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Author's Chapter Notes:

This story is already fully written but I'm still working through again and reworking things here and there so it will be posted chapter by chapter.

If you're not into furry-human interaction please steer clear. Otherwise I hope you enjoy it as much as I have been enjoying throwing it together! The beginning starts off a bit slow but things will escalate soon enough. :)

If you are into this kind of thing, please feel free to check out my other story "Downsizing" either here or see the fully illustrated version on FA. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/40866514/ Unfortunately I have not plans to illustrate this story as I don't have access to the 3d assets required to do so.

                “What if…” Jake curiously mumbled to himself as he sat bored at his desk, staring at the tiled ceiling. The grey wolf wasn’t much to look at with his wrinkled button up blue collar and cheap jeans, slouched further down than he probably should be into his office chair. At around a metre and a half he wasn’t far from being the shortest in the office. Anxiety about his stature led to most coffee breaks being spent alone, but there were a couple colleagues he enjoyed talking to.

                “What if what?” came a familiar feminine voice, startling Jake further into his slouched stance. He looked up to see his long-time friend Liz leaning over his cubicle wall. She could have walked up to the opening right next to her but at her nearly two and a half metre height the light brown furred bay horse mare could easily lean over any cubicle wall she chose to.

                “I was just… aw it’s nothing,” Jake said, his composure mostly regained. Liz was his favourite coworker. Every time he saw her towering form heading over to the coffeemaker, he would usually find an excuse to make his way over too. He always felt a bit flustered around her Amazonian form. He knew exactly why but was too afraid to take a chance and act on his feelings.

                “Oh come on. You know I don’t judge,” Liz reassured Jake, wandering around the walls and easing her athletic hips into his cubicle’s opening. She wasn’t muscle-bound, but her healthy workout habits made her easily the most athletic and toned worker in the office. Jake always did his best not to stare.

                “It’s not exactly the kind of thing I’d usually talk about at work,” Jake said hesitantly.

                “What, have you been looking at human art or something?” Liz teased knowingly.

                “It’s not that weird, is it?” Jake asked half-joking.

                “I bet the sites you are looking at are,” Liz said, continuing to poke and prod for a reaction.

                “Don’t you ever wonder what it would be like to, you know, be one?” Jake asked.

                “And be that small? That would definitely be weird,” Liz replied.

                “Yeah, I guess you’re more into bigger things,” Jake said. Inwardly he wondered if her jokes were a small shot at his own height. He hoped he was wrong, but he wasn’t very good at reading girls’ intentions.

                “I didn’t mean it like that. I just think you might be doing too much daydreaming little buddy,” Liz said. There she was calling him ‘little’ like she always did. He wasn’t that short. Her equine height was just massive by comparison. Maybe he was overthinking it. No, he was definitely overthinking it.

                “Yeah, you’re probably right. I guess I should get back to work,” he lied.

                “Alright, see you later,” Liz said, smiling as her hooves clomped softly along the carpeted floor back to her workspace.

                Jake sighed quietly, cursing himself at always managing to kill conversations with Liz so soon. She was clearly ok being casual friends with him at work, but he still didn’t feel she was that interested in him. They hadn’t met outside of work once. The idea had come up once and they had exchanged numbers, but that was as far as that had gone with Jake too nervous to ask and nothing from Liz’s end. Oh well, at least he had his human fantasies to help him pass the rest of today. Maybe he could try hanging out with Liz next week or something. It wasn’t like he was hanging out with anyone else these days. Jake wondered for a moment what it would take for him to truly gain her notice. That thought quickly faded though and Jake instead considered how he would spend another lonely Wednesday night after work.

*             *             *

                It was quite a long day of work for Liz but she was happy about today. She had found another chance to talk to her crush at work and she had found yet another chance to tease him. That was what guys did to show affection to each other, right? Didn’t they rag on each other all the time? She hoped he had clued in that her fun with him earlier was yet another hint that she was interested in him. He was proving a hard nut to crack. She could just ask him out, but that didn’t feel right. Liz wanted Jake to call her. She had even given the guy her phone number, but nothing had materialized yet.

