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Story Notes:

The idea is to design an already established personality for her new powers, so that this person is ready to bring great suffering to the world in a creative and cruel way already in smaller stages of growth. Also, to make it easier for me to write my first GTS story. 

My English is not exactly the best. You can write me if someone likes the text and wants to help me to translate the German text better into English. Unless of course the translation is already enough.

Warning: The story will contain a lot of cruelty, sadism, vore and gore. While the story is roughly based on a "Classic GTS Rampage", the main character will have absolute power. With this absolute power, the character will not only grow, she will literally become a goddess and rule the laws of nature.

Author's Chapter Notes:

The prologue serves to build the character, the action doesn't start until the first chapter.

Book I - Prologue

Cathy, who was 19 and would turn 20 in a few months, lay at night in the place where she would likely spend the rest of her life. She had a cell to herself in the maximum security prison, where she had already spent almost three years of her life in it. She was found guilty of the deprivation of liberty, torture and murder of two people whom she had locked up in her cellar. With them she lived out her desires for months to be able to determine the lives of other people absolutely and directly. 

When her parents were killed in a terrorist attack on her 16th birthday, her world view was shattered, which was to change her character in the long run. She had been smart, very good in school and not conceited, but life taught her early how it works. She was not born pretty, which her peers had to rub in her face since childhood. She was bullied and beaten. Her parents were therefore the only real support she had in life.

She loved the GTS community at the same time, After the death of her parents she ran into more and more violent and gory stories, the tinies were supposed to suffer more and more cruelly, creatively, and in more and more detail. She increasingly ridiculed the kind of story  where the Goddess blamed the tinies for a person's most natural reactions in order to rationalize her own murderousness. Of course the tinies will run away from you and be afraid when something so great and powerful stands before you. Of course, the world will not submit to you all at once, but will fight back. You might think of her as a psychopath today, she sees herself more as a sociopath, but she hadn't been stupid even then.

At some point there came a point where she only felt happy and only felt a life value when she got this feeling of this omnipotence, which the stories about the fictional goddesses tried to bring one closer, with the knowledge that this would never become reality for her. When the last person Cathy thought was her friend betrayed her in front of a running crowd at school, she completely fell in lust after the revelation, kidnapped her "friend" a few days later and locked her up in her basement. Her "friend" had only been friends with her to make the bullying even more cruel by allowing Cathy to at least and yet falsely feel safe with one person until her "friend" revealed the lie.

Her supposed friend, in fact, enjoyed this power to burst Cathy's last foundation by amusing herself with how she revealed her feelings due to false security. How she "whined pathetically as a walking ugliness without parents" because Cathy was consistently bullied. Not only that, she told this in front of all the bullies at school to make the humiliation as great as possible. From that moment on Cathy had finished with life and thought that before she dies she could still simulate this beautiful feeling of omnipotence at least in real life.

For this reason she finally kidnapped and tortured her friend in her basement, loving to finally be able to rule over a person and feel good about it. What her supposed friend had to endure everything, she had to eat and drink her waste, she slowly squeezed her limbs open and one day kidnapped the boyfriend of her supposed friend to finally burst her foundation by cutting off her boyfriend's little darling and feeding it to her "friend". In the end, both died from the wounds of months of torture.

However, when Cathy tried to torture more of her bullies, she was caught by the police before this could happen. As a result, she was tried in court, convicted, and imprisoned. What she had experienced in court confirmed her in how to deal with this world. Of course, she was not stupid, if these people see in Cathy as a mad torturer, she will have to face that. However, the way her bullies presented themselves in court as victims for years and were recognized as such by society, that they got the idea to bully her in the first place because of her "evil kind", that confirmed her to condemn the whole world for the circumstance she was born into.

The bullying was then called by the bullies "a little out of line." The bullies could not deny their actions in court, because there was evidence through the school, but they could rationalize their actions by always seeing Cathy as the monster. Their bullying would even be more of a defense according to them. Cathy herself had not even bothered to explain herself, the beings who called themselves humans were not worth being convinced by her of anything.

One would think that prison had shaped her character for three years, but that person would never have understood her either. She had long since ceased to be a part of reality, reality could no longer harm her, she had not taken on any character traits that one would ascribe to a prison inmate. No, she was completely in her fantasy, she lived her fantasy, the fantasy was the only reason she was alive at all. She used the three years to further educate her Fantasy and come up with more and more torture methods. As a fictional goddess over the world, her real self was just a mask to survive.

