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Story Notes:

Done as a commission.

Author's Chapter Notes:

First chapter. This is a bit shorter and mainly introductory. Client wanted to save the bulk of the action for longer chapters.



You were sitting at the bar with an old friend in an English pub. Lydia. You weren’t the best of friends with her, and sometimes she even outright irritated you were her absent-mindedness. One thing was for sure though, she made for great company when you went drinking together. She was also one of the many people that was involved in the giantess community. If she wanted to, Lydia could just touch you and have you down to any size she wanted.


You were sipping a glass of expensive sauvignon blanc, savoring the strong but sweet flavor and trying not to lose any down your chin as you laughed at Lydia’s latest joke. Then you felt a tight pinch on my cheeks. Lydia had darted her hand out and given me a fine squeeze. In a matter of seconds, you were shrunken down to an inch tall. I wasn’t even as tall as someone’s little finger now! She had done this to you a few times in the past and got a great laugh out of it. You were never amused any of those times, and were fixated on two things: How small you were compared to the glass of wine you were just drinking as you stood atop the table; and how annoyed you were with Lydia for once again imposing this stupid (and sometimes terrifying) joke on you. You quivered a little in anxiety, not feeling entirely safe over being shrunken by someone that had been drinking alcohol, but you tried to hide it through your frustration. It was a veil to hide some real concerns.


“Lydia!” you screamed out. Your voice was hard to make out with all the music and chatter around you. “You know I don’t like this. I’m going to ask you nicely, turn me back to normal and never ever do this again!”


The effects of the alcohol were beginning to show in Lydia’s behavior.

“Oh shush, LITTLE GIRL. I’m just messing around. Let me have a little fun with you first and then I’ll change you back.”


Lydia raised her hands and started slamming them back and forth to both your left and right.




You felt the intense vibrations in the wood beneath your feet as you bolted back and forth; trying to avoid Lydia’s gigantic hands and having nowhere to go. It was a long fall to the floor and the best you could do in this situation was to wait for her to have her fun and grow you back again. You were completely powerless to her sloppy behavior. Although to her this was little more than tipsy goofing around and fair game, to you it was genuine fear for your safety.


As Lydia laughed and got a great deal of amusement from your ordeal, you attempt to scream out for help from someone else in the bar.




People around you are either disinterested, or the music is too loud to draw their attention.


“Oh, calm down, you baby.” Lydia said, as she suddenly stopped slamming her hands and took another sip of wine. “Fine. I’ll change you back. Way to spoil the fun.”


You were pleased to see this so short-lived, but still very angry with Lydia. You definitely weren’t going to go out drinking with her again anytime soon. As she reached out to touch you again, Lydia felt a hand on her shoulder. In response, she drew her hand back and didn’t unshrink you to address this surprise.

It was a pretty girl in her late 20s. Brown hair, hazel eyes. She was wearing dark lipstick and a black silk dress. She was accompanied by two other women, also pretty and also a similar age.


“Hey there!” the girl said. “We couldn’t but notice you sitting alone. But then we saw you playing with a tiny person! We love playing with tiny people too and thought we could join in!”


Lydia drew her hand away completely. A sinking feeling overcame your stomach. You knew this couldn’t end well for you.


Lydia looked anxious initially, but decided to welcome the company. “I don’t hang out with strangers in bars much.”


“It’s okay to be shy,” the brunette said, “the three of us actually just met ourselves. Maybe we could all be friends? Even if it’s just for a night. Drink and play with the tiny girl together!”

The brunette turned her eyes to look at you. Deviously she said “I especially love playing with little bitches like you!” and chuckled. You gulped as anxiety washed over you.


The girls all exchanged names. The brunette’s name was Jackie. She was an American girl and her accent said all about how far away she was from. She was the evident ringleader of the trio, and could probably start barking orders at the others and get away with her. She had a strong dominant streak that Lydia was instantly drawn to. Her personality was matched by her breasts. Perky and able to draw the attention of any wandering eye.


The second girl was Emily. She looked pretty similar in age to Jackie, if a few years younger. The woman had light blonde hair, not unlike Lydia’s. Her body spoke volumes about her lifestyle. She had a toned, sporty body that screamed that she was a gym junkie. She was also a little more local, speaking with a thick Yorkshire accent. Being an outspoken girl normally, she might have been the only one willing to tell Jackie to stick it when needed.


The third girl was Morgan. She had long black hair, light olive skin and wide hips. She had a real Mediterranean look, but she had really come from Canada. In many ways she was the reverse of her two other new friends. While they were both authoritative, she was a lot bubblier. You could excite her with ease, and tiny people were one such source of this excitement.


For a few minutes, you watched as Lydia, Morgan, Jackie and Emily got more acquainted. They threw ideas around for what kind of game they should play with tiny you. You hoped that it wouldn’t involve more hands being thrown down on the hand table and violating your ears with loud booms. Then Morgan pulled out a deck of cards from her handbag. She began shuffling them with a seductive glint in her expression.


“Hey Lydia, you know how to play Poker? I’m a killer when it comes to Texas Hold ‘Em and I’d love to see if any of you could beat me.”


You knew that Lydia was a modest player of the game. She tipsily nodded to Morgan.


“Winner gets the tiny prize.”

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