                Walking out the front of the office building Liz passed the fountain in the front lobby of their upscale tech building. She never understood why so much money had been spent on a gaudy old water feature outside the front entrance to the office. She did, however, like the sound of the water and the weird statue at the top was oddly charming. It seemed to be of some sort of spirit in the centre pouring water into larger and larger bowls below. Liz usually just walked by but today a thought crossed her mind and she paused. There she stood for a minute staring into the water and thinking a little more before reaching into her pocket and fishing out a tiny dime, placing the coin on her thumb. A familiar metallic tinging rang out as she flicked the tiny coin before it plopped into the water. There weren’t any other coins in the water. Just hers. Maybe that will help, she thought to herself before continuing out to her car and back home.

*             *             *

                Later that night Jake was at home on his computer. He shared an apartment with a reclusive otter who worked the graveyard shift and he hadn’t seen his roommate in over a month now. The only evidence of the house’s other occupant was their groceries in the fridge and the occasional thing left on a counter or table. Jake almost preferred it that way as it meant less stress talking to others and less worry that they would stumble upon his internet viewing habits.  

Jake often found himself occupied by the stories on his favourite human fantasy websites. The mythical creatures were generally portrayed as significantly smaller than even Jake’s stature, standing somewhere between ten and fifteen centimetres tall. The stories and images that Jake enjoyed most featured humans as participants in a variety of explicit activities with their larger partners.

                It wasn’t uncommon for Jake to waste away an hour or more of his day just scrolling until he found one or two images to please himself to. Today, however, Jake had decided to get drunk. Very drunk. After a significant intake of alcohol, Jake found himself scrolling and unlike usual he came across the perfect image almost instantly. There, sandwiched between two large cartoon thighs was a cartoon human clearly enjoying himself. Jake’s imagination quickly ran wild wondering what it would look and feel like in the human’s role. The alcohol helped him along and soon the daydream had triggered an itch around his waist.

                A couple self-enjoyment sessions and another beer or two later Jake shut down his computer and stumbled over to his bed with his phone in hand. Along the way he shed all his clothes save for his boxers. Rolling onto the bed the fantasies in Jake’s head continued with a small human pleasing a much larger being. Just over halfway toward another climax the alcohol finally overtook Jake’s enthusiasm and he passed out, his phone dropping to the carpeted floor below.

*             *             *

                Blinding light and mild head pain greeted Jake the next morning. He didn’t remember going to bed naked, but thankfully he was mostly covered by his blanket. Disoriented and blinded by his hangover he quickly closed his eyes to try and sleep some more. He was going to have to do laundry later because his blanker absolutely reeked of musk. The smell on his blanket hadn’t been this bad before. He would have to do some cleaning after work, he figured.

                Another pulse of pain coursed through Jake’s head. He groggily raised a paw and placed it against his forehead. Wait. That that didn’t feel right. Jake felt around his face. His snout didn’t feel right. His whole face felt… flat? And what happened to his fur?

                Jake’s eyes shot open, blinding light caused another spike of pain in his head making him immediately regret his decision, but he held through for the second or two it took his pupils to begin to adjust. He wasn’t planning on drinking that much again. Not for a while anyway. 

                As his eyes adjusted to the world around him, Jake’s eyes remained locked solely on his right hand. His clawless, furless hand. He brought his left hand up just to check and make sure he wasn’t making a mistake. There in front of Jake’s eyes were two hands that looked far more human than he remembered. Still ignorant of the world around him Jake shoved off his blanket to see a much different body than he remembered. Gone was his scrawny grey fur and in its place, there was skin with only small amounts of hair.

                Jake was fast approaching panic as he continued to explore this new alien body. One thing he did notice was his butt felt more comfortable than usual considering he was lying on his back. He felt around a bit and was shocked to find his tail had disappeared. Flat face. No fur. No tail. Jake pinched himself and winced in pain. No dream either. Had he become human somehow? But that was impossible. Humans were…

                Jake looked again at his musky blanket. It was a strikingly familiar blanket. His eyes panned up from the blanket across what seemed to be a bed the size of a small field. From there he glanced outward his room which could only be described now as an air hangar. A messy air hangar. Jake’s eyes returned to the ‘blanket’ he had been snuggling against short minutes ago. Panic finally took over as he realized he was laying in the groin of his boxers that had fit him snugly the night before.

