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Story Notes:
This is the first story I ever wrote. I apologize if the grammar isn’t perfect. Writing is hard.
Author's Chapter Notes:

Please keep in mind that this is only the first chapter. The story starts to really pick up in the second chapter onward.

Eric woke up suddenly one day. He was completely unsure of where he was or what had happened to him. In fact, he had little to no memory of what had happened over the past few days. All he knew is he woke up on a hard white ground, possibly made of marble? His brain couldn’t quite grasp what was around him yet. That is until he started hearing something.

A noise that got louder and louder as whatever was making the noise got closer. Eric could start to even feel the vibrations underneath his feet. Suddenly a massive woman appeared in front of him. Or at least, the upper half of a massive woman appeared in front of him. He realized that he must’ve been standing on some sort of hill or cliff as he was unable to see the bottom half of this completely giant, possibly 1000 foot tall woman.

Eric was completely frozen in his place. Unable to move or even think cause he was so terrified of how large this woman was. The woman started to bent down to face him. He was unsure at first if the woman could see him or if she even knew he was there, but the second she started moving her face towards him, Eric understand that this woman was well aware of his existence. 

Eric, still frozen in place due to fear, watched as the woman’s face drew closer and closer to him. He finally got a good look at her face and his first thought, strangely enough, was “she is very beautiful”. He then looked at her face for a few seconds longer and realized he knew this woman. “Daniela?” He asked the huge woman. “Hi Eric.” Daniela said.

Eric knew Daniela from high school. They were both 23 at this point and hadn’t seen each other for a long time but he remembered exactly what Daniela looked like. She was very pretty. Slightly above average height (about 5’8”), with C-Cup breasts and a very tight butt. She had blonde hair and blues eyes. She was extremely popular and had an amazing personality which made her even more popular. She was also smart in most subjects. He remembered she struggled with science in high school.

Eric was sort of the opposite of her. He was somewhat short, capping off at about 5’6” at the end of high school and into adulthood. He was average looking, didn’t have many friends, and was known to be shy and quite. Despite Daniela being so popular and Eric not being popular at all, Daniela was actually very kind to him. They barely spoke to each other over the 4 years of school but the few times they did, Eric never felt like she flaunted how she was clearly better then him then him in pretty every way. Even though they both knew it was truth. It was something that he appreciated and was also another reason why he found her so attractive.

After the initial interaction between the two, they stood there and stared at each other for a little while. The size difference between them was incredible to say the least and Eric felt more and more inferior the longer he stared. Eric finally broke the silence. “H-how did you get so big?” “W-where am I?” He said. “I’m sure you have a million questions and I’ll answer all of them, but first I need you to get closer so I can hear you better.” Daniela confidently answered.

Before Eric could take a step forward he watched as the humungous woman moved her right hand and placed it on it’s side, behind him. She then curled 3 of her fingers into her palm, leaving only her index finger out. She moved the front part of her index finger down, then into Eric’s back and began to move him towards her face. Eric felt even more inferior when she did this, as he realized that it was actually quicker for her to push him towards her face, then for him to walk or run. Eric was able to get some sense of scale from her doing this. He was about half the height of the width of her index finger. Maybe a little less then that then that.

Daniela finally moved Eric close enough to hear him better. She started speaking. “The first thing I need you to hear, and it may hurt to hear this, is that I am still my regular 5’8”. You are the one that has shrunk.” This information hit Eric like a truck. He didn’t want to believe it at first but it made a lot of sense once he thought about it and once Daniela started to explain his surroundings. “You are currently standing on the counter in the kitchen of my apartment.” Daniela added.

Eric thought their was no way he could feel less inferior and worthless then he did right at that moment but he was about to be proven very wrong. “What happened to me?” He asked in a very terrified voice. Daniela seemed to have a bit of a confused look on her face, as if she didn’t really know how to answer that question. “I’m not really sure…” she said as she took a breath. “We ran into each other a few days ago at a coffee shop. We talked for a little bit while we were waiting in line. You grabbed my coffee by mistake and when you went to give it back to me, our hands touched…” Daniela said, stopping in mid-sentence. “and?” Eric said, waiting patiently for her to continue. “For some reason, I’m not sure why or how, I woke up in my bed, back in my apartment. I looked around and in my left hand was you. Passed out and smaller then any of my finger nails.” Eric felt very tiny and weak when she said that last part. “I was sure you were still alive as you looked like you were breathing. Of course, being as small as you were, I wasn’t 100% confident of that.” Eric continued to feel worse about himself the more Daniela spoke. “So you and I just randomly ended up in your apartment and I was the height that I am now?” Eric said, trying to avoid using the word “tiny” as he didn’t want to make himself feel any smaller. “Well, it’s a little bit more complicated then that…”

Immediately after Daniela said that, she started moving her head back and away from Eric. She then stood up from the counter that she was leaning on to talk to him. Eric wanted to know more about what she meant by those words but he knew she wouldn’t be able to hear his follow up question being this far away. Eric watched as the giant woman moved her right hand from her hip and placed it near her face with her palm facing up. For about a second, Eric was extremely confused by this action. That is until suddenly, without any warning, Eric’s whole world began to change. It was less then half a second but it felt like an eternity as Eric, who was standing on the kitchen counter, magically appeared on Daniela’s massive right hand. Exactly where she had just previously moved it too. Daniela had somehow teleported Eric with her mind.

