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Author's Chapter Notes:

This chapter is a combination of my first two chapters that I added to "A Shrunken Roommate (Re-upload)" by bobob1 on writing.com.  This is my biggest storyline yet, as I added it pretty early in the interactive.  My chapters start at the link below: 


Context for the story up until now: 25 years have passed since a mysterious shrinking epidemic that only affected some men has left the world changed.  Life is pretty normal, save for the fact that a small percentage of men exist as inch-tall, squishy and nearly indestructible 'Tinies'.  You're Hunter Woods, and you are one of these Tinies.

Finally old enough to live on your own, you decide to become roommates with a handful of strangers.  However, you made a small mistake and forgot to specify that you were looking for other Tinies to live with, and soon find yourself moving in with 3 beautiful giantesses.  Two of them, Avery and Morgan, are twin sisters.  The third one, Quinn, is also moving in with strangers on a whim.

Upon meeting your new roommates, you decide it'd be good to get to know them a bit better.  Not wanting Quinn to feel left out, you try your best to help her move in and get to know her as a person.  However, due to a terrible misunderstanding when you try to help her clean her room, she finds you with one of her thongs and assumes that you were trying to use your size to perv out on her.  Not one to treat Tinies with any care or handicap, she locks you out of her room, threatening to punish you if you try anything else like that on her again.

Just as you are about to walk away from her door, an unaware Avery accidentally steps on you, flattening you to the carpet outside of Quinn's room.  It'll take some time for you to reform, which is where this story begins...

"What the hell do you think you're doing down there still?"

Quinn yelled down at you, clearly still upset at the misunderstanding you two just shared. You looked up at her face which was being blocked by her huge bust.  You were still flattened from her and Avery's actions, which left you unable to speak until you reformed more. "Well, explain yourself, pervert!" Quinn's rising anger was making you nervous, but try as you might there was still nothing you could do to reform your mouth any faster, let alone escape your pancaked form.

The giant woman in front of you couldn't tell you were struggling to reform, but could see that you were clearly flat. She bent over and picked you up, bringing your squashed form up to her pretty face. Your eyes met and it was obvious she was fuming. She looked over you in an investigative manor, seeming to study you with almost a predatory attitude. You watched her face and could tell she was coming up with an explanation. It was killing you how badly you just wanted to explain everything to her, but still you were struggling to reform after Avery planted all of her weight straight down on you.

"Hunter," Quinn said slowly, "did you flatten yourself like this so that you could sneak back into my bedroom?" Panic filled you as it became clear Quinn was theorizing the worst case scenario. She was still mad, but if you didn't give her some kind of sign soon then she was going to make herself a lot more worked up. "That was it, wasn't it? Answer me!"

Quinn's hand was starting to shake a bit in rage, which caused you to flail in the air and further hinder your reformation efforts. "Nothing, huh? Too ashamed to admit I'm right, are you?" the thick giantess continued interrogating you, and you were helpless to calm her down.

She was shaking you too much for you to even bother trying to reshape your body, so you focused all of your energy onto your mouth so that you could at least explain to her that she had the wrong idea. "Q-q-q-qu-qui-quiiinn... p-pl-pleasseee s-s-stooooppp... I-i-i can expla--" you were cut off as Quinn decided that she had heard enough. Enraged, she crushed you fully in her hand, completely removing your ability to speak yet again and further mangling your squishy body.

"I've heard enough, sicko! You think you can just infiltrate your way into a girl's apartment and just have open season on all three of us? What are we, some prizes for you to take advantage of? Think being a tiny surrounded by us is some sort of heaven? Well Hunter, you've got a lot to learn about the real world. I'm going to show you just how dangerous the world can be for an ungrateful tiny like you." Quinn's blind rage towards you was bringing a lot out of her. It didn't come from a toxic place; she actually cared immensely for Tinies and knew they had a hard time in the world. But she still had a zero tolerance policy for assholes, regardless of their size. And currently, your existence as an ungrateful tiny pervert (in her eyes) was offending her on every level. "Maybe this will teach you a lesson, jerk! If not, then I think you're gonna have to find a new place to live."

Turning back into her bedroom and slamming the door, Quinn was already scheming up some sort of devious punishment for you. Typically, Quinn treats Tinies incredibly fairly, for both better and worse. She doesn't want to condescend them in a way that makes them feel lesser than others, so she treats them as equals despite the height difference. After all, most Tinies are already kind since the world is so hard on them. It's not often she encounters someone rude that's this small, but when she does, there's always a part of her that wants to make things a bit harder for him than it already is. And today, she finally gets the chance with you.

You were still trapped in Quinn's tight clutches, but you heard her moving around the room. Her prolonged grip on you was doing a number on your already mangled body, and you knew that you'd be at Quinn's mercy for a while since reformation was going to take extra long now. Finally, she opened her hand and you were free from pressure. As your eyes adjusted back to the light in Quinn's room, you moved your eyes to see Quinn. Only now, instead of the enraged face you were getting so used to seeing her don, she was grinning menacingly and leering down at you. Your eyes drifted down her curvy bust and followed her other arm to see that she was holding the same amethyst-colored thong she caught you snooping in. Uh-oh you thought to yourself. You had a bad feeling that you could already tell where this was going.