                “No. No, no, no. No way,” was all Jake could bring himself to say. “This is a dream. This has to be a dream,” his heartrate and breathing increasing. Jake looked around again, still unsure of what to do. What could he do? He couldn’t get food, he probably couldn’t reach water, hell he couldn’t even use a toilet or anything at this size. He needed help. Settling on that idea calmed him slightly.

Who could help him though? Who would help him? Jake wasn’t exactly social, and he had long lost touch with his distant family.  He ruled his roommate out. He didn’t even really know the guy. Who else could he trust? Someone kind, someone who would be willing to help, and preferably someone else who he had talked to about humans. Only one name came to Jake’s mind. After all this time, he would finally be making the call. Why did he have to be making it stuck like this?

How would he even call Liz? Jake stood up on his bed staring down at his smelly boxers yet again. Compared to his original size he must have been no bigger than his… Jake shelved the thought and turned to his bedside table. No phone. Approaching the edge of his bed he scanned across the floor finding nothing until reaching the bed’s edge. There, about 5 current-scale metres below him, was his phone. His mind made up, Jake looked around for ways he might climb down. He settled on his actual blanket which had been shoved mostly over the end of the bed. It took some time, but Jake managed to climb down by using wrinkles in the fabric as handholds.

Once he was on the ground, Jake headed back around the bed and over to his phone. Looking under his bed he was slightly ashamed by the amount of junk he saw. There was a lot of cleaning to do when he found a way to return to normal.

When Jake reached the phone, anxiety returned. What would Liz say? Would she be willing to help him? He hadn’t called her after she gave him her number a while ago so why would she want to help him now? And all she ever seemed to do was tease him about his height in the office and yesterday she had joked upon learning about his fascination with humans. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea after all. Jake thought for a moment, but nothing came. With no other options, Jake’s little hands set in motion unlocking his phone and navigating to the contacts list. His fingers were too small for the screen to respond so he had to use his full palm to interact with the touch surface.

Jake tapped on the speaker phone as the dial tone began to sound. There were a worrying number of rings before the tone was cut off suddenly.

“Hello?” Jake heard. Here goes nothing.

“Uh, hey Liz. It’s Jake.”

“Oh, hi Jake.” Her voice sounded surprised. “How are you doing? I didn’t recognize your voice over the phone. You sound so different,” Liz responded.

Jake could only wonder how he sounded to others now but carried on. “I kind of need some help, are you free right now?”

“You sure this can’t wait until work?” Liz replied, sounding somewhat skeptical.

“No, I really need your help,” was all Jake could think to say.

"Jake, are you okay? You sound quieter than usual. Is something wrong?” Liz asked with concern in her voice.

“It’s hard to explain, but do you think can come over to my place and help me out? I don’t know who else to call.”  It wasn’t much, but it was all that Jake could think to say.

“Uh, alright, sure. If you need help I can definitely head over,” Liz said. Jake was committed now. He really hoped he was doing the right thing.

“My roommate is out so you’ll have to let yourself in with the spare key.”

“You can’t let me in yourself?” Liz inquired.

“You’ll have to come in. It’s hard to explain,” Jake replied, omitting his current state. He wanted to tell her, but he didn’t want to risk her thinking he was playing a prank on her and hanging up.

Jake shared his address with Liz and explained how to find the spare key before Liz hung up saying she’d be there soon. As the call ended Jake was hit bit a wave of relief, but a new wave of uncertainty began to build. What would he do when she got there? He glanced down at his reflection in the darkened screen of his phone. His new human body looked so… different. And naked. That wouldn’t do, he couldn’t be naked when Liz showed up.

Scanning around Jake could only see three options. His two dirty socks from the night before likely stank but luckily for him a third clean sock had fallen from the bed the other day as he was folding laundry. Jake wandered over and found the fabric was more of a long blanket at his current size. The sock which fit on his paw the night before was now much longer than his entire body. It took a little effort and left him encumbered, but Jake managed to wrap the sock around him like a makeshift toga before heading back to his phone and sitting down. There wasn’t much more to do at this point as his shut door may as well have been locked to him at his current size. Liz would be here soon and they would figure out things then. If she was willing to help him…

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