Cathy would be able to explain this much better in metaphors, drawing on the stories from the GTS community. In many stories, the earthly self grows into the body of a goddess through certain circumstances and must first become one with the new divine self. If, on the other hand, Cathy were to become a goddess, she would shed the earthly ego and throw it in the trash can; she could finally get rid of what she has long ceased to be and, from her point of view, never was.

Now she lay there again, remembering how it all came to be what she is now. She hated herself for it, surprisingly not for what she did or what she became, but for the fact that she had no power. She had no omnipotence, she despised her lack of omnipotence. If she had this omnipotence, then the world would no longer be safe, the world would completely submit to her lust, her lust would be the only determinant, the only natural law by which the world could still be understood. Everything except her desire would be an uncertainty and without structure. Her desire would be the only constant what one could still think of in the life. 

After she got back to the point where she despised herself, of course the thought should come again that she should finally kill herself. But she enjoyed her fantasy more than being able to really muster the will to kill herself. She was completely in her fantasy and liked to dream at night about dominating the world, how she would torture the world, how every being would be completely at her mercy, how no one could stop her, how she would be beautiful and use the world as her sex toy. With these thoughts she fell asleep, or so she thought, because she was somewhere else, she was in weightless space, it was dark and she was floating.


"I will make your dreams come true"

A very loud voice sounded and Cathy trembled in awe because of the power of the voice. The voice made her body vibrate.  And then Cathy saw it, and as Cathy saw it, it hovered gigantically in front of her. Cathy hovered at a distance at the level of her gigantic breasts. A strange dream Cathy thought, after all she had never before dreamed of a goddess who was not herself. Cathy specially had to be the size of a tictac for the goddess. Moreover, Cathy herself was naked. However, she hovered in front of her with enough distance to still be able to see her face when Cathy started looking up. Is this a nightmare now, Cathy thought. First life tortures her, now her own imagination will turn against her to take everything away from her.

"Nothing will be taken from you, you will possess everything on this planet once I make you one of my angels."

So she could read minds, truly a goddess, Cathy thought and had to suppress a grin. Now Cathy only began to think about her words, she first needed time to even realize the situation she was in. Giving her everything would mean less, that she would die here now by the goddess. However, making her an angel? She thought, a goddess would know exactly what she was like. If she should get power, then the goddess would have to know that Cathy would be everything with it, only certainly no angel. So either she is tortured to get omnipotence and to be allowed to use it only for the deeds that correspond to an angel or....

"the goddess maintains a different definition of an angel," the goddess spoke, words that made Cathy 's body vibrate completely.

Cathy was on the one hand pleased to have come up with the right solution, but at the same time was speechless. Was she dreaming about her own rebirth into the most powerful being on the planet?

"For me you will be an angel, but for the beings on this planet a goddess. You will fulfill a single task for me there, which I will proclaim to you."

Cathy listened intently now, even though the voice made her vibrate. She felt her lust rise. What will be my task, she asked herself. Her goddess would read her thoughts anyway, so she could just think her part.

"Your task is to bring hell into your world. I choose you, thereby you will be connected with me. The universe is subject only to my pleasure."

Then the goddess floated up and revealed to Cathy first her gigantic flat belly and then her titanic femininity by spreading her legs.

"The universe is subject to her," she spoke as she massaged her womanhood. "The task of angels is to satisfy her."

Cathy was in awe. Should she satisfy her goddess now, in this tictac size she was?

"Haha, no, you will use your world to satisfy yourself and that will satisfy me. I like to write my sex stories with real people. There remains only one question. Do you want to live my omnipotence on this planet with the condition to fulfill the task?"

Cathy almost had to laugh. A funny dream, she thought. The price for omnipotence would be to do what she would have done anyway with that omnipotence. And so she answered.

"Yes, I will be your angel."

Cathy tried to bow in zero gravity, but she couldn't really do it.

"Good, then receive my divinity."

Suddenly liquid spurted from her womanhood and entered Cathy's womanhood, the sheer volume covering her completely anyway. And then Cathy suddenly saw light, it became daylight, she was in her cell. She could no longer feel any of this liquid.

"What a beautiful but deceptive dream," Cathy thought in mourning.

Chapter End Notes:

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