Your captor dropped you down on a brown desk in front of her. "So, you like perving around in women's panties, Hunter?" she asked. "Lots of guys do. But you gotta be careful about it, especially when you're so small," she continued her speech with equal parts of condescension, flirtation and domination.

"After all, if you're not careful you could find yourself inside of a pair that someone's about to put on." Quinn began stretching the thong in and out while keeping her eyes locked dead on you. "And if you're unlucky, that person could keep those panties on for a nice long time. Even all. night. long." Your heart raced as she stopped playing with the thong and tossed it down unceremoniously beside your immobile, helpless form. You tried to feel for any part of your body that could budge or move, but you already knew that you weren't going to find it with the shape you were in.

Quinn moved her hands towards you and began to play with your body like a piece of putty, first by pulling it to its limits, then by balling it up in her hands, before setting you gently back down. However, you could tell that now you weren't touching the surface of the desk. What she had set you down on was soft, and the color purple was stretched out in front of you like a narrow road.

"And if you're really unlucky," Quinn continued while wiggling off the pants and undies she had on right in front of you, "that person could be dirty and filthy from not showering all day since they could just save it for tomorrow instead." Her words were already terrifying you, but for just a moment you had to stop and admire Quinn's incredibly pudgy thighs and the rotund naked ass that was right in front of you. Even in the current state you were in, Quinn's big sexy body was easily turning you on (although your penis was currently mashed up into the ball you had been molded into).

Quinn looked down at the flesh colored ball that was sitting in the middle of her thong. As Indiscernible as the rest of your form was, she could still see your eyes, and the fact that they were now looking at her nude lower half. God, this guy really just doesn't get it, does he? she thought to herself. Annoyed, she slammed her hand down right onto you, flattening you yet again. This time, though, she started steamrolling you into the soft service. Like dough, she was kneading you into her thong.

"And if you're really unlucky, or just plain perverted, that person might have a really big ass that gets really hot and sweaty during the night! Are you getting the message yet, Hunter?" As Quinn's hand moved back and forth and continued pressing you into the panties, you thought back to how just yesterday you were super excited to finally be moving out.

The giant girl finished after what felt like an hour, but in reality was just a minute. When she moved her hands away, Quinn looked down to admire her work. Just like that, she now had a thong with a tiny pervert entombed in the middle of it. You had been so smashed into the thong that your skin was semi-opaque, and a lot of the purple cloth that made up the thong was actually able to make it's way through you. In fact, if a passerby weren't looking for you, they'd likely mistake you for just a normal old thong. "Perfect!" Quinn growled happily to herself.

She lifted you off the desk and brought you to the floor where she quickly stepped into the thong's leg holes. Once she stepped into it, you were forced to look straight up from the ground into the deep crack that made up Quinn's juicy ass. Without warning, she began lifting you up her legs, before stopping you right before her butt cheeks. You were stuck suspended in between her soft, warm thighs. Only your eyes were peaking out, looking in fear at the incredible canyon that made up her ass that you were about to be plunged into. Already you could sense the rank warmness that Quinn had been warning you about.

"Oh yeah, I never finished what I was going to say," Quinn said. "And if you just so happen to be perhaps the most unlucky little guy in the world, then that person could be lactose intolerant. And they just might love ice cream and milk and cheese and all that stuff SO much that they don't mind all the damage it does to them... especially back there. That, or you could just be a pervert that finally needs to learn that the world isn't his plaything."

Quinn lifted the thong the rest of the way up and around her mountainous rear. For her, it was all done it one quick motion, but for you it was a whole ordeal. First she wedged you right into her smelly butt crack until you got stuck, at which point she stretched you back out for one last breath of fresh air before submerging you yet again into her sea of an ass. The piece of butt floss you were attached to was pushed and ground further and further into the center of Quinn's globular cheeks. Immediately everything was magnified, from the amount of pressure coming from the caboose she was hauling to the scent of rankness that came with being in such a gross place. The heat was already intense and making it uncomfortable to simply exist in, while you were quickly getting covered in salty sweat. Deeper still were you getting pulled in, until your environment shifted from pale skin to a wrinkly brown darkness. You knew you were finally in place when you felt yourself get rubbed up against some short coarse, slimy hairs. Your vision adjusted to see Quinn's anus right in front of you, a vent for her body's internal heat and intestinal matter. It looked about the size of you, a fact that you soon confirmed when Quinn gave her thong one last tug that put you right up against it.

Your mind screamed at your body to recoil back in disgust, but it could do no such thing. You were in a different world now: that of Quinn's ass. Here, you had no control over anything. You were completely at the mercy of a woman who thought you were some sort of perverse asshole. Ironic that you ended up here, you thought.

Quinn put on some pajamas and looked at the clock: 7:30 pm. It was time to make some dinner, then maybe have a few snacks afterwards. Maybe a big bowl of mac and cheese, her favorite, followed by a bowl of popcorn and some ice cream, her other favorite. She smiled to herself as she headed out of her room, certain that this punishment was going to teach Hunter a lesson, if not scare him out of the apartment for good. Before opening the door, she turned to her generous backside. "Good luck, little guy, you're gonna need it." Quinn whispered some words of encouragement. However, it was lost on you, as there was no way her voice could penetrate through all the butt flesh that you were now entombed in.

Chapter End Notes:

I'll be adding chapters here everyday or so since I want to make a few edits, but the full story can be found at the link I provided above for people that want to see it ahead of time.  Hope you enjoy :)

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