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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is another combination of my next two chapters since there was a character limit on writing.com and I wanted to provide the interactive with a few different paths.

This chapter serves to establish the characters a bit more and set the stage for how Quinn is going to get away with punishing one of her new roommates.

Energized by the torture she was putting you through, Quinn excitedly started preparing dinner. As she boiled water and poured a box of mac and cheese into a pot, she happily swayed her hips back in forth, dancing to her internal rhythm of joy that was finally returning to her after you had upset her so greatly. Her big plump cheeks jostled back and forth with her movements, creating a hypnotizing sight to any passerby.

But deep inside her gelatinous mass was you, stamped into a thong that was being assaulted by the thick rear end in all matter of ways. The pressure that surrounded you was pulsing between pretty tight and unbearably heavy, but the heat that came from being at the center of Quinn's deep crack was at a constant high. If anything, it seemed to be getting warmer and more humid already, and you had only been stuck inside of her anal canyon for a few minutes!

Unbeknownst to you, up above in the world of giants, Quinn was just about done making her dinner. After straining the pasta, she added in a packet of powdered cheddar and dropped in half a stick of butter. Typically she just used a table spoon of margarine since she was self-conscious about her weight, but she was ready to prove just how lactose intolerant she was to you tonight. She smiled as she dropped it in, and laughed to herself as she poured in extra milk to make her meal extra saucy. Hunter is going to be so sorry he ever messed with me Quinn thought to herself as she continued laughing.

"What's so funny about your dinner?" Avery entered the apartment and came into the kitchen, with Morgan following behind her with a few bags of groceries. Instantly, Quinn froze and started to get nervous. She stopped swaying her hips, much to your relief, but immediately clenched her asshole against the piece of string that you were attached to. Your vision was completely covered by the center of Quinn's pucker, and she was holding you too tight for you to breathe or taste anything other than her salty orifice.

"You and Hunter getting along a bit better?" asked Morgan as she brushed beside Quinn's dumptruck, which shook your world enough to free you from Quinn's asshole. "We heard you yelling a bit earlier, I hope it wasn't anything serious."

Avery eagerly cut in, "Where is the cute little guy anyway? I was hoping I could get my hands on him." She began laughing bubbily, until Morgan sneered back at her. "I mean.. uh... I just wanted to get to know our new roomie a little better. You can't hog him all to yourself." Avery gave up on putting groceries away with her twin sister, and began glancing down at her phone when she decided to also check out her hot new roommate's butt. Quinn's pajama bottoms were resting less on her waist and now more so on the top of her big booty. Just above the waistband, she noticed a thin band of amethyst. "Ooooh Quinn! Is that a new thong?"

Quinn was really starting to get nervous now, which, unbeknownst to her, was causing her to start sweating underneath her pajama bottoms. She knew that Morgan and Avery wouldn't approve of the way she was treating their new roomie, even if it was for their own good (according to how she saw it). Her mind had to come up with some explanation soon, but she wasn't sure what to say. It's gotta be something that'll get them to forget about Hunter. And something that'll make them leave him alone for the rest of the night... Maybe--

Quinn's train of thought was cut off by Avery hooking her finger around the top of her thong and pulling it up. As it happened, your face was forced right back up against the giantess' asshole, where you got another taste of rectum and became further covered in ass sweat. All of the stenches that came with being this deep within Quinn's huge butt were getting stuck to you. It was clear that you weren't going to escape any of this until you were removed from her hefty flesh.

The feeling surprised Quinn enough to make her jump up and turn around, pushing her butt against the counter in an attempt to hide you further from Avery and Morgan. It caused you to get smeared once again and held tightly against Quinn's clenched sweaty butthole. "Avery, knock it off! Help me put this stuff away," Morgan interjected, getting annoyed that she was the only one putting the groceries away. She turned to Quinn, "Where is Hunter, though? Is everything alright between you guys?" Studying her face, Morgan was starting to get suspicious that Quinn was hiding something.

