!" Gogo shrugged and fired the shrink ray at the mirror,  hitting the edge of it and shrinking it. Gogo didn't see it hit the edge, and thought that the glass wouldn't reflect now. Honey Lemon realised that Gogo shrunk her mirror, and was very annoyed. "HEY! Grow that back!" Honey grabs the gun out of Gogo's hand and fires it at the mirror. Gogo looks at Honey Lemon. "Lemon, you forgot to change it from..."

Before Gogo could finish her sentence, the beam hit the mirror directly, bouncing back at both of them. "Shrink..." Gogo said before they both started loosing inches. They both ran to the table as it reached their faces. the started to climb it as they quickly shrunk. Thankfully, do to the shrink ray being on multi-target, they kept their clothes. Still, they were both about six inches on the target on a table with no way to call anyone, as Honey Lemon left her phone on the shelf. As soon as they caught their breath, they stared at each other, before yelling and arguing about who's fault this is. (You shouldn't have grabbed my mirror, you took the shrink ray out of my hands, etc. etc.) after they stopped fighting, they realise that they need to think of a way to... THUD. They both realise that someones coming in, as they hear the door handle jingle and burst open.

Cass Hamada, or as Hiro's friends call her Aunt Cass, arrives at the School her nephew and all his friends go to so that she can grab his backpack. As she walks in to the student's experiment rooms, she stumbles upon a room with the lights on, which she reads on the door that is Honey Lemon and Gogo's experiment room. She decides to do them a favor and turn off the light. As she opens the door, she sees a table with a target and a weird looking gun on the floor. Cass walks up to the target, and doesn't see anything on the target. She turns around and bends down to pick up the gun. Her ass hits the table and her pants wedge in her crack, making she feels a little self conscious. She makes a mental note to go to the gym tommorow, and grabs the gun. The tablet on the strange thing has an error sign on it. She thinks nothing of it, puts it on the table, and turns the light off before leaving. 

"Yes! We're being saved." Honey Lemon said before a weird feeling overtook her and Gogo. "Oh no, please no!" she says as they both start shrinking down to one inch, and they see Cass burst in the room. "Honey Lemon, what's happening!" Gogo says as Cass starts looking around. "Remember when I said i was working late last week? Well I added a part where the effect would keep working until it eventually reversed. I didn't fully test it though, and forgot about it until now..." Lemon muttered the last part. "WHAT! Oh no!" Gogo said as she saw a familiar face above her. 

"Is that...Cass!" They both started yelling and waving their arms, but they were too small for Cass to see. As they watch Cass turn around, they run toward the end of the table. "Damn, Cass has an ass!" Gogo says to Honey Lemon who is not amused. "Gogo, she's Hiro's Aunt, and our friEEEEND!" As Cass's booty hit the table, they lose their balance, falling straight down into the bouncy buttocks. 

Lucky for the both of them, despite almost falling straight into the deep end, the pants catch them, trapping their lower half of their bodies inbetween Cass's skiny jeans. Gogo tries to get out of her predicament, while Honey Lemon stayed motionless, too scared to move. After hoplessly trying to escape, Gogo felt her back move straight up. Cass had gotten back up, and put the shrink ray on the table, and started to walk out. Gogo and Honey Lemon both looked on in horror as the one thing they needed was going further and further in the distance. Each step taken with Cass's left leg was making it very difficult to move, as Cass's cheeks kept squeezing them.This could be worse, they thought. 

Cass walked throught the building looking fof her nephews backpack, but couldn't find it. Eventually she gave up, and started walking back to her car. She wanted to text Gogo and Honey Lemon if they were on their way to the beach yet, but decided to let them enjoy their month long vacation. She got into the driver seat of the car, and drove back to the cafe.

It felt like hours of Cass just moving her bottom everywhere she could. While Gogo was still struggling to escape, Honey Lemon was devising what to do to get the giantess's attention. Finally, as Cass was leaving the building, Gogo got her hand free. Her victory was short, however, as Cass got into her car. The titanic cheeks against the leather seat crushed the both of them, but "thankfully" they were impossible to destroy. It still hurt as Cass got comfy in her chair. With the preassure of the unaware giantess's ass being only the start, this was going to be a tiring adventure.

Chapter End Notes:

Thanks for reading. This is my first story. I hope you like it. More chapters to come in the future.

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