Eric was of course, completely broken by this. Going from the kitchen counter to a giant woman’s hand in the blink of an eye was so overwhelming for the tiny man that he almost fainted. After a few seconds, Eric started to breathe normally again. He looked up at that beautiful giant’s face.

Eric was a very shy and introverted person. He never liked to show any emotion around people as he didn’t want to seem weak. So fighting through the massive anxiety attack he just had, he regained his composure and without sounding too scared, asked the woman what happened. “What was that?” Eric said in a relaxed voice. Daniela of course, could tell he was freaking out but ignored it. She then went on to attempt to explain what just happened. “When I woke up a few days ago in my bed, not only were you very small and in my hand, but I seemed to have gained some sort of telekinetic ability. Again, I’m not sure how or why, but I seem to have power over certain things. The confusing part of my powers is it depend on the size of the object. Bigger objects, like furniture or human beings. I have little to no power over. Smaller objects like salt shakers and stuff, I have a good amount of power over.” Eric thought about why she used “salt shakers” as an example but quickly realized there was one sitting on the kitchen counter. “And tiny things, like yourself, I have complete control over.”

Eric couldn’t help but feel a bit hurt over the “tiny things” remark. He knew he would probably regret asking this question but feeling irritated he asked it anyways. “What do you mean, ‘complete control’.” He asked in a somewhat annoyed voice. There was a brief pause as Daniela pondered the question. Then suddenly, Eric began to notice that he no longer had any control of his body. Daniela, without moving any of her muscles, started to control all of Eric’s movements. She started by moving individual Lims. First she moved his arms, then his legs, then his head. Finally she moved his entire body all at once. She had a bit of a smile on her face as she was doing this. Eric would have said something if he was able to speak, but he couldn’t. Daniela wouldn’t allow it. After about a minute of showing off her powers, Daniela stopped toying with the tiny man and let him regain control of his body.

Eric felt so weak and pathetic in that moment. It was a very awful feeling. He also realized something else… He was aroused. He didn’t realize it till that moment but he thought back to when he first laid eyes on Daniela. The mix of his inferiority and the fact that she was completely gorgeous was enough to drive him nuts. And the more weak and inferior he felt, the hornier he got. As Eric stood on the giants woman’s hand, he also noticed something else. Had an erection. He hoped to god that Daniela didn’t see it. Or at the very least, if she did see it, she wouldn’t say anything about it.

There was another Brief pause between Daniela showing off her powers to Eric and the next interaction. Eric knew that he needed to be the one to start up the conversation again. “This is crazy.” He said, attempting to say this in a way that wouldn’t show how scared, inferior, and horny he was. He wanted it to seem like he didn’t think it wasn’t THAT big of a deal. It was of course.

Daniela looked deeply at Eric. She could clearly see he was not okay with any of this but knew he was trying to play it off like he was. “I’m so sorry you’re going through this.” She said. “I promise to use this power, especially the power I have over you, for good. I’ve already used my abilities to make you immortal and I will continue to use them to help you.” She added. Eric’s eyes almost pop out of their socket and a new rush of emotions started filling his head. “Immortal?” He said in an Enthusiasm tone, like it was good thing. But he of course he knew it wasn’t. He didn’t want to be like this forever. “Yup! You can still feel pain of course, but you will not die under my control!” She added.

Eric didn’t fully comprehend just how much power Daniela had over him until that very moment. He was completely shocked that this woman had this much control over his entire existence. But then a new thought entered his mind when he realized this massive girl could do pretty much anything she wanted to him. It was a long shot but he decided to ask it. “If you have this much power over me, then can’t you make me big again?” Eric’s hope’s instantly died as he watched the beautiful woman react to his question. “Unfortunately no.” She said. “I’m still trying to understand my powers and figure out what I can and can’t do. I may even be able to make myself more powerful with time and practice.” She added. That gave Eric a very tiny amount of hope as he thought maybe she would some day figure out how to unshrink him. 

“I know this is a crazy amount of information to take in, I still haven’t taken it all in myself. But I’m here for you and will always be here to help.” Daniela said. Similar to when they were in high school together, Daniela didn’t try to flaunt how she was clearly more superior to Eric. He didn’t appreciate it as much this time though.

“Please make yourself at home. I’m going to put you down soon and start making dinner. Before I do, is there anymore questions that you have for me?” Said Daniela. Eric thought for a second, still trying to process everything he had just witnessed over the past half hour. He came up with a good question for her that could potentially have some follow up questions. “Have you told anyone else about what happened?” He asked. She thought the answer to that question would be somewhat obvious to most people regular sized people as there was a lot of evidence that another person was living in this apartment. But Daniela realized that it wasn’t so obvious to the extremely small Eric, who probably doesn’t even know what the apartment he was standing in looked like. She understood the answer to this question could end up causing a lot more trouble for the tiny man so she said it as gently as she could. “Yes, one person… my boyfriend.”

