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After angering his new roommate Quinn, the tiny and squishy Hunter finds himself the butt of her torture.† She decides to turn him into her thong to teach him a lesson, but neither one realizes just how stinky, and how permanent, her punishment is going to be.

These chapters were originally a part of the interactive "A Shrunken Roommate (Re-upload)" by bobob1 on writing.com

Story primarily contains thong and anus TF, farts, and scat.

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Published: December 27 2021 Updated: February 01 2022

1. Quinn's Big Punishment by revival45 [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarhalf-star (2054 words)

This chapter is a combination of my first two chapters that I added to "A Shrunken Roommate (Re-upload)" by bobob1 on writing.com.† This is my biggest storyline yet, as I added it pretty early in the interactive.† My chapters start at the link below:†


Context for the story up until now: 25 years have passed since a mysterious shrinking epidemic that only affected some men has left the world changed.† Life is pretty normal, save for the fact that a small percentage of men exist as inch-tall, squishy and nearly indestructible 'Tinies'.† You're Hunter Woods, and you are one of these Tinies.

Finally old enough to live on your own, you decide to become roommates with a handful of strangers.† However, you made a small mistake and forgot to specify that you were looking for other Tinies to live with, and soon find yourself moving in with 3 beautiful giantesses.† Two of them, Avery and Morgan, are twin sisters.† The third one, Quinn, is also moving in with strangers on a whim.

Upon meeting your new roommates, you decide it'd be good to get to know them a bit better.† Not wanting Quinn to feel left out, you try your best to help her move in and get to know her as a person.† However, due to a terrible misunderstanding when you try to help her clean her room, she finds you with one of her thongs and assumes that you were trying to use your size to perv out on her.† Not one to treat Tinies with any care or handicap, she locks you out of her room, threatening to punish you if you try anything else like that on her again.

Just as you are about to walk away from her door, an unaware Avery accidentally steps on you, flattening you to the carpet outside of Quinn's room.† It'll take some time for you to reform, which is where this story begins...

2. A Secret Between Quinn's Cheeks by revival45 [Reviews - 0] (1870 words)

This is another combination of my next two chapters since there was a character limit on writing.com and I wanted to provide the interactive with a few different paths.

This chapter serves to establish the characters a bit more and set the stage for how Quinn is going to get away with punishing one of her new roommates.

3. Snack Time Under Quinn by revival45 [Reviews - 0] (1678 words)

In this chapter, Quinn decides to really ensure that your punishment is as torturous (and flatulent) as possible.

4. Bathroom Teasing by revival45 [Reviews - 0] (1827 words)

In this chapter, another misunderstanding angers Quinn even further.  Contains a bit of scat.

5. Submerged in Quinn's Shit by revival45 [Reviews - 1] (1678 words)

Another combination of two chapters from writing.com.† Heavy amount of scat in this chapter, obviously.

6. Getting Ready for Bedtime by revival45 [Reviews - 0] (963 words)

This chapter place you back into Quinn's thong, and she gives you one last talking to before sealing you in her fleshy and gassy tomb for the night.

7. Spending the Night Under a Gassy Quinn by revival45 [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarhalf-star (1040 words)

Plenty of gas and sweat in this chapter.  Enjoy!

8. Deep and Dirty Inside of Quinn's Crack by revival45 [Reviews - 0] (1510 words)

Another combination of two chapters from writing.com.  In this one, you escape Quinn's thong but are still stuck in her ass.  Even more gas and sweat, as well as setting the stage for anus TF.

9. Reformed as Quinn's Asshole by revival45 [Reviews - 1] (2428 words)

This is a longer entry, but here is another combination of two chapters due to writing.com's character limit.† This is the start of asshole TF, which is what the rest of this story will focus on.

10. Gas is Blown, but Not Your Cover by revival45 [Reviews - 1] (1552 words)

In this chapter, Quinn and her roommates realize they've lost you, but have no idea how close you really are.  Another combination of two chapters since the second one is pretty short.

11. Working for Quinn as her Asshole by revival45 [Reviews - 0] (1767 words)

Lots of scat in this chapter as Hunter accompanies Quinn to the bathroom.

12. Bound to (a Life as) Quinn's Asshole by revival45 [Reviews - 0] (1271 words)

This chapter has submissive intrusive thoughts, but also serves to further establish the permanence of Hunter's new life.  The story is going to exist from this point on as an unaware anus TF plotline, so if that's not your thing you might want to check out some of my other stories instead of continue on with this one.

13. One Week Later by revival45 [Reviews - 0] (1794 words)

Checking in on Hunter after a week being trapped as Quinn's anus.

14. Long-Term Anal Entrapment by revival45 [Reviews - 0] (1693 words)
Looking at Hunter's existence as Quinn's Anus after several months.  Further descriptions of gradual physical and mental transformation.

15. Quinn's Got a Date! by revival45 [Reviews - 0] (970 words)

This chapter sets the stage for the last little arc for the story.  I'll admit that the direction I go with these characters from this point on is a bit different from what is typical for the interactive.  However, I thought the idea of Quinn and Avery getting together was sweet, and giving Avery a fart fetish was a nice way for me to still have Hunter be involved.  I'll also be the first to recognize that it probably feels a bit tacked on, so for my future stories I'll have to establish those sorts of traits earlier.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy :)

16. 'Freshening Upí with Quinn in the Bathroom by revival45 [Reviews - 0] (1097 words)

In this chapter: As Quinn takes a dump before her date with Avery, she decides to masturbate.  As she does, Hunter's mind begins to welcome his new role more and more.

17. Quinn and Avery's Romantic (and Stinky) Date by revival45 [Reviews - 0] (2504 words)

This is another combination of 2 chapters.† They're a bit longer than what I would normally combine, but I think they work a lot better as a single chapter.

Chapter contains lesbians, gas and more mental degradation.

18. Your Gassy Makeout Session with Avery by revival45 [Reviews - 0] (1642 words)

Chapter contains lesbians, anal rimming, farting and further mental degradation.

19. A Lifetime as Quinn's Anus by revival45 [Reviews - 0] (1287 words)

My final chapter for this storyline.  Chapter continues to contain lesbians, gas, scat and complete mental submission.