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Author's Chapter Notes:

                Liz was both excited and confused. She hadn’t expected Jake to take this long to finally call her, but she finally had a chance to meet him outside of work. Had her little wish at the fountain yesterday actually worked?

Jake’s call had confused her a bit, though. He didn’t sound normal and something was clearly wrong, so why had he chosen to call her? Liz wasn’t about to question a chance to meet Jake, though, so within a minute she had straightened her relatively short hair, thrown on some tight jean shorts and a crop top, sprayed on a light floral scent and away she went. She had a massive crush on Jake and wasn’t about to miss a chance to lure him in.

                Getting into her car Liz again wondered what was going on with the little wolf. She had given Jake her number at least a couple months ago but he had never called. Initially she had been hurt but then she worried if maybe the problem was her.  Maybe Jake wasn’t into her. She wanted to ask him, but she was worried about jeopardizing the friendship they already had by coming across as desperate or needy. She felt bad about the accidental height joke she had made in the office yesterday. Maybe Jake just wasn’t into taller girls.

It probably didn’t help that she had joked about his interest in humans. What Jake didn’t know was that Liz was probably more turned on by Jake’s fantasies than he was. There was no way she would tell him that, though. She had already gotten to be a friend of his at work and didn’t want to seem creepy talking about those kinds of interests in the office. Jake had brought up his own interest, but she wasn’t ready to share yet for fear of coming across as weird.

At least Jake seemed to notice that she had gotten in shape. She hadn’t really focused on fitness before but the second Jake showed up she had a goal to motivate her. Suddenly jogging had ceased to be a chore and instead became a way to help her stand out to the man she was after. The man she was driving over to meet right now. Man was she getting nervous. What was going on? Was he alright?

It wasn’t too long before she pulled into the parking lot of Jake’s building. She parked out front and texted Jake letting him know that she had arrived. Then she headed over to grab the hidden key. As she was retrieving it, she received a text giving her directions once she entered the apartment. Directions? Couldn’t he just come and greet her? This was quickly getting weirder. Jake was worth the chance though, and worst-case scenario she had a metre on him, so she didn’t need to worry about him trying anything funny, but Jake wasn’t like that. Jake was nice. Weird. But nice. He was also quite shy, but he had started to open up to her and that had made him stand out compared to the other guys in the office. For Jake she was willing to have a little faith.

Liz turned the key and slowly opened to door. “Jake? You there?”


Liz wasn’t sure what kind of game he was playing but maybe he actually was in trouble. She pushed the door open, ducking her head under the slightly low (to her) frame and stepped in. Down the hall and second door on the left. Here goes nothing...

*             *             *

Jake had been nearly dozed off when the phone he was leaning against suddenly vibrated jarringly against his small frame. “Holy crap!” he exclaimed, not at all composed nor ready for anything the world was throwing at him today. He could only imagine how crazy things were going to get as the day went on.

Turning to look at the screen he saw that Liz had just texted. She had arrived far quicker than he had expected. Jake had already told her where to find the key but realized he still hadn’t told her where to go once she got in. After all, it wasn’t like he could open his door to go and greet her. He worked as fast as he could to quickly text her some directions. He knew this would come across as sketchy, but she was his only hope at this point and he couldn’t think of anyone else to call. 

Suddenly he started hearing noises in the distance.



“Jake? You there?” a resounding voice carried through the house.

After a few seconds silence Jake heard it. A hooved foot stepping into the house. Then a second. As the thumps grew nearer the ground below him began to shake slightly with each impact. Then he saw it. Her hooves cast shadows below the door as she paused on the other side.

Jake’s instincts took over as he grew nervous.  He was alone with a behemoth in his apartment. A behemoth that was looking for him. A behemoth that he had invited in. There was no turning back now. No running, no escape. His life was about to be in her hands. Looking across the room his vision panned up from the gap below the door up to the handle which began to twist.

The door he couldn’t have hoped to budge eased open effortlessly. There she was: his coworker, his friend from work, and his secret crush. “Jake? You alright? Are you in here?” her voice boomed as she scanned across the messy but otherwise empty room.

Jake should have stood up. He should have called out to her or started shouting and waving his arms. Instead, he froze. There, filling the doorway in front of him with her head slouching beneath the door frame was one of the most beautiful views he had ever seen. Liz was more than attractive at work, but the shorts and top she had on displayed her athletic frame far more than he had ever seen in the office.

