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   “Where are we?” Jack mumbled as he got up from the ground while rubbing his head. Just a moment ago, he and the class along with Professor Whitaker, were just in the laboratory helping with the new Bioengineering project. They have been working on it for months, and both his peers and the professor were getting frustrated with their lack of progress. Today was supposedly the day that things would turn around. The thing was, no one really knew what this top secret project was about. Their professor just said they would get a superb letter of recommendation and college credit for helping her. Need she say more?


   “Uh guys, what was that?” he said aloud. Slowly, Jack regained his vision and looked around. He saw his friend Michael, sitting down not too far away, rubbing his head like he just woke up from a bad hangover. The floor was cold and dirty and it looked oddly similar to the tile from the laboratory but somehow it looked different, but wasn’t sure why. The last thing he remembered was a bright blinding flash emitting from the machine they had been working and then he was out like a light. 

   He looked further into the distance, squinting, trying to focus his vision. He saw someone else, wearing what looked to be a blazer and a gray skirt. “Professor Whitaker!” he shouted as he jumped and waved his hands to get her attention, but to no avail. It was strange, she didn’t turn around, instead she just stood there, still as can be, looking up towards the ceiling. Jack followed her gaze and his heart instantly sank...he was right, they were in the same laboratory, but everything was bigger...much much bigger. From his educated guess (Jack was really good at mathematics), it looked like they had somehow shrunk to the size of a small black ant. 


   There it was again! A deafening bass sound reverberated through the ground, shaking his ear drums so much they hurt. He wasn’t sure what to make of that sound or what to do next. Okay, we will be fine, I just need to get to the professor, I know she can help us with this mess. Just as he began to walk over to Professor Whitaker, the door to the laboratory swung open and there walked in an absolutely colossal figure. “Oh...fuck...oh fuck no” he said outloud. Jack stood in his tracks, not making a move. There stood Megan, the class hottie, the one he had always had a crush on. She had beautiful crismon hair that always rested upon her shoulders and these soul piercing green eyes. Megan stopped as soon as she opened the door. She was probably just as confused as they were, wondering where everyone had gone. To them she seemed like a monolith, something so huge it could barely be understood by their tiny human brains. Something so large, so massive, no normal human would ever encounter anything like that in their lifetime.

   Jack looked around, his peers slowly started to get up and others who must have awoken before him, began to jump and scream. In the distance he heard his classmate Janet scream “hey Megan, over here! We are down here! Help us! Something went wrong with the machine!” Megan didn’t even look down, of course she didn’t. At this size she could barely see us, let alone hear us. Jack thought it was best to probably get somewhere safe like under a cabinet, but before he could make a move his attention was drawn towards Jessica and her three friends screaming and waving as they were running towards Megan. They were running so fast but at this size, it took them forever to cover the tiniest bit of distance, like a traveler traversing a huge desert. Megan kept still, looking around. 

   “HELLO? IS ANYONE HERE” the goliath bellowed. The sheer volume of her voice was too much to bear. Jack put his hands over his ears to block the sound but never kept his eyes off of his classmates who kept running towards her. Then that is when it happened. His heart sank, his stomach churned, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The colossal human began to move. She lifted her foot off of the ground, revealing the undersides of her black ankle boots. Even from this distance, Jack could see the dirt and grime covering the bottom of the boot. Then he heard high pitched screaming as he realized the shadow of her boot loomed over Jessica and her friends and in just one step, they were wiped from existence. 


   The single step sent an earth shattering rumble throughout the floor, knocking him to the ground. That was it. Only chaos ensued as everyone around him began screaming and running around...like well, bugs. Jack twisted and turned, looking for any bit of coverage, and saw the cabinet right in front of him. He kept running as fast as he could, with each step of Megan’s shifting him off balance. Panting and running out of breath, Jack could see the edge of the cabinet. Almost there...almost there. He felt his heart pumping and his breathing get faster and faster until another earthquake violently threw him to the ground. He rubbed his head, the back of it pounding like crazy. Before he could look up, the sky above him darkened as the colossal bottom of the boot quickly came crashing down on him, smearing him to a tiny red pulp on the floor.

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