Quinn was running out of time, she had to say something now or else her jig with you would be up. "Uh... Well..."  The beautiful black-haired girl was searching her mind for any excuse that would keep Morgan and Avery from getting suspicious about where you were. Without thinking her lie too far ahead, she said the first few thoughts that came into her head. "Hunter's in my room. But I wouldn't bother him if I were you!"
Morgan turned to Quinn with a furrowed brow. "Why not? Is he okay?"
"Uh... I don't think so," Quinn continued her lie almost on autopilot, letting the words fall out of her without any consideration for how much trouble they could end up getting you in. "He seemed really upset with all of us."
Avery felt hurt and confused. "What, why? We didn't do anything to him."
"Well... Okay not necessarily at us," Quinn relaxed a bit as her lie was starting to form easier in her stream of consciousness. Subconsciously, though, she began relaxing throughout the rest of her body, which caused her asshole to lose it's tight grip on you. As it weakened, you and the rest of the thong slowly slid out of the immediate grasp of Quinn's pooper and were able to take a breath of considerably fresher air, although it was still incredibly musky and humid.
Still face-to-face with it, you noticed that Quinn's asshole seemed to be flexing at you. You shuddered in fear as you thought of how it was seemingly trying to gobble you up again. It's like it has a mind of it's own you thought to yourself as more anal sweat began to get absorbed into both you and the thong. At least I'm not stuck there.
Outside of the world of booty, Quinn continued explaining things to her roommates as she sat down at the kitchen table with her dinner. "But, the little guy did seem really upset with the fact that this wasn't an apartment for Tinies," said Quinn. Her lie was now starting to sound believable even to her. "I tried to calm him down, but he just yelled at me."
"He what?!" Morgan responded upset. She was caring for Tinies, but did not approve of anyone yelling at her new friend. "That is unacceptable, I'm going to talk to him right now, he can't just treat you like that!" She started to head down the hall when Quinn realized she wasn't out of the woods just yet with her lie.
"No don't! He didn't mean it, I know he didn't," Quinn responded. "He's just really stressed out, I think."
Avery chimed in, "Quinn's right, Sis. Hunter didn't realize what he was getting himself into, moving in with three giant hotties." She laughed to herself before getting back on track. "Just think how stressed out you'd be."
Morgan stopped heading towards Quinn's room and returned to the kitchen solemnly. Her head was down, deflated by the whole situation. She looked at Quinn for reassurance. "You sure you okay?"
"I am," said Quinn. "It's nice of you but you don't have to worry about anything, I promise."
"What about Hunter? Do you think he'll be alright?" asked Morgan.
I need to say something that'll put the cherry on top of this Quinn thought to herself. Something that'll get them to leave it alone for a day, or at least the rest of the night.
Just then, it came to her. "Before I left my room, he got on his laptop and already started looking at new apartments. I don't know if he's serious, but let's just give him a day to cool off, alright girls?" Both sisters agreed before separating to go about their own business. Quinn was proud of herself for coming up with the perfect excuse. This way, Avery and Morgan wouldn't ask about you for the day. And better yet, Quinn thought, is that this would be a perfect way to get Hunter out of the apartment if he didn't learn his lesson from his punishment.
Speaking of punishment, you were still trapped in Quinn's gorgeous butt. Even with her cheeks spilling over the edges of the chair, there was still an incredible amount of pressure being applied to you in all directions. Her butt cheeks might be soft, but the amount of mass they were forcing onto you was making this ten times worse than when you would accidentally be sat on at home. And while you thought you were mangled and squished when Quinn forced you into her thong, you were getting even more annihilated inside of her crack.
Despite the environment, you had been able to make out bits and pieces of the conversation your roommates just had about you. You couldn't believe Quinn would lie so easily about you, and it worried you that she was the sole individual responsible for your current fate. If she wasn't careful, she could easily lose, misplace or even forget about you, and then you would be doomed to an existence as mere butt floss.
Your anxieties worried you more and more, but you were soon distracted when Quinn repositioned herself in her chair before eating. In doing so, her cheeks seemed to pull you right back up against Quinn's still pulsating anus. It began slowly sucking on you like a piece of candy. You wanted to fight it, but Quinn was just too powerful for you.
Feels like someone is getting snug down below Quinn thought to herself before turning to her dinner. Better not get too comfy though. The thick giantess began shoveling mac and cheese into her mouth, savoring the taste of each spoonful. She took extra pleasure each time she swallowed, knowing that a few hours from now the meal that was so tasty to her would be a meal from hell for you.
While Quinn's wrinkly hole sucked on you more and more, you were almost starting to get used to its warm embrace. Part of it was comforting, at least feeling some bit of stimulation instead of just constant pressure. It's kinda like a hug, you thought. A stinky, slimy hug on repeat. But just as you were starting to make peace with the situation Quinn had you trapped in, you heard a deep bassy noise in the distance. Through the fleshy folds of her pucker, Quinn's stomach was already starting to churn from her dinner. What she had said about her lactose intolerance had stuck with you, but you knew that the gurgling sound was only going to beckon a far worse storm than you could have possibly imagined.
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