Her hooves were now nearly the same height as he, slightly taller even. Her muscular legs stretched up like towers into her athletic waist and hips. Liz did not have a big butt, but it wasn’t flat either. She had clearly been doing squats or some other kind of exercise. Her bare midriff stretched up and into her top which contained her relatively small for her size breasts, another product of her athletic habits. Her chest did have curves, but her breasts were not by any means huge in proportion to any other part of her body. Her hazel furred face with its white stripe up her nose looked beautiful as ever while her bright, hazel eyes scanned the room looking for him.

“Jake?” Liz’s voice was filled with worry, now. “What’s going on?”

The booming voice snapped Jake back into reality and he realized he had to get Liz’s attention quickly before she decided to look elsewhere.

Jumping to his feet, making sure to hold his sock-toga in one hand, Jake waved his free arm in the air and began to shout, “Liz! Liz! I’m here!”

“Jake?” Liz replied, clearly hearing the voice but unable to locate its source. Her ears flicked up and her eyes looked around once again.

She had heard him! “Down here, by the phone!” he shouted. Jake jumped as best as he could with his heavy toga.

Liz’s eyes scanned down and widened, locked on something small that seemed to be jumping and dancing in a sock next to a cell phone as long as the little being probably was tall. “What the… Jake? What’s going on?”

Liz tilted her head in confusion and took a cautious step forward and into the room. Then took another step forward, edging closer to Jake. Her face made it clear she was confused. Jake began feeling uncertain too as Liz’s two and a half-metre form approached and absolutely towered over his maybe 14 or 15-centimetre form, but he didn’t run. He had to trust Liz, and deep down he felt that he could.

Liz thumped a few paces closer before gently settling down into a kneel with her hands on her thighs. “What are you … Are you, are you a human? Where’s Jake?” she asked, finally accepting that the tiny being she was looking at was real.

“I am Jake! I woke up like this and I don’t know how to turn back,” Jake tried to explain, equally clueless and confused.

“Jake? Is that really you? What do you mean you woke up like this?” Liz asked, concern filling her voice as disbelief creeped across her face. Had yesterday’s wish caused this? No that was impossible. This was impossible.  

“I don’t know what happened, but when I woke up I was … tiny. And human,” was all Jake could say to explain. “I didn’t know who to call, but you’ve been such a good friend that I thought maybe, maybe you could…” Jake trailed off, his uncertainty taking over again. What was he thinking, he barely knew Liz, why would she…

“Help you?” Jake felt a small rush in his chest as Liz finished where he had left off.

“Yeah. I don’t. Would you. Could I,” Jake just couldn’t get the words out, suddenly feeling weak and helpless in front of his now massive crush from work.

“Just breathe, Jake.”

He did. The warm breeze that was Liz’s breath coursing over him from above helped him to calm himself. Jake paused and gained a little composure before looking far up and facing the titanic mare’s once again. “I know we only really know each other from work, but I don’t have anywhere else to turn. Do you think I could stay with you while I figure out what’s going on and how to turn myself back?”

The pause that followed terrified Jake. Liz’s eyes widened slightly at his request. Had he offended her? Those big hazel eyes stared down at him. He felt like a bug in front of her. There was no she would help. For weeks he hadn’t called her, he was awkward in the office…

“Of course.”

The words took him by surprise. He almost felt like crying. Sure his problem was far from solved, but at least he had someone. A friend willing to help.

“But first maybe let’s try and find you something a little easier to wear than a sock. Do you have anything lying around?” Liz asked.

“I think there’s a cloth or a handkerchief up on my bedside table,” Jake replied. Liz’s arm effortlessly reached out onto the impossibly tall structure and emerged bearing a small piece of cloth. She placed it down next to him.

“Alright, go ahead and get changed. Is there anything else you want to bring to mine?” Liz asked as she looked away, giving Jake a minute to change into his new makeshift toga.

“Maybe just my phone and a charger? And my tube of toothpaste or something? I’m not even sure if I could get any out at this size though. I don’t really know what else. I can’t think straight this morning.”

“Fair enough,” Liz replied, holding back a laugh while trying to remain sensitive to her little friend’s situation. She was concerned for him, but a different part of her was excited that she now had a chance to show Jake how much she cared for him. Maybe they could even become more than friends through this somehow, but she wasn’t about to risk it all right away and make him think she was taking advantage of him. She could only imagine how monstrous and huge she looked compared to him now. Liz was going to have to do her best to be gentle and caring to help him relax around her.

