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When you woke up, you found yourself unable to move again, but no longer smelled like manure. You were all for small victories, but still had a goal in mind: get home to your mother and Mary. You looked around and noticed you were surrounded by what looked like a large blue canvas made of cloth. Okay, let me retrace my steps you thought to yourself. The last thing you remembered was being in the washing machine, surrounded by clothes and soap. It then occurred to you that you must have been attached to some piece of clothing. But what piece, and who does this belong to? you wondered.

Just then, the world around you shook violently and was pulled into light when someone opened the drawer with you in it. When your eyes adjusted to the light, you noticed it was your older cousin Kat! After yesterday's close call, you decided you were in enough trouble that you needed her help, even if that meant risking some sort of torture from her. You tried to yell, but couldn't. It seemed that during your most recent reformation, you had lost your mouth. But still the question remained, what were you attached to?

Kat was groggy still from waking up, but was surprised to see that her mom was nice enough to put her clothes away for her. "Aw, how sweet. Thanks Mom," she said to herself. She was excited to have the day off to herself, and figured she'd make it as special as she could after the week's hard work. And what better way to start it off than with her favorite pair of panties.

Suddenly Kat's giant hand grabbed you and picked you up, and she brought you down to her feet. You looked up and were surprised to see that she was naked, until it dawned on you that she wouldn't be for long. "Kat wait! It's Jack!" you wanted to yell but couldn't. She put both of her feet into the holes of her panties and started to lift you up until you were right under her plump butt cheeks. Then she stretched your form back as much as she could until it went completely around her plump butt, at which point she let go of the waistband and it snapped into place. That last action brought your face even closer to your cousin's buttcheeks, as you were completely fused with the seat of her underwear. Your face, although stretched out, was pushed right up against her soft skin and wedged just slightly into her asscrack, where you quickly realized your sense of smell still remained.

Kat picked out the rest of her clothes easily, as she was just going to have a lazy day around the house. As she moved, her cheeks pressed more and more against you, and her panties slid gradually into the center of her big rear. As she put on a pair of comfy sweatpants she had to bend her legs up before putting them into them, which caused your face to smear more and more over her butt. Finally, she pulled her pants up over you, again sealing you into darkness with nothing to stare at but her deep crack.

Wanting to make the most out of her day off, Kat made a big breakfast with eggs, pancakes, bacon and a glass of milk from her family's cows. She always tried to take advantage of the resources her family had despite the fact that she was lactose intolerant. But things like excessive gas didn't bother Kat, especially since she knew she was just going to have a day to herself. After breakfast, she laid on the couch to watch some TV while her meal digested. For you, there really wasn't much to do except wait and hope that your mouth would somehow reform, but being fused to Kat's underwear was now a different issue for you. Was there any way you could make contact with her? You tried to brainstorm some ideas while Kat's huge butt pushed you more and more into the couch. It was hard to concentrate with all the pressure, as well as the heat that came with being enclosed in a pair of sweats. How could this get any worse? you wondered.

Just then, Kat's body had an answer. Her breakfast had finally digested and built up enough pressure in her gut that she started expelling her gas. Kat was comfy with how she was positioned, with her butt facing down into the couch with no air flow. She always liked sitting like this since she enjoyed the warm feeling she got on her ass when she'd fart with nowhere for it to escape. She stayed in this position while she binged Netflix, only moving to eat some veggies and dip.

While you were looking directly up at Kat's asscrack, it started to hiss and blow out gas. There was no where for her buttcheeks to move so all of her gas slipped out in a steady stream directly onto you, and it made you want to gag instantly. You understood that it was a natural process, but being right at the epicenter of a giant girl's asshole for a nonstop bout of flatulence is a different game entirely. You had no choice but to let it all continue to pass onto and through your stretched cloth form. After an hour, Kat's butt still showed no sign of slowing, and the heat that was coming from inside of her body had no where to escape. Her butt started to sweat, which drenched onto you as your cloth body absorbed it. Without anywhere for the heat or gas to escape, it had no where to go except into you, and the gas particles settled within your fibers. You had absolutely nothing else to experience, other than the sight of your cousin's sweaty rear and the taste and smell of her flatulence.

After the long day of experiencing nothing but Kat's farts at point blank range, she finally slid you off and threw you into her dirty clothes hamper, along with the rest of her clothes. There you remained for a week with the pungent smell of Kat's gas and sweat still ingrained in your cloth form, until you were thrown into the wash and again found yourself back in her drawers, where you'd wait until her next day off when she wanted to wear her most comfortable pair of panties. Like clockwork, this repeated every single week, first for a month, then two, then 6, then a year, and more.

Each cycle you would wait and pray that your mouth would finally reform, all while you experienced gradual, but very important, changes in your existence. First was that you'd become more and more stretched out, as each time Kat would put you on over her huge rear you'd grow a little more elastic. Next, your color changed from a cute bold blue to a dull brown, having been exposed to Kat's gas for so long. Then there was your smell, which got worse and worse, but didn't matter since Kat only wore you on her personal days when she wouldn't be around anybody. Even with your weekly bath in the wash, there was always at least a small amount of gas particles that fused with you, always haunting you and never letting you taste anything else but rankness. Finally it was your mind that was last to go, as exposure to nothing but Kat's farts and buttcheeks convinced you that you really were nothing but her panties. There was no life waiting for you, no escape to look forward to, no way to call for help, nothing but the smell of Kat's digested food. You even began to prefer the days when you'd at least be worn, since there was still some type of physical contact that reminded you of what it was to be human. Spending the rest of your week in the dirty clothes hamper surrounded by other sweaty attire was the worst part, as the boredom that came with being inanimate was awful. At least when you were with Kat, you were serving a purpose. Everything else was just waiting.

5 years after first becoming Kat's favorite pair of panties, after eating flatulence for the entire day, the unthinkable happened while she was removing you.


While stretching you back over her sizable rear, Kat's favorite pair of underwear snapped and she held them up to her face. "Oh no! They've ripped!" She cried, "These were so comfy!" It took you a second to recognize Kat's face, but once you did your memories came rushing back to you and your consciousness returned. As it did, the rest of your body seemed to slip right out of the tear in the worn out fabric, until you fell on the ground right in front of your cousin. "WHAT THE FUCK?!" Kat screamed while you finally began to reform in front of her. "Is that you Jack?"

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