Eric knew that their was no way in hell that Daniela would ever go for a guy like him at his regular size. But at this height, forget about it. But he didn’t even consider the fact that this gorgeous and charming woman might already be in a committed relationship. He thought about how much weirder of a dynamic this would be. Even if she wasn’t in a relationship, she is way too incredible of a woman not to have men coming back to her place on a nightly basis.

While Eric pondered all of this, Daniela continued to speak. “We’ve been living together for a few months now, so even if I wanted to keep all of this from him, it would be pretty tough.” Eric was getting ready to ask a few follow up questions. Maybe even convince her to let him live with his parents again. But all of his questions went away pretty quickly when Daniela continued talking. “I considered telling more people, getting someone to help you, and even contacting your family but I couldn’t do any of those things. I’m not sure what will happen if the world finds out about all of this. And I’m scared of what my life will be like if they do. I know you’ve heard a lot of bad news from me already, but I’m gonna have to give you some more. I can’t let you leave. I can’t let anyone know about my powers.”

Eric instantly started to comprehend his situation. He was a hostage. He did somewhat understand what Daniela was saying about the world finding out about her, but he became increasingly more fearful for his well being. What would a giant woman with complete control over him do if he ever tried to show his very tiny face to the world? He thought back to some of the less obvious hints that Daniela was keeping him here against his will. He thought about how she didn’t really give him a choice when it came to him living here. He thought about how it felt like she made it a priority to show him the full capacity of her powers and what she could do to him. He thought about the fact that she said “You can still feel pain” when referring to his immortality. But why did she give him that power in the first place? Wouldn’t it have just been easier to kill him? Eric wasn’t about to ask either of those questions as he was terrified of the answers. He instantly felt more weak and hopeless. And yet still strangely aroused.

Daniela began to gauge the tiny man’s reaction too what she said. She then quickly changed the subject. “I’m so sorry that all of this happened to you. I’m not sure how long you’ll need to stay here for, but I will try my best not to make this any harder on you.” With the miniature man still in her right palm, she started moving that hand closer to her face. Eric almost fell over as the platform he was standing on started to move. He wasn’t totally sure what she was doing at first but it quickly became clear to him. She was going to kiss him. This wasn’t a romantic kiss or even a kiss to signal Daniela was interested in him. This was a pity kiss.

As Eric moved closer to the giant woman’s face, his inferiority complex continued to grow. He thought that there was no way it could get any worse then this. But he was wrong again.

Eric was too small for Daniela to kiss him with both her lips so only her bottom lip covered his entire body. The second her lips touched him, he was instantly hit with this feeling that pulsed through his whole body. He was climaxing. This wasn’t a regular organism though. This one somehow hurt him. This completely beautiful, giant woman was kissing him cause she took pity for how small and powerless he was too her. And that, for some reason, made Eric so horny that he couldn’t take it. It felt like every single bodily fluid that he had was trying to leave him all at the same time. He wanted to scream at the top of his lungs but he fought back every urge to do so. He tried keeping his balance during the kiss but fell to his knees instantly. The kiss only lasted 2 seconds at most but that was 2 seconds, way too long for Eric.

When Daniela finally started to more away she noticed that Eric was on his knees. “Did I knock you over? Sorry about that.” She said. Somehow she haven’t noticed the intense pain/orgasm that she put the tiny man through. Or at least, if she did notice, she was doing a very good job of ignoring it. Eric of course preferred it that way. He quickly regained his focus, took a deep breath and got back on his feet. His pants were completely soaked but he assumed, or at least hoped, that he was to small for Daniela to see that. “Nah, it’s fine.” He said trying his best too seem cool about it. Of course he wasn’t.

Eric never wanted to experience what he just went through. He hoped to god that Daniela would never attempt to kiss him again. His anxiety was at an all time high, but he tried to calm himself down by thinking “why would she ever want to kiss me again?”.

“My boyfriend should be home soon. I’m gonna put you down for now. Please get comfortable and let me know if you need anything.” Said Daniela. Eric had forgotten about her boyfriend. He knew that this beautiful woman with blue eyes, blonde hair, and an incredible body would never date him. In fact, he probably didn’t even want that considering what he just experienced with that kiss. But the idea of adding a 3rd dimension to this already very strange relationship was terrifying to the little man.

When Daniela talked about putting Eric down, he took that to mean she would place him down on a counter or table. Eric braced himself for Daniela to start moving her hand. He waited for about 5 seconds or so then suddenly it happened again. A rush of anxiety filled the poor tiny person as in the blink of an eye he went from standing on the woman’s hand to a different surrounding all together. He once again had been teleported by Daniela to a different place of the apartment. His new location was much darker then the kitchen. He could tell the ground he was standing on was some sort of dark wood. He believed he was on some sort of dresser. From that realization, Eric assumed that he was in Daniela’s bedroom. He was alone in a dark room stuck on a dresser of a person he barley knew. He decided to do the one thing Daniela told him to do. He sat down and got comfortable.

Chapter End Notes:

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