Liz stood up from her knees letting her body soar overhead. “Alright, I’ll be back in a minute. I’m gonna grab those things and see if there’s anything else that might help,” she said. Thumping away from Jake’s place on the floor, Liz grabbed a small cloth bag from Jake’s desk and started putting some things in. Then she headed into the bathroom where Jake heard some more massive rustling as Liz gathered some things for him.  When she returned the bag looked mostly full. Liz lowered the bag down to the ground near Jake as Liz crouched down. The large masses approaching with such suddenness and speed caused Jake to flinch slightly.

“Oh, sorry Jake, I didn’t mean to scare you. This bag must seem massive to you. This is going to take some getting used to,” Liz said, her expression showing her concern.

“You’re telling me. Don’t worry Liz, no harm done. This is going to be a steep learning curve for both of us, I think. Are you sure I can stay at yours?” he felt he had to ask one more time.

“Don’t worry about it, Jake, I’m happy to help. Now let’s get going,” Liz said. “I don’t have anywhere else to carry you safely so I was thinking I could put you in this bag until we get to the car. Is that alright? I put a towel on top to help soften the ride. I can’t think of a safe alternative right now and I don’t think it’ll be a good idea of you’re seen like this.”

“I guess that will work,” Jake said.

“Can I pick you up?” Liz asked.

Jake hadn’t even considered how he was going to get into the bag that stood far taller than he did. He didn’t like the idea of being handled and he liked the idea of being hidden in a bag even less, but he didn’t see an alternative. “Okay, but please be careful,” he said.

“Of course,” Liz said with a gentle, reassuring voice. Her hand approached Jake slowly, her thumb and fingers spread as if she were about to grip a drinking glass. Each digit was nearly as long as Jake’s entire body was tall. Jake raised his arms as her chest-high palm grazed the floor in front of him and her fingers began to wrap around him. The heat radiating off her hand was comforting, and he smelled the sweet scent of the shower gel Liz must have used that morning.

Liz gently grasped Jake and the lifted him off the ground as if he weighed nothing. He wondered if she even noticed his mass as he was guided toward the bag. There was so little of him now that he probably only weighed a few grams.

Liz was also thinking about Jake’s tiny mass. He was so light and he seemed so fragile. She wondered how durable he really was. Brief thoughts of an explicit nature flashed through her mind before she quickly pushed them away. He was a friend, he was trusting her, she would not take advantage of this. She allowed herself to be aroused, however. Weird or not, having a little human to herself was something straight out of her deepest fantasies. It was going to be hard to resist her temptations with Jake around but she knew she had to. Jake was special to her.  

Jake was likewise trying to avoid arousal in his current state. The sheer power of the hand that gently held him was overwhelming and he was doing his best to think unsexy thoughts to prevent an erection from forming. Thankfully the trip was short and his erection only began to form after he was gently laid upon the towel in the bag.

“Hold on in there, he heard Liz say as the fabric handles ran taught overhead, converging in a cross centred on Liz’s large fist overhead. The world shifted beneath Jake and his stomach plummeted as the bag lifted off the ground and swayed slightly. He was now completely in Liz’s power, there was nothing he could do except ride along as her powerful legs carried them out. Her hooves boomed below like a metronome. The bag shook lightly with each pounding step, swaying to match her gait. Looking up again he was able to see the outside of her thigh shifting and flexing as she walked toward the door and then out to her car.

Jake was stressed by the suddenness of today’s events, but he couldn’t help but think that he was living out one of his deepest fantasies. He immediately felt bad and terrified that Liz might happen to look down and see that he was aroused. Jake didn’t want to take advantage of her kindness, so he fought his inner urges to please himself. Liz was a friend and she had rescued him. He would not take advantage of her kindness. He was thankful for her friendship knew she was probably not interested in anything more with him, especially now that he was a tiny human. It was going to be a challenge to keep his own temptations in check when in the presence of his now massive crush. 

As Liz walked back out of the apartment and locked the door she did her best to make sure the bag she was holding didn’t bang against her leg or swing too dramatically. Her excitement grew as she approached her car, her steps shifting into giddy skips. Her hips began to shift more and her tail to swing as she began to daydream, envisioning living together with the tiny man she secretly loved. He didn’t seem to love her back, but maybe that would change if she could get him to notice her. This must have been hard for little Jake, but she was excited about what may be.

Liz did her best to act casual as she popped the door of her car open and gently swung her bag over, depositing it gently on the passenger side and using the seatbelt to brace it upright. “Hold on Jake, we’re about to get moving,” she said. Jake’s tiny voice replied with something, but she couldn’t hear him over her own excitement. Her crush was